Slim Coffee: Another Weight Loss Scam

By Jim F

Slim Coffee

It must be so tempting for unscrupulous entrepreneurs:

Find an obscure weight loss product from somewhere overseas. Re-brand it. Hype it up. Create an infomercial. Make millions.

This time it’s Slim Coffee. The claims are impressive:

  • Reduce appetite.
  • Clinically tested.
  • Lose 5 pounds per week.

All from drinking coffee with a few supplements added (or so they say).

The makers of Slim Coffee have been pursued by the FTC – resulting in a $923,000 settlement. From the FTC settlement report:

According to a complaint filed by the FTC in federal district court, the defendants’ weight-loss claims for Slim Coffee were false and unsupported by any reliable scientific studies, in violation of the FTC Act. Among other things, the Commission’s complaint alleged that neither Slim Coffee nor any of its individual ingredients, including hoodia, would enable its users to lose as much as two to five pounds per week, without reducing caloric intake or increasing physical activity.

The Compelling Slim Coffee Infomercial

You can see the that TV ad (complete with testimonials, rippling abs, and bronzed bikini bodies) is pretty nutty. They even managed to get a certified personal trainer to endorse the product!

Same Thing as Silhouette Express-o

As for the clinical trials – I managed to trace the product back to a European product called “Silhouette Express-o”. The site is Russian – and gives a telephone number that leads to Moscow. As for the “clinical tests” the only clue we have is this: “Prompt result is confirmed by clinical tests, carried on in Belgium and Italy.

Hoodia, a cactus that grows in the Kalahari Desert, has received a lot of press for being a weight-loss revelation, but many medical experts don’t believe the hype. Celebrity health guru Dr. Andrew Weil offers some advice about Hoodia:

We may learn someday that there are hoodia benefits and it does promote weight loss by effectively suppressing appetite, but until we do, I wouldn’t waste money on products that haven’t been proven to work and may not contain any hoodia at all.

It’s probably a good idea to side with the doc on this one.


  1. Zuzette

    Hi all

    I am trying to fiugure out why going on about the coffee. There are many products on the market today that are not all good. Surely big name supermarkets and outlets dont just sell anything it has to have certain standards. The fact that the coffee make yuou not feel right its not for you though. There are many many diet products on the market today that make pple not feel well. So if you can help pple to loose weight and make money …good luck with the initiative.

  2. wairimu ngugi

    Where do I get that slim coffee



  4. D

    I feel like such an idiot, I just bought the slim coffee, I walked past it in Game and thought what the hell, I love coffee, need to lose weight and its homemark so must be good for something, hmmmm thinking im taking it back wonder how homemark could sell this with the new consumer protection act in SA and get away with it.

  5. diane

    how can i buy this slim coffee and where branch in the philippines?

  6. Haggledeen

    I recently purchased Slim Delicious Lose Weight Coffee. I will never use it again as I began to get chest pains, shortness of breath, pains in my left arm and severe palpitations after the 6 day of drinking this beverage. I do not usually drink much coffee or tea so therefore I did not consume any other type of caffeine while using this product and I consumed only one sachet per day as stated in the instructions on the box. I have never suffered from any kind of heart condition so I immediately stopped using the product due to the worrying symptoms. Over a week has passed since I have stopped drinking the coffee and the symptoms have not faded at all, my doctor has now prescribed me relaxers to help while the product hopefully leaves my system. If the symptoms have not eased in a week I will have to have an ECG on my heart. I purchased the product as I wished to lose 10pounds before a holiday, that holiday may be ruined now due to the symptoms caused by this product. I strongly advise people not to purchase these kinds of products as the ingredients are unknown and are obviously harmful.

  7. Sandra

    I drink pu-ehr tea (red tea), it’s amazing, extremely healthy and you do lose weight without trying, depends on the amount of tea you drink during the day, 5 cups a day help you lose weight, 2 or 3, just help you stay healthy.
    But there’s no fat burning process because of the tea, it’s more due to the increase of your metabolism, which in my case was a good thing since my metabolism is so slow…

    Not trying to give you lies or sell a product, I’ve been drinking this tea for years and I love it. Just thought I’d share. I needed something similar this weekend cus I’m out of it, and it takes me one hour to go to the store where I find it, so I just bought this slim coffee thing, hoping it would be giving me a similar effect, but it seems that I just wasted my money..

  8. Diana

    The only diet that is realy working is the diet every one is talking about…

  9. nakita

    its honestly really delicious and it does work as it makes u go to the bathroom more often 🙂

  10. laurie

    Coffee always has been an appetite suppressant, a stimulant and therefore a fat mobilizer when drank alone without food in the morning in particular. Afterall, caffeine is a drug. And Americans are so so addicted to drugs aren’t they?

  11. kathy

    nope did not pee more than normal.

  12. karen

    No actually it does not work like that. I thought so too before I tried it. Does not taste bad but not sure it really burns fat.

