Raw For 30 Days: Can Diabetes Be Cured?

By Jim F

Raw Diet Diabetes Cure
Raw for 30 Days is an independent documentary film that chronicles six Americans with diabetes who switch to a diet consisting entirely of vegan, organic, live, raw foods in order to reverse diabetes naturally.

It’s almost an inverse “Supersize Me” if you will.

A medical team was established to monitor various health variables of the subjects. The diet: “No meat, no dairy, no alcohol, no caffeine, no refined foods, no junk food or fast food of any kind, no candies, no sugar”.

The 8 minute trailer is fascinating.

The Results… Staggering

After reversing all her symptoms and coming off all medication, one woman asks “I don’t see why my doctors don’t know about this… I’m gonna make them aware…”

One thing I couldn’t quite understand was: Did the subjects include those with Type 1 Diabetes? In one part the narrator mentions people coming “off insulin”.


What is a Raw Food Diet?

Raw food diets or “raw foodism” is pretty self-explanatory. Raw foodies do not eat anything that has been cooked or processed; including pasteurized and homogenized dairy products. Raw foodies believe cooking and processing food robs it of its nutritional value.

There are three variants of raw food diets: vegan, vegetarian, and raw animal food diets.

  • Vegan raw food diets focus solely on fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. No animal products are consumed.
  • Vegetarian raw food diets consist primarily of plant foods, but also include foods like dairy, honey, and eggs.
  • Raw meat diets focus on consuming animal products that can safely be eaten raw, such as organ and muscle meat, raw dairy, and sashimi (raw fish), but also include fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, but not grains.

Raw food diets have become very popular in countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States; especially in Western states like California.


  1. christiana Amoako

    want to start this program but i am not in America how do i do it want to register and talk to Dr Cousens one on one please need urgent help

  2. Colonel.V S mathur retired age 72yrs

    I ate for 4 months Fruits 500gms breakfast lunch /dinnerraw cumber tometoes onions and steam veg my medicines were reduced. I than left medicines. my sugar level came as high as 250mg/dl.The moment I ate paratha sugar shot up..I than again started with my medicines.
    before this diet. 1000mg metformin+2mg glimepride +.3 mg voglibose. After this diet _500mg met+1mgglimepride at breakfast.250mg metformin dinner. sugar level were 150 after lunch 145 after dinner. I play golf and morning walk regularly

  3. Mary Patterson

    Am type 2 can l eat raw fruits and vegetables with metformine. What serve still five times full plate or what pls advice me thnx

  4. Andrew

    I am on day 16 of my vegan raw food diet. I was diagnosed with diabetes almost 4 years ago. Some doctors have said it is type 1 and others type 2. Bottom line, my insulin intake is down, I’m off the glipicide and metformin, but still taking my lantus (at 2/3 my previous rate) and my humalog (at 1/5 my previous rate). I hate it, it sucks, and I’d love to eat a cheeseburger and fries. If struggling through this means that I’m off insulin and my kids don’t have to deal with me having the side effects of insulin consumption or diabetes than screw it, I’ll do it forever if I have to. Don’t discount things you aren’t willing to try. I don’t go in for the hippie dippie stuff and never have, but if I can see results (in spite of hating everything about this diet) there must be something to it.



  6. Jane

    While I can believe the Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed with a diet like this, I absolutely do no believe that Type 1 can be cured with this diet or anything else. You might be able to cut down on the insulin you use, but you will not be able to forgo it completely. Why? Because in Type 1 your body either does not make insulin, or it believe insulin is an anti-body and attacks it the way it would a disease. Your body needs insulin to process sugars. Eating a raw diet does not make your pancreas work nor does it completely eliminate the need for insulin. Spreading this lie is incredibly harmful, and putting your children on a diet like this in the hopes of reversing something that cannot be reversed is foolish.

    • Kacer

      It can if you also take bromelain to heal your pancreas, esp the islet cells that are responsible for releasing insulin.

  7. V.

    I have no issue with the use of the word “cure.”

