The Most Popular Celebrity Diet

By Jim F

Celebrities and diets are a perennial hot topic. Much of the magazine industry thrives on speculating as to who is eating what. It’s no surprise really – celebrities seem to look different at every photo opportunity – it’s hard not be curious about the so-called “diet secrets”.

So what is the most popular celebrity diet?

Jennifer Aniston
The most famous zone dieter

I have no scientific analyses, no comprehensive surveys – but I will take an educated guess. I believe the Zone Diet (or Zone style of eating) is the number one choice for the “B-list” downwards – and possibly even the A-list as well.

I can almost hear your comments; “But the Zone diet is some aging fad that’s past its due date”. Not so. Dr. Barry Sears book was published over 10 years ago – but its popