Beer as a Post Workout Drink

By Jim F

2655-BEERSIGN.jpgProfessor Manuel Garzon, of Granada University in Spain has decided that beer is better for post-workout hydration than plain water.

You’re probably saying, “Hunh?” Professor Garzon believes that the stuff found in beer – the salts, sugars, and bubbles – reenergize the body after a workout and help it to better absorb water.

This could be the miracle news frat bothers have been waiting decades for! The research, conducted at Granada University in Spain, included 25 students. Not a particularly diverse sample group given that many students are seasoned beer drinkers; most college kids are partially embalmed.

For the study, students were asked to run on a treadmill in very hot temperatures. After the exercise half the group were given a pint of beer, while the others received the same volume of water (from The Telegraph).

Professor Garzon concluded that beer had a ‘slightly better’ hydrating affect than water.

From the Daily Mail:

He believes the carbon dioxide in beer helps quench the thirst more quickly, while beer’s carbohydrates replace calories lost during physical exertion.

A strange conclusion given that alcohol is considered a diuretic – not to mention coming out the other end too.

Important info for the drinker

Who knows if this study has any real merit, so don’t use these “findings” as an excuse to get sloshed. According to the World Health Organization, alcohol consumption is the third largest risk factor for disease worldwide. It is the second largest in Europe.

Each year, alcohol results in 2.5 million deaths. And amongst young people, ages 15 to 29, 9% of deaths are alcohol related.

Ideally, teens and alcohol should never mix, but it is unavoidable that they would be exposed to alcohol sooner or later.

Excessive consumption of alcohol can raise the risk of heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver, and certain cancers.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines heavy drinking as more than two drinks per day for men and more than one drink per day for women.

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  1. cody

    well I hope it’s not too bad to drink beer after a workout, I was just at the gym for 2 hours, now I’m gettin my drink on! (made sure I drank a little water though)

  2. dave

    beer is not fattening. There is no FAT in beer. its what ppl eat while they are drunk that makes them fat (usually fast food). Who ever drinks beer after a post workout and thinks it is a good idea is not smart and doesnt know what they’re doing in the gym.

  3. Eric

    I agree. This is the most absurd study I have ever seen.

  4. Health Fitness Reports

    I wonder what this study would find as a better long term hydration drink. Considering you do get more dehydrated from beer than water in the long term.

  5. murdo

    Briliant! iv just finished a 8mile run and googled the effect of beer after a run (i promised my self i would only drink on the weekend….its a monday, i was craving a cold pint!) to find this artical (regardless of its truth) has made me feel less guilty : )

  6. ady71

    you should be hydrating during the workout if possible , and a post workout protein shake is necessary if you cant get adequate food in you within 45 mins or so after the workout

  7. Jeff

    This study never says that beer is the best form of rehydration. It states that after exercise 1 pint of beer is more beneficial towards the body’s hydration effect than the same volume of water. It doesn’t recommend that you drink more than a pint because not drinking in moderation would make it more of a diurtic. The study also recommends that men drink 500 milliliters a day and women drink 250 milliliters a day. Drinking in moderation can help lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease. The key word here is moderation. And lastly the study admits that while a pint of beer may be “slightly better” than water it is blown away in comparison to a sports drink.

  8. Andrew

    Beer is away better after a long hot run than chemical laden sugar water (sports drinks turn toxic when the ascorbic acid and sodium benzoate sit together in light). The trick is choosing the right beer – a good hefeweizen like UFO (harpoon brewery) with a slice of lemon is perfect. Hefeweizen (wheat) style beers are great because they are unfiltered (hence the cloudiness), and the yeast in them are loaded in B-vitamins. The hops in them also contain ellagic acid, a potent anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant. Pair this up with some spicy indian food and you have the ultamite post run meal.

  9. adam

    I’m a guy who just got out of the marines, i used to be stationed in southern california and well i think everyone knows that we drank the college kids to shame while running 6 to 10 miles each day at least in my old platoon, most of us would quit drinking right at revely and start again as soon as the run was over, but we conditioned for that kind of thing. in the end i’ve never had a negative effect from it, running with the hangover used to encourage me to run faster and get done with running so i could drink a nice cold beer while taking a PT shower

  10. John Smith

    Rubbish! Beer – good after exercise? Beer literally sucks! Makes you pee all the times. Tastes like yack! If you drink a lot, it gives you hangover the next day and makes you hungry all the times and increases acidity!

    Body needs water after exercise not a dehygrating agent!

    This looks to me as a rediculous and lousy attempt to mislead people!

  11. Mariya

    aop said:
    Drinking alcohol after a workout will F**K you up fast.[…]

    thanks for the info 🙂 will try it one day

  12. courtney

    the puritans actually preferred beer over water…beer usually makes me feel DEhydrated. while it’s nice on a hot day or at night with friends (or, as a college student like me, as a semi-cheap and filling breakfast)i can’t imagine working my ass off at the gym and then negating the whole workout with a beer. sounds yummy, but probably isn’t the best unless you’re trying to maintain/gain weight.

