Food Diary of a Fashion Model

By Jim F

3001-food-diary-fashion-model.jpgNew York Magazine has listed the 7-day food diaries of four people in the fashion industry; two models, fashion editor, and producer.

Here are a few examples (enlightening to say the least):

21 year old female model (day 4)

10:00 A.M. Home
One bottle Kombucha tea. It’s a fermented Chinese tea. Supposedly it has all of these properties for the immune system, metabolism support, digestion. One apple.

1:45 P.M. Clinton Street Baking Company
Bowl of lobster bisque. I only stared at the biscuit that came with it.

8:00 Cube 63
Two gyoza, one piece scallop (no rice), one spicy scallop roll, one Clinton roll. Again, low-sodium soy sauce. I love sushi. It’s lean protein, it’s good for you. About a liter of water throughout the day.

25 yr old Male Model and Personal Trainer (day 1)

5:30 A.M. Home
Bowl of oatmeal with flaxseeds, banana, skim milk, and a scoop of nonfat Greek yogurt and honey. One glass of water, and a tall cup of black or green tea. I have this meal just to get me out the door. This way I won’t be ravenous a few hours later.

8:30 The Coffee Shop, Union Square
Five-egg-white-tomato-and-spinach omelette with goat cheese and a piece of multigrain toast. One glass of water.

NOON Cafeteria
Turkey meat loaf with Brussels sprouts and sweet-potato mash. One unsweetened iced tea.

3:00 P.M. On a shoot
A few pieces of pork tenderloin and about ten pieces of asparagus as a snack. One espresso.

6:00 Equinox
A protein shake with peanut butter, banana, and spirulina. I like the spirulina because it has phytovitamins. I had Hodgkin’s lymphoma last year, so I’m really big on anti-oxidants and keeping my body clean.

8:00 Home
Whole grilled branzino with wilted kale and fava beans that my wife made. One peppermint tea.

Fashion Editor

7:30 A.M. Home
Two 1,000-mg. Emergen-C with seven mineral ascorbates and 32 mineral complexes, one ounce of Super KMH, Mona Vie (berry extract), aloe juice, chlorophyll, two Nature’s Way Fenu-Thyme, one advance natural FloroMax, three Wellness Formula tablets, twenty drops Super Lysine Plus, two Theraveda Usha daytime stress formula tablets.

10:30 Sant Ambroeus
Milanese eggs and iced skim latte.

2:00 P.M. Patrik Ervell
Bottle of water and glass of white wine.

3:00 Waiting for the United Bamboo Show

4:00 Waiting for the Diane Von Furstenberg Show

5:00 Waiting for the Luella Bartley Show

6:00 Waiting for the Phillip Lim Show

7:00 Waiting for the Tuleh Show

8:30 At a Friend’s London Terrace Apartment Watching TV
Two glasses of red wine, Camembert and crackers, three olives during Prince’s Super Bowl halftime performance.

11:30 Home
Repeat Fenu-Thyme, Wellness Formula tablets, and add Theraveda Nisha nighttime stress formula.

See the full feature at NY Fashion.


  1. Ebony

    hey everyone i am 15 (AUS) and i am aiming for a job in the modeling industry, i know i am still growing yet to get a feel of what models have to do is a good eye opener for some girls/guys.
    Yes a majority of people would say this diet is bad for your body yet for the minority of people who strive on making it, its the truth we are looking for as compared to the lies we are told. Models saying they eat meal after meal and have plenty of exercise every day is falsely encouraging people saying that if they follow the models plan then their body will be like the models.
    I know from my personal experience this isn’t the case, i am a student, i would skip breakfast, recess and eat a salad, or fruit for lunch (small portion) and dinner that night, i would do from 1-3 different sports a day, 6 days a week. I did this for about 2-3 years.
    At the moment and through this time my BMI was 17 and is now 16 which is unhealthy but i know for a fact i don’t look magazine ready.
    Yes for some people starvation is what they find is a last resort which is a sad truth. An eating disorder is the last thing on their mind when they start to take their diet into action yet many eating disorders aren’t realized by the person until its to late. I can honestly say i haven’t had an eating disorder therefore are unable to share 1st hand information.
    The point i’m trying to pass through is that many people can type and say that they like food and wont give that up, you do follow a diet and exercise plan and get no where, yet i can assure you half if not more go over to the mirror, find things they dislike about their figure, keep to a diet and exercise plan for 1-3 weeks, see no results and give up.
    I’m not saying all those people who like food, don’t care about the out come of their figure. I am saying though that for some the information conveyed on this page is important as it shows young people what it is like and how harsh some areas of the industry can be. Yes i will say that the amount consumed is less than what an average person should be doing. But for the modeling industry at the moment that is what female/male models are having to do to reach a standard.
    Sorry for dragging this out however thank you for reading this, hoping your day has been great and wishing you the best the come, and stay happy.