    Think of a gunshot wound. You go to the hospital for treatment. Your wound is stitched up, kept from getting infected, and, in time, your body heals itself. You are, in the mind of the medical model, cured. And you will stay cured as long as you don’t go out and get yourself shot again.

    in the same way, if, after your body is detoxified and allowed to heal itself through the use of the best possible foods (in addition to other supportive measures, like sleep, etc), you poison yourself again by continually eating toxic things, you will, most likely, become ill again in time. But could this be considered the same case of Diabetes, or is it to be consider a new case? Hard to say. Besides, if you eat poorly once again, stop exercising and gain a lot of weight, you may, instead of getting Diabetes, have a heart attack or any number of other negative health responses. The fact that, after undergoing this strict diet, you must to some degree remain a responsible eater does not mean that this process does not work or that you cannot consider yourself cured.

  8. Lori

    Your mom doesn’t love herself. I am type II and didn’t eat well for a long time. I didn’t feel I had much value. Most people never knew how I felt about myself. Food gave me comfort. I ate when I was happy, sad, stressed. Food was my drug to overcome my lack of self-worth.

    I am turning it around. I am raw vegan now and trying to figure out how to adjust my insulin injections to handle my new lower blood sugars. I am going to the doctor soon. I am sure he will be thrilled.

    I hope your mom is able to find some love for herself. The mind is a dark place when you feel unloved even if it’s untrue.

    I wish you the best.

    • MikeElmore

      Did you feel (do you feel) it was/is OK for you to eat all those sugary fruits or did you choose wisely?

  9. marco sbarra

    I take anxiety medication called Effexor and Seroquel, can that affect my success if I try this diet? ( I am a type 2 diabetic, diagnosed 4 years ago)

  10. Daniel

    I’ve read up on some of the positive out comes of the raw diet and have been impressed. There isn’t enough dialog here, or on the internet about the negative side effects. For what percentage of us is this diet sustainable? How many of us are going to be as faithful to a raw diet in 6 months? Maybe 28%? Maybe higher? If we were going to be faithful to a raw diet then why are there thousands of so-called diets out there?

    What happens to those individuals who stop their oral medications and ultimately fall off the wagon? The problem is there are too many people giving their opinion when they shouldn’t. To ANY diabetic reading this, have an open and honest conversation with your endocronolgist. Your life depends on it.

    We SHOULD already be eating some raw food in our diets, but everything in moderation. If ANYONE tells you you can come off your medications by mearly changing your diet, and they haven’t examined you in their office and doesn’t have an MD after their name should be locked up in jail over a long weekend!

    Diabetes is a treatable illness. Follow the advice of your prescribers, dietician and what you’ve already been taught about your illness.

  11. Toya baby

    High Amanda, my son has type 1 and we are in the process of reversing it. Do you have any advice you can give me?

    • MikeElmore

      Is it possible to reverse TYPE 1? I thought with type 1 your body either produces insulin or it doesn’t…no in between. I have done a lot of research and have never heard anyone even claim that a diet change will trigger the body to start producing insulin

  12. Winston

    Perhaps before calling child protective services you should learn a little how the body functions. You have got guts to display your ignorance for all to see.

  13. JJ

    Yeah, because pediatricians know it all! Idiot. You obviously know nothing about nutrition and the cascade of processes it affects in the body. Western medicine’s whole focus is diagnosing disease then treating it with invasive surgeries, radiation, and medications (with a huge failure rate, but a big profit margin). Haven’t you noticed that these autoimmune diseases and cancer are at epidemic levels? These diseases are now multi billion dollar industries with some very vested interests. Our ancestors didn’t have all these diseases. Why do you think that is? Some of us who still use our own critical thinking capacities would like to PREVENT being another statistic of these epidemics, and that is done by taking our health into our own hands (lord knows the corrupt FDA, big medical/pharma don’t care), using common sense, and going back to the basics of healthy, natural living.

    • Jane

      Actually, they did. They also died a lot sooner than we do, usually before they got a chance to deal with all those diseases you say are at epidemic levels.

    • Kacer

      The thing is they did not live long enough to develop most diseases we do now. BUT you are correct, otherwise. Those who did develop one of the diseases you mentioned, prior to their deaths did so because of severe nutritional deficiencies – also why they died so young.

