Poll: Is Jennifer Hudson Too Thin?

By Ted

2452-jennifer-hudson-too-thin.jpgWeight Watchers has sure picked a winner this time with Jennifer Hudson, who has lost 80 pounds as their spokesperson.

However, after her appearance at the Academy Awards, people are saying that perhaps she is now too thin.Will Weight Watchers’ image be hurt if their celebrity gets too thin on their plan? This might be the first time they’ve ever had to consider this possibility.

I think Jennifer Hudson looks great, but I do think that we are way to critical of celebrities’ bodies in the first place. Celebrities are under incredible pressure to “look good” and especially those that decide to endorse diet companies.

What do you think? Participate in the poll and comments below.

Source: Daily Mail


  1. vuyiswa

    She totally looks hot to me and I will join her soon

  2. Renee

    I think she has done an amazing job with her weight loss. But, I thought she looked amazing before she started. I think its whatever makes the individual happy. : )

  3. Blanche

    She looks great! She should try to stay at this weight now. No more weight loss please! Looks fantastic.

  4. Melissa

    Agreed. She looks in shape and healthy. However, my boyfriend thinks she was prettier when she was heavier. Oh well, can’t please them all.

  5. liya

    Oh for heaven’s sake!

  6. Melanie Thomassian R.D.

    Just something to complain about, I guess! She looks great to me.

  7. Melanie Thomassian R.D.

    I think sometimes family members are the worst at commenting on your weight. I get this sometimes too, even though I’m also within a normal range.

  8. tina

    Oh for heaven’s sake! She looks fine! I don’t know why they make a big deal out of nothing. She looks fine and happy.

  9. SaraR74

    Did you see her on Oprah? It’s evident that she had to really make a lifestyle change and become as focused and dedicated as she could. Sure she has a lot of help but I say kudos to her. She’s done an amazing job.

  10. Kelly D

    I was expecting the picture of her, to show her as anorexic. Please, that girl looks healthy! I’d love to be that “too thin”! Just goes to show you, no one can please everybody.

  11. TristanD73

    I agree that we’re used to seeing overweight people now; that’s why to some she might seem too thin. Also, in my experience, since losing weight, there are those—all family members, not friends—who’ve told me I’ve lost enough weight. At 130ish pounds at 5’3.5″, however, I’m perfectly within range.

    Some of us want to look leaner, not simply “a little overweight” like my family would prefer. More so in Jennifer’s celeb world where being lean is the epitome of looking good. I do hope she doesn’t get too thin, wouldn’t be good for her.

    Although one wonders after what she’s been through how she’s handled the psychological aftermath, if her weight loss was not a distraction from pain.

  12. Spectra

    Too thin? Nah, only if she were to come visit Wisconsin. She’s a Wisconsin anorexic, lol. When we’re used to seeing fat people everywhere, normal-weight and slim people look “too thin”. She looks great!

  13. Bianca

    I think she looks amazing – we just find her “thin” because we are so used to seeing more of her.