35+ Social Media Sites for the Health Conscious

By Jim F

weight-loss-supportThere are a large number of sites out there that connect users with each other and enable people to collaborate their information.

Here is a collection of sites that specialize in the area of health, fitness, and diet.


  • FitLink – Connect workout partners.
  • Fitocracy – Very popular – Points, levels, quests, and challenges.
  • MyFitnessPal – Web app that also has apps for all smartphones.
  • Traineo – Popular fitness site with ability to get others to motivate you.
  • IntroPLAY – Track exercise. Compete in exercise leagues.
  • WalkingSpree – Emphasis on walking and linking with pocket pedometer. Blogs and journals.
  • PeerTrainer – Many social networking features. Fitness emphasis.
  • Run Fat Boy – Share and journal workout plans.
  • We Endure – A social training log for endurance sports .
  • iTrainHarder – Workout and Diet tracking. Fee required.
  • The Daily Burn – Workout and Exercise tracking.
  • RunningAHEAD – Track, share, and analyze running workouts.
  • FitMarker.com- A place to post and discuss fitness and health news from around the web.
  • Workout Spots– Find local workout and fitness spots,browse for and easily register for classes,connect with the people you’re working out with.

Support Forums and Message Boards

3FatChicks, Low Carber, Daily Strength


Diet & Weight Loss Focus

  • miDailyDiet – Share your diet tracking with anyone.
  • Weight Loss Buddy – Devoted to matching up weight loss buddies based on a number of criteria.
  • Weight Loss Wars – Social networking with a competitive aspect.
  • Fat Secret – Journaling, chatting, tips, recipes – can be centered around any diet.
  • Weight Circles – Blogs and “circles” (like-minded support groups). New.
  • Losing It – Social Networking.
  • Extra Pounds – Blogging and Tracking.
  • SparkPeople – Popular weight loss program with many social networking features.
  • Diet.com – Began as the “personality type diet” – but now offers a number of ways to connect with others.
  • Diet TV – Track diet and exercise habits and link up with others.
  • WellSphere – Join groups centered around specific goals.
  • The Daily Plate – Diet tracking with social networking aspects.
  • The Biggest Loser League – Allows people to set up teams and complete weekly weight-loss challenges while rooting
    each other on.

Other Health-focused networks include: DailyStrength, WegoHealth, RevolutionHealth.

I’m sure there are many more – feel free to make suggestions in the comments below.


  1. Bradley Johnson

    My favourite fitness related social network is http://www.konkura.com . Free to use and lots of great workouts, challenges and features. Some great athletes on there.

  2. Ballzaa

    Thankl you for your share.

  3. Andy

    it looks very fun

  4. Leisha

    Low Carb Friends is my favorite site! Lots of great people and info.

  5. Kiran

    We need some way to correlate weight-gain/loss to nutritional intake, life style. That will probably provide a better feedback than just knowing one aspect.

  6. Acai

    Great info. Thank you.

  7. Nicole T

    I’m curious to hear what people think these sites/apps are doing well, and what they wish they did (or think isn’t being done well). I’m working on a new fitness mobile app and site and would love to get your thoughts.

    Thank you!

  8. Jen

    I have been using TheCarrot.com for the past few months for a weight loss journal and to manage my asthma.

  9. Renee

    My favorite new startup is Lollihop. I heard the co-founder Suzanne Xie at Harvard recently and she was amazing. The site will help you to build a team to lose weight. It is so cool thus far and I can use my Withings scale!

    Have fun Lollihopping!