The Diet Plate: Better Than Drugs?

By Jim F

Diabetics who used a special “diet plate” were 3 times more likely to lose weight than non-plate users.

What is this plate?It is simply a dinner plate with areas marked out for different foods.

130 people with type 2 diabetes were studied. No one was told to make any big lifestyle changes. After 6 months, 17% of them lost 5% or more of their weight. Of those that didn’t use the plate fewer than one person in 20 lost a clinically important amount.

Simply put: The plate helped diabetics reduce their medication, and lose some weight.

The Diet Plate

The Diet Plate (a British invention) has recently been launched in the US – and, believe it or not, they did not fund this study.

A single plate sells for around $30.


  1. Xiandra

    Please, you have to be a rocket scientist to understand the zone diet. I was paying nearly $100 a week for JC food, so $30 for one of these plates is nothing. And I think portion control is one of the most important factors in weight problems and weight management. Don’t think because you eat healthy low fat food, you’ll lose weight, even too much of that can make you fat.

  2. La Loaf

    Your kidding right? I have the plate and booklet, and bowl, it does explain how complex meals work, sheaperds pie is simple, as it is a combined meal place it in the carbs section then fill the rest of your plate with veg…

    Roasts are simple as well, yes you can have parsnips and potatoes, but they both have to fit within the carb section (as does your yorkshire pudding).

    I would suggest re-reading your book.

  3. Derry

    Well i have just recieved my diet plate in the post.
    I am a little confused,as it says in the the book that comes with the plate.That allow 6 ounces for fish and chicken,4oz for red meat.Well i weighed a piece of salmon,and it came to 6 ounces,but was way bigger than the size given for the protien part of the plate.What if i want mackeral,a mackeral is also bigger than the protein part of the plate,cut a mackeral in half and you hardly have any fish lol.
    Also if i were to have fish fingers how many am i allowed to have?or shepherds pie,how do i work that out?Even to have a Roast dinner,where does the yorkshire Pudding fit in?can i have parsnips with potatoes?I dont think that this plate has been worked out properly.Its good if you are only going to have meat,potatoes and veg,but it does not allow for other complex foods.

  4. wendy

    the diet plate has helped me lose almost 50 pounds. ive slacked off a bit, but after looking at the website again this morning..i will re-focus

  5. anna banana

    just go to google images and enter “Diet Plate”
    and it has large images which you can see,
    personally, to me the plate looks very complicated,
    it has so much crap designed on it, someone cheq it out

  6. Shirley

    The plate made me smile. It reminded me of the divided plate I bought 3 years ago to be used for my lunch at the bank. Yes it does measure in a way you don’t want to add anything on it. Just make me think I would want to buy one for the house and the kids too but not the $30 of course. A cheaper version will do.

  7. Brenda

    I’m losing weight with a version of a diet plate – it’s not as pretty as this one but the same general idea. I may order this one as a treat 🙂 For me portion control and simplicity have made all the difference. As for the cost — well losing weight is saving me on medicine, doctor bills, and food costs! I can’t complain. Plus after spending thousands on diet plans, shakes, memberships and pills this is cheap. (and no I don’t work any company – lol – I’m a SAHM).

    I will note that I did find things similiar on ebay that were less expensive 🙂

  8. Kay

    Not sure if james works for us Daniela, but i do! In fact i invented The Diet Plate when i decided i needed a quick and simple answer to calorie counting. I lost 60lbs in 6 months because quite simply it really works and is one of those rare products that does exactly what it says on the label. i can see the problem with cost, but it is a UK product and the dollar is $2.07 to the £1. In real terms for the UK it costs £17 appx, not that much for something which works, clinically proven to control diabetets, is a durable product, will be in your cupboard for life etc. The price point is just right guys, you’re forgetting or have no idea the costs behind running a company – think about the adverts you read in many magazines, they’re not free but many thousands of dollars, think about the support staff behind your calls, the salary’s, the taxes etc. Anybody who is in business will appreciate this side of the equation, TDP is priced just right, afterall if you are emotionally ready and have the desire to lose weight and take control of your health, The Diet Plate works and is a fraction of the cost of other diet plans!

    Just because it is such a simple idea, should not detract you from the fact it is a “complete weight management system” that can be used for every member of the family. The choice to buy is yours of course, but think on – it literally pays for itself inside a month and if you were to check out my testimonial page and read some of the stories about how it has changed lives, it is stuff you can’t put a price on! As far as being suitable for diabetics, i am counselling one chap at the moment who has reduced his sugars from the 20+ range to the 5+ range he is losing a serious amount of weight and his relief to finally be in control of himself is overwhelming – priceless as far as I am concerned. Kindest K

  9. Daniela

    LOL. You don’t work for the diet plate company by any chance, do you, James? :p

  10. James

    The plate is easy to use and good value for money. I have spent hundreds if not thousands on drugs and diet plans and nothing has been as good as Diet Plate. Its simplicity is great and its microwave proof and dishwasher safe. It looks ok as well. There are cheaper alternatives but I would be wary of there portion sizes, none of the others has had medical trials carried out on them. Also with diet plate you can join Club diet plate which is a course that teaches you all about the different food groups and has nutritionalists and psychologists avaiable. Its not just the plate you get free online support with the product as well.
    I just wanted to clear that up, as it worked for me, I have lost 164lbs to date and only another 80lbs to go. I wish you al great success.
    Be Well

  11. Melissa

    Sky said:
    Can anyone clearly see what each section says?[…]

    You would just incorporate a “meat substitute” into the meat section of the plate.

