The 7 Hamburgers of the Apocalypse

By Gerry Pugliese

Hamburgers, next to apple pie and statins they’re the ambassadors of American cuisine–for better or for worse–and these harbingers of heart disease might be the baddest of all.

Here are 7 over the top hamburgers that are guaranteed to clog your arteries by just looking that them:

Would you risk death by eating any of them?

1. The Quadruple Bypass Burger

The Quadruple Bypass Burger from the Heart Attack Grill; four burger patties with side orders of Jolt Cola, unfiltered Lucky Strike cigarettes and French fries deep-fried in pure lard.


2. Big Daddy Barrick Burger

Sonya Thomas, a 5’5 99-pound competitive eating champion, downed an 18 pound Big Daddy Barrick Burgerin Las Vegas a few years ago.


3. The Hotdog Hamburger

This one hails from England. I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s a hamburger with a chopped hotdog on top.

4. Mulligan’s Monster

Mulligan’s invented the Hamdog, one hotdog wrapped in a beef patty and cheese, then deep-fried, covered with chili and onions and served on a bun with a fried egg on top.


5. Dyer’s Burgers

Dyer’s Burgersare deep-fried hamburgers piled with mustard, onion and pickle and paired with a single, double or triple-order of cheese fries.


6. Whatafarm Burger

Whataburger puts the entire farm in one sandwich; bacon, cheese, fried egg, burger patty, and chicken cutlet. They affectionately call it the “Whatafarm” burger.


7. Luther Burger

Another Mulligan’s creation, the Luther Burger. Named after Luther Vandross it’s a bacon cheeseburger sandwiched between two glazed donuts.


Now, I hope you all find it incredibly ironic that a guy who doesn’t eat meat was asked to compile a list of monstrous hamburgers. I do.


  1. Nick

    Sasquatch Burger from Bigfoot Lodge. It looks as gargantuan as the Barrick Burger, but is only 4 pounds. Comes with all the fixings, and it right around the corner from Dyer Burger on Second Street in Memphis. Check out the Sasquatch Challenge @

  2. jk


  3. furbeastie

    Do vegg’ people smell different without all that red meat in their system…serious question here, so don’t write back with a ‘biotch answer if you can help it.

  4. Bull E. Mick

    Competitive eaters throw up after the competitions. They just regularly stretch their stomachs with water intake.

  5. Ali

    Blah blah blah I hate vegetarians and they’re morons blah. That’s all vegetarians ever hear, and it’s stupid.

    Listen, I don’t go to where you live and slap the meat out of your mouth, so please stop telling me that I am somehow sick. It is a LIFESTYLE choice, like a low carb diet or a no sugar diet. I know a lot of vegetarians say that it’s a moral choice, but it’s not, and the smart ones know it.

    I know that I can’t stop the killing of animals because it’s natural, and if we don’t kill them then other animals will. I ate meat when I was a child and it tastes just fine, but eating it is uncomfortable to me. I’m a vegetarian, not an animal rights activist. There’s a difference. I’m not an idiot. If I were stranded somewhere and the only thing to eat was a cow, I would eat it. But I have the luxury of being able to choose what I eat because of our society, and that is why I am a vegetarian.

    And by the way, eatsummeatbiotch, not only do vegetarian girls shave, but they’re some of the hottest girls you’ll ever meet. …And if you’re a douchebag, they won’t give you the time of day.

  6. Anne

    You haven’t seen a burger until you’ve seen “The Logger Burger”, now it’s called “The 18-Wheeler” and the location is in Joyce, WA It comes with everything on it and a big side of fries. It’s definitely a gut bomb and unless you’ve got an ungodly appetite, there is no way you can finish it on your own.

  7. ChazZ

    I don’t believe that they created the “Luther” burger. It was a feature on an episode of the Adult Cartoon “The Boondocks” :/

    None of these look appetizing to me.

  8. Styyl

    The first one looks especially appetizing to me. The danger suggested by the name probably assures the fact that I would never touch the thing, if I had the chance, but it certainly looks good. I’ve had quad burgers in the past, but that one is a monster. The rest sort of pale in comparison.

  9. Quito

    I’m sure that guys into bestiality feel sorry for those of us not so inclined, thinking to themselves that we’re missing out on a great time.

  10. Quito

    What’s it with non-vegetarians who get huffy when someone says their diet sucks? Everyone doesn’t have to think you’re perfect.

  11. Pastor Brett

    Most religions are man made, except for Christianity. God became man to pay the ultimate price for our sins/failures and all we have to do accept that Jesus Christ paid for our sins on the cross, and we are saved. Jesus said that He is the way, the truth, and the live, and that no man comes to the Father except through Him. Jesus is the only way to salvation. We are all sinners saved by God’s grace as demonstrated in Jesus Christ. It’s not ‘pushing religion’, it’s simply stating fact.

    God bless you as you seek and serve Him,

    Pastor Brett

  12. Anon

    Whoever it was who first thought to make a bacon cheeseburger, but with donuts for buns, is a genius. The only thing that could make it better would be to have it served a la mode.

    I just feel sorry for those who don’t have a metabolism like mine, you guys miss out on some great food.

  13. paresh


  14. cooking recipes

    Hmm… I love burgers. Would like to have all of them 😀

  15. ummm....

    the luther burger was invented on the show the boondocks……at least the name was.

  16. Gourmet

    I like burgers but now a days I don’t have it much due to health consciousness. But still haven’t stopped having them 😀 So will definitely try these all slowly one-by-one :).

  17. fatrusskiygirl

    i’d eat them all. mmmm meat.

  18. Mulli

    actually, it’s the other way around. The cartoon network folks, based in Atlanta, got the idea from the Mulligans bar, also based in ATL. Several of the Toon guys were regulars. You can check it with the network!

  19. nebulous_oblique

    Let’s see..I’ll have…a Whatafarm burger, a Mulligan’s Hamdog, A Quadruple Bypass burger, hold the luckies, and for dessert, Sonya Thomas! OMG Sonya! I love you and I want to have your babies, then eat them.

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