5 Minute Healthy Grocery Store Fix

By Mike Howard

2818-grocery store.jpgI know, the drive-through seems the only option sometimes when the stomach is growling and you’re in a pinch for time – I’ve been there.

So while preparation is the number 1 defence against being in that situation in the first place, very few people think to hit up a grocery store instead of a drive through – even though it doesn’t take much longer.

Here’s a grab-and-go action plan for foods that are healthy, portable, and not too messy.
Produce: Small bag of baby carrots/apple/banana or a ready to eat salad.

Canned Goods: Tuna manufacturers have come out with small, easy-to-open flavoured tuna. High bioavailable protein and low calorie.

Snack Isle: Beef jerky! A small bag gives you a satiating protein punch. If you’re lucky enough to come across salmon jerky – all the better. You might consider grabbing some dental floss too.

Snack Isle II: Nuts. Mixed nuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, it’s all good! High in good fats, protein, and some fiber as well as a great micronutrient profile.

Dairy: Snack sized greek yogurt and cottage cheese are now more prevalent in grocery stores.

On the way out, most grocery store deli’s have plastic utensils on hand – grab a couple of forks and knives for the glove compartment.

There you have it! An excuse-proof plan for side-stepping fast food drive throughs.

Image Credit: Flickr


  1. Cher Thewes

    Great article. Also, great reminder to use what you have at home and dinner doesn’t have to be fancy, just not laded with calories, fat and sodium.

  2. stephy derry

    As I have read the blog above, I was glad because the topic was great. This 5 minute Healthy Grocery Store Fix was really nice. I wanna go in there and see it for myself.

  3. Lana

    I love this article. When I worked in the grocery stores I used to just grab low sodium natural deli meats like turkey breast, and throw that on top of the pre-made salads. On road trips instead of stopping at fast food places we stop at grocery stores. We grab forks and bagged salads, maybe a pack of whole wheat tortillas and eat away. You can often also buy pre-made hard boiled eggs, pre-cooked roastsed skinless turkey or chicken breast etc. The options are endless! I love the grocery store quick meals way more than McDonalds or KFC. Plus you can often make it cheaper to you quick meal from the grocery store than the healthiest options at those fast food places.

  4. bvc

    nice one.

  5. Lindsey

    As much as I wish there was a Snack Isle (mmm, island of snacks!), the one in the grocery store is in fact the Snack Aisle.

    PS: For lunches at work, I often make a trip to the grocery store for some canned soup to heat up in the lunchroom.

  6. Mike Howard

    Very true Spectra! Ditto with bananas – yes you can break them off the stems : )

  7. Spectra

    People also forget that you can buy one apple or one orange at a time–you don’t have to buy a 5lb bag. I’ve often gone to a grocery store and bought a salad from the salad bar and an apple for lunch when I’m in hurry. It’s a lot healthier than fast food.