5 Quick Swimsuit Slim Downs

By Nicole German (RD, LD)

Swimsuit Slim downAs swimsuit season approaches in parts of the world, many fear getting into the dreaded bathing suit.

Not quite ready for your swimsuit debut?

Don’t worry. These tips can help you look and feel your best even if you haven’t reached your goal weight yet!

Be Swimsuit Ready in a Few Hours

  1. Do lunges and squats shortly before you bare your swimsuit. This will help to pump blood to your leg muscles and give them a fuller, more firm, and toned appearance. Think of how body builders do exercises before their show to temporarily appear more toned. This is the same concept, but you too can do it at home.
  2. Avoid bloat with anti-bloat foods. Unsalted nuts, yogurt, or a simple nut butter sandwich are good choices before heading to the pool. Choose low sodium foods, and nothing too high in fiber (temporarily) to avoid feeling and looking bloated. Drink plenty of water to flush toxins and extra water weight. And avoid carbonated beverages and sodas.
  3. Give self tanners a chance. Some think of it as streaky orange goo while others are using self tanner to create a slimmed and toned appearance. Self tanner has come a long way and no longer has such an orange appearance. Airbrush tanning businesses can even create the look of six pack abs.
  4. Choose the right swimsuit for your shape. This doesn’t apply to men since there are only a few varieties. Weight Watchers and Fitness Magazine have some good recommendations for different body types.
  5. Perfect your posture. This is the most important since posture shows confidence and high self esteem no matter what your weight is. Practice carrying yourself with shoulders back, chest forward, and head up. An added bonus is that good posture can help flatten the abdominals!

Do you have any tips for swimsuit season?

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  1. Spectra

    Great tips! I’d also recommend drinking a lot of water the day before a day at the beach. It helps depuff you and makes your tummy flatter.