The 5 Most Disgusting Foods. Ever.

By Gerry Pugliese
YouTube: Simotubbo

There are some real gross foods out there. And most, you’ll find at the local supermarket.

Like greasy bacon, trans-fat packed cookies with a 10 year shelf-life and chemically engineered diet sodas. But, it could be worse, a lot worse!

So, the next time you’re mad at your stomach and want to teach it lesson. Give it a hearty helping of cow entrails with a side of maggot cheese and then, wash it down with a hot steaming cup of poop coffee. Seriously!

Scorpion Kebab

Somewhere lurking in a Beijing night market is the scorpion kebab. This treacherous snack is crisp on the outside and smooth in the middle and as this street vendor says, “Healthy, delicious!”

Now, despite their menacing appearance, most scorpions are timid. Even their stinger is usually harmless to humans. But it’d still be awful to get it caught in your teeth. Eek!

Durian Fruit

It’s hard to imagine a fruit, which smells like a rotting corpse, is considered as the king of all fruits. Durian fruit, native to Southeast Asia, has actually been banned in some hotels and public transportation because its reeks.

However, inside its thick thorny husk is a yellowish custard-like flesh that tastes a lot like almonds. Yeah, rotting flesh almonds.

Casu Marzu Cheese

Maggots in your food is bad! But not if you’re eating Casu Marzu, sheep’s milk cheese infested with insect larva. Found mainly in Sardinia, Italy, some say it tastes like soap. You eat it by smearing it on bread, maggots and all.

Casu Marzu, also called maggot cheese, has been outlawed, because it becomes toxic when all the maggots die off. Now it’s sold on the black market.

Tripe Meat

It looks like a dingy dish towel and smells like stale urine. So, let’s eat it! Tripe is a type of offal, the entrails and organs of butchered animals. Very popular in Italy, beef tripe is made from the first three chambers of a cow’s stomach.

And here’s the kicker. Typically, tripe, guts and other undesirables are used to make dog food, not people food. The stink means it’s unfit for human consumption.

Kopi Luwak Coffee

Kopi Luwak or civet coffee is made by brewing the undigested coffee beans in the crap of the Asian Palm Civet, a weasel-like mammal. The civet’s stomach enzymes break down proteins in the beans giving the coffee a less bitter taste.

And even though the coffee is made from feces-beans, a single cup of Kopi Luwak can cost as much as $50. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have to go vomit. Bleh!


  1. Hi

    Fresh durian, as long as it isn’t overripe, actually tastes quite good. The smell may be a little off-putting, but don’t let that hold you back.

  2. man hair loss

    Kopi luwak is said to be the most expensive coffee as there is a special brewer for it… as for Durian, i don’t know, never liked it before, probably never will, but we’ll never know…

  3. Rin

    I think you need to take into consideration that just because you don’t eat/don’t want to eat a certain type of food, doesn’t mean it’s disgusting.

    This article is close-mindedness at it’s best.

  4. Durian

    one taste of durian was enough for me… BLEK

  5. Mickey

    I am from Nigeria. If what you call tripe is cow entrails, then you know nothing of delicasies.
    Down here, there are local names for various parts: Saki, abodi, roundabout, fuku, isan, pomo, etc. Too bad you may not come down for treats in a Naija kitchen…
    In all, I have seen that one man’s honey is anothers ‘bee poo’!

  6. Lavid

    The food sounds mank but wont miind tring it lol

    send me some blad 🙂 ive got the munchies

  7. Ralph

    You should try this:

    Really popular in England.
    Basically blood sausage.
    Gorgeous fried.

  8. anier

    just at least try it before saying a word.

  9. Chris

    Well, I’m German and when I first came to S-E Asia, I was really disgusted by Durians (to me it really stinks rotten, though). But, you know what: I ignored the smell and tried it once, and now I kinda like it. 😉 I’ve also tried stinky tofu and several other smelly dishes and did not die, neither got sick from it, actually they’ve been quite good.
    In a book about food chemistry I’ve once read: Food is local, taste is local. And it’s true!

