Walking for Weight Loss

By Jim F

2962-walking-for-weight-loss.jpgFitness trends come and go. Spinning, Cardio Striptease, Pilates, Vibration Machines – there are loads of different exercise routines other there.

Any kind of exercise is good – anything that you can enjoy that gets your body moving is a good thing.

If all the options and trends are too much – then it’s time to fall back on the most accessible exercise – walking.

The Benefits of Walking

Many people underestimate the effectiveness of walking for weight loss and heart health. All exercise burns calories, but not all exercise is necessarily using fat as the primary source of those calories.

  • Walking is a great calorie/ fat burner,
  • Reduced injury risk than running, jogging, or other more intense exercise. If joint pain is an issue you can opt for an elliptical trainer which emulates the ambulatory motion of walking, but without any impact on joints.
  • Walking is something you can do anywhere – no special gear required – except maybe a good pair of shoes (these are a necessity). A pedometer is useful (but not necessary) and makes it easy to keep track of pace and duration.
  • Walking strengthens the heart, leg muscles, core, and releases endorphins.

Making Walking More Intense

i-b6d68f5065d9f5e05e44e0806471dd1d-walking.jpgYou can burn even more calories from walking by adding a view variations.

  • Walk in a hilly area– Gravity increases resistance.
  • Walk in loose sand– Perfect for those near the coast.
  • Use poles– These engage the upper body more.
  • Use ankle weights– Perfect for those that live in flat areas.
  • Power Walking– You might look funny, but it works.

Also, you can use this simple formula to get more weight loss from walking

Base your activity on the following formula: moderate exercise = about 1,000 steps for every 10 minutes. Intense exercise = about 2,000 steps for every 10 minutes.

Has walking been successful for you?



    can i loss weight by walking.

    • ted

      Yes that was the point of the article above, if you read it.

  2. Jerko

    I lost a kidney stone..you have 3 1/2 of those?

  3. xstarteenx

    I’ve just started my treadmill weightloss..eating less and doing 30mins in the morning and 30 mins in the evening am a healthy weight for my height but am just wanting to lose 7 pounds so I can get back into my size 8’s.. always been size 8 but after my twins a went up to a 10 …good luck everybody !