Is Domino’s Pizza Healthy?

By Jim F

3049-dominos-pizza-healthy.jpgDomino’s pizza is apparently a “Good Choice for a Healthy Diet”.

That’s according to a press release claiming that Glamour magazine and Men’s Health both recommended Domino’s Pizza.Domino’s list the following “facts” about their pizza:

* Pizza is essentially a meal in itself, as you can find foods from the four basic food groups in one slice.
* A crunchy thin crust Domino’s pizza contains less than half the carbohydrates of Domino’s classic hand-tossed pizza.
* None of the core products on Domino’s menu (pizza, bread side items, chicken) contain trans fats.
* Customers seeking a healthier pizza have the option of ordering their pizza with a lighter portion of cheese.
* The tomatoes in pizza sauce contain lycopene, which helps protect against prostate cancer. Tomatoes are also an excellent source of vitamins A and C.

I had to laugh at the first “fact” – it reads like a joke.

i-c86dffb91ec73518b773ea76ca897385-VEGH_04.gif.jpgAnother “fact” listed above is that none of the core products contain trans-fat. Note that word “core”. If you go for the Garlic Dipping Sauce – the first and largest ingredient is Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil.

Who eats a single slice of pizza anyway?


  1. joan j baczek

    im so upset, i looked up my favorite Mediterranean sandwich, and it does have trans fat. how? its vegetarian and its baked!!! what the hell did they do dribble crisco on it before it leaves the door?

  2. Megan

    I ordered a Domino’s Extravaganzza Feast pizza – basically, a supreme pizza. The nutrition information on MyFitnessPal says that it has trans fats. Maybe it’s in the pepperoni or sausage? Anyway, it seems like this pizza should be considered part of the “core menu.” I’m disappointed and will be ordering from somewhere else from now on.

  3. Nat

    Always buying pizza I’m a addict .But I got to cut down my pizza consumption.Ok I do it next week after I finish eatting my hand toss pizza…lol

    • kelly

      This is me !

  4. Justin

    I prefer AC Larocco Pizza.

  5. Gaz

    I used to weigh 15st. I took up running a few years ago and I shed over 3st preetyy quickly. My fave indulgence after a 12 mile run is to order two 13.5 inch pizzas and eat one and a half of them in one sitting. Guess what folks? It has no effect on my weight. Don’t blame the food – do some exercise and enjoy food instead.

  6. jay

    chill out its only a pizza… jeez a pizza once in a while is probably good for you πŸ™‚

  7. George

    I noticed the other day that those Joe Corbi pizza kits that kids sell for fund raising are actually quite healthy… Healthy Pizza Kits

  8. Emily

    Sounds like a good breakfast, Nic. My friend is helping me diet and told me to choose low fat cheese rather than non fat cheese, since non fat cheese does not melt well and becomes watery if used in a cooked recipe. But if you say it works, I’ll try it!

  9. Nic

    Emily said:
    Regina’s right, non-fat cheese doesn’t melt.[…]

    Weird, the kind I eat melts just fine. I eat it for breakfast with egg whites and salsa. What kind are you using?

  10. Emily

    Regina’s right, non-fat cheese doesn’t melt.

  11. dela

    Kailash! Great idea about pumping iron before pizza! I was so upset about the planned 10:00 pm pizza party that my daughter’s choir has planned for both this friday and saturday nights while we are away at a performance. I hope the Holiday Inn Express has some dumbells! I’m going to call them right now. When I lift weights, I can almost feel the food getting sucked up by my muscles SO fast! It makes me really hungry for a couple of days. I stop getting hungry a few days after a hard workout with weights, and then I know I can’t grow more muscle without working out again. I’ve been eating pasta at that point to make sure I have a lot of energy for the workout the next day. I love this system of eating the right foods to feed my muscles because it takes the pressure off of me to “decide” what to eat. I know what I have to eat on certain days.

  12. Regina W

    Also one can prepare a low-fat pizza using non-fat cheese

    Does that stuff even melt?

