The Most Sugar Filled Drinks

By Jim F

Added sugars are the bane of our modern diet – and drinking sugar is arguably the easiest way to over-indulge.

Despite Coke’s new campaign saying they’re helping fight obesity, bevergaes can rack up the calories quickly.

What are the most sugary drinks?



Per 8oz: 64 grams
Per 8.45oz / 250ml can: 67.5

Hype is an energy drink that is known for it’s “cotton candy” taste. That’s because it has an impressive amount of sugar in it.
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McDonalds Frappe’ Mocha

Per 8oz: 41 grams
Per 12oz cup: 62 grams

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Minute Maid Cranberry Grape

Per 8oz: 38 grams
15.2oz bottle: 72.2 grams

Note: “25% Fruit Juice”. Also – Cranberry drinks often have a lot of added sugar because cranberry is a very bitter fruit.
Sources: 1


Rockstar Punched Guava

Per 8oz: 37 grams
Per 16oz can 74 grams

Not only does Guava have 74 grams of sugar per can, but they also add artificial sweeteners for an even sweeter taste! This one definitely so sweet that it makes your teeth hurt.


Tropicana Twister Soda – Orange

Per 8oz: 35 grams
Per 20oz bottle: 87.5 grams
Sources: 1


Sunkist Orange Soda

Per 8oz: 35 grams
Per 12oz can: 52 grams
Per 20oz bottle: 87.5 grams
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Fanta Orange

Per 8oz: 34.3 grams
Per 12oz can: 51.5 grams
Per 20oz bottle: 85.8 grams
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Newman’s Own Limeade

Per 8oz: 34 grams
Per 16oz: 68 grams

This drink may not have any high fructose corn syrup, but still produces a huge blood sugar spike.


Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha Frappacino

Per 8oz: 33 grams
Per 16oz cup: 66 grams

Sources: 1


Sun Drop

Per 8oz: 30 grams
Per 20oz bottle: 75 grams

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Sobe Adrenaline Rush

Per 8oz: 33 grams
Per 8.3oz can: 35 grams
Per 16oz bottle: 66 grams
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Mountain Dew

Per 8oz: 31 grams
Per 12oz can: 47 grams

Sources: 1



Per 8oz: 30 grams
Per 16oz can: 60 grams

Sources: sugar in drinks database.


  1. belly

    boi stop you are bad

  2. boi67889

    why? idc i am still drinking it

  3. Sekuru Vury

    So what yo suggestion for a better cooldrink wthout all those healthy risks anyway.

  4. Aiden Wilton

    i believe that the hype drink is the mos sugary

  5. I do not wan't to give it out

    Some of these are believable, but i doubt Starbucks frappuccinos are on this list. They are unhealthy, but they shouldn’t be in the to list

  6. Jim CallzUout

    Sun Drop
    SUGAR 75 G

    The source you linked has contradictory information…

    • Ted

      Thanks, it looks like the drink was reformulated since this was posted. I’ve updated it above.

  7. Ryan

    Kool Aid?

    • Ted

      That would depend on how much sugar you mix with it. One serving of the prepared version is 18 grams/ 8 ounces so doesn’t really make the list as most sugar filled.

  8. Luke

    Polar Orange Dry, not dry on sugar at 49g per 12oz…

  9. read this

    Rockstar Punched Guava kills anything…..

    • Ted

      you’re right. We’ll add that one for sure.

  10. Agnessa

    Its better if you just not eat or drink anything except water after 6

  11. Hugh G. Rekshon

    Addiction to sugar and caffeine KILLS!

  12. Hugh G. Rekshon

    Hahaha! I used to add 2 cups of sugar to a 2 quart pitcher of Kool-aid!

  13. Blah

    This list is totally wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. kemetrice

    This was very interesting to know, I didnt know how much sugar can be in some of my favorite drinks. Now I know to avoid drinking so much soda. Its not healthy at all and now that I know pounds and pounds of sugar are used in many drinks, and we wouldnt know at all, because its sooooooooo good, but now ive tallied it down and ill stick to gatorade and water. 🙂 bye bye

  15. sugarpost

    grapico has 50 grams of sugar

  16. Rog

    Lucie sounds like a bigot concerning Southerners even if she does have one friend from the region. Anyone who thinks frying vegetables and using 3 teaspoons of sugar for a 12 oz. glass of ice tea is the Southerner’s way of life has been misled by inaccurate stereotyping. I have lived in Texas and Mississippi as well as NYC and San Jose and there are some differences in cuisine but not much.