  14. Allison

    Why would an all natural diet to try and help your child get well be considered assinine?? That is exactaly what you should start with. Everything you put in your body has an effect. Natural diets have been proven to treat and even reverse disease. You can’t argue with fact! Medicine is a big money maker, sometimes people lose sight of the simple facts when they are in it to make a profit.

  15. Diabetic Diet Resources

    I highly doubt that I could ever attempt the Vegan raw diet lol. I guess all things are possible, the vegetarian raw diet seems far more manageable. I’m still curious as to how honey fits on there though.

  16. LEOCAT

    I am going to try the raw for 30 days. I have already been able to cut my numbers in half with diet and exercise and they are still dropping.

    Have I missed something here. Is there a plan from the movie as far as the exact foods used to accomplish the results.

    In the past, for as long as I can remember, the traditional medical community has maintained that certain thing are etched in stone. They have been wrong many times and have had to adjust and change as new information comes available. Many of their drug choices for problems have caused patients to be harmed or worse. Many have been recalled.

    To my knowledge, never has there been a recall of raw food, the true medicine of life, unless it has been contaminated by us.

  17. urban_angel

    Did we NOT learn to express ourselves without insult? It won’t make your frustration any easier. I doubt one would simply change their opinion simply because of it.

  18. steve

    I’m type 1 under good control. I would try this if I thought it would cure me, as in CURE I mean getting my pancreas working again. To stay on a vegan raw diet for life does not appeal to me at all.

  19. Amanda

    You are the one who needs to read more and do some research. Type 1 CAN be cured by eating raw, because you are essentially taking in only the nutrients your body needs, not any of the American crap that causes your body to have diabetes in the first place. I am type 1, have been since age 12, and am now 29. I did this diet successfully and am no longer on insulin with average blood sugars of 110-115 mg/dl. Unless you start eating and/or drinking things you are not supposed to, you can’t get high blood sugars with this diet if you tried. And by the way, you won’t die within a week if you stop taking your insulin. I know this too because I tried when I was about 18 and highly depressed. No luck Jack, my hiney is still here. Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah.

    • Susie

      I think my husband would be willing to try a raw diet. He has had type 1 since 11 or 12. Now he is 30. Would love if you could send me information you found helpful..

  20. type1parent

    So are you suggesting you don’t give these kids insulin to see if their islet cells regenerate naturally? If you don’t give type 1 kids insulin they die. The researchers are experimenting with ways to try and save the small amounts of insulin produced during the honeymoon phase but so far-death results from untreated type 1 diabetes.

  21. Jerry

    I was diagnosed with type 2 a couple of years ago. I am 54 years old and my A1C level was at 6.9. I was prescribed medication, but after a year of that I went to eating raw. I lost 20 lbs. Eased completely off the medication, and my last A1C was 5.3.

    My blood pressure is so much lower, I have no more head aches, no more snoring, my energy levels are much higher, and I have a significant reductions in aches and pains in my joints. We are what we eat!

  22. Ally

    I’m sure it improved over your previous diet of cheetohs and pepsi but consider that you’re still far down on the ladder of optimal diets. Go one step more and I guarantee you’ll feel EVEN better!

  23. Nurse Nancy

    I agree, why should the measure of whether a diabetic is “cured” be that he can eat like the general population. The general population has a terrible diet full of highly processed, fried foods (most eaten veg is the French Fry, go figure). As a nurse, I see many, many diabetics who eat like the general population (or worse), they don’t even try to follow moderate healthy eating guidelines. As a type 2 diabetic, I have been following a modified vegetarian diet (lots of fresh veg and fruits, oatmeal, small amounts of meat, eggs, milk). After two months, I am only one one med (down from three). I’m losing weight and my energy level is fantastic. French fries or $100 per month for meds? The choice is easy. This girl will never want to go back to the general American diet.

  24. Melody

    I have read all the above with interest. I am a type 2 diabetic, I eat a plant based diet (been doing this for 2 years), no red meat for 10 years, and I lost over 100 lbs. Last week for the first time in 5 years, I went off Lantus. There is no magic secret. I only put good food into my body, nothing processed, no sugar and most important, NO SPLENDA. I use liquid Stevia. I also grow my own food. I sprout. Look up BENEFITS OF SPROUTING on google, and wow, you will all learn what to put in your bodies. It’s the best thing I ever discovered. I do eat a bit of fish and some chicken but mainly I EAT MY SPROUTS.

