The Average American Eats 85.5 Pounds of Fat!

By Ted

We stumbled on a great graphic that illustrates what the average American eats throughout the course of one year.

In our day to day lives it seems like those little indulgences don’t make a difference, but over the course of a year some things really add up!

How does your food consumption compare with the average American? Were there any stats on the chart that made your jaw drop? If you don’t live in America, how would you say your country compares? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Paul


  2. GiGi

    I eat from the egg, poultry, vegetable, fish, coffee & HEALTHY FAT sectors! I don’t eat ANY of that other stuff… and it sounds like a lot of the people who responded don’t either, so where do these statistics come from!

  3. Susan

    I read recently that the average American eats 3,600 calories per day! To me 2,700 doesn’t seem THAT high. I have maintained my weight in the past eating almost that much. Then again I’m sure I exercise far more than the average American…

  4. Ryan

    I think it’s pretty funny that they use a stick of butter as the picture for Fats & Oils when the average American only consumes 5 lbs of butter per year. That better be a stick of margarine they’re depicting!

    I eat a lot of grass-fed beef, pork sausage, cheese, and butter (I probably go through 5 lbs in 2 months). I use beef tallow for occasional frying.

    I also make sourdough bread with spelt berries I grind at home, ferment brown rice with the same culture, nixtamalize whole corn, and use potatoes and plantains. You can rag on potatoes, but their nutrient profile is actually quite impressive, and the nutrients are pretty absorbable, which might not be the case for other vegetables.

  5. B-fit LLC

    It kind of seems like the people who need to read this are not visiting this post!!! Congrats to all of you!!

  6. emina

    I live in Austria, Vienna. I eat mostly fish, black bread, olives and yogurt. My indugencies are vine and chockolate in moderations.

  7. TristanD73

    I don’t see what I’d think would be a large, specific and separate category for all the liquor people consume. As a teetotaler, it’s pretty ubiquitous to me that many people can’t live without it. Those cals add up fast, too.

    Big dairy category; that’s a little surprising. Average female is a little chunky at 164.

    Interesting if at all close to the mark.

  8. Coach Chelle

    Amazing how much really bad stuff the average american is eating!! Crazy…I’m completely floored by the amount of fats and oils that the average american eats. 2700 calories a day?? Wow, even a super intense work out will only burn 600 to 800 calories, do the math on that!! Thanks for the insightful post.

  9. alec

    Well, I am surely not your average US citizen! I don’t eat fries, pizza, nor ice cream (I do indulge is froyo on occasion). I say no to soda, and I ban artificial sweeteners of all kind (I even feel bad having agave). Also, I don’t eat anywhere near as much as the average citizen, I have roughly 1,500 calories a day – ouch, over 1,000 calories less than your average person in the US.. No wonder why most of the country is obese!

  10. T. Kallmyer

    I think they are indeed counting potato products in the vegetable amount. If they just said fresh, green vegetables the number would be much lower I’m sure.

  11. ioopl

    This cant be right. Minus the corn, Americans eat about a pound of vegetables a day? I highly doubt that unless you are counting French Fries, potato chips, etc.

  12. Spectra

    Well, I’m definitely not your Average American, I guess. I don’t eat French fries, pizza, most dairy products, or red meat. I probably eat 400 lbs of vegetables per MONTH, not per year. And that doesn’t include corn. It’s pretty amazing how much corn syrup the average person consumes per year…just goes to show that they put it in EVERYTHING. I’m also amazed at how much dairy we consume! Even if you don’t count milk, it just seems wrong to get more dairy per day than veggies. Maybe that’s why the laxative industry thrives in this nation, haha.