    If you think the manner of cooking makes that dramatic a difference, spend some time in France. I would sum up the French method of food preparation with the phrase, “just add butter and sugar to taste.”

  17. becca

    thax im doing my sciene project on this!!!!:)

  18. noor m

    i m keen interested to know your comments regarding the use of soft drinks that causing lot of gain in weight,also give few tips to reduce weight without loosing energy to carryout the daily routine work,without getting lazy,

    thanks a lot in advance,

    your sincerely,


  19. therat

    so? If someone likes to drink sugar filled soda pop let them it’s their god given right. I drink nothing but Code Red mountain dew and I’m in excellent health. Never been to a doctor in my life, maintain a healthy weight, rarely get sick, don’t have diabetes, and still have most of my teeth in tact, I have 2 that need fillings but other than that no ill effects.

    I don’t buy all the sugar is bad for you hype. People who get fat have a lot more wrong with their diet than too much sugar. There is this thing called exorcise and if you exorcise you and drink lots of water to balance things out you can still enjoy all the soda your heart desires and stay healthy.

    I mean yeah if you drink too much sugary sodas and don’t get any water, don’t exorcise and don’t right otherwise then yeah your bound to develop health problems but out of all the members of my family I am the healthiest and like I drink 3 to 5 20oz Code Reds a day. But I also work a physical job and usually don’t eat a lot of junk food either.

  20. Charlie Kim

    wow…..Hype is riduculously crazy. i did the math and 1 oz. there is like around 8 grams of sugar, so in a regular 12oz can there is around 23 tea-spoon which is around 92 grams of sugar

  21. stephen

    i like these drinks because i do alot of muay thai kickboxing and mma and i need sugar after my workout 🙂

    • Ben

      No you don’t, that is so stupid. Have a banana. These drinks are full of processed sugar and you need natural sugar. So things like enenrgy drinks and nurishments are just a gimmick. Anyway the best thing after a workout is to get some protein down you with in 30mins of finishing

      Kickboxing 6 years
      Muaythai 1 year (in Thailand)
      BJJ 1 year

  22. Ifeoma

    well i never new there are so many drinks with sugar.I only now about fanta been sugary

  23. Missy M.

    Try chiropractic for your migraines, and for me to get rid of Mt. Dew, the only thing that worked, was someone suggested before each can I “craved” that I drink a 10 oz. glass of water first. At first, I still craved the Mt. Dew after the glass of water, but within a few weeks, I began not “needing” the pop after the water. It was explained to me that I was finally beginning to re-hydrate my body and break the caffeine/sugar addiction my cells had. Then I began craving water, it was much easier than when I tried to quit cold turkey…BAD HEADACHES that way! This way was so much easier!

  24. Lorna

    I dont care what is in mountain dew i still love it!!!

  25. hey

    hey, my kids are healthy eaters and i don’t intend them on eating sweets i think that the school canteen strategies are great


  26. hannah

    Yeah i agree. I mean kids all around the world don’t really care.

  27. roxy

    well we don’t really need to do maths, i mean kids like me only care about the quality not quantity. besides, i’m very skinny but not anorexic or underweight and i’ve eaten sweets my whole life. Some people’s bodies are happy with sweets and sugar.


    • Ash

      that is sooooooo true.

  28. Unhealthy?

    I hate to admit it, but I do like to drink at least a can of cola and another can of some coconut drink per day. I’ll try to change now… I am quite embarrassed of it actually. I hate to think about that fact too. Sadly, yeah, I am a kid. So… perhaps I should just start changing – I don’t want problems when I grow up

  29. Mouse

    Forgot A&W Float, 63grams of sugar in a 11.5oz bottle, which would be equivalent to 43.8 grams in a 8oz container.

  30. Real Estate Facts - Real Estate Book

    toni is exactly saying right… sudden drop in caffeine is not gud

  31. davesworkout

    Yep, the caffeine actually has the safe effect on your brain as drugs such as cocaine and heroin, effecting your dopamine receptors. Scary!

    A lot of the “energy” drinks are ridiculously high in both sugar and caffeine, some having 200+mg of caffeine, and the nations children are sucking these things down before gym class in middle school! Scary scary scary.

  32. darrel tarver

    If you let the Sunkist orange soda evaporate, would you have the same amount of sugar remaining in the container? If not, where did the rest of the sugar go?

  33. Fitness_Fanatic

    Fortunately, I ditched full-sugar sodas 10 years ago.