    • A person who cares

      Hello there
      skipping breakfast isn’t good if you stop eating your metabolism slows down to the max I have a fast metabolism but if I only skipped breakfast and had a salad for lunch and dinner my metabolism would slow way down and then you will store fat more.

      You should be happy the way you are I know how you feel and I’m quite thin but I make sure I eat well and stay healthy
      And one more thing if you eat under what your supposed to you and your still growing you’ll grow less (it happened to my friend)
      Sometimes if your too thin you don’t look as pretty as some

      This worries me
      I hope you understand

  2. Niko

    their diet is starvation. ha-ha! I’ll rather have my little gut and enjoy about 6 lbs of delicious food I eat every day. the joy I get from eating is far greater then one I get from looking good in clothes. mmmmm food is delicious and I like to eat a lot of it.

  3. Heather

    What a horrible message to put out there. The only person eating correct here is the male model. Im at my ideal weight for my height (size 2) and I make sure to eat every 3 hours. I’m also really toned and healthy looking and full of happy energy. That fashion editor must be a real bitch eating like that.

    I also want to add that when I was over weight and miserable I was eating a lot like that fashion editor. Starving for hours at a time and then gorging myself because I was nutritionally deprived.

    • Holiday

      Your problem wasn’t that you were eating like the fashion editor, its that you weren’t sticking to the part where you need to eat like that for at least 4 of the 7 days a week and then eat under 1000 calories the other 3 days, if you were trying to lose weight maybe eat even less then 600 on the 3 days.

      • M

        Wow. You’re an idiot . That would be a fabulous way to shut down one’s vital organs.

  4. Hannah


  5. Anouchka

    I mean, this fashion editor is not eating whole day….And she takes all these tablets to have all minerals…it’s sick. It was a pity to post it, now young girls around the world will do the same. IT’s NOT HEALTHY!

  6. AnoninNYC

    I model in New york, I eat every 2 hours. 4hrs at max. Apples, brown rice, lean lean leannnnn meat. Oatmeal. little snacks here and there too. About 4+ bottles of water a day. Always on the go, so you have to eat or you’ll collapse. Lots of elipticalling and muscle building too

  7. nicki

    how many days does it take to be fit with that diet?

  8. Emily

    Angie, if someone’s “fat is hanging over, or showing somewhere [they] don’t want it to, or [their] thighs look too thick, or [their] arms aren’t [working in] a certain sleeve length, etc.” that is the fault of a sucky designer who has a very limited skill set and is ignorant about designing for 90% of the population, not a fault of the person with a healthy, non-emaciated/ultra-thin body. There are designers out there who do make clothes for curvy and non-emaciated women that look fantastic; it’s super pathetic to read designers like yourself complaining about consumers just to cover up your own inadequacies and inability to design clothes properly!

  9. Sofia

    Isn’t hardboilen eggs better for weight loss?

  10. Nick

    I agree with those who say it’s easier for designers to dress skinny models than it is to dress normal-sized or plus-sized figures. But I do believe that models dying from malnutrition/starvation/e.d. related causes is becoming more common and something should be implemented to help prevent more from dying. Skinny is in now and has been for a while, but hopefully it’s just a sad trend and maybe in the future we can work toward healthy models with realistic bodies that people can strive to achieve without causing self-harm.

    As an 18 year old male, I too struggle with my body image. In four months I’ve lost 30lbs. by being more active and becoming a vegetarian. But now that I’m in college, I find myself eating 300-800 calories a day.

    Average food intake a day:

    Breakfast-usually still sleeping, but sometimes a little thing of nonfat yogurt with strawberries and blueberries/two vitamins

    Lunch-small salad with 3 or 4 cherry tomatoes,

    Dinner-(same as lunch)

    snack- handful of almonds
    I drink a little more than 8 glasses of water a day.

    I don’t have the opportunity to workout often so i make up for it by eating less. My heaviest weight was: 225lbs. about 4 months ago. I’m a little under 195 now. I’m 6’0″ and my goal weight is about 175lbs. I dont think I’m hurting myself too much by eating what i eat now. It’s all healthy.

    • Holiday

      Good for you! Thats the way to do it. There is a price to pay for what you desire the most, and if that means not eating much, then it is worth it. Don’t listen to people who don’t have the willpower to do such things and think that skinny is bad. FAT IS BAD, ITs DISGUSTING.

