Topamax Causes Weight Loss in Diabetics

By Claire Sundstrom

Good news for diabetics? One study found that type II diabetics taking 192 g of Topamax, a popular anti-seizure drug, lost 6.6 percent of their body weight over the course of a year.i-052a1920977ad9ccc63066079cbe4da1-topamax.jpgMany doctors prescribe Topamax as a weight-loss drug to those who don’t have seizures, but want to lose weight. It’s also been used by bulimics and those with binge eating disorder because it seems to reduce carbohydrate and sugar cravings, and also suppress the appetite. Since simple sugars can lead to low blood sugar and insulin resistance, it makes sense that it would work for diabetics by curbing these cravings.

But what price would you pay for a relatively small amount of weight lost? Topamax has some serious side effects, including fatigue, cognitive problems such as difficulty finding words and memory lapses, depression and anxiety.

Is it really worth it?

I personally know people who have lost much more on Topamax, and some who have lost nothing. Something that suppresses your appetite and urge to binge will only work as long as you listen to your body and don’t eat for emotional reasons.

If you think it’s worth the risk, then ask your doctor – but be prepared for the adverse effects.


  1. Vaughn

    am wondering if atkins diet works with topomax and lamictal?

  2. Monique

    I started taking 50mg of Topamax in Aug 09 for migraines. I experienced all the tingling and mind studdering that people have explained and also lost 20-23 pounds almost instantly. I was not unhappy about that at all! It also worked very well for my migraines but not well enough. My doctor soon increased my dosage to 100mg a day. The tingling went away after a couple of months and I was doing just fine on the Topamax up until maybe June 2010 when my hair started to fall out in massive amounts! It is scaring the heck out of me!! I have always had long, thick, curly hair and now it is so thin and stringy. I am afraid to even wash or brush it for fear that I will lose even more. I am weaning off and now am fearful that I will gain the 20+ lbs that I lost back! Not only that, I am losing the medication that worked so well on my migraines! Such an awful situation!!!

    Has anyone experienced the hair loss???

    Has anyone experienced weight gain after stopping Topamax???


    • Kimberley Johnson

      Hi- I was reading through the Topamaz reviews to see if it had a side effect of hair loss. I’ve read a lot of comments and I’m SOOO thankful you mentioned hair loss bc I haven’t seen it mentioned not once. I’m taking Depakote now for my seizures and have been on it 23 years and like you said you always had long curly hair and now it’s long and stringy. I’ve just been reading through comments on seizure medications to see if I could find one that doesn’t have this side effect and talk to my dr about changing me over to it bc it really has me concerned bc my hair is getting worse. Have you found a seizure medicine that doesn’t cause hair loss?

  3. Jennifer

    I too am trying to get pregnant and stopped taking Topomax approximately three weeks ago. Prior to stopping, I was on Topomas for nearly five years. I lost much weight, especially at the beginning. In the last few years, I have hovered between 120-125 (5’6). In the last three weeks, I have gained 7-10 pounds! Topomax has fixed my migraines, but I know how detrimental it can be to a growing fetus, so I refuse to take it. The weight gain, however, is killing me. It is not like the increase in weight expected with pregnancy, which is gradual and expected. It feels like it is out of control, yet my diet is healthy with many fruits and vegetables. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, at what point did your weight settle, be it weeks or months or never?!