Looking Beautiful With The Beauty Detox Solution?

By Nicole German (RD, LD)


Clinical nutritionist, Kimberly Snyder, published her first nutrition and beauty book in March called, The Beauty Detox Solution.

Kimberly is known in the media as a nutrition and beauty expert to the stars. It helps to have celebrities supporting the diet, but will her tips work for you?
Her book focuses on holistic care to improve your body inside and out. She claims her methods will help improve your nails, make your hair shiny, reduce your acne and wrinkles, and eliminate bloating.

Beauty Detox Negatives

  • There are a lot of eliminated foods from the diet. If following the Beauty Detox Solution, you can not eat dairy, soy, beans, peanuts, most meats, eggs, and most fruit! I would never advocate eliminating fruits for the average person because research consistently supports fruit as a part of a healthy diet.
  • Food combining is encouraged. Kimberly suggests eating foods in a certain order and this can be tedious and unrealistic for most people’s schedules. For example, you can not eat hummus with vegetables. In addition, there is no research to support food combining.
  • There is little research on foods that can improve your skin, hair, or nails. The only thing that comes close is Omega 3’s, and a multivitamin. If the diet allowed you to eat foods rich in Omega 3’s, and was a balanced diet, I would agree that it might help improve your skin, hair, and nails.

Beauty Detox Positives

  • The book advocates a vegan diet which is a healthy way of life for many people. Eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole foods is an important part of eating healthy.
  • In the short term, you will likely lose weight and see some detoxifying results. However, for the long term, this diet is not sustainable.

More Like a Cleanse

The Beauty Detox Solution seems like more of a cleanse, except you are able to eat whole foods. I can understand why people would lose weight on this plan because the calorie level is likely low and you are restricted to a smaller number of foods. The bottom line is that this diet/detox plan is unrealistic and not scientifically backed. The diet would be most suitable for those wishing to do a cleanse for a week, or for celebrities who have the resources to diet in this fashion.

The Beauty Detox Solution can be purchased at a discount here.


  1. Kay

    I disagree with this review. I have followed a majority of the suggestions proposed by the author and have never felt better, nor have I found an easier way of eating to follow. I have been following this philosophy for over a year now and find it MUCH easier to follow and maintain than the SAD, low-carb, or any other ridiculous diet I have tried in the past. Because you eat more whole foods, and you can customize a meal plan to include little cooking/meal prep time, it’s very easy for someone like me who a. hates to cook; and b. has little time to spend in the kitchen. It’s so easy to throw a smoothie together and run out the door in the morning to get the kids to school and myself to work even when rushing and running late (as I usually am!).

    The only complaint I do have…it sometimes requires more than one trip to the grocery store for me during the week due to the amount of fresh fruits and veggies I now eat. However, that is not too difficult when I have to run all over the placing as taxi-mom anyway. The weeks that is difficult for me to get to the store more often, I improvise with frozen stuff and have to do a little more cooking. Overall, though, this way of eating has been much easier.

    It’s also more flexible than the reviewer indicates. You do have more restrictions in the beginning phase, but you can pretty much customize the program to suit your needs and lifestyle. You don’t *have* to stay in any of the phases for any length of time. You will likely benefit from any phase of this program because it focuses so much on whole, natural foods.

    I have never felt (or looked) better in my life and have never had more energy…even in my teens/20s! At 40, I am in the best shape of my life due to Kimberly Snyder’s advice.

    And bonus…my kids love the Glowing Green Smoothie and it’s a great way to get them to get their fruits and veggies in when they will not otherwise eat them! I have noticed a significant difference in my son’s ADHD since he has been starting his days with the smoothie (no other dietary changes either). And he is the pickiest eater of the 3!

  2. Carol

    Totally inaccurate information from the reviewer. Did she even read the whole book? Of course you can eat hummus with vegetables and fruit is highly encouraged – only limited for a while IF you have candida. It’s totally okay to have your own opinion, but don’t give information that is incorrect.
    One of the things I really like about Beauty Detox is that you make whatever improvements work for you. You choose your level of the lifestyle.