  13. Fitness_Wannabee

    Pizza is a horrible choice for a healthy diet. Loaded with saturated fat just with the cheese alone. Even if it’s a veggie pizza, no good. You’re better off just having a low-fat slice of cheese with a sandwich on a daily basis. Also one can prepare a low-fat pizza using non-fat cheese, home-made pizza sauce and whole-wheat piazza dough.

  14. The Dieting Secret

    Domino’s is definately stretching with this marketing campaign. Although if you compare pizza to a Big Mac, or Whopper it doesn’t stack up badly.

    I think Dominoes would be better off spending time creating a healthier version of it’s pizza rather than waist time with this nonsense.


  15. Kailash

    Oh, I should mention that it’s ok to spike insulin after a workout, when the muscles are ready to absorb nutrients preferentially to fat cells.

    So if you want to eat pizza and ice cream, do it after pumping iron. I (personally) wouldn’t do it any other time.

    One of the greatest benefits of weight lifting πŸ™‚

  16. Kailash

    Insulin spikes harder and higher when fats are combined with carbs in a meal. Here you have fast carbs, in the form of wheat starch, along with fats in the mozzarella.

    The only more insulemic food I can think of is ice cream. But enjoy the hypoglycemic coma that follows, because Americans don’t get enough sleep.

    Insulin is the hormone of fatasses everywhere.

  17. A different Nic

    Just imagine if everyone stopped being so afraid of everything. Afraid of fat, of the wrong kind of fat, the wrong kind of carb, sugar, HFCS, meat, soy, dairy, coffee, chocolate… Imagine if we each as individuals decided that we know what is right for us and stopped listening to these people who just want to convince us that we are ugly and unworthy and not intelligent and all the other things they tell us to get us to buy their garbage. (I am definitely including myself in this by the way.) Imagine if we listened to our bodies, and when something was awry, our physicians and then made an intelligent decision and didn’t beat ourselves up for being “bad”.

    I mean, we might actually end up living our lives. We might actually get things DONE.


  18. James

    Well, if the crust is whole grain, reduce on the salt and cheese (Still, put some cheese on there, it does have some health benefits, due to calcium, vitamin D, and moderate amounts of saturated fats, and free of trans fats (and interesterified fats, there’s a new bad fat out there today)).

    Yes, By the way, we now have a new fat out there that you need to avoid. I have mentioned trans fats, but now we have a new enemy, Interesterified fats.

    Right now, you will problably need to go back to butter for now, because the new way of processing the fat is now just as bad for you than the origional trans fats out there.

    Like Trans fats, they raise LDL and they lower HDL cholesterol, but they do another thing, they suppress insulin function far worse than the origional trans fats do.

    Does this mean that Smart Balance and Take Control are in legal limbo? Well, we will find out later on.

    Guess it’s back to butter, lard, and tallow…for now.

  19. Jim

    chelsea mckell said:
    name this movie:
    “I like pizza, steve!”[…]

    Is it Multiplicity?

  20. Dr.J

    I don’t know that one, but I loved the movie ‘Mystic Pizza”!

  21. chelsea mckell

    name this movie:
    “I like pizza, steve!”

  22. Caramelle-oh

    “Pizza is essentially a meal in itself, as you can find foods from the four basic food groups in one slice.”

    Well, they can’t be sued for that one, it’s a true statement, but I think the quality and amounts of nutrients in Dominos would be severely lacking compared to the wholemeal pizza I can make at home. One slice of Dominos pizza wouldn’t even touch the sides of most people I know, but one slice of homemade wholemeal pizza with a salad is a complete, filling meal. A lot of ‘junk’ food can be modified at home and still be enjoyed.

  23. Spork Boy

    I only eat one slice of pizza. However, my serving size is as follows: one pizza=one slice.

    I’m not sure who I want to slap more, the junk food makers who try to pass their crappy food off as healthy or the fools who believe them.

  24. Nicole

    If I am going to indulge and have some pizza, I’m certainly not going to have Domino’s. Have something thats high quality: if you are going to do it, do it well.

