Fat Men in Speedos: Why on Earth?

By Jim F

Poster boy for positive self-image – or are speedos a fashion crime?

What are the unwritten rules about fashion and body shape?


Is it Cultural?

If one travels to Europe speedos are adorned by most men; fat, skinny, tall, short… it makes no difference.

However, in the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand it is almost seen as a crime to wear a speedo. In general most guys who wear them are quite large. Large enough for their bellies to cover anything people don’t want to see anyway.

Sexist Double Standard?

2893-fat-man-speedo.jpgWith women it’s just the opposite. Fat women wouldn’t be caught dead in a bikini, but fat men wear speedos proudly.

Do men just not have a concept of body image or do most women just have a really unhealthy body image?

This is a tough issue, but my advice would be to just make sure to wear sunscreen. There’s only one thing worse than a fat man in a speedo and that’s a fat lobster in one.

Do you wear speedos? Do you care how you look in one?

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  1. Chuck

    Why….because fat men look hot in speedos. I’m speaking as an observer! You don’t like bellies etc don’t look at them. There are people who really like it…like it’s the way things are supposed to look. So…you have to just let the diversity exist and not think it’s a problem. You don’t like. But others do!

    • Chuck

      I’m sure the same is true for females…I just don’t happen to lean that way!

  2. wazza

    It’s a shame Aussies have caught the hatred bug for speedos. They’ve been worn by generations of Aussies for decades. Its the cossie Australia gave the world. Its true, you do need to be in shape. I’ve never had any complaints from the ladies about my speedos, in fact the opposite. If you’re in shape, give it a go!

  3. mick

    I live in my speedos, I get so much attention I just love the fact that there is a male equivelant of sexy swim wear. men don’t get a chance we just have to be like girls and start to show a bit more. I serioulsy like wearing a yellow speedo and I have a few strategic elastic rubber bands and whammo instant package. All this talk of prudes and carry on, I prefer to flaunt it and go the opposite direction. If I wear a small size I look massive and so does my lunchbox. I like for the girls to see my manhood. I love it when i come out of the water and it clings too me and sculpts around my groin area . I then lay on my towel on my back and let the hot sun do the rest. i have heard girls giggling and sit near to see the speedo show. in the sun I get a bit hot and bothered and well you know cant allways control it and its on for one and all. I just wait for the reaction and love all the oggling and staring. go to the outdoor shower and just let all the girls soak up the resultant effect of the stirring in my groin. cant do that in baordies can you. so speedos best thing ever invented , a thin layer of micro fibre barley able to contain me is all that is between me and indecent exposure. you can get away with anything and its just exhilarating and such a rush, everybody loves a courageous hunk giving it back to the girls showing them eactly how you feel about them. I dont call them budgie smugglers its more like a cockattoo in there. sluggos is another name because you can see the giant slug I guess. this slug is trying to get out and the purpose of the wafer thin skimpy swim wear is to hold you in barley so you dont get arrested. every guy will agree not many will admitt it.

  4. ben

    I was at a pool and I was doing laps and when i was doing backstroke i noticed dozens of girls who were at the pool for the next swim class where all lined up along the edge just staring down at me and big smiles. I got aout eventually and went to the change room and looked in the mirror the new elastane stretch jocks i bought were completely see thru and I was exposing myself under water. I just felt warm after that and thought I must have looked like I had a hard on cause of my manhood facing up and being so large it prob looked like I did that deliberately when i came out of the change room I got a round of applause so embarrassing. but mayby I shouldn’t have worn my undies. pack my speedos next time.

  5. bernard

    I love my old style speedos they were made from nylon elastane not the think boring stuff they make them out of today. I mean I bought mine in the early 1997 not so long ago really. these were even more outrageous than todays type. I wonder what the readers would really think of these if the thicker boring ones offend. If your young and hunky and not well endowed you may need a few helpfull speedo hints. Italian men and europeans seems to be the catch phrase PLEASE I am ozy guy and when i wear mine to the beach i get stares comments laughs whispers giggles and allways general appreciation. I have had girls come up to me and say out right Can I take your picture. go figure!so guys be proud literally (proud) get it ? and show your manhood be game. guys look like they are sporting a much bigger package in speedos and its all good. if you got it flaunt it. a few elastic bands and cutting the irritating lining out make for even more definition. and remember girls will see how you feel In speedos theres no where to hide. see thru when wet and look like spray on paint.

  6. Anonymous

    I’m from Germany and here in Germany, Speedos are getting increasingly uncommon, especially among younger people. However, they’re still considered OK just as it is completely normal to go swimming with street shorts. It also common to wear underpants under your swimming trunks and to show that you’re doing so. Noone cares.

    When I was in 12th grade, we went to France with English class (Doesn’t make much sense, I know) and we were shocked about the dress code of the camping site’s pool. We were shocked. No shorts were allowed in the water. None of us guys was able to follow this dress code (except our bus driver). Fortunately, there was a river near the camping site and everybody went swimming in the river. NOBODY used the pool. Not even other camping guests. And when we went swimming in the river, I noticed that 50% of the people there were swimming with shoes and some were wearing shirts. And only very few men were wearing speedos.