  3. Laura

    People that are supporting the reviewer haven’t said they read the book and people against it support the book… mmmmmhhhhhh
    I have it, I agree with Snyder and if you follow her fb page or website you would know she is not that restrictive at all and she has emphasized to eat what is at hand depending on the region you are in. I agree with the reviewer that you have to have time to do some things she advises but I think this is something Snyder says because she says it is worth of it. Reviewer didn’t mention anything about fermenting or making food from scratch, or sprouting seeds, which Snyder advocates. Yes I think it is difficult very for many people but like all things I think it starts forming new habits like exercising or maybe a new lifestyle.

  4. April

    This review is completely inaccurate. I read Kimberly’s book and although there are some things I disagree with and feel does not clarify well enough, she does NOT advocate removing fruit from your diet. That is only for those in the Blossoming Beauty stage, which is especially for those who may be suffering from conditions such as candida in which case eating high-sugar fruits is detrimental. Also, you CAN eat veggies with hummus. Vegetables are a neutral food, which is very clearly stated in her book. I hope not too many people are led astray by this extremely inaccurate review.

  5. N

    Yeah, I disagree with this review as well.
    Are you saying its not possible to have probiotics every morning, eat salad before every meal and combine proper foods? She states in the book the scientific reasons behind proper food combining; different foods require different digestion methods, and too many at once can tire your body out. Simple. I suppose Atkins needed scientific data too right to have millions of followers? Also, if you read it properly, you’d see that she heavily recommends fruit for the fiber as well as NATURAL sugars, but if you have a sugar issue such as candida and you decide to embark on the blossoming beauty phase, you should not eat fruit or at least only one, low sugar one such as lemons, tomatos etc, that are fine. ‘Reviews’ such as this can be dangerous as you are warding people off a plant-based, heavily referenced diet written by a nutritionist/professional that has travelled the world and combines everything she has learned into a hand book for us. I absolutely encourage everyone; READ.THE.BOOK.FIRST. You won’t regret it.

  6. Julie

    I disagree with your review of the book and feel you are of base. I have been following the program for 4 months and it has changed my life and I have never looked and felt better in my life. All of information is back with footnotes from studies and research. It really is a lifestyle program for people who want to get healthy and its not hard to follow. I recommend the book to everyone and trust me it will change your life.

  7. Lisa Brun

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  8. Lisa Brun

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  9. Keisha

    I bought this book and I love it! When the author is speaking of not eating fruits she only advises it if you have certain issues like candida, which feeds off sugar. Once you have starved those toxins out of your body you can incorpoate fruits again. Again,I am not a troll, i bought the book with my own (hard earned) money.

  10. Alexie

    This is more disordered eating being floated as a ‘detox’. The best ways to look good have been known for a long time: eat well, do weight bearing exercise to keep your body looking youthful, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs or excessive alcohol, and protect your skin from the sun. That’s it.

  11. summerstylin

    Holy cow… I really want to take off like 4 pounds maybe? just so i can feel perfectly comfortable in my bikini at the beach. At my age we all go to the beach, or the skatepark, and alot of times the mall to hangout. But in summer time, going swimming is most popular. I just got a new rasta bikini I want to wear. What will the guys think if my curves went away because i gained a couple of pounds?

  12. Sandy Halliday

    She probably has a good reason for restricting fruit but people who have eaten a raw food diet (which includes fruit)for a few years have wonderful skin. Some older raw foodist look amazingly wrinkle free too.

  13. Spectra

    I think most people would lose weight if they can’t eat meat, eggs, fruit, dairy, soy, or peanuts for a week. All that leaves are veggies and fish–and while that’s low calorie, it’s probably nutrient deficient to some extent. I could see doing it for a week, like you said. But yeah, it’s most definitely not sustainable for any length of time.