Fruit and Vegetables For Weight Loss

By Gabriela Cretan


fruits-vegetables-fat-lossMost diets focus on what you should not eat, and some diets count the calories you should eat.

However, a better approach is to focus on eating good foods.

Researchers found that overweight adults who were instructed to focus on lower-calorie foods lost more weight than those who were simply told to cut their overall calories.

The Fruit and Vegetable Study

The researchers at the Pennsylvania State University, said that fruits and vegetables have low “energy density” because they are heavy by weight but low in calories.

Their study included 658 healthy men and women divided into two groups.

  • Group 1: Told to eat 9 to 12 daily servings of fruits and vegetables and 2 to 3 servings of low-fat dairy.
  • Group 2: Told to reduce calorie intake, but were not given goals for fruit, vegetable and dairy intake.

Group one, who made the greatest reductions in the energy or calorie density of their diets, lost an average of 13 pounds over 6 months.

Group two, who made the smallest reduction in energy, lost 5 pounds over the same period.

I try to include as many fruits and vegetables in my diet because I like the filling sensation.

I also believe that consuming more more fresh foods will increase the intake of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Tips to Eat More

  • Use fruits and vegetables as snacks instead of unhealthy ones.
  • Make 3/4 of your plate vegetables.
  • Make big salads as meals not just as a side dish.
  • Shop at Framer’s markets for cheaper deals.
  • Look for new veggie recipes on Pinterest.


So which one do you prefer: one pizza for lunch and starving for the rest of the day or a lot of salads and fresh fruits whenever you feel hungry?

Study source: American Society for Nutrition


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