Sugar Can Help Prevent Overeating

By Jim F

Here’s a useful “diet dodge”: Enjoy an ice cream shortly before lunch – it will prevent overeating at lunchtime.

Good advice? Am I serious?

This is what happens when nutritional lobby groups advertise. The Sugar Information Inc placed many amazing ads during the 60s and 70s. The theme was sugar as a source of energy (see another here).

The great irony is that despite artificial sweeteners coming into vogue about this time – we have continued to put on weight.

This particular scan is from Woman’s Day 1971 (scanned by Miss Tia / LiveJournal).


  1. perri

    I can’t even describe how much rage this gives me and wonder how many women have DIED from anorexia and bulimia after seeing ads like this…

  2. Karly Pitman

    Oh my, this is too funny! Hmm…not in my experience.

    For my body, eating sugar leads to bingeing and overeating. Everytime! I had to come to a place of acceptance that eating sugar compromises my health. While this was painful for me – sugar was my best friend, and I felt very sad about giving it up – I realized that I had to choose between sugar and health.

    I’ve written extensively about how I overcame my sugar addiction in an effort to help others heal. You can find my book on Amazon and lots of free articles elsewhere.

    In love, Karly Pitman

  3. 4TimesAYear

    Sorry – didn’t see Bunny’s post before I posted that or I wouldn’t have repeated it:(

  4. 4TimesAYear

    Of course eating sugar curbs your appetite. Why do you think parents don’t give their kids treats close to meals? It’s because it will spoil their appetite.

  5. Bunny

    This type of propaganda unfortunately didn’t convince my mom.

    “You’ll spoil your dinner!”

    Eating an apple or some other fruit before dinner might actually be a good idea. 🙂

  6. Nate Atkins

    Too bad that quick fix will cause extra fat storage because of the release of insulin.

  7. symese

    If I ate icecream before lunch that would fill me up and I wouldnt eat the healthy lunch of fruits,veggies seeds and nuts, I normally eat. My usual lunch is around 300 cals. So eating icecream makes no sense to me. But I do eat icecream a couple times a month. I love it.

  8. Jan74

    But it will prevent heart disease! Cure menopause! Not to mention prevent all that deforestation in the rainforest where cattle graze freely now!


    The last one is my favorite, being Brazilian. You know why they are chopping down the rainforest? For the hardwood to make your dining room table and desk, not for your hamburger. There isn’t enough cattle in the rainforest region for locals, who eat basically fish and chicken already. The beef the people in the largest urban centers close to the rainforest region eat is flown in all the way from the South of the country, and it costs 3x as much as anywhere else. The fact that the soy industry spreads that somehow the meat in your burger in the US came from the rainforest is hilarious.

  9. Ryan

    Soy is just as dangerous and still pulling this crap right now.

  10. Jan74

    This one is just a snippet, but it is similar to the one I originally read:

    This one talks about the same research I read about, a bit more in depth:

    This quotes the book You on a Diet:

    This one is pine-nut oil, but also interesting:

    This one is more related to obesity and heart health:

  11. Alexa Fleckenstein M.D.

    Paid for by the sugar industry – and the dairy industry too?

    Eating junk food feeds the wrong bacteria in your bowel, and they make you crave more junk food – a endless cycle.

    Read up in my book: Health20 – Tapping into the Healing Power of Water”, McGraw Hill 2007.

    [The title is a bit misleading here – sure, the book tells you all about water health. But a big chunk is about foods and overweight, especially the concept of inflammatory versus anti-inflammatory foods].

    Alexa Fleckenstein M.D.

  12. missbossy

    “add” = “ad”


  13. missbossy

    This add is a fantasic find. I love the sexual overtones in the “push for health” …

  14. missbossy

    Actually he said any tasteless high-calorie liquid (highly diluted sugar water or oil in water) to be consumed well away from meal time. He has some research which indicates that this can change the body’s set-point by disturbing the brain’s perceived relationship between taste and calories. He claims to have lost a lot of weight this way.

    It’s an interesting idea but doesn’t seem borne out by other research. It has worked for some people but then again with a large enough sample size, someone will lose weight eating isecream before meals.

  15. PatriSpain

    …yes, and a total of about 6 walnuts throughout the day (or all at once) will lower cholesterol in most people…that is if one is doing other things right…like MOVING (at least mild exercise in some form…) and drinking plenty of water (as in H2O2 and not some substance the body has to deal with). This is something that came up ages ago in Europe here, (forgot which country). Then the FDA ‘discovered’ the fact.