  34. Lauren Lee

    But the sound of the fact that Mountain dew has so much sugar is just so crazy beacause I did not know it would have so much grams of sugar to begin with because I drink alot of soda so apparently I have stoped to drink alot of soda.So tell your kids stop drinking soda or they will gain weight.And ask yourself what would JESUS do? Or maybe this would help “Be Quiet grandma drink your prune juice!” Because that helps me ya’know what I am saying homey! So if you want to get healthy eat NUTRI. bars and lotsof milk!Like Napoleon would say”WHATEVER!”
    By:Lauren Lee

  35. Lauren Lee

    I can not believe that mountain dew has the most sugar its just so suprising because I thought it would be coke so it just blows my mind of

  36. James

    omg. that’s a lot. just from a drink..

  37. carsonnik

    I haven’t had even a sip of soda in 6 months and I don’t plan on having one anytime soon

  38. thebaldchemist

    It is really frightening. When I was a kid we were told its good for you -you need 2500 calories a day and sugar will give ’em to you.
    Then, just recently I read that sugar is a poison! It takes the vitamins and minerals calcium in particular to help the body get rid of it.I’m sure the arguments for are the same as the tobacco industry. No-one was ever ill from sugar-Yeh. Sure. Diabetes ain’t sugar related either.
    Thanks for these warnings. Now its time to get rid of the MacDonalds myths. Half the population obese and sick from this crap. Well done

  39. CatBlue

    I am rather surprised to read the comments here touting the safety of HFCS and artificial sugars. Admittedly, everyone is different and some people will be more sensitive to additives than others. I can certainly attest to their affect on me.

    I am a runner and I enjoy a nice whole wheat waffle or pancake every now and then. I experienced a huge difference in energy when I switched from regular table “syrup” on my waffle to real maple syrup. Most pancake and waffle syrups sold in grocery stores have corn syrup and HFCS. I would often feel incredibly sleepy 20 minutes after eating, or still hungry. When I use real maple syrup I don’t have that reaction.

    With regard to artificial sugars like saccharine, aspartame, sucralose, sorbitol, etc. alas, I have had bad experiences with those as well. Even a small amount of sugar alcohols (sorbitol, maltitol and the like) give me unbelievably unpleasant GI distress. Last summer after a run I stopped by my local road runners club to sign up for a race that weekend. They had a table with a large jug of ice-cold Amino Vital and they were offering samples. It was a very hot day and I had just finished a hilly, sweaty 6-miler so I thought sure, let me replace what electrolytes I’ve just lost. It was cold and crisp, felt great going down. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me Amino Vital contains maltitol. I spent the rest of the afternoon at work in total discomfort. I had stomach cramps, passed gas, had a visibly distended stomach and I only drank two small cups of the stuff!

    Most recently I realized I was having problems with Propel Fitness water. I drink water primarily and the only fruit juice I can abide is unsweetened grapefruit or cranberry because everything else tastes too sweet to me. (R.W. Knudsen’s Just Cranberry is my favorite. I know that is probably really too tart for most people, but I like things tart. I ate lemons as a kid the way some people eat oranges! But I digress.) I tried Propel because I thought it would be a nice change during my workouts and because it came out with a light Orange flavor that contained calcium. Well, the effect it had on me was rather frightening. Less than an hour after drinking it during my workouts I would start experiencing ill effects, which at first I didn’t connect with Propel. I would be sitting on the bench in the locker room, perfectly relaxed after a nice shower, and my heart would suddenly race like Seabiscuit. No joke; I had heart palpitations that made me put my hand on my chest in terror and I would have trouble breathing for a few seconds. When I used it during my run I again experienced the heart flutters and a sense of dizziness that I had never felt before; not even on hard runs in the heat and humidity. Other less scary (but no less annoying) side effects were stomach/GI discomfort and the odd sensation of having an UTI (an irritation and feeling like I needed to go the bathroom when I didn’t). Time coupled with drinking just water would always make the problems disappear, so one day I actually took a look at the ingredients on Propel and saw sucralose. At the time I was not familiar with the name; I did not know that it was Splenda. I researched it and came across several sites which listed adverse reactions to sucralose, including all the ones I experienced and even worse. I stopped drinking Propel immediately and I haven’t had a problem since.

    As aforementioned, some people are more sensitive than others to chemically engineered sugars like sucralose and I guess I am one of them. I can only suggest that people really pay attention to their bodies (how you feel when you eat and drink certain things), scrutinize the labels on your food and drinks, and err on the side of caution.

  40. Different Nic

    Source please.

    Jim Tippie said:
    Aspartame has been linked with altzheimers disease, therefore I presume sugar in moderation would be less harmful, moderation being the key. […]