How to Keep New Year’s Resolutions All Year Long

By Nicole German (RD, LD)

2906-new-years-resolution.jpgHave you thought about your resolutions for for the new year yet?

For the majority of people, weight loss and getting healthy is the number one goal. Why is it that we make this resolution over and over again every year?

This year, it is time to be able to stick to your resolution. Come next December, let’s resolve to stay fit and healthy together.

5 Steps to Success

Step 1: Create a smart goal list. It is important to set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goals. Setting smart achievable goals will prevent you from failing.

Step 2: Create an action plan to realize those goals, and schedule your action plan into your weekly schedule.

Step 3: Seek support and motivation. Find a buddy, or an online support group, or try logging your food online to keep you accountable.

Step 4: Add variety. We all get sick and tired of routines. If you are on a scheduled path to success, it is easy for it to get redundant and to give up due to boredom.

If you are working on fitness, try a lot of cross training. If you are working on diet, try new foods and new recipes. Venture to a local farmer’s market and buy foods in season to vary your diet.

Step 5: Reward yourself. It is best to create short term goals all year long, and then reward yourself each time you reach those short term goals. We need positive feedback too!

But, be careful, and do not reward yourself with food. Instead, buy a new outfit, or go see that movie you were dying to see. Treat yourself.

Why do People Fail?

A main reason people fail is when other things in life begin to seem more important than our goals. Work and children tend to come first. But, you have to remember to put yourself first sometimes because without health, you have nothing.

This may all seem logical and realistic, but the most important part is doing it by putting your resolution into action.

Good luck in the year to come and make it a healthy one!


  1. Dan

    I read superb article written written by an athlete, where she suggested this: just one well-defined resolution and stick to it.

  2. Tammy

    Strictly following the diet plan will really help maintaining the proper weight and keep your goal in loosing weight. Eat a balanced diet and exercise.

  3. SmoledMan

    I plan to keep my diet very simple and start adding new items in as I get tired of the current staples. The key thing for me now is to get up early and exercise.

  4. Kevin

    It could be better to involve a friend or family member in your goals. They should be someone who will keep you motivated and will keep monitoring how you progress.

    If you get off the track, your spotter should be there to help you see your goals again.

  5. Dan

    I have pretty much gotten the weight control in check- I am maintaining a 95 pound weight loss for going on two years. I continue to exercise everyday, as well as tracking my food intake, including weighing and measuring foods, almost everyday- excepting holidays and sometimes when restaurant foods are really untrackable. Reading food labels is also essential. When I don’t track, I increase my exercise. I would suggest, however, to start out by finding an exercise that one really enjoys- I enjoy bicycling very much and therefore I can do it no problem everyday. One could also find healthy foods that one enjoys to eat- fruits come to mind. Nuts also are delicious. Blackstrap molasses is also very healthy and delicious. I would start out slow on the exercise if one hasn’t been doing it- such as 15 minutes a day. Similarly, I have been pretty lax about cleaning- but I made the resolution to clean for 15 minutes each off day. This has really not been a problem to keep- the same could be true of exercise. I probably could not keep a resolution to spend one whole day cleaning. Also, I have really been able to improve my eating habits much better since I have been tracking what I eat. It makes me think about everything I eat and over time, I have eaten healthier and healthier, even after I lost the weight. I also think the FIRST thing to weight loss is calorie deficits. First figure out how many calories, given one’s activity level, gender, weight, age etc. that one loses about a pound or two a week. Stick to that calorie level, and *then* work in improving the quality of those calories. *Just* eating healthy without calorie deficits, doesn’t lead to weight loss. It also helps to figure out what calorie level maintains one’s weight. However, calorie control, along with nutrient density leads to a healthier form of weight loss. Exercise should be used to be able to eat more healthy foods, such as nuts and seeds, rather than more junk foods.

  6. Superfood Sisters

    I believe a strong support system is a must!! It is too easy to give up on yourself when it is just you! When you have a good support system it makes it easier and more fun!!

  7. Spectra

    You most definitely have to reward yourself along the way or you’ll get frustrated. I noticed that, at least at the beginning, you tend to get a little sick of healthy food and want to eat junk food because you figure it’ll be fine to cheat once and you haven’t started to see a lot of weight loss yet. You have to stick to your eating plan and as you lose the weight, buy new outfits or gadgets you want to help keep you motivated to keep going. Pretty soon, you don’t crave the junk anymore and you’ll love the way your new body looks so much that you won’t mind eating healthy to keep it in good shape.