Diet Delivery: Rating the Plans

By Jim F


Epicurious have compared five popular delivered (prepared) diets. Fresh and whole foods win the ratings.Rankings (from best to worst)

  1. Deliciously Yours (formerly eDiets Express) – Daily cost: $39.26
  2. Zone Chefs – Daily cost: $52.13
  3. Pure Foods Low Carb (formerly Atkins at Home) – Daily cost: $47.80
  4. Jenny Craig – Daily cost: $23.99
  5. Nutrisystem – Daily cost: $12.23

In many ways you get what you pay for – although $52 a day for the Zone meals is very expensive.

Home delivered diets are experiencing a surge in popularity – but I wonder how sustainable it is over the long term.

See the very comprehensive review over at Epicurious.

See also our huge list of diet delivery providers.


  1. Rebecca Shook

    Epicurious has now rated diet to go as number 1 with ediets following behind them.

  2. Dianna

    I see Epicurious rated eDiets #1 but that was based on a 2007 evaluation. I’m surprised Epicurious hasn’t done a more current evaluation. My goodness it’s been five years.