      • Eatlikeahuman

        Hey go look at some pictures of starving children in Africa. It’s a disgrace that you have access to all this food and regard it as a poison while children in Africa die from starvation. And would love to have all that food. Why don’t you go live with them and see how miserable they are. Also the Holodomor. In the 1930s an estimated of ten million people died from forced starvation in Eastern Europe. All their food was systematically taken away by the Soviet Union. At one point they were eating shoes to stay alive. Why don’t you join them? TEN MILLION in misery and starvation.

      • Hailee

        Please don’t push *your eating disorder on everyone else. That’s your opinion and you have the right to treat your body as badly as needed. Don’t encourage someone else’s disordered thinking.

      • M

        Ask any medical professional. Yes fat is bad, but too skinny is deadly too. In fact, being too thin kills you faster .

  11. Kelsey

    I think standing out is always better than just being pretty. Being pretty doesnt mean anything.

  12. agenzie di modelle

    WOW ! This is really important post.I really need this nice post.I agree with one poster that is voting for the fitness types to become more muscular, and I also agree with the poster who said that the obese will still be offended! But the difference between having naturally extremely thin, tall and unique-looking women and having athletic, fit women gracing our advertisements and fashion shoots would be that one body type is largely dependent on genetics, while the other can be achieved by most if they dedicate themselves to a healthy, fit and balanced lifestyle!

  13. Maisieeeee

    I suffer from anorexia, I generally eat about 350-400 calories. At the most I’ll have about 600, the least about 50. Errr so yesterday this is what I ate 🙂
    Breakfast: black coffee
    Lunch: 140g cucumber and a lettuce leaf. More coffee
    Dinner: 2 forkfuls of plain beef and salad
    This was 350 cals 😀

    I don’t get hungry at all anymore, but I loose about 4+lbs a day 🙂 Xxxx

    • Abc

      I really hope you are getting help for your condition. Most importantly, drink lots of water!

  14. hannah

    I’ve had an eating disorder for a few years, I eat between 0-800 calories per day. usually around 500 though.
    I normally eat:
    Breakfast: 2 egg whites, with ketchup. (50cal)
    lunch: apple (90cal)
    dinner: veggie burger and ketchup (120 cal)

    that’s the basic. and i drink a lot of water and tea through out the day.

    it’s actually not as bad as you would think, maybe because I am used to it.

  15. Sasha

    I agree with one poster that is voting for the fitness types to become more muscular, and I also agree with the poster who said that the obese will still be offended! But the difference between having naturally extremely thin, tall and unique-looking women and having athletic, fit women gracing our advertisements and fashion shoots would be that one body type is largely dependent on genetics, while the other can be achieved by most if they dedicate themselves to a healthy, fit and balanced lifestyle!

  16. Zebra z4m

    can anyone know me that for making fashion model what things need and how require health ?

  17. smb

    Intereresting how so many of you assume she has an ed, and that none of you would evvvver do that. Yet, still had enough interest to read the article.

  18. Kara

    Fen-phen was pulled from the market by the FDA after numerous reports of valvular heart disease and pulmonary hypertension.

  19. sarah

    cool id like to try it << just wanna be 2 fitty

  20. hannah

    so is your daily diet? about how many calories do you eat and excersice. thanks, because i’m trying to model and i’m 5’9 and a half, almost 5’10 and 15 years old,

  21. corrin

    thats not bad at all i could do it no prob i eat way less then them on the daily basic
    11:00 Banana
    3:00 koshi bar
    6:00 kosher hotdog

  22. Siva Prasad

    My typical diet is as follows:
    Morning: 2 eggs without yellow yolk + skim milk.
    Lunch: 1 cup of cucumber + 1 apple + 1 cup of tomatoes(if you like).
    Dinner: 2 wheat roti(Indians)with sugar or milk/2 slices of grilled chicken/ 2 slices of sandwich with butter.
    Snacks: 2 or 3 fruit juices without ice and milk.
    Snacks should be taken once in between breakfast and lunch and once or twice in between lunch and dinner.

    Diet period is 7-10 days. Don’t exceed more than 10 days.You can reduce about 2-4kg in a this period.

    Note: If you follow this diet… make a gap of at least 20 days before each diet period.

  23. Dizzy

    Eat to live don’t live to eat.

