Walking for Weight Loss

By Jim F

2962-walking-for-weight-loss.jpgFitness trends come and go. Spinning, Cardio Striptease, Pilates, Vibration Machines – there are loads of different exercise routines other there.

Any kind of exercise is good – anything that you can enjoy that gets your body moving is a good thing.

If all the options and trends are too much – then it’s time to fall back on the most accessible exercise – walking.

The Benefits of Walking

Many people underestimate the effectiveness of walking for weight loss and heart health. All exercise burns calories, but not all exercise is necessarily using fat as the primary source of those calories.

  • Walking is a great calorie/ fat burner,
  • Reduced injury risk than running, jogging, or other more intense exercise. If joint pain is an issue you can opt for an elliptical trainer which emulates the ambulatory motion of walking, but without any impact on joints.
  • Walking is something you can do anywhere – no special gear required – except maybe a good pair of shoes (these are a necessity). A pedometer is useful (but not necessary) and makes it easy to keep track of pace and duration.
  • Walking strengthens the heart, leg muscles, core, and releases endorphins.

Making Walking More Intense

i-b6d68f5065d9f5e05e44e0806471dd1d-walking.jpgYou can burn even more calories from walking by adding a view variations.

  • Walk in a hilly area– Gravity increases resistance.
  • Walk in loose sand– Perfect for those near the coast.
  • Use poles– These engage the upper body more.
  • Use ankle weights– Perfect for those that live in flat areas.
  • Power Walking– You might look funny, but it works.

Also, you can use this simple formula to get more weight loss from walking

Base your activity on the following formula: moderate exercise = about 1,000 steps for every 10 minutes. Intense exercise = about 2,000 steps for every 10 minutes.

Has walking been successful for you?


  1. Lukas

    Hi all,
    i am 27 old, 5’4″. Over an year i was walking around 1.8 miles to work (lasting 30 minutes), but i was still on the same weight.
    In January, i was on 158 lbs and i decided to walk more, so i started walk 2.6 miles to and from work, 5 days every week.
    And all that time i was doing some little exercise, about 15 minutes/day, just some pushups, something for abs.. just simple practices to stay flexible… like for school kid 🙂
    Just with little changes in meals (one of the biggest was one muffin per day to one muffin per week ;)… and still eating as breakfast oatmeals with a lot of chocolate 🙂

    And now, after 4 and half months, i am on 147 lbs. Every month i lose 2.5 lbs. My goal is get other 15 – 20 lbs down, probably without problem until end of a year.
    Some little muscles on, some (more) fat off. In mirror its not so visible (at least for me), but i leave my old belt…

    Just walking, some patience and you will be healthier.


    (15 May 2011)

  2. candie

    ur rude

  3. mason

    stop tryna loose weight fat bitches like ur self as u are danm

  4. maria

    thats good

  5. tammy

    Thats good to hear, im happy for you. Whats your daily intake like. Do you walk fast or moderately and how often do you walk.

  6. Ashley

    Hi Marisa,
    I’m not sure how old you are but I see that you say that you are taking flax and whey protein. If you have not gone through menopause, then flax is not a good source for you as it contains a great amount of estrogen. Too much estrogen in the body can make it very hard to lose weight.

  7. Shayna

    maybe it is because you eat too much healthy foood . it’s qood to eat healthy food, and walkk (which you’re doinq) , but you can’t eat tooo much food , you have to you have to BURN MORE CALORIES THAN YOUU EATT ! and don’t eat less foood, because your excersiise plan won’t workk . Have a balance w. foood nd walkinq, i promise you, it will work !

  8. Renae

    Hello everyone–I’m not sure how old these posts are but I’d like to add something.

    I just turned 50 this year and am about 100 1bs overweight. I have not had a life-long weight issue, just over the past 15 years or so.

    Anyway, one suggestion I have–especially for those of you changing your eating habits but not seeing any progress, pay attention to your protein and your fiber! I knew my fiber intake was low but because I’m such a huge chicken eater, I assumed my protein was fine. When I started to pay attention to it, I realized that I was falling very short on my protein intake. I am noticing that it is making a difference.
    Don’t under estimate I important this is!

