How Much Food is 100 Calories?

By Ted

Have you ever wondered what 100 Calories of certain foods look like?

You’re in luck because we’ve compiled a pictorial list of popular foods (and one drink) to give you a visual representation of 100 Calories.


i-43afb52d5e2ab4654349bf53653a0b7c-almonds.jpg17grams = .60ounces

Green Apple

green apple196grams = 6.9ounces


butter14grams = .49ounces

Chocolate Sprinkles

i-91b35095378c4c5093c7d60919c0d1f9-choc-sprinkles.jpg23grams = .81ounces

Dijon Mustard

i-2bdac089c5183203fc6ec8f42c76a1fd-dijon.jpg63grams = 2.2ounces

Feta Cheese

i-b6974f235597d90409f199ff8b6f543f-fetta.jpg39grams = 1.4ounces

Frosted Flakes

i-087091585a78a115452ecd9c5b0783d5-frosted-flakes.jpg25grams = .88ounces


i-dada9cd0d24a4653e8f59284688b450d-ketchup.jpg92grams = 3.3ounces


i-6dbdb30d23d3337efce5241a6b1009c7-mayo.jpg15grams = .53ounces


i-287bbfe9863ead154b4808c7137e0735-melon.jpg299grams = 10.6ounces

Milk (2%)

i-2f09a901d64c66f15ebf2d81efa716c9-milk.jpg181grams = 6.4ounces

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

i-2f3a1fd3875cfa090bd5b73f4cfda4ea-olive-oil.jpg9grams = .32ounces

Peanut Butter

i-c0f54a5966a68af61e871d2237c51573-peanut-butter.jpg15grams = .53ounces

Rice Cakes

i-8a8cbb8610e1bf0cc26d2e77630f75bb-ricecake.jpg27grams = .95ounces

White Sugar

white sugar26grams = .92ounces

White Bread

i-9ce3b57c6c64a0b7c455f244dad3b18a-white-bread.jpg41grams = 1.4ounces

Dry White Wine

white wine141grams = 5ounces

A big thanks to Man van Twaalf who took the photos.

Check out the video he made called “The 100 Calorie Museum”.


  1. Adam Nunez

    Ok I’m very nervous and need help losing 25 pounds within 31 days, i dont know if it possible but i need it to happen. I have a boot camp ship date for May 2nd I might not make it.

    • Ted

      Hey Adam, That’s almost a pound a day and this isn’t a realistic goal. Just do the best you can and check out Flexible Dieting to help get you to your goal.

  2. Tommy P

    Fools! The mayonnaise is about the same as the peanut butter. In parts of England you can’t buy peanut butter though so that is cool.

  3. Angela

    I loved seeing the mayo verses ketchup! Most of the rest seemed reasonable to me, but that’s probably because I measured all my food anyway! Great visuals though!

  4. counting calories is dumb

    Anyone who looks at any amount of peanut butter and goes OH MY GOD CALORIES is dense. There is nothing wrong with eating 100 calories over your daily need, its how many and which type of macronutrients you are taking in. most of the food shown here is awesome because you can get tons of nutrients in a small serving size, but all of that food is “good” for you in some way.

    • Tommy P

      Eat yourself thinner, eh? Good luck with that girl friend!

      • Dragons' Majesty

        Did you just assume that person’s gender? TRIGGERED

      • Fabian

        you just need to read… learn how your body processes nutrients, how calories are counted and most importantly…how not to be a dick.

        • Nancy

          right on Fabian!

  5. justin

    As someone who’s been trying to eat right for several decades, I’d find it more helpful to see 100 cals worth of chicken breast, fish, salmon, pasta, a few dif. vegies and a few popular ‘downfalls like pizza,lasagna,pie or ice cream

  6. Luna

    is there a website i can use to calculate the calories of all foods so i can only consume an exact predetermined amount?

    • Dawn

      Hi Luna
      You can use for calculating calories of practically any food

  7. Charles Blythe

    Tha wine scares me I’m in AA and it’s empty calories

  8. Charles

    I think the little additions really catch up with people.

    Add of course they didn’t show any of the really bad foods like french fries or pizza or donuts. I bet those portions would be tiny to equal 100 calories.

  9. News Guy

    some of these results are VERY surprising. I had no idea about peanut butter for example. We really need to watch what we eat…

  10. ken

    Most people don’t realize how many calories food actually has. This is why as a country we tend to underestimate the calories we’re eating and wonder why we’re gaining weight when we only had “2,000” calories.

  11. Barry

    Buy a digital scale and weigh your food. Then you don’t need to worry about how many calories are there. You’ll know.

  12. Lady G

    Yeah, the PB one is a bit scary, but I still think it’s a healthier choice than the (much larger) portions of white bread or rice cakes. It would fill me up more too.

  13. Cara

    Eeeeeek, the peanut butter visualisation worried me, too. I imagined such to be half those calories! Nice to see how much ketchup one can get for the same calorific value of mayo, another reason I avoid the white stuff.

  14. Vanessa

    A good visualization of what foods to keep a way from. I found the mayo to be most daunting.

  15. Shade

    A tablespoon of PB is about 100 calories. I’m a calorie-counter and can “eyeball” the amount of many things pretty well.

  16. Annie

    That peanut butter has scared me too!

    Good job I like rice cakes…

  17. Kami Gray

    I would have loved to see them all next to the same item like a golf ball so you could really see how tiny the portions are…the scale and dishes don’t have nearly as much impact.

  18. Spectra

    Those are cool pics. All I could think about was that I’d have to eat a LOT of chocolate sprinkles to get 100 calories’ worth!

  19. J.

    wow that peanut butter one is scary! I put much more than that on my toast.

  20. Benjamin

    Very nice article. With the proliferation of “100 Calorie Packs” and other single serving foods, it is always intriguing to see what my favorite foods would look like in their very own 100 calorie package.