Couple Loses Over 100 lbs on the 17 Day Diet

By Ted

2834-kurt-georgia-after.jpgHere’s a great story about a couple who did the 17 Day Diet together and lost over 100lbs.

This couple emailed us directly and aren’t connected with 17 Day in any way other than using the program to lose weight.


Georgia: Starting Weight: 188lbs

Size: 16-18

Health: I was struggling with menopause and hot flashes! I easily gained at least 25 pounds with nothing seeming to work, plus I had stomach/digestive issues, was out of breath, not happy with myself, and I had no energy.

Kurt: Starting Weight: 285lbs

Size: 2XL-3XL w/42 inch waist

Health: One year prior he had 2 heart stents put in, was a full blown diabetic needing more and more insulin to try to maintain blood sugars, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and taking several medications for both symptoms/diseases just to try to keep them at a fairly normal level–still high, but somewhat controlled.

Why We Wanted To Change

First of all, my clothes didn’t fit and I refused to buy larger. My thighs rubbed together to the point they were chaffing and it hurt to walk. I also began to notice that my stomach seemed to be resting on my lap when I sat.

Us Before

On top of that, I was recouping from an accident where my leg and foot were severely injured. The healing was very slow and shoes were not fitting right (due to my feet being 2 different sizes). I love my husband and didn’t want to lose him to heart disease or diabetes and Kurt didn’t want to die from them either. He had no energy, bad color in his complexion, and his feet hurt from diabetes. He was also outgrowing his clothes.

The 17 Day Diet Begins

A person that Kurt did business with told him about the 17 Day Diet and obviously it was working for him. The man also told him about others in his family also on the diet and their success stories. Kurt and I had been thinking about going back on Atkins or South Beach–which we had used in the past, but just couldn’t get excited about it.

When Kurt came home and told me about it the diet, Kurt was not only excited about it, but it was something he wanted to do, so I was all for it. I loaded the book on my Kindle, read it, and began preparing for “D” day which was May 15, 2011.

We were amazed! After the only 3 days Kurt had lost 10 pounds and I had lost 5. It just continued from there. I spent most of the 1st 17 day phase concentrating so much on the meal plans, shopping lists, etc, that it was pretty easy and the 17 days went by quickly.

As the weight started coming off, it was easier to exercise. I really didn’t exercise until the 3rd phase. I did, however, make sure that I did something outside of sitting on the couch like cleaning, laundry, yard work, etc, so that I had some form of workout for at least 17 minutes each day. Presently, I exercise about 3 times a week on the treadmill for about 45 minutes. Kurt does a lot of walking with his job, but some days will make extra effort to walk between buildings on the fairgrounds vs. riding.


Today, we both have so much energy, more confidence, and like our new bodies. We both hit our 50 pound weight loss goals in August 2011 and have actually surpassed them. We still want to lose about 5-10 more pounds.

Kurt now wears size L-XL and 34/36 waist pants. I am now a size 6-8. He only takes 3 pills a day now and no more insulin shots! His doctor actually shook his hand and congratulated him. Prior to the diet, we spent so much money on medications.

The most expensive thing about the 17 Day Diet was purchasing new clothes! But, what fun! We laugh that we can now bend over, tie our shoes, and breath at the same time. Kurt is an avid hunter and has found that the his lighter weight has easily helped with his pheasant and deer hunting.

We get so many compliments and are continually telling people about the 17 Day Diet. We consider this a lifestyle change and will be on it forever. However, the best part of this diet is that my husband will now be around for a long time!

Our Advice To Others

  • If you don’t see the scale move–don’t get discouraged. I always feel that this is a time when my body seems to be reshaping itself.
  • If you get bored with meals, go to the 17 Day Diet recipes site. There are so many awesome recipes by very creative people which helps keep up motivation.
  • Always continue to reference the book for each phase/chapter as you go through. I find that I have missed items or forgotten things in between time.
  • If you can do this as a couple or family, all the better. For those who don’t need to lose the weight, the meals can be easily modified for them.


  1. tammi

    Im getting the book…and cant wait to start it…

  2. Erin

    I did the 17 day diet about a year ago but only the first two phases as I became ill and never went back on it. I will say this I lost 15 pounds in those two phases that I never put back on. I am starting it agian today as a matter of fact September 10, 2012 I have 27 more pounds to go. This time though I will incorporate quite a bit of working out as I think that will help me acomplish my overall goal. Best of luck to those who try….If you give it 100% you can not fail.

  3. Jessica

    My question is.. Do you guys stay in phass 1 more than 17 days then moved on to the other phase or you completed the plan then started all over again. Please advise because I have more than 100lbs to lose.

  4. jena hutchison

    where do i find recipies and comments that others have tried..we are starting this monday..going shopping today…thankss

  5. T. Kallmyer

    They didn’t lose 100 pounds in 17 days. The 17 day diet consists of several 17 day cycles. 🙂

  6. Am

    Honestly, I cant believe losing 100lbs in 17 days!!!!!! I would love to try 17 day diet.
    Thanks for info.

  7. katie

    never heard of the 17 day diet before but it seems like it works. honestly for me, i dont need this, but from your point of view i know i can spread this around to people who are asking for help! keep up the great work. and i wish luck to everyone that tries it!

  8. Bevely kersh

    Great success. I am really surprised hearing total 100 pounds weight loss by the couple. Great inspiration for the people who want to lose weight. This is the first time i heard about 17 day diet. I hope many others will follow it.

  9. Dani

    WoW! What an inspiration! I’ve never heard of the 17 Day Diet before but I’ll be looking it up.

  10. Sonja H.

    Kurt told me about the diet, and my husband and I started it too. We both lost 1 pound a day for the first 17 days, and that is where we stopped and felt we were at healty weights. It is the easiest diet I have ever been on. I would encourage everyone to be on it whether you need to lose or not.

  11. Jim F.

    Awesome effort!

  12. Spectra

    Very inspiring! I’m glad you guys found a plan that works for you and that you were able to stick to. Any well-balanced diet will work for weight loss as long as you stick with it and it sounds like you two did great!