    As for walking, I use a treadmill. I have a chronic illness–lupus and severe allergies so walking outside isn’t a good choice for me. But I do try to vary my walking on the treadmill so that my body doesn’t get used to it. Sometimes for example, I’ll just walk very leisurely. I’m just trying to get the excercise in and not necessarily burn fat, calories or anything but I’m doing something! Sometimes I walk with a lot of intensity and within that workout will often change the incline and the speed, etc. The key for me is not to wear myself out because I can so easily with my illness. I may have the energy but pay for it greatly later. So I try to focus on the distance. Each day I will tell myself what distance I want to walk. It’s usually at least a mile and depending on how I’m feeling that day will determine the intensity at which I work out. Once I reach my distance goal, I’m done but if I’m feeling especially good and have time, I’ll keep going! I find that by listening to my body and adjusting my workout to how I feel each day is much more effective for me and I don’t dread it so much!

    I hope this helps someone. Good luck to you all!

  9. stepharina

    Hi i am 19 and i just had a baby 3 months ago. i weigh 153 pounds and my goal is to get down to 125. i just started walking everyday for 30 minutes like 3 times a day and i eat wheat bread for breakfast and like very little for lunch and dinner. i dont eat after 6. i just started this routine just a few days ago. how long do you think it will take me to lose weight. thank you

  10. theresa green

    Hi, I was having the same problem, and found out that I had an underactive thyroid gland and adrenal fatique. I am on medication now (a compound t3and t4 as t4 alone did not work for me) and I am losing weight like no tomorrow with walking and eating healthy.

    Good Health To You

  11. one time

    liar….I eat nothing but pure healthy foods, in many cases organic. I walk miles upon miles, I have lost nothing and gained severe back issues..You are a liar.



  13. marshelle

    you can all so try incline 3 or 4 incline

  14. marshelle

    don’t give up i heard women benefit from intervel training so try speed up to 4.5 for a min or two, every five min or so but don’t stop it is helping even if you don’t see right away

  15. Jasmin

    Hi I’m new to this forum, I weigh 225 pounds, I also have asthma, my doctor says I need to take blood pressure medicine, which I am afraid to take with all the side effects.I am debating on taking them, I bought a treadmill and trying to cut back on salt, my problem is, I can only walk 2.6 – 2.7 on the machine, I get so tired and can’t hardly breathe, I then have to take it down to 2.5. I do this 45- 50 minutes each day. I burn around 200 calories and walk 2 miles. I went to the local gym on a one week pass, and their treadmill felt so much lighter and I was able to do 3.0 on it without getting tired.Can I lose weight on my machine at home walking at such a low speed. When I walk at 2.5 I can breathe so much easier.

  16. jas

    i am 14 5’6 and 172 lbs i am nt not fat i hve alot of muscle and my bones are extremely large for a girl my age but i want to get a little bit smaller i started with 3 miles a day on the tredmill i did 6 miles today in between 3mph and 4mph can continuing this help me loose weight in about 2 months and watching what i eat,no sodas 😉 just water and cutting back on alot of snacking??

  17. N

    I walk 2 hours a day (6 miles) in the morning and I often jog 3 miles in the evening. I’m just doing it for health benefits. I’m already very healthy (5’2 and 97 lbs).

  18. Ms. Jackson

    I have lost another 2 lbs, making my total weight loss 8lbs.

  19. Ms. Jackson

    I have lost 6 lbs in two weeks. I recently had surgery and now i have to make healthy eating habits. NO MORE FRIED FOODS. LOW FAT DIET. I have been eating fresh fruits, soups, salads, and lean cuts of meat (grilled). I also walk 5 miles everyday. I am 6’0″ tall and i want to lose 24 more pounds by the end of the summer. Please offer encouraging words and advice to help me along the way.

  20. kay

    Try a low carb diet if nothing else has worked. I lost 12 lbs in 8 weeks with low carb diet and walking 3 miles a day. I used a Ricotta cheese made with skim milk to make deserts—-sounds gross actually taste great. Use splenda to make it sweet and unsweetened cocoa powder for chocolate—add peanuts for a Reeses’s peanut butter cup taste. Very low calorie and low carb. You can also use lemon juice instead of chocolate with splenda to sweeten and the Ricotta taste like key lime pie! This helped me!

  21. MIMI

    Hi,I am 34yrs old and my height is 5’5 and i weigh 245 pounds. I went to see the doctor about my weight and she said that my metabolism had stopped when I had my last child and that’s why my weight kept packing on. I couldn’t break a sweat but ever since I started walking I sweat (my clothes is soaked) ALOT. She said that I needed to excercise to get my metabolism going again. I’ve started walking (fast) every morning since then. I also started eatting healthy -fruits and vegs and left behind all breads, sweets and cokes. All I drink is water. I walk 6-7 miles a day…I was wondering how long will it take me to at least lose 100 pounds within a year? I am currently wearing a size18-20 and I really want to go down to a size7.I am desperate to lose this weight and my will-power is very strong. I actually feel like I am getting addicted to walking now 6 days a week. Please respond.

