Could Vegetables Be the Ideal Food for Weight Loss?

By Guest Author

America, we’re shell-shocked! The fad diet hype machines have left us bleary eyed, and, somehow we’ve forgotten the simplest way to lose weight and stay healthy. It might bring back painful childhood memories, but kids, “Eat your vegetables!”

It’s true, if blogging on DiseaseProof has taught me anything, it’s that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables gives your body the best chance to look great and prevent disease. Hey, it worked for me! I went from being an overweight Soprano’s look-alike… to a fit and trim gym rat…

Before and After

I dropped over 60 pounds, and, kicked my gastritis. How’d I do it? Easy, lots and lots of delicious plant foods. No calorie counting, no portion control, no miracle pills, and certainly no worrying about “carbs.” Just good old-fashioned natural food!

Okay, as far as weight-loss goes, vegetables and their hefty fiber content are key. This graphic, courtesy of my boss and diet guru Dr. Joel Fuhrman, pretty much sums up why plant foods are the most effective choice for losing weight. Check it out:


With all that bulk and fiber, how could you possibly overeat? I’m stuffed just thinking about it! Now, not only are plant foods dynamite for weight-loss, they’re also PACKED with the nutrients and antioxidants our bodies need to prevent disease.

The Health Factor

Research into cardiovascular disease shows that a healthy aggregate diet includes (among other things) “increased dietary fiber, fruit, and vegetables […] increased plant protein in lieu of animal protein”.

As for fruits and veggies versus Type-2 diabetes, check this out over at Diabetes Care:

Both a low-fat vegan diet and a diet based on ADA guidelines improved glycemic and lipid control in type 2 diabetic patients. These improvements were greater with a low-fat vegan diet.

But remember, “Your diet does not have to be 100 percent vegan. It’s the micronutrient quality of plant foods and NOT just the absence of meat, cheese, and other animal products that benefits the body,” explains Dr. Fuhrman.

So, in the end, healthy living is not that complicated. Keep the meat to a minimum and make your mother proud, eat your vegetables!

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Gerry Pugliese of DiseaseProof.


  1. Michelle M

    I like this post. I never thought I could get a lot of relevant information regarding weight loss from this site. Guess I was wrong. Thanks for posting this article! Will show this to my friends.

  2. Jeannette

    I lost 75 lbs by having veggies as my main food source. It took two years to get the weight off and I have maintained for two years. Im still eating tons of veggies!

  3. cara

    I just wanted to say, that i tried atkins, made me really sick, so went the opposite way and started fruit and vegetable fast. .. and wow! I feel really good, I also have spirulina/seaweeds, to get proteins/amino acids. And drink lots of yerba mate tea. There is no need what so ever to eat meat, I never realised that protein can be found in so many vegetable sources, Im well happy <3

  4. meko

    OOOps for snacks I would munch on sunflower seeds. They take a while to eat and curbed my appetite.

    Also, would purchase the smallest packet of almonds or mixed nuts. This I would put in my handbag and grab instead of a candy bar or junk food when my energy was low. Helped out alot.

  5. meko

    Here’s what I did and lost, lost, lost nearly 40 pounds. I hate having limitations on portions when I am really hungry.
    Every morning I would drink 8 to 16 ounces of water. (The more you drink the more thirst you have)
    For breakfast I eat a bowl of oatmeal and put in a few tablespoons of flax seed. No taste and it gives the instant oatmeal a crunch. I did the flax seed for a few weeks and I am now regulated and have no need.
    I buy vegetables; green frying peppers, onions, eggplant, zucchini, red peppers, yellow peppers, mushrooms….anything that looks good or on sale…no beans except green beans, no potato or corn.
    I take a cookie sheet, spray with butter flavored pam slice up the veggies and bake at 475 until done. The veggies look like they were sauted or grilled on the grill.
    I make veggie pockets with these for lunch or use as a side with some fish, chicken, turkey or lean meat.
    The veggies filled me up and taste incredible.
    Eaten hot in a pita pocket or as a side dish or chilled and mixed in with a green salad with a dressing of olive oil and rice wine vinegar.
    If I am craving salt..I use a shake of crazy mixed up salt.

    Hopes this helps. I lost alot of weight and never felt deprived.

    Also, once in a while I would whip up a batch of the cabbage soup diet soup and have that at night …my comfort food while watching television or a small bowl before each meal.

    Drink, drink, drink water….the more you drink the more you shrink. I was never a water drinker before but gave up diet soda—(ok, once in a while at a restuarant or with a hot dog or something) But, I swear the water helped most of all and cleared up my skin. The more you drink the more you shrink. Good luck!

  6. Supplements Canada

    That is so absolutely true. You don’t to be this dieting mathematician to be healthy. Eating tons of fruits and vegetables is the best place to start.