The 10 Most Caffeinated Diet Drinks

By Jim F


Did you know that diet sodas have more caffeine than regular soda?

Diet Coke has 46.5mg caffeine compared to regular Coke that has 34.5mg. That’s a thirty per-cent increase!

Here are the 10 most caffeinated diet soft drinks – and they are nowhere near the levels of caffeine in Starbucks drinks.


Diet Pepsi Max

Per 12oz can : 69mg caffeine

A can of regular Pepsi-cola contains 38mg caffeine.


Diet Sundrop

Per 12oz can: 69mg caffeine

Sun Drop is a brand of citrus soda drink from Cadbury-Schweppes. The level of caffeine in the Diet version came as a complete surprise – but then – even the regular version has 63mg in a 12oz can. Note: regular can displayed.


Diet Mountain Dew

Per 12oz can: 55mg caffeine

Mountain Dew is one of the most popular citrus soft drinks. Both diet and regular have the same amount of caffeine. In countries outside the USA – Mountain Dew has either reduced amounts of caffeine (or no caffeine at all).


Pepsi ONE

Per 12oz can: 54mg caffeine

Pepsi ONE is a very similar formulation to Diet Coke with Splenda – although Pepsi ONE contains significantly more caffeine.


Diet Cheerwine

Per 12oz can: 48.1mg caffeine


Diet RC Cola

Per 12oz can: 47.3mg caffeine

Royal Crown (RC) colas have been around for a long time and are currently owned by Cadbury Schweppes. As in the case of Diet Coke – here the diet version has more caffeine than the regular RC Cola. 2



Per 12oz can: 46.5mg caffeine

TaB (from Coca-cola) is one of the oldest diet or sugar-free soft drinks around. It has more caffeine than Diet Coke


Diet Coke

Per 12oz can: 46.5mg caffeine

Diet Coke has significantly more caffeine in it than regular coke (34.5mg).


Diet Sunkist Orange Soda

Per 12oz can: 41.5mg caffeine

Contains slightly more than the regular version of Sunkist. Who would have thought that Orange Soda was caffeinated?


Diet Dr Pepper

Per 12oz can: 41mg caffeine

Contains the same amount as regular Dr Pepper.

How Much Caffeine in Instant Coffee?


According the USDA – 1 rounded teaspoon of instant coffee powder contains 57mg of caffeine. (source).

What about Diet Coke Plus?
The vitamin-filled Diet Coke Plus contains the same amount of caffeine as Diet Coke.

Diet Pepsi?
Didn’t even make it to this list. Diet Pepsi has 36mg caffeine in a 12oz can.

Sources: The CaffeineInformer caffeine database and caffeine in citrus soda, along with PepsiCo, Coca-cola, Sundrop.


  1. Dave

    I drink 14 + diet Mt. Dews daily for over 7 yrs. What are the short term and long term health effects of this.

  2. Mehrambir

    Is caffeine contain in Appy

  3. susan priest

    You keep the information about the caffiene in your orange soda well hidden in very small print on your containers. I would have never known had someone not alerted me. This is irresponsible and a health risk to me. Some who may want the caffiene may want to know. To keep it rather hidden in small print is deceptive and just plain wrong. I will not buy or drink it anymore.

    • Ted

      Who are you talking to? We don’t make an Orange soda. You need to voice your complaint to the company in question.



  5. Gary


  6. DietSodaAttacksMe

    I have been getting these lumps in my breats and my doctor said it can come from too much caffeine in the body. The only thing I really drink/eat that could be a problem, was soda. So here I am, now I understand! She said that the problem is something called… well it has the word fiber in it.!!

    • Ted

      I have never heard of such a thing from consuming too much caffeine? In Fact, the contributing doctor at Mayo Clinic says the opposite. I believe consuming soda on a daily basis is never a good idea for anyone’s good health though.

      • pat Hoops

        I have to debate the response from Ted. My sister-in-law had lumps in her breasts, Dr’s did a biopsy and found fibroscysts (spelling could be wrong) but to the point: Dr’s said they were benign and nothing to worry about, however, was told they were caused by too much caffeine in her diet

        • Judith

          Yes, I agree that diet pepsi can cause lumps

  7. Caffeineboy

    What a douchebag. On the internet, whatever the topic, there’s ALWAYS a troll.

  8. Caffeineboy

    People act like caffeine is a bad thing. I won’t waste money on soda that doesn’t have caffeine in it. I wish they all had more, and that there were more flavors that were caffeinated, or better yet, had that as an option.

    • billy

      Maybe once you get a bit older Caffineboy you will understand the way too much caffine effects you body.

  9. Bjorn

    It is called Jolt Cola Dr.Browns Jolt Cola.

  10. Kim

    Thank you for contacting Kroger. We appreciate your inquiry regarding the caffeine amount in the Extreme Citrus Drop. The Caffeine amount is 70.09mg per 12 oz