  12. Alex

    It’s a great invention. Although is quite expensive, it gives great impact to diabetes patients. Great job!

  13. Jo

    Sky said:
    Can anyone clearly see what each section says?[…]

    Nope, I can’t, but I guess it’s on purpose, so you have to buy to see.

  14. Christine

    …and the shipping is another $30. Well, to have it shipped to Canada, anyway. I think it’s a great plate, though I think I’ll be sticking to just using smaller plates, period.

  15. Hoshi

    Actually you could just buy some of those kids plates that have the divided parts on them already. I have found that kids plates are great for making sure you don’t take too much of one kind of food. I think Walmart has some nice plastic elmo ones with 4 parts… 3 small and 1 big. So you could use the big one for your veggies and the 3 small ones for the other food groups. I think they were 3 dollars each.

    Personally I didn’t get one because I dislike plastic plates… I wish they would make them out of long lasting ceramics. But hey! if plastic is okay with you – you should get one. Plus you can use them for your kids to help them learn portion control. 🙂

  16. John Fats

    I think USA Diet Plans is a far more effective way to control someone’s portions. Upon starting a 40/30/30 (zone diet) diabetics should expect and IMMEDIATE reduction of insulin. 50% less sometimes. This can significantly impact a pharmaceutical companies pocketbook.

  17. Terry Wilson-Malam

    This is a great idea. Too bad health plans don’t hand one out to every subscriber for free (or better yet, pediatricians the child’s bowl). It’s not subtle or estheially pleasing but it allows a person to, in the privacy of their home, experiment with making changes and following something EASY (not that eating more veggies or grain shouldn’t or isn’t easy) but I can tell you many people do want to argue about portion size (including my son). If he’s fixing something not so great for him healthwise and is using the whole box or a bag of frozen somethings and it is pointed out that this is three servings not one, he isn’t always happy about that, but with something like this, alone, by yourself you might be able to make the decision to start modifying portion sizes. No one likes to be TOLD, but when it’s like this it could creep up on you.

  18. Heather

    Jilly said:
    lol- i just imagined people making their own plates but supersizing them. imagine the same portions on a plate twice as big! wooo hooo – DIG IN!!!![…]


  19. Jilly

    lol- i just imagined people making their own plates but supersizing them. imagine the same portions on a plate twice as big! wooo hooo – DIG IN!!!!


    Harrold said:
    $30 for a plate?? Well, if it helps.. but still.. […]


  21. Spectra

    Wait a minute…don’t they already have those? I’m thinking of those 3-sectioned picnic plates that you can buy at Walmart for something like $1.50 for a pack of 20. You could use one of the small sections for meat, one for grains and the big one for your veggies. I do that anyway when I’m at family functions and they have those plates. We also used to use them as kids so our food wouldn’t get mixed together.

  22. Melody

    If I’m paying 30 bucks for a plate it better be filled with food, ha.

  23. jj

    $30 does sound like a lot for a plate. But many other diet gizmos cost a whole lot more and at least this one is sensible.

    I have a few of the “mesu” portion control bowls which are a similar concept. I balked at the price at first, but now I’m totally going to get a whole set. Not only are they cute, but my husband dropped on and it bounced several times and didn’t get a single crack or chip! Hey, if it’s durable, it’s worth the money.

  24. Never teh Bride

    It would be so easy to make one of these.

  25. Sky

    Can anyone clearly see what each section says?

    I wonder how one would adapt this plate for a vegan diet. Hmmmmmm.

  26. Laura

    Ok $30 is really not that much considering how much money people spend on other “diet helpers” that you cant reuse over and over again like that plate! I think its a great idea!

  27. Courtney B

    Get an 11 inch plate from Target or Walmart for a couple of bucks, get your Sharpie, and make your own. It’s just a pie chart, after all.

  28. Crabby McSlacker

    Sounds like a great idea–but I agree, there’s no reason it should cost $30.

    However, I imagine if it works there will soon be cheaper knock-offs available. It’s a fairly simple idea–who knew it could be so effective?

    (I actually pictured it having compartments, like a tv dinner tray, to “enforce” the portions a bit more.)

  29. Entangled

    Yeah, it’s a lot for a plate, but portion control is so key and most people don’t know proper portion sizes (or have trouble recognizing them visually, like I do). It’s a hell of a lot more intuitive and reasonable (including in price) than most of the stuff out there. For once, I’m not surprised something works instead of not surprised it doesn’t.

  30. Lose Weight With Me

    I think this illustrates the fact that portion control is one of the most important factors is both gaining and losing weight.

    And yes, $30 is a lot for a plate, but compare the price to that of some of the diet plans out there.



  31. Heather

    Cool idea, but $30?

    Jebus, it’s a marked up plate. I can do that…
    Hmm, wait! Key to wealth? This can’t possibly be copywrited, right? I’m gonna start making plates for a living and selling them on Ebay for the basement-bargain price of $15 a pop. 🙂

  32. Kathy

    That’s funny, Harrold. I think I’ll get out some ceramic paints.

  33. Harrold

    $30 for a plate?? Well, if it helps.. but still..

    “Mom can we use the diet plates?”

    – “No son, that’s only for special occassions”