The Most Disgusting Objects Ever Found in Food

By Gerry Pugliese

fly-in-soupOkay, we all know our food is full of trans-fat, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and preservatives, but it could be a WHOLE LOT worse.

Like these unlucky people who found used bandages, a dirty knife, mice, stones, metal shards and even–I’m NOT joking–a condom in their food!

Fast Food Freak Outs

Want Band-Aids with those fries?


Bad news for McDonald’s, a senior at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign freaked out when she found a used Band-Aid mixed in with her French fries. The manager said it was an “honest mistake.”

Subway cuts like a knife.

By now you probably heard about it, but a resident of Queens, New York is suing Subway after he discovered a 7-inch knife in his 12-inch sub sandwich and to make matters worse, the knife was filthy and gave him food poisoning.

Fried Chicken Head

McDonald’s Chick Head Nugget.

Yup, you guessed it. That’s a deep-fried chicken head! A Newport News, Virginia woman found it in the box of McDonald’s chicken wings. It was the beak and eyeballs that tipped her off that wing was in fact NOT a wing at all!

Heavy Metals

“Razor blades” in the burgers.

Last year Cracker Barrel pulled hamburgers from 313 restaurants after a 56-year old patron cut her mouth on metal embedded in a meat patty. They’re not sure if it was a razor blade, but investigators called them sharp objects.


Metal chunks in the baby food.

A mother in the U.K. found that bullet-shaped piece of metal in a pre-made meal she was sharing with her twin daughters. Luckily she discovered the metal and quickly pulled the food away from her kids in time–PHEW!

Sharp and spicy tamales:

In November of 2007 Circle Foods had to recall 3,750 pounds of frozen beef tamales because they might have contained metal pieces. Fortunately equipment detected the metal and no injuries were reported.


Macaroni and cheese, and nails!

Just the other day a British bride-to-be swallowed a nail that was apparently holding her macaroni and cheese together. She’s currently in the hospital, on morphine and waiting for the nail to pass–good luck with that!

Not-So Mighty Mice

mouse in green beans

Mouse head and beans.

When this 49-year old dumped out a can of Allen’s Cut Green Beans she found a severed mouse head on top of the pile. Company representatives said every once and a while something like this happens–love that quality-control!

A popeyed mouse?

A Baltimore man was on the second piece of his Popeye’s three-piece chicken meal when he realized he’d received something extra, a fried mouse. Health inspectors were looking into it, but the restaurant remained opened for business.

Frito bandito mousey.

A 66-year-old guy was noshing on some chips when he felt something fuzzy between his fingers. Realizing it was a mouse he ditched the crispy rodent. Frito-Lay was sending out a representative to retrieve the bag and mouse.

Other Stuff


Bread hits rock bottom.

A customer bought that loaf of cinnamon raisin bread from When Pigs Fly bakery and got the rocks for free. The bakery blamed the drying process for grapes at the Chilean raisin company–those darn Chileans and their raisins!

Spaghetti and meat stones.

Families in the United Kingdom are bent about finding stones inside tins of Heinz spaghetti bolognese. Here’s the kicker, Heinz actually had the STONES to keep the product on stores shelves.

Condom chowder!

A California woman won a settlement with McCormick & Schmick’s seafood restaurant after she had the displeasure of finding a CONDOM in her clam chowder! Hey, at least they were using protection.

So gross! That’s thirteen reasons to NEVER eat ANYTHING not prepared by your own two hands. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go throw up.

Oh, and SlashFood just compiled their own list of bizarre food finds; including things like oak leaves, syringes and rat feces. Now I’ve REALLY got to vomit!


  1. Ruth

    I found a horrible mess which looks like worms in my tommatoe soup

  2. linda

    My daughter bought some cookies at Mcdonalds, when she bit one she found a fingernail

    • Ted

      That’s really gross!

  3. Pong

    I once found a French fry in my order of onion rings. YUCK!!!

  4. Stephanie

    I found a large metal piece from a machine and my aunt found a ball bearing in cans of Popeyes spinach.

  5. Saveed Nash

    I once found what was clearly mouse or rat feces in Pioneer brand waffle mix.

  6. Crystal

    I used to buy packaged prunes from it’s Delish, and I found a small metal object in my prune. I took a picture of it and I was going to email it to customer service but they don’t even have an email address. I’m never buying their prunes again!

  7. Hannah

    One time we were gonna have tortillas for dinner and discovered that a giant beetle had been baked into it so we sent it bac and got $150 for the trouble