  25. chuck

    ben, are you a shyster doctor who, for example scams people with gastric bypass surgery. they cant absord essential fats, they develop osteoperous, they suffer deporession because food was such a big part of their lives. they have half of there small instestine dangling from a dead stomach, they develop fungal infections because their new tiny stomach cant make wnough stomach acid.

  26. Ben

    (begin sarcasm)
    Yeah, there was this guy, you know, and, you know, ummm, he cured cancer by eating cow dung and drinking alligator urine. (end sarcasm)

    Absolutely ridiculous!

  27. Ben

    It’s bad enough that someone who presumably has some higher education believes in this asinine stupidity, but when you subject a child to this it is inexcusable! If I knew who you are I would call child protective services and report you for child endangerment! I’ll ask an obvious question, does the child’s pediatrician know what you’re doing? (of course not, any other answer would be a lie).

  28. Michelle

    Not possible. I’d like to see hard evidence of this. Nearly every food contains some carbohydrates so unless these guys were eating nothing but meat and cheese, there is no way they were able to go off insulin completely – unless of course they were willing to live with escalated blood sugars and future complications. I am the mother of a type 1 diabetic and she has always been an excellent eater. But even if she chose a plateful of broccoli, carrots, and peas for dinner, she’d still need insulin to cover the carbs in her vegetables.

    Undoubtedly we can reduce the amount of insulin she needs by avoiding things like pasta, bread and junkfood. She needs very little when we have a chicken breast and vegetable for dinner. But she still needs some, or her blood sugar soars, she feels poorly, and she’s at higher risk for complications.

  29. Kate

    To clear up the question as to whether or not any patients with type 1 diabetes were included in this experiment… The answer is a DEFINITE YES!!! Kurt, the black guy from Baltimore, is a type 1 diabetic. He is a personal friend of mine, and to this day is insulin free. You may even contact Kurt for verification.

    This experience prompted Kurt to go on to medical school. He is currently attending SCNM in Arizona. He is even found on the website as one of the faces of SCNM. You can go to http://www.scnm.edu for all kinds of information about schooling and medical services.

    Kurt has also helped another friend of mine, who is an elite athlete, that was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 32. The entire medical community told her she could not live without insulin. She refused to believe it, found this documentary, showed it to me… and to my surprise… Kurt, my neighbor and someone I look to for mentorship as I am taking the same career path, was IN THE VIDEO. I had no idea about his type 1 struggle or that he had participated in this study. It was then that I called him all excited and discovered that this is what led him to become a physician. He helped my friend through the process of learning how to eat raw for diabetes and she was able to get her body in balance over the course of several months. She has NEVER used insulin. It has been almost 2 years since her diagnosis. She returned to each of her physicians that told her this was impossible and they were in shock. Also, it is a very American idea that any diabetic cannot be brought into balance through proper diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. My athlete friend traveled through Europe and several islands seeking help at the onset of her diagnoses and was consistently told the same thing as this video teaches about diet. She was told she does NOT have to be insulin dependent. This is NOT a fake thing.

    Me… I’m a Human Nutrition major at Arizona State University with a pre-med designation planning to move on to medical school next year. This program is the program for people going into health related fields and who, if choose to stop at the Bachelors level will go on to become Registered Dieticians. We are consistently taught by all professors in EVERY class about the inaccurate information provided by the American Dietetics Association. We are taught about raw food diets and are being pushed to change the nutrition approach not only to diabetes patients, but also to all people suffering with chronic diseases.

    Please keep in mind that most physicians (MD’s) have had no more than a basic nutrition overview class in the very beginning of their undergraduate careers before going on to focus on chemistry and pharmaceutical treatment approaches based on the latest advances in the pharmaceutical industry. This is not a bad thing until pharmaceuticals are taken to the extreme of ulimate convenience and the only route in treating and preventing illnesses. In the future, before taking nutrition advice from your physician, ask him or her how much nutrition they took in their college careers. Nutrition goes a lot deeper than the 7 basic food groups, which is surprising to most people. I suggest you get your nutrition advice from a PhD level nutritionist who has had exposure to and supports natural medicine and healing the body through nutrition. Make sure they have a good understanding of how the systems in your body interact and how they are completely dependent on one another’s functionality to keep the body in a state of homeostasis (balance and proper working order).

