Does Someone You Know Need to Be Told the Truth?

By Mike Howard


This is a continuation to last months health rant “17 Home Truths Every Health Freak Needs to Hear“. Here are 17 more quick tips, opinions and rants on exercise and nutrition.

  1. Don’t worry about eating 6-7 times per day to “rev up” your metabolism – it doesn’t really impact your metabolism and studies don’t support it leading to less food intake over the course of the day.
  2. That said if you are eating 2-3 times per day and aren’t seeing results – try something different – especially if you find yourself famished at any point throughout the day.
  3. Think veggies are “yucky” – try the Alpo diet. Pick up a can of Alpo dog food, open it up and take a good long sniff. The next time you complain you don’t like the taste of broccoli – take a couple of spoonfuls of Alpo. (This tip courtesy of Tony Robbins)
  4. You are what you eat – don’t be “cheap”, “fast” or “easy”.
  5. Eating small amounts of soy won’t turn you into a prepubescent Zack Efron.
  6. Don’t have time to exercise? If you can tell me who’s left on “Dancing with the Stars” and have updated your Facebook status more than 5 times today – you have time.
  7. Eating non-organic produce won’t turn you into chemical mess.
  8. Calling sugar “white poison” makes people sound alarmists – not responsible advocates of healthy eating.
  9. You are not a bad person if you eat white rice. It’s a staple in some of the thinnest and (more importantly) the healthiest people on earth.
  10. Try not to think of foods as either “good” or “bad”. There are “healthier” and “less healthy” patterns of eating.
  11. Being a little hungry now and then isn’t a bad thing.
  12. I can’t help but think one of the reasons for overeating is an inability to distinguish between “appetite” and “hunger” – respond to the “hunger” without succumbing to the overindulgence associated with “appetite”.
  13. Don’t wait for an “ideal” time to get fit – there will never be one.
  14. The best way to deal with lapses is to accept that they will happen and re-committing to your healthy lifestyle STAT.
  15. Not motivated? Close your eyes – picture yourself playing sports with your grandchildren or even more ambitiously, attending their wedding. If kids (let alone grandkids) aren’t on the cards, ask yourself what you want to be doing 20,30, 50 years from now.
  16. Technology can either help or harm your health. To make it work FOR you, create a playlist for your ipod to exercise to, use Iphone apps such as food and exercise trackers, stick a treadmill or a set of free weights in front of your TV – make it a condition (reward) of watching.
  17. Try and focus on the process rather than the product. Optimal health is a lifelong journey.


  1. Alexandra

    I love number 13!
    You know what? The best moment to start a diet is right now!

  2. Kellie - My Health Software

    I love these tips! They are a lot of fun to read. Number 4 made me laugh, so keep them coming. 🙂 The photo was great and a blast from the past.

  3. Spectra

    I hear you on #12…so many people eat just because they feel like they want food. My grandpa would eat like this a lot (he was really obese): he would eat a huge breakfast at 10:30 am on a Saturday and then go to Hardee’s for lunch at 12:00 because it was “lunchtime”. Made absolutely no sense to me. This also leads back to point #11–do you know just how many Americans have absolutely NO idea what it feels like to be actually HUNGRY? And that hungry does not equal “I’m going to die in 5 minutes”.

  4. Jody - Fit at 51

    Yes I was but not quite as muscular. I did weights then too but got super hooked about 35 & did my first amateur bodybuilding contest at 37 years old. I actually started weights and working out in a gym in my early 20’s but they were not the focus they became in my 30’s.

  5. Prosperity Red

    Great points and very valuable. I liked #4 – so very true.

  6. ArrowSmith

    Where you fit at 33?

  7. Jody - Fit at 51

    Sounds like it is going to be an ongoing series to me!!! Too much one can write! I like #6 too! AND, why does your response not surprise me! 😉

    On #12… I think a lot of people don’t have a clue if they are hungry or not…. they just eat… you got to tune into your bod… conscious eating not mindless eating.

  8. FitJerk - Flawless Fitness Blog

    This list is so incomplete…

    18. Listen to FJ 😉

  9. Spectra

    Great list! I like #3 and #6 especially. I will also comment on the whole “non organic” food thing. Many people, myself included, can’t afford organic produce. You are much better off eating conventionally-grown produce than to avoid it because it has 1 ppb of pesticide on it or something. Just wash it off and let your liver take care of the rest…the phytochemicals in the food are a natural detox for your liver, so it balances out.

    Arrowsmith–did you catch #8 on there? Just sayin’…sugar is sugar, whether it’s white, brown, agave nectar, molasses, or corn syrup. It’s not evil; just don’t eat too much of it.

  10. TonyK

    No, they just eat less. Has nothing to do with GI impact. That’s one of the first things I notice whenever I go there….their portions are so darn small.

  11. ArrowSmith

    Disagree with #9 – Asians have developed a psuedo-immunity to the white rice’s GI impact on blood sugar compared to Europeans who did not start eating white rice until the last 100 years or so.

  12. Riccardo

    The Alpo diet! I like that a lot 🙂

    A nice reminder (the post, that is) to take it easy and cut ourselves a bit of slack. Being healthy is not a prison, quite the contrary.

  13. Barry

    #6 made me LOL, literally.

    Also I agree with everything you wrote. Nice post.