Flat Belly Diet For Men

By Mel Thomassian (RD)


The Flat Belly Diet For Men is an addition to the original Flat Belly Diet.

The basis of this diet is that men are different to women when it comes to trimming down, with men tending to carry most of their weight around the middle. Research tells us that carrying weight in this area is extremely unhealthy.


The main principle of this diet is eating enough monounsaturated fats, based on research which compared three diets,

One high in saturated fat, another high in carbohydrates, and a third rich in MUFAs – on a group of patients with abdominal fat distrution, or, more simply, those which belly fat. All three diets had the same number of calories, but only the high-MUFA one was found to redue the accumulationof belly fat, and, more specifically, visceral belly fat. The research showed that MUFAs are one of a kind, because no other nutrient has been found to aid ab flattening!” We used this science as the basis of the Flat Belly Diet. (Source: quote taken from the book)

The program starts with a Four-Day Flat Abs Kickstart Plan. According to the Flat Belly Diet For Men website,

Alan Musselman lost an amazing amount of weight during the 4-Day Flat Abs Kickstart. He continued to shed fat during the next 4 weeks, and inches vanished from his belly! “I feel better and look better than I have in years,” Musselman says. “I feel younger. I look forward to getting on the scale, instead of hiding from it.”

The diet then moves on to a Four-Week Plan to help define the abs, while eating five meals per day. Three meals which are 400 calories each, and two power snacks, also 400 calories each.


The exercise program focuses on strength training, and also adds in some cardio to help boost metabolism.


I don’t particularly like the title of this book, because it perpetuates the idea that you can spot reduce a specific area. And, while studies have shown that substituting saturated fat intake with predominantly MUFAs, can led to a small but significant loss of body weight, this is weight loss over the whole body, not specifically belly fat.

Overall the scientific research is rather scant on diets which specifically target belly fat. Chances are you can lose belly fat on this diet, but not because of the MUFAs, simply because you are restricting calories, making better choices, and exercising.

Flat Belly Diet For Men is available on Amazon for a very reasonable $10.


  1. Jim F.

    Our ‘Share’ forum was closed down. Unfortunately it was a constant target of spammers, whose postings significantly outweighed that of genuine posters. It was simply too time-consuming to maintain. There’s something about having a diet site that acts like a magnet too all kinds of spamming types.

  2. Bonnie

    It’s a marketing thing. Flat Belly Diet for the general population sells well, and then they add “for women” or “for men” and some people with think they need the supplementary information and buy the book.

  3. Spectra

    How is it any different for men than it would be for women? I don’t get it–wouldn’t following a diet lower in calories and higher in MUFAs be good for reducing belly fat for both genders? I’m guessing it’s “for men” because the exercise portion is more strength-training centered than cardio-centered. Because all women “only do cardio” and all men “only need to do strength”. Ho-hum. I probably won’t buy it.

  4. O.

    Is there no longer a forum here? If so, why?