    Ils sont fous, les proprieteurs des piscines fran├žaises!
    (Those french pool owners are crazy!)

  7. scott coburn

    I don’t like Speedos. I like to take laxatives pretty hardcore during the swimsuit season and these tiny fabrics really don’t give you much time in case of an accident. Once I thought it would be funny to fart underwater next to my friend. Only I didn’t fart, I sharted. Very embarassing in a neighbor’s pool. If I had longer shorts with netting, I could have at least ran to the bathroom and washed out my drawers.

  8. Maxx

    The caption on the picture seems out of place for referring to a man. I does seem to describe women, fat or not, who wear form-fitting swimwear such as bikinis, maillots and tank suits. First, men are less likely to wear a speedo because it makes us feel sexy. That’s a much more credible why why women wear swimwear. And, many more fat women wear maillots and bikinis in public than men wear speedos, so to overlook those facts and focus on “fat men who wear speedos” is quite curious. It is more realistic to apply this caption list to women. A more factual list would be.

    1. I am the fat woman who wears maillots and bikinis in public

    2. I don’t care what you think

    3. I do it because it make me feel sexy.

    A more realistic caption for men who wear speedos would be:

    1. I am a man, fit or fat, who wear speedos in public

    2. I am man enough to not let the juvenile opinions and reactions of sexist individuals determine what swimsuit I wear.

    3. I do it because swim briefs are comfortable, practical and fashionable swimwear.

    In addition, here are a couple of facts about speedos. Swim briefs don’t pull down when swimming because of there’s little drag to do cause this. (This makes speedos a more modest swimsuit, especially when diving.) Swim briefs dry a lot faster than trunks or board shorts. Since swim briefs don’t hold as much water as baggy shorts they don’t chill as much when out of the water. Wearing swim briefs look better than the huge baggy sagging swim pants some men wear to the pool and beach.

  9. Maxx

    “It is a matter of what you’re used to but for me speedos on some people just provide more personal information than I care to know about them. Same with some gals in bikinis.”

    I hope you also include “some gals in” one-piece stretch swimsuits amongst those “people who provide more personal information than [you] care to know about,” and ALL “gals in bikinis,” since you don’t have a double standard against men.

  10. Really?


  11. fat slob

    I am obese and disgusting and a liar.

  12. William

    Speedos (briefs) aregreat in the water and out. They dry within mins, unlike shorts which feel like you’re wearing a wet dress when you get out of the water.

  13. Marmaduke

    I bet half the people who complain about men in speedos are the ones who are going to porn websites to see even more!

  14. Sleek

    I don’t get the big fuss either. I am 175 pounds and wear speedos. So do millions of other guys. They have a great comfortable feel. I guess like a coat of paint. They really hold you together and like you said you don’t need a jock. Sure some guys look better in them than others. So what? Some women look better in the skimpy little things they wear than others. If someone doesn’t want to see me in my speedo then go look at something or someone else. I wear it to please me and not everyone else

  15. Robert

    I don’t understand the big fuss over speedos. I have worn them for many years. In many parts of the world its the suit of choice for most men. In Europe or South America if you wear shorts you are simply out of place. Everyone knows how everyone is made so what’s the big deal?

    The fact is that its far more comfortable wearing a speedo than baggy shorts that drag through the water and you’ve got to wear a jock under them. And when you are out of the water speedos dry in a few minutes where shorts stay wet all day.

    Women wear suits today that are as minimal as they can get. I am not embarassed at all wearing a speedo. Its a very practical suit. If other people on the beach or at the pool don’t like them they don’t have to look and its none of their business anyway. People should be totally free to wear what they want and are confortable with and not wear something to live up to someone else’s standards.

  16. christina

    It the fashion police u r under arest

  17. kamal halder

    I see a lot of people who wear speedos but some of them looks odd. Actually problem is not that they wear speedos but problem is how they placed it.

  18. Ewdard

    I’m not comfortable in speedos at all. I instead use shorts that cover my belly overhang. Much less looks and I feel more confident. I’m close to 500lbs, and for sure we should not forget to enjoy the beach!

  19. Bob

    In the u.k. we’re so glad of any days that the weather is good enough and the sea warm enough to allow a dip that you’ll see whole families who are just ‘day-tripping’ to the coast stripped down to their uinderwear so they can get in the sea and enjoy some quality time together.
    Small bays in Cornwall will have young,fit teens,twenties,thirties and unfit forties up to pensioners in the sea in….. whatever- having a good time. Mixing and looking out for one another.
    You’re so lucky to have such fine coast line and you have to snipe at peoples costumes.
    p.s. you get less sand in your butt crack in speedoes which is reason enough for any size male to wear ’em.