    Do a google search about walnuts, ‘walnuts +cholesterol’ or ‘walnuts +diet’. For the lowering appetite question ‘walnuts +satiety’ (without the apostrophes).

  16. PatriSpain

    When I saw the header for this article, I thought ‘sounds like the industry sugar-push info of the 60-70’s’. And so it was.

    After that came the artificial sweetener push (diet drinks, foods…) and then the rising increase in various metabolic problems, allergies, neuro-toxic problems, obesity…

    With all the good info these days, who would really believe that a diet drink/food is better than water/real food?

    And flavoured water? Oh, please…more chemical cr** ? Why not try the novel idea of…dare I? REAL water, just as it is or perhaps with something REAL in it like, lemon, mint… ;>D

  17. PatriSpain

    You’re joking…sugar water????

  18. PatriSpain

    …and that alone is one of the major contributing factors to the obesity problem in N. America – the ‘more is better’ attitude adopted by the fastfood industry.

  19. PatriSpain

    In that era, false eyelashes were a must-have…AND lots of mascara with them too. You’re right…burns lots of calories keeping those peepers open!

  20. Tina

    Seth Roberts wrote a book called Shangri La Diet that encouraged drinking extra light olive oil or sugar water before meals.

  21. Steve Parker

    I think I heard Dennis Prager on the radio a year ago say that eating a tablespoon of olive oil before meals cuts down on total daily caloric intake. I haven’t searched for the supportive scientific journal article yet, if one exists. Prager is usually pretty careful about facts.

    This ad reminds me of the old cigarette ads (Chesterfields?) in the 1950s in which physicians promoted smoking as healthy.


  22. Linds

    What catches me is the phrase ‘undereat’. Are people that aim to undereat really going to spring for an ice cream? I think more fortuitous wording would have been ‘Willpower to avoid overeating’.

  23. Spectra

    If you read the ad, the logic is really roundabout. It’s sorta like the McDonald’s snack wrap ads…people make poor decisions because their blood sugar’s low from not having a fatty chicken snack. That’s basically what this ad is saying: if you eat sugar, it’ll give you the energy to make better decisions for your lunch. I’m pretty sure an apple or a handful of carrots would give me more than enough energy to have the willpower to turn down a pizza for lunch.

  24. Regina

    Check out that mascara too! Goodness gracious – so Tammy Fay-ish!

  25. Regina

    What do you eat for lunch? 1/2 cup (very decent scoop size) of vanilla ice cream is 133-calories (as per USDA Nutrient Database) for full-fat regular ice cream!

  26. oddblot

    It’s ok, holding her eyes open with that much mascara burns at least as many calories as are in the ice ceam!

    As for the rest of us, time to stock up on Maybeline.

  27. Zach Hunt

    Isn`t there more calories in the ice cream than there would have been in my whole lunch, dosen`t make sense to me, how can that work for me.

  28. Dr. J

    That’s funny Regina! I didn’t notice till you pointed it out. I’ve gone back and looked at photos of people who were supposedly fat, “back in the day,” and have been surprised by how really small they look now 🙁

  29. Dr. J

    The tongue is a weapon and a friend 🙂

  30. Regina

    See the size of the ice cream scoop? Today that’s smaller than a kid-size cone for sale!

  31. Chicken Girl

    The only way that’s a “diet dodge” is if she pushes the ice cream right off the cone with her tongue, like it looks like she’s going to.

  32. Red

    Do you have links to these studies? I wasn’t aware they’d done such studies on satiety, and would be quite interested in reading about them.

  33. Jan74

    They’ve done similar studies with nuts, showing how eating 2-3 walnuts or 5-6 almonds 10m before eating will help you eat less.

    That makes sense, cause fat + fiber + protein = satiety. Sugar + fat, not so much.

  34. Kailash

    It might work for some people and in some situations. Particularly when not having a predetermined meal portion, where one might wolf down too much food before the stomach and blood sugar register the change.

    Yet, it would surely be better to eat a piece of fruit than an ice cream cone!

  35. Katie

    Yup, eating sugar sure helps you control your appetite…which is why my eating goes nuts whenever I eat sugar from anything other than fruit or a little bit of honey. Makes perfect sense.

  36. staci

    i realize why they thought that way… for that age, it makes perfect sense, actually LOL

  37. Jan74

    Those 400 calories in the ice-cream and cone will help you save 200 calories at lunch for sure.