  22. Emma

    hi!! its summer vacation for me and i wamted to lose about 10 lbs since i weigh 134 at 5’5″ and i have a flabby stomach and pretty large butt. i have a tredmill and have walked for 25 mins everyday at a high speed and gain a half pound…how long do u think itll take me to tone up && if my excercis plan isnt right wat should i do? (: helppppp!!?? thanks

  23. cindel

    You’re probably gaining muscle.

  24. denise

    Hi Angie,

    I am 45, have a thyroid problem and had a hysterectomy last June and since then have gained weight. I am so frustrated and started 2 weeks ago walking every evening approx. 1 hr and in the past week started walking the same during my lunch hr but it is so hard and I know what u r feeling. My legs hurt, my calves and I dont understand it as u would think as u walk every night your calves would be ok by now but they are not. I have not lost weight either, I have been watching my meals and eating salads and no sweets but still no weight loss. I am so happy u r doing well.

  25. Sri

    Thanks for your advice Lior. Its been 3 and half weeks since I start doing exercise/Diet. I’ve lost 5 lbs so far. I have very long way to go to reach my goal.

  26. Lior


    First of all, don’t be so hard on yourself. Stuff like this happens to a lot of people, and I highly doubt you’re no longer beautiful. You’re doing something to change your weight, so good on you. Without knowing your height, it’s hard to say what your caloric intake should be, but if you keep watching your calories and keep walking/exercising, YOU WILL reach your goal. Guaranteed.

    I used to be an athlete, but like so many, I stopped cold after college and packed on the weight something intense (95lbs. in five years). After trying to being “college Lior” and running and then getting hurt time after time, I decided to finally ditch it and try walking. I started in January 2009 and have lost 85lbs. in one year (60 in the first five months). I started walking about 3.5 miles a day and got up to 6 miles at one point before settling on 4.5-5 miles. Now that I’m lighter I mix in running three days a week for 2 miles with another 2-3 miles of walking after. That, combined with some light weight training has me looking in better shape at 30 than I was at 25.

    I echo the advice about getting that favorite mix together on the iPod. I’d also advise getting a language audio program (I used Pimsleur) and pick up a language or two while walking. I picked up some French and Arabic this way. I’m sure I sounded a little funny talking to myself in foreign languages, but it worked.

    Congrats to everyone who has had made the choice to do something about their weight and best of luck!

  27. Sara

    I am 33 years old female and weighs 160lbs. I would like to loose 40lbs in 6 months. I am suffering from under active thyroid problem. I am taking medication for that and my the thyroid levels are normal now. I recently bought a Sole F80 treadmill to start working out. I am walking 20 mins in the morning 3 mph and 1 hr in the evening 3 mph. All together I am able to walk 4 miles per day. As I am the starter I would probebly increase the intensity of walking in future(may be after 3 to 4 weeks). I am planning to to do weights also. Daily my intake is around 1500 to 1800 calories.

    Is this enough to reach my goal? Please respond. I am very desparate to loose weight. I used to weigh 122 lbs 7 years ago(before having kids). Because of having kids and suffering from Hypo Thyroid I’ve gained lot of wight. Because of this weight gain I am scared of looking myself in the mirror. I was very beautiful when I was in my college days.

  28. Kathleen Williams

    HI- I am 50 years old- my weight was always between 130-135 now I am at 165 the highest I have ever been- I just starting walking on the tread mill this week- i average 3 miles a night – speed 2.7 incline is at 2 working on that- but i feel better and I can see the inches coming off- It takes time but well worth it…

  29. Libby

    Tammy, does your gym have a “body fat estimator”? If so, find out what your fat % is. That is a more telling indicator of health than weight.

