Eat This Not That: Choosing the Right Foods

By Jim F


Eat This Not That is one of the most useful diet-related books to appear in recent years.

Rather than supplying vague guidelines or impossible-to-follow meal plans – it simply delves into the foods most of us eat today. The book then provides some better choices as well as delving into the confusing world of fast food calories.The author of the book, David Zinczenko will be familiar to many. He wrote the Abs Diet and is also Editor of Men’s Health magazine.

It’s difficult to summarize the book – but here are a few interesting excerpts.
Rating the fast food outlets: Chick-fil-A gets an A+ for having nothing over 500 Calories. Pizza Hut sits at the bottom with a D- with slices of pan pizza hitting 650 Calories per piece.

The book also singles out some of the worst meal options – such as the worst steak: A Lonestar 20oz T-bone coming in at 1540 Calories. Add a baked potato and lettuce wedge and you’ve got a 2,700 Calorie meal.

The book contains a number of simple swaps for popular food items. At KFC – eat 3 crispy strings + beans + corn on the cob (total 470 Calories) – NOT a Famous Bowl at 750 Calories.

If you eat out a lot, you will find this a surprisingly useful book.

At Amazon: Eat This Not That: Thousands of Simple Food Swaps That Can Save You 10, 20, 30 Pounds-or More! by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding. 304 page paperback.


  1. Sharon

    If you read the Paleolithic diet, also known as the Hunter-Gatherer or Caveman diet and follow it’s guidelines, you will lose weight and feel so much better. I say follow it’s guidelines because you don’t have to be a purist for it to work. I wouldn’t eat half the things on the “eat this” list, because man really does not need dairy, or beans, or most carbs to survive and thrive, in fact we became ill as a population once those foods were industrialized. The Paleo diet kept us alive as a species, now restaurant and grocery chains are killing us off. In many ways, I feel “Eat This, Not That” is just an advert for the chains mentioned in the book. I follow the Paleo diet and it’s worked wonders.

  2. Jim

    We have worked with so many people to help them reduce their body fat and simply to become more healthy. What we have found is that we are not going to change every bad habit a person has. That is why they are called habits…our society doesn’t allow us to make habits in which it makes a 180 degree swing in daily activities and the one that makes the biggest impact is our need to dine out. Not just socially, but our careers include networking lunches and business dinners. We have worked very hard to provide our users with the right tools to make the best choices possible when dining out. We also have over 10,000 national and regional franchise meals to choose from. The best part is that it’s free. Good luck everyone in your search for the right answers to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

  3. Erika

    I am very excited about this book. I’ve been using it for a month now and it has solved a problem that I always fall into when trying to loose weight. I start to eat better and loose weight but inevitably end up at a restaurant or some drive through with a big burger in my mouth because I can’t decide what other then a salad is a better choice. I’ve now been able to stay more consistent and have finally passed to 15 pound marc. Thank you David Zinczenko!!!

  4. Jay | Popular Fad Diets.

    “If you eat out a lot, you will find this a surprisingly useful book.”

    And thats about the only target audience this book has. I don’t know how the book breaks it down but even if it works on weight loss, it can still be bad for your health and all the book does is encourage the practice of eating fast food.

  5. tung nguyen

    Your right about too much advice on what to eat? Isn’t the basic dieting method have one thing in common? Eat less!

  6. jon

    This looks like another sensational attempt to sell books by rehashing what should be common sense.
    I also caught a comparison of theirs showing that a plain Wendys burger, Salad, and Ice Tea was healthier than a 6″ Subway Chicken Sandwich. However the Subway meal had chips and a Coke. Didn’t quite seem fair to me to compare an Ice Tea and a Coke on pictures so blatantly showing restaurant logos.

  7. Richard

    I think in concept great book. By having a better understanding of the calories in differnt foods it makes it much easier for healthy food substitution and weight loss. There are so many small changes you can make to your diet to drastically increase weight loss results.

  8. RooGrrrl

    Looking closely at the cover of this book, I suddenly feel a little guilty about the Whopper I ate when I went to the movies on Boxing Day. I could have gotten a Big Mac instead!

    Wait, no, actually I chose the Whopper instead of getting a Medium popcorn, a bag of peanut M&M’s and a Coke.

    I think the Whopper was probably the lesser of those two evils.

  9. A weight loss guy

    Don’t you think it’s funny that because of all the technology we have in our society that it’s madeus so lazy we have to be told “eat this , eat that” to stay healthy.

    Would this book be neccessary if we hd to walk or ride are bikes everywhere?

    Just a thought

  10. Jim

    weightlossguru said:
    Hmmm, am I alone in feeling a bit disappointed that a book like this might have universal appeal because it includes breakdowns of “the foods most of us eat today”. i.e junk foods…? I mean, therein lies the problem no?[…]

    Telling people to eat carrots and celery when they eat burgers all the time has not worked. However, encouraging people to make better choices among the foods that they already eat may prove more successful.

  11. Debbie

    I like the chicken at Chick-fil-A, but last time I checked, it had a lot of salt as do most fast foods.

  12. EvilScienceChick

    I just got this book for christmas! it seems like it’s going to be very useful…as long as I remember to take it along with me when we go out!

  13. Mike OD

    Honestly I am torn on books like these. I see the positive impact they present in one way for people to understand and get some sort of control to their eating. I see people can lose weight by making better food choices. Yet I also see plenty of skinny people with poor health, arthritis, heart disease and other illnesses that can be linked back to malnutrition through poor food choices. If a person uses this once in a while when they eat out, ok….if they base a whole diet around this, they may end up a skinny sick person.

  14. Spectra

    I learned a lot about healthy food substitutions when I was on Weight Watchers. I used to eat a Quarter Pounder with Cheese supersized value meal from McDonald’s as a meal, but once I found out how many Points were in that, I started choosing the salads with grilled chicken and light dressing instead. Instead of snacking on loads of pretzels, I started eating baby carrots or celery sticks with salsa. Making those sorts of healthy substitutions really helped me lose weight pretty quickly.

    This book would probably be a good thing for my aunt to read. She eats out a lot and I think she just doesn’t realize just how many calories are in a lot of those entrees. She is pretty overweight and she doesn’t really overeat, but she just makes poor choices when eating out. I think if she made better entree selections (or knew how many calories were in some of those restaurant entrees), she could lose weight rather quickly.

  15. sheddingpounds

    I like the book, I bought and was caught out a couple of times and it came in handy.

  16. weightlossguru

    Hmmm, am I alone in feeling a bit disappointed that a book like this might have universal appeal because it includes breakdowns of “the foods most of us eat today”. i.e junk foods…? I mean, therein lies the problem no?