12 Shockingly Absurd Food Inventions

By Jim F


When you think of the great inventors and inventions of our time, you might consider Alexander Graham Bell and the cotton gin–at the very least, the PEZ dispenser.

I DOUBT you’ll think of the spinning ice cream cone or the dude who invented toilet candy. But yet, someone thought our world was LACKING without them!

So, just how ridiculous is the human food-mind. Let’s find out…

Twirling Spaghetti Fork


For a mere $8.99 and 2 AAA batteries (not included) even the novice pasta-enthusiast can eat with the skill and zeal of your uncle Tony.

Car French-Fry Holder


If driving while drinking coffee, doing your makeup and talking on the phone wasn’t enough. Now you can eat your fries–and KETCHUP–too.

Pita-Toaster Prototype


It looks like Pac-Man, but it’s actually an experimental attempt at toasting pita-bread. The female version has a pink bow.

A&W Floats in a Bottle


No reason to order 2 straws at the soda parlor. You and your sweetie can enjoy your very own A&W ice cream float, in a bottle.

Widgets in the Guinness


Nope, it’s not the name of an Irish horror movie. Actually that little ball in your Guinness can is filled with pressurized nitrogen–it makes beer sudsy!

Sour Flush Candy Toilets


Get a load of this crap! Yeah, that was TOO easy. Now, if you’ve ever wondered what your TOILET tastes like, for $19.80 you can lick 12 of them.

The Pizza Cone


Is it deep-dish or New York style–who knows! Either way the wrapped up “Pizza Cone” is taking the world by storm. Mama mia!

Focus on Your Coffee Mug


You can thank the advent of the digital camera for this. Bulky outdated camera equipment has given way to bulky NEWAGE coffee mugs.

Bringing Back the Automat


BAMN! The automat is back. With a little loose change you can open doors to ALL the fast-food you can stomach.

Butter like a Glue Stick


Take your spatulas and THROW them away! If you like putting together scrapbooks, you’ll LOVE buttering your toast with this!

We All Spin for Ice Cream


If you’ve ever sprained your neck licking a lollipop, the motorized ice cream cone is for you! Please, fork over the $12.99 before you hurt yourself.

Electrolux Scanner Toaster


With Sarah Palin, Howard Stern and the Virgin Mary all appearing on toast, this scanner lets you bring your own holy deity to the breakfast table.

No doubt, Albert Einstein is WHIRLING in his grave!

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  1. Serena

    The pizza cone looks good!