  30. Jurgen

    At 43 years of age and standing at 5ft 8 , I think I weighed between 240 & 250…I’ve always been bigger than normal as thats just my husky build and body structure but still I want/wanted to lose as I saw pics of myself and didn’t like what I saw. Playing soccer in my younger years, I never noticed or cared how big I was as I always carried it well and kept up with everyone and was also pretty athletic and quick. Anyway, now in my ealy 40’s, its a different story.
    So on December 11th, 2009, I started working out. I put the treadmil on incline 15 (the highest notch) and walk briskly starting at 3.3 and rotating up to 3.7/8 and am now up to 3.69 miles or 5.9 KM in 62 minutes daily…I still don’t care and will not weigh myself as I do not want to get discouraged by looking at the scale but people who see me in the gym and at work, notice the change in me. I feel great and since 12/11/09, I’ve missed a total of only 6 days……I don’t care about looking like a model nor do I care to stop as I get fired up by the work out every day. I eat sensibly, fiber ceral nonfat milk, apple , orange, yogurt, salad and maybe a sandwich . I also drink lots of water and do not really eat junk or fast foods or any bagels, pasta or pizza….although I noticed a slight change in my wasteline, after 7 weeks, I’d just like to know how much longer (how many more months) will it be before I can lose maybe 5-6 more inches off my waste and/or before I will notice a significant change when I look in the mirror?

  31. sharon

    i walk one hour per day 7 days a week and i travel roughly 5km, i also cycle to work every day and back which is half an hour each way. Over three years i have lost roughly 25 kilos and i feel fantastic. I exercise in rain hail or shine, without fail. i never diet…don’t believe in that. i eat sensibly but if i feel like it i eat chocolate , ice-cream etc…i do all this for a healthy body but mostly for a healthy mind as i suffer depression….

  32. Marti

    Hi Sandy,

    I could totally relate to what you said about when you’re the most stressed, you don’t exercise. I too am trying to break that habit. Marti

  33. Jas

    My dad is 65. When he turned 60, he got his Freedom Pass, meaning he could use all of London Transport for free. He ditched the car and started walking everywhere and he lost 60 pounds. He is reallllly slim now, I didn’t think he could be so thin.

    My friend was a size 12 (UK size) and very slim. I didn’t think she could be any slimmer until she moved to Australia. When she came back to England, she was a size 8! I asked her how, and she said she did a lot of walking and the weight melted away.

    I used to weight train really hard and do intensive aerobic exercise (I used to follow the famous Body for Life programme of exercise). I lost 30 pounds…. And put it back on again. I got fed up of all the injuries I’d sustain, and the very intensive exercise used to have me feeling drained and not enjoying life. I just wasn’t enjoying it, the only thing I enjoyed was looking at myself in the mirror, and all that vanity, just wasn’t me.

    So I’m taking inspiration from my friend and my father. A change in their circumstances, resulted in a change in their waistlines!

    I recently started a new job, and now I sprint walk to work, and I’m walking for around 50 minutes – 1 hour a day, doing very fast walking. I started off walking at my own pace, and I found myself wanting to walk faster!

    Walking is the way! Good luck guys!! xx

  34. Michael

    1st thing first,if you want to lose weight walking,ITS ALL WHAT YOU EAT..!!!!
    2nd 3.5 miles is to fast,& 30 min is not long enough.

    You need to eat at 7am 10pm Noon 2pm 5pm then have a snack at 7pm.DO NOT eat anything after that.
    And put the treadmil on a 5 degree incline walking up hill. 2.5 miles an hr should be fine to start,walk for 1hr or more a day,(I walk on a 7 to 10 degree incline for 2hrs everyday)you will get there,buy a hart monitor and keep your hart at 135 to 140 if you are 30 to 40 yrs old. Give me 4 months of that and you will lose weight

  35. Myra

    I’m pregnant with my fourth child, I’ve been walking 2.5-3 miles 7 days a week for 1.5 weeks and haven’t seen any results. I’m 5’4 and weigh 155. I initially weighed 125 before my pregnancies.

  36. lily

    Hey, Im seveteen and I just bought a treadmill about 3 weeks ago and I’ve got to say its a great workout! Im about 5’7 and weigh 139, I do about 15 minutes at 5-6mph, I just started and plan on doing this about 5-6 times a week. I have a healthy diet, always below 700 calories, and I drink TONS of water. Anyone have any idea how much weight I might be able to loose in a months time? It would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  37. esther

    Hi! 23 lbs in 2 months? How? Can you tell me how much did you walk daily?

  38. sugar

    You can do it because I have lost 23 lbs in 2 months just walking, but I must mention that I cut my meats down to one 4oz daily.

  39. sugar

    If you are exercising like you explain and haven’t lost a pound you must be taking in too many calories or eating too much meat. Try cutting your meat down to 4oz daily, or lean meat. I would be so frustated if I have put in all the time and haven’t make any improvement. My daily activity is alot similar to yours and I have lost 23 pounds in two months.

  40. esther

    I dont think so. Its possible but weight loss takes time. You have to be careful with whatever it is you decide to do. Workout not to lose weight but to be healthy. That should be a good motivation for you to start exercising.