  13. Howard J.A. Clinton

    Heidi, it should be BANNED by moderator to insert Website address with purpose of ADVERTISING: lies, lies, lies, everyone is tired to hear these lies.
    Does not exist any scientific result about to loose weight through your “slim” or other coffee based products(look for example the false claims for GANO coffee, prosecuted by US FDA.
    On the contrary there are on the world market reliable patented healthy coffees with medicinal herbs and spices that can help to get fit and wellness daily: I cannot tell here the brand to avoid free Advertising, but everyone can discovered it on the Web. All together should avoid foods and beverages with false and impossible claims. Your reply will be apreciated, Howard

  14. Elizabeth Maria Sting

    The most important thing is that any healthy product should be 100% natural, safe and authorized by an oficial entity. I drink every day Fitness Coffee, not instant coffee of dubious origin, exclusively roasted coffee beans, healty herbs and spices.
    And the taste is fantastic. Now it is available also in USA.

  15. michael

    This product will help you loose weight because it contains subitramine, which is a dangerous chemical that sends a signal to your brain that you are full. It is the same chemical as in the weight loss pills Meridia. Subitramine has been banned in many european countries due to fatalities and other serious health risks. Heart attack is the most common side effect, but there are other ones too, such as insomnia, liver or kidney failure, etc.

  16. Nic Preller

    They are now dumping this on the market in Namibia and South Africa through Game, Trade Centre and a TV product outlet chain.

  17. shelly

    if you think you have lost weight by being on this coffee diet then I would like to use you as a subject to prove the placebo effect theory.

  18. crcjenkin

    i want to try it all i here is neg i want to know how much coffee should i drink

  19. Michael

    Or and before I forget, if you drink only 4 to 6 cups of coffee without food you can lose 2 to 4 a day. It don’t matter what coffee you buy in the shop. It could be cheap coffee. I’ve tried the coffee fast.

    But it is hard though cause you feel dizzy, but losing 10 pounds in 5 days is preety hard going, sometimes I cheated by having 8 biscuits at the end of the day just before bed to ease the hunger.

  20. Michael

    Roses, Airs and Graces By Susanna Magdalene Flavius

    available at,, barnes and noble,com

    Checkout Male Model Fabien on the cover before he dissappeared out of the limelight and Female Model Vicky who looks like Pamela Anderson with black hair or could it be?

  21. stewart

    That is a big money if people re-brand and marketing it. Thanks for the information.

  22. Heidi

    I know a better alternative, much cheaper too.
    Healthy coffee that lowers bloodpressure etc. as well as keeping your appetite supressed.
    Tastes good too:)

  23. Walt

    There are available also reliable products like an Italian product, the 100% vegetal FITNESS CAFFE’: it’s a real healthy cup.

  24. Stick it Phil

    Up yours Phil!

  25. tre paul

    It is not the calories in coffee. The chemical encourage water retention in a lot of people, including myself. Even if I have only a little to eat that day, but I drink coffee, I end up gaining weight.
    (this is a personal and documented observation relating to myself)

  26. phil

    quality protein from 1/4 ounce of milk.. you are an idiot

  27. phil

    duh- when you read the ingredients and see, laxatives…

  28. Jill

    Yea, maybe if you drink the “special coffee”, then go to the gym for 5 hours along with starving yourself all day, then just maybe it would work for you. But hey, many people will fall for this and that’s why companies like that are so wealthy.

  29. tung nguyen

    Another product to review. Got to admit this like the 1900s snake oil era.

  30. sheddingpounds

    I drink regular coffee and milk, I get my caffeine fix and some quality protein. Of course this “slim coffee” is just a quick vehicle to separate desperate people from their hard earned cash.

  31. James

    Haha – I love it. Clinical trials? No way!

  32. Spectra

    Wonder what’s in it? Coffee makes you pee anyway, so I’m guessing maybe this is some kind of mega diuretic or something. And if it’s got a lot of caffeine in it, I could see it giving you abdominal cramps too. Sounds like an excuse to sell overpriced coffee to me.

  33. BiteMe

    Think about what regular coffee can do…if you’re on the toilet the whole day, OF COURSE you’ll lose 5 pounds in one week!

  34. thehealthblogger

    Look what happens when greed for money takes over! It’s sad, but many people will fall for this scam. This is why it is so important to return to basics and acquire knowledge!

  35. Mike OD

    I am wating for “Diet Air”…half the calories of regular air…someone will try and sell it.

  36. staci

    i think the regular high-octane coffee that i drink now is just fine 🙂 i find coffee to be an appetite suppressent without hoodia or whatever elese in there. i dont believe that a cup of coffee is really going to make you skinny- although, i do wonder how it tastes.

    • Jo

      Anyone looking for a magic trick to losing weight should just put their wallets away. Pills… teas… potions… creams… don’t work. The only thing that has scientifically been PROVEN to help you lose weight is to eat a balanced plate of lean protein, fibrous carbs, healthy fats, fresh fruits and vegetables. You can’t just drink tea, and think you can still dip in the candy dish all day and it the drive through on the way home from work. Eat right, move, you’ll feel great and probably save money. Marketers make BILLIONS of dollars off people who just want a quick fix. Look around you – it doesn’t work. If it did everyone would be slim.

      • Ted

        I agree with most of that Jo, but actually, the scientifically proven method to lose weight is eating fewer calories than your body requires to maintain it’s current weight.