    In my mentoring partnerships with licensed Naturopathic Physicians who have been through as much medical schooling as any Medical Doctor and have the same rights to treat and prescribe medications, I have witnessed some UNBELIEVABLE and shocking turn arounds in patients’ health status. Natural medicine and nutrition is definitely NOT some made-up, obscure, voodoo bullshit that is risky or wasteful to try. It should actually be standard general practition and is the most preventative measures one can take to avoid medical problems or to bring the imbalanced, diseased body back into balance.

    There is a place for all types of medicine. You would do yourselves, as diabetics, a HUGE injustice to laugh off the validity of the raw food diet, even if the practitioner from this video seems off beat from what you know or seems too metaphysical in personality for your taste. His interest in metaphysical and world philosophies can be difficult to grasp for some people who are not into or haven’t been exposed to that stuff, but don’t discount his ability to heal some diabetes. Seriously!

    AND, my 87 year old grandmother has been insulin dependent for over 35 years with continuing elevating blood sugar and insulin dosages. We have implemented only about 15% of raw food concepts into her diet and her insulin was reduced by half in a matter of a few months after all that time. Her blood sugar was in he 300’s when I was visiting in December. Now, she has it down to the low to mid 100’s daily and is continuing to make progress. She is type 2. Just give it a shot and you WILL be surprised at how much better you will feel. It is the talk of our entire family, her doctor, and most importanly, HER. Her hearing and eyesight have come back. You can actually talk to her on the phone now. She is doing 10 minutes on a stationary bicycle whereas previously she could barely walk. She goes up and down her community stairs 4 times a day and walks a total of 2 miles each day (counted on a pedometer that she wears for her entire daily activities) You probably don’t even realize how shitty you feel because you’ve felt that way for so long. Raw foods are surprisingly delicious, simple to make, and they don’t take a lot of time.

    You can start with this Dr. Cousen’s book, or you can start like me and get “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw” and another book called “Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen”. They are simple and easy to read. The recipes are EASY and delicious. They are good for people just starting out this discovery, but not specific to any particular dietary needs such as diabetes or heart disease. I don’t eat 100% raw at all, but I do try to keep it at about 50-70% of my diet with a goal to increase to 80%. I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes in my pregnancy and have had a resurge to come back to my raw food diet as I had grown way too fond of my pregnancy junk food cravings. So far, I have not had to take any insulin during my pregnancy and have been able to meet all of my protein and nutritional needs. It has been more challenging to obtain all of the ingredients as I am in a small town in Missouri with my mom while I complete my pregnancy, however, it has not been impossible. It is easiest when you live somewhere with a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s type of grocery store, but you can still do it with initial effort to find what you need.

    GIVE IT A WHIRL before you discount it! And be patient. One thing I’ve learned is that when changing your diet habits or lifestyle habits, you should know that making a few basic changes to start over the course of a few weeks and then adding more and more as you get used to your new habits is best… that is unless you have a severe and acute condition that would benefit by the 100% gung ho approach. Be realistic! Be excited! Don’t let it become a chore that seems overwhelming. We’re talking about good ass food here! It really is yummy as you get used to new textures and flavors that you’ve never had before! Even the basics you’ve already had are yummy and can be great in new combinations just as much as trying out a new BBQ recipe or crockpot recipe can be.

    Love to the World out There! Support your local nutritionists and LICENSED naturopaths who’ve attended accredited 4-5 year medical schools on top of receiving their undergraduate degrees!

    • carole harris

      I have only a third of my pancreas since 2001. I am 71 and started insulin Humolog last year. I want to get off of it. It makes me CRAVE sugar.Ads mentioned Lantus can cause pancreatic cancer…Woooh. My doc wants me to take Levimir at night.
      I agree the ADA diets is too high in carbos and processed foods. I am looking for a nutrionist in my area to try a vegetarian died. zip 18938 No solicitating via email.