  13. blog nerd

    Come on, now, how is beer “like poison to your heart and cardio system”

    If you look it up alcohol in moderate amounts is very GOOD for your heart.

    The Puritans have left a dark, dark stain on the American soul.

    Beer is bad for you? Talk about poisonous…


  14. julie

    Reminds me of a bunch of folks I ran into one day, they called themselves “Hash House Harriers”. They referred to themselves as a drinking club with a running problem. Kinda cute? I’m not a beer fan, and try to minimize alcohol, because it’s fattening, but other than that, sounds like fun.

  15. Mark Holowaychuk

    I like the fact that they use the exact words of “slightly better”. That really tells us a lot LOL. For all we know it could be 0.000000000001% better.

    Nothing wrong with experiments that test out the benefits of beer though 🙂

  16. Bill

    I like to joke about beer being good for you since I like to drink it but we all should know the facts. Beer slows your metabolism, is very good for helping you lose weight, and is somewhat like poison to your heart and cardio system.

    But yes I still do like it.

  17. Dan

    Glad I don’t go to that university. That’s the most absurd study I’ve heard of in a while. Beer is a horrible post-workout drink. It makes you go to the bathroom even more, so you’ll be even more dehydrated. Plus, the carb content in beer isn’t nearly as good as some other drinks. Not to mention the amount of essential electrolytes in not very high. Check out ACE’s (American Council on Exercise) explanation.

    Copy & paste the link:

  18. Diet Fiend

    hah very nice I will try that out next time.

    I always remember my grandpa telling me that after he played baseball games the only thing that would quench his thirst was beer so he can attest to that.

  19. will o' the wisp

    In Buenos Aires, they rehydrate with Quilmes beer while dancing all night till the break of dawn.

  20. Hopsan Yeast

    When I was in my twenties, me and my squash trainer used to play (hard) for 2 hours solid and then go and drink 5-6 pints of beer in the club bar. Twice a week! I always felt great in those days – now I’m in my 40s I can’t stand the pace like that. I don’t play squash anymore…..

  21. Angie

    Ya, not so much my choice of liquids, especially after a hard workout…Ill stick to my protein shake and water!

  22. Heather


  23. Superwoman

    well most people are trying to get rid of the calories by working out, etc:) and in the end you are more dehydrated anyhow, since alcohol dehydrates you even you if might feel more hydrated

  24. Stuart

    Be careful about this, especially if you are seriously dehydrated after a vigorous workout. I re-hydrated (re-brewated?) with beer after a six mile run and was almost immediately slammed by the alcohol hitting my kidneys. I felt like I’d been karate chopped in the side. It was painful for days afterwards. So my advice: rehydrate before rebrewating.

  25. aop

    Drinking alcohol after a workout will F**K you up fast.

  26. Spectra

    There was a running club in my hometown called the “Beer Runners” and they would go for 10 or 12 mile runs along the lakeshore and afterwards, they’d hit a different bar each week and drink pints of beer. I wasn’t a member, but a friend of mine was. He swore that it was the best post-running drink ever. I personally don’t like drinking beer right after running because usually my stomach’s pretty empty and the beer goes straight to my blood.

  27. Katie

    Having never used beer as post-workout hydration, I can’t speak from experience. However, I think if I was working hard enough to need something to drink, beer would make me extremely nauseous. Even the aftertaste of unsweetened peppermint tea in my water bottle bothered me some this morning. But all three sure are tasty. Just not together.

  28. blog nerd

    actually the way we understand diuretic beverages is changing thanks to a british study on, of course, tea (but could beer be far behind)–it seems that some drinks that we consider diuretic will eventually help to keep a water balance, so it will only be a diuretic if we have an excess of water.

    it’d be nice to learn that beer is the same way.

    also, though, ethnic background seems to also have an effect on whether a beverage is diuretic or not. they did a study on alcoholism a long while ago and it seems some ethnic groups will become quickly dehydrated while others will not. (This was a hypothesis as to why one person will keep drinking to excess while others will stop. Theory was some get dehydrated the more they drink so they keep ordering drinks.)

    The latter type was found in warmer climates.

  29. sheddingpounds

    lol staci
    They do that already, now it’s legitimate reason for it.

  30. staci

    I can just see the head lines! : “College football teams around the nation stock up on post game kegs”…”Water boy replaced by Brewsky boy?”

  31. One Big Health Nut

    I have no doubt that many people will rejoice at this news. Well it’s better to drink beer than consuming that fizzy flavored sugar loaded fake sport drink. But while beer may quench thirst more efficiently, I doubt that I can tolerate the taste of beer when I am very thirsty. I’ll choose water anytime. But if you want to buy me a beer few hours afterward, I won’t say no.