Does Eating More Air Help With Weight Loss?

By Nicole German (RD, LD)

2742-219309_chocolate_chip_meringue.jpgWe have heard of the Air Diet before, where you just pretend to eat food, but are really eating air.

However, this is a different idea: you actually eat foods that have a higher air content. By eating foods that are puffed or whipped can you actually reduce your total calorie intake?

Whipped Foods

  • Light Whipped Butter: On average it has only 5 grams of fat per tablespoon which is about half the amount of your average spread. And when you buy whipped butter, you can be assured that you are buying a more natural product. The only difference is that air is whipped into the butter, and therefore, you eat less calories.
  • Meringues: These tasty treats are basically just whipped egg whites with sugar added, and are then baked. Meringues are some of the lightest cookie or baked treat on the shelves. However, they do still have a high sugar content.
  • Ice Cream: Have you noticed how the slow churned and light ice creams weigh a lot less than you standard creamy ice cream? They slowly churn or whip the ice cream to give a lighter, more airy texture which results in fewer calories.

Puffed Foods

  • Popcorn: This is a great weight loss snack if you are craving something salty or crunchy because you can eat three whole cups for only about 100 calories (for the lighter versions). Any popped or puffed food like popcorn allows you to eat more for less calories.
  • Puffed Cereals: There are a variety of cereals like puffed wheat and Kix cereal that have larger serving sizes.
  • Puffed Crackers and Chips: Unfortunately, these are not puffed enough to result in significant calorie differences from the real product.


So, the question is, do you really want to pay for products filled with air? Is it that effective in helping you reduce your calorie intake? For some foods like the whipped butter and popcorn, I think it could be a great calorie control choice. But, I am not willing to buy light ice cream to help me eat less. I have always felt like I eat larger portions of the light ice cream regardless, so why not stick to the real thing?

Do you try to eat any puffed or whipped products to reduce your calories?


  1. Sarah

    Meringues with some fresh fruit and some of that cream in an aerosal can makes a yummy but light pud.

  2. NRXP

    I think it depends on your mentality and which option works better for you. Are you one that can eat less of something while it being more condensed or do you like the feeling of being full while not actually indulging in as many calories.

  3. LBC

    I would think it would just make you burp.

  4. Deb (SmoothieGirlEatsToo)

    I would have to say that I do believe that high air-high volume has helped me. I have a smoothie or two every morning as my ‘breakfast’ and I whip a ton of ice and air into it- it’s certainly filling enough to carry me through workouts and until lunch.

    I also do have popcorn pretty much daily – I wouldn’t say that it in ANY way ‘fills me up’ but it is a craving-buster for few calories.

  5. Spectra

    It helps me, that’s for sure. I find that when I eat foods like air-popped popcorn and drink carbonated diet soda/seltzer, I feel more full. I always buy the cheap ice cream at the store, too–it’s got a lot of air whipped into it and it probably cuts down on how many calories it has.

  6. Ann

    I definitely agree. Obviously eating air is going to be less filling. I think the only way this would work is if you are eating mindlessly (i.e. when you aren’t hungry).

  7. T. Kallmyer

    I tried that whipped yogurt a few years back and felt like I was definitely getting ripped off. It was like half the weight for the same price.

  8. Ann

    There’s also whipped yogurt. Puffed things might help for people who mindlessly snack. If you eat it straight out of the bag, maybe eating more air is a good idea.