    My advice: if you discover some kind of strange food and it seems to be sort of eadible, just try it! Other people are eating it as well! And you might be surprised… 😉

  10. Sally Jesse

    I will eat just about anything to quell the “timid Western palette” myth, but the fact is: feces passed through tripe. Those little ridges are used by the intestinal lining to increase surface area and thereby increase absorption. There is a reason that it’s called “offal”, and that word and “awful” are homophones.

    People around the world eat some DIRTY messes, and I’ll retreat to the safety of my blood sausage and haggis. Oh wait..

  11. Chainsaw

    Joy of Cooking, mid-fifties edition, I looked up tripe… lots of recipes, by the way, not just one

    Pancreas and Thymus, known as “Sweetbreads”, poached, sauteed, broiled, braised, glazed, or in a ragout

    Brains, sauteed, broiled, baked, or baked brains and eggs. Nothing like going straight to the source for mad cow disease…

    Kidneys, tongue, heart, tripe – including Tripe A La Mode De Caen, which is an all-day process involving all four kinds of beef tripe.

    Calf or Lamb head – the recipe starts out ‘It is always so easy to say “let the butcher prepare…”‘

    Lungs, intestines (chitterlings), cockscombs, marrow, and then we get to small animals…

    rabbit, squirrel, opossum (“If possible, trap and feed it on milk and cereal for 10 days before killing…”), bear, raccoon, muskrat, woodchuck, beaver, peccary, wild boar, and of course deer, moose, or elk. Roasted small game birds are at the end of the bird section (ortolan, figpeckers, coot, doves, woodcock, snipe, rails, curlew, plover, quail, larks, reed birds, thrush, moorhen, gallinule – “blackbirds and crows, if eaten as a matter of necessity, must be parblanched first”)

    Not saying anything’s disgusting, mind you (well, crows, maybe…), just putting tripe in context.

    But eating liquified rotten cheese while maggots, which can infest one’s digestive tract and internal organs, are leaping six inches out of it – I mean come on, next to this a durian just smells a little funny.

  12. Maks

    Damn.. I am feelinglost about durian.. Some people say it stinks real bad, some people say it tastes super good! Wow! I never heard of such a contraversial fruit!
    And it’s a kind of all fruits? Sweeter then watermelon? Man, I got to try it I guess. Stil feel cautious about the smell other people talking about.

  13. Kay

    This shish is Nasty!!!

  14. Marise10

    ur a sicko, that fruit is crap.

  15. Marise10

    Huh, this no surprise. I know about kopi luwak, fried scorpion,casu marzu, and durian fruit. wonder why the guy was puking in the bucket though.

    As 4 tripe, well, they do it in jamaica too. my mom told me.

  16. eddie

    Im a English man, and i have thing to say to all non Durian lovers, If you dont like it, keep your comments to yourself, dont insult a fruit that is tooo good to miss. I wish i was living in Malaysia,Thailand or surroundings, because i can enjoy this fruit every season

  17. filippo

    that “DRINK” is really disgustin…not the tripe. I think that who talks about tripe, and all the other foods, have not tried them before then tellingthat they are disgustin. I can talk about the tripe as it is th eonly one that i eat and believe me, if it is coccked as it should be, it can be really good. I agrre with the fact that it is not that nice to see, but once it is cooked, cut in small stripes into sousage and mint…well, come in italy and then we can talk about that. As we say in italy:” Don’t eat with your eyes!”

  18. gazebo

    Durian smells really awful….until you really taste it. The best way to eat Durian, pinch your nose between your fingers and then eat it. Taste really good!

    I’ve grown up eating tripe. It’s an ingredient in certain chinese dishes. It’s another acquired taste. It’s not bad!

    I’ll try civet coffee once, just to say I drank some really expensive crappy coffee!

  19. cheap checks

    The maggot cheese has to the worst! Why would people EAT that?