  25. Dr.J

    It’s standard practice for the ‘fast food’ industry to continually increase the amounts of fat, sugar, and salt in their products to keep your addiction to these satisfied. Until people break this cycle they will remain addicted. If you think that willpower is the answer, talk to someone who is addicted to one of the more ‘recognized’ addictions and see what willpower does for them!

  26. Jan

    I’m always scared of the amount of oil they use in the crust. You’re going to top it with cheese already, so why would you need oil under it as well? And oil over it, as Daharja pointed out. You’ll see even if you use a lot of cheese, your homemade pizza will never ooze as much oil as restaurant pizza does.

    I pretty much only eat homemade pizza. The real Italian recipe makes the crust just from water, flour, and salt, and I replace some of the white flour with whole-wheat too.

  27. daharja

    Reminds me of the McLibel trial when McDonalds defended Coca Cola as being nutritious because it ‘contained nutrients’.

    When called to account on this one, they defended their statement by saying that the main ingredient of Coke was water, which is an ‘essential nutrient’.


    Junk food is junk food. The junk food salespeople will do what they can within (and sometimes outside) the realms of what is legal, but in the end, the proof is in the pudding. Or the layer of grease (posing as cheese) on top.

  28. weight loss

    I am sure that this pizza is healthy with moderation but it is up to how much you eat and when you eat it. A cookie can also be healthy.

  29. Alfred Chew

    This is the gimmick to entice customers to buy. We should always check what is good and bad.
    Otherwise if it is too misleading, should we consider a litigation?

  30. On the road to my PhD

    I say make your own pizza. That way you can choose lower fat cheeses and quality ingredients. I don’t care what they say about Domino’s and trans fats, fast food is fast food, and I’m sure the pepperonis and other meats are processed and high in fat. I’m with “iFitandHealthy” on this one, go to Whole Foods for your pizza.

  31. Cactus Cat

    Hell, I’m proud of myself when I don’t eat the whole pizza in one night! :-/

    Home-made pizza’s not bad, though – you can pile on the veges and go light on the cheese. Even better if you make your own wholemeal base! πŸ™‚

  32. Dr.J

    Pizza in Stockholme on the side of the bay, pizza in Sante Fe straight out of an old brick oven, pizza in Monterey with the surf crashing just outside the window, that’s pizza!

  33. Spectra

    I think it depends a lot on the type of pizza you make. It doesn’t HAVE to be bad. If you make it with a thin crust and put only a little cheese, no meat, and lots of veggies on it, it’s definitely not as bad as a Pepperoni Lover’s Deep Dish with extra cheese.

  34. Susan

    It’s true that a pizza has each of the four food groups. I remember being very excited when, at the age of six, my pediatrician explained that pizza DID have some nutritious aspects. He was also careful to point out, however, that one couldn’t eat pizza ALL the time.

    I wouldn’t choose Domino’s as a health food anyway, even with everything they mention… I like “interesting” pizzas (e.g., overloaded with roasted veggies) far better πŸ˜›

  35. Mia_para_me

    Pizza should be enjoyed as it is an indulgence. As long as it’s not done several times a week i really think it could be a part of a healthy diet. I never knew there was that much sodium in it though, but since i actually have low sodium (blood work done) this is a good thing…i’d hate to have my sodium-potassium pumps in my cells shut down and me die, that would really put a damper on things.

  36. Claire S.

    Tomatoes containing lycopene is not the best reason to eat pizza. Have some tomato sauce or a salad.
    I don’t even eat delivery pizza anymore, the calories add up so fast. And has anyone tried their thin crust pizza? It’s crunchy, all right. It tastes like cardboard.

  37. pizza girl

    i also think that like 95% of people eat more than one slice of pizza ..

    i know i do

  38. iFitandHealthy

    “Who eats a single slice of pizza anyway?”

    Those who don’t buy a whole pizza, but only a slice. Whole Foods and other places often sell slices. Good point though, since most people probably order, which means they are likely to eat the whole thing.

  39. Dr.J

    I think studies can not support lycopene as being protective against prostate cancer. Personally, I would still eat lycopene containing foods, perhaps the next study will say it does.