  30. TheMadHatter

    Doctors don’t cure anything because there is no money in the cure. The money is in the ability to survive with the ailment dependent upon a pharmaceutical to keep you in limbo between surviving and dying from it. It’s sad but true and those who seek a “cure” are left to do so on their own journey. I certainly hope you all find what you’re looking for….for humanities sake.

    God Speed.

  31. mac

    yea u bloody hippie uve probably been on the insulin for so long it destroyed ur pancreas making it useless so now u have to continue taking the meds or you’ll die. Charlie is right if u go off ur meds since theres nothing left of ur pancreas you’ll die that what modern meds have to offer kill off your original organs and take the meds instead of trying to eat healthy to cure/get rid of u of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol. who ever think that the stuff god put on this earth for us fruits and vegetables wasn’t gonna help us get rid off all the magical names doctors came up for the lack of nutrients in our body stuff.

  32. Lex

    “I don’t know of any food that increases in nutrients when cooked either.”

    neither do I, but I’d like to point out that some foods ARE easier for the human body to process after being cooked. Simultaneously, however, they can lose beneficial nutrients. (Spinach, for example, is tough on the digestion raw, but loses most of its vitamin content when cooked.)

    Honestly, if I personally were going to attempt this raw diet, I would first finish it and then go back to steaming/stir-frying some of my vegetables.

    …I guess I’m still not advocating meat or hybrid grains (wheat, etc.) as regularly eaten foods, though.

    The only real problem I see with this proposed solution is that it’s EXPENSIVE. Fresh (much less organic) produce is not that easy or cheap to come by for most people, especially year round (there are very few farmers markets during the winter in my area.) The type of junk food diet that stereotypically lends itself to type 2 diabetes is cheap. MacDonalds is cheap. Processed and packaged foods are cheap. Stereotypes must come from somewhere, and as diabetics are often portrayed as coming from low-income households, I have to say that I think raw food may simply not be a financially viable OPTION for many people.

    If health care covered a healthy diet…ah, but, no it wouldn’t. Then drug companies might stop having customers, and we couldn’t have THAT.

  33. Tianshi

    Like any other disease it could be cured of course.The medicine is too advanced today.A look on the type of methods advocated nowadays is to bring truth about the complete healing.

  34. Kimberly

    My daughter is ten and is type 1. Her insulin intake has been cut in half by eating raw. We’ve only been eating raw now for 13 days and my entire family is speechless.

  35. charlie

    you are an absolute idiot to think you can even come close to a cure for type 1 diabetes with raw food type 1 means you do not make insulin at all meaning if you stop taking insulin you die within a week an a half, Why do i know this because i am one myself do some research you bloody hippie and stop being suckered into believing everything with a green label attached to it.

    • rogjack6112

      As a physician I can assure you I have seen many type 1 diabetics with blood sugars over 500 and ketoacidosis when not eating at all for 24-48 hrs.
      The body has to have some insulin or the glucose rises–even if no carbohydrates are eaten. It would be dangerous to stop insulin without closely watching the blood sugar.

      In type 1 the pancreas does not make enough -or sometimes any insulin.

      This varies and some persons have a mixed type 1 and type 2 — for them this diet may work as they are still making some insulin.

      For most type 2 this diet will work, as will any very low carb diet.

  36. Lucinda

    Thank you—thank you -thank you for your insight and first hand experience. I have been studying this for years too and experimented with many things.
    I am already doing about 75% of what you do.
    Now you have given me some great ideas on how I can improve!
    Good health to you!

  37. Lucinda

    Wow Chris—of all the items I’ve read—yours really inspires me the most.
    I love your positive attitude, your first hand experience and your goal to conquer this!
    I am always so aware of the drug companies out to just make money. That is one of the things that made me want to get online and look for a natural way to get off this damn insulin. I figured out I have stuck a needle in my stomach (which every time I do it creates a fatty deposit) well over 20000 times in just two years! Twice a day for for 365 days times 2!!!!! YIKES!!!! I want to end this crap. I’ve also taken over 2000 Metformins in two years. That is just two years!!!! I’ve actually been taking the Metformin for something like ten years!
    Yes—we must find a cure ASAP—Godspeed!