  24. relatedtohumans

    I’m bulimic too…I realized that my dream was killing me and I stopped. For a while and then the monster came back and now it eats me alive…

  25. relatedtohumans

    Augh! These comments are pissing me off if your a model it should not be required for you to risk your life…I know you want to keep your jobs and all but if my job told me I had to look like this that and the other I would quit!I think models should be healthy looking not a tad on the sickly side…Healthy as in I kick ass in the gym…

  26. relatedtohumans


  27. alex

    I’m a teenager (16) and what I would eat per servings is around the same amount as the 21 year old female model.
    Diets are not so great for you. If you go on a diet and then come off it you are more likely to put on more weight then before because of some thing to do with your metabolism rate going down then up.
    I would eat per day:

    Breakfast: A small bowl of porridge (the sashay one’s) and a cup of tea.
    Lunch half a role (because I would eat the other half at recess.)
    Afternoon: An apple because I would need that food to do my home work or else I would get really sleepy.
    Dinner: A small bowl of paster or some thing like that. Or if it was lamb or something I would have one lamb chop with small rice and salad or whatever.
    And another apple or fruit for dessert. I try to have my diet as healthy as possible

    • Holiday

      Eliminate the carbs darling.

    • Ebony

      I am 15
      Hope this explains the reason for gaining weight when coming off a diet.
      When either starving yourself or on a strict diet your body becomes used to not consuming as much so when your body takes in any food is stores it because it is unaware of when it will be able to “refuel”, so when you come off a diet and your body takes in more food then it had then become used to, you are putting more food into your system causing you to gain weight.
      Hope this make sense and you have a great day 😀

  28. VIVI

    EU acredito que sim !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. jessica

    I’m just starting my modeling job and the only part thats holding me back is food! I’ve been reading a lot on what’s healthy and what’s not. I feel like being skinny has nothing to do with weather its healthy or if your hurting your body. I agree with Elana. I’ve just turned 16 and I would have to say that I eat WAY to much food, healthy and unhealthy. A lot of people say, “starting today im going to eat healthier.” But they don’t so they say that the next day after they finish their ice cream cone. Another thing they say is, “I will lose weight if only i eat healthier” But they don’t put into consideration that just maybe its not ALL of what they stuff into their mouths but how much that might be! Like i said im still struggling with it and it truly is hard! but food is just food. At the end of the day you can either feel guilty from your choices as to what you ate or you can CHOOSE to feel satisfied and good about it. Being a model is a gift that you shouldn’t through away just because you cant manage the food you eat! This has always been a dream of mine, to be a model and it takes sacrifice. Its making me a stronger person and i guess you could say that being a model makes me healthier!

    • molly

      I’d honestly recommend these websites:
      (shes the face of Ralph Lauren and has a health food blog…its incredible and healthy) (Male model Cesar Casier’s blog and he is the author of the cookbook for models: Model Kitchen)

      Also: On youtube:::: amodelrecommends

  30. Naveen

    This is a great article on improving the tonality of the body.

  31. 17mCanada Anorexic

    I wish i was a model. ihate my body ad have been off and on again bulimic. i want help but have no one toturn too.

    • Holiday

      Tell your doctor.

  32. mickeymouse

    it really depends what you’re currently eating / how much you exercise?

  33. mickeymouse

    my diet:
    one salad a day – avocado, olives, lettuce, tomato, carrot, celery with vinegar and sunflower seeds.
    + 3 cups of green tea.
    sometimes i’ll have porridge.. or almond butter on toast for breakfast.

  34. gnocchi

    maybe cut down on all that crap??
    you wouldn’t be so overweight.

    • Yyyyy

      Says the person with a food name

  35. Arianna

    Honestly, everyone needs to calm down…
    The editor and the female model had pretty terrible diets, but I’m sure whoever wrote the article chose the most scandalous! entries possible.
    They all have low calorie diets, but that’s the industry. I doubt they all eat like this, all the time, or else they would be too unhealthy to be able to build up a career. The ones who eat the least on this are probably eating 800-1200 calories, which is low but not ridiculously low.
    I know. I have an eating disorder and doing daily activities is tiring, let alone working on runway. I’m not saying that any of their diets are completely healthy or even long term sustainable, and I definitely don’t promote eating disorders.
    Still, it’s not as low as you might think it is. People underestimate the calories in food, especially in other people’s food.
    The editor is eating about 725 calories.
    The female model is eating about 950 calories.
    The male model is eating about 2200 calories.

    This is my diet:
    breakfast –
    1 cup peppermint tea w/ 1 packet Truvia.
    lunch –
    2 glasses Diet Coke.
    dinner –
    1 bell pepper w/ salt.
    1 glass Diet Coke.
    _39.3 calories

    • newyorkmodel

      a good way to be model thin is to eat every 2 hours a small snack that is healthy for example. 1 egg and 6 sprigs of asparagus, yogurt with rasins, bag of raw veggies, half a bagel with pesto and a slice of tomato, banana with almond butter, salad with chicken, walnuts/dried fruit. And exercise! Try HIIT as well as cardio. Do not be hungry, if your body is starved your metabolism slows down. Eat until you’re full and stop and drink lots of water and work out at least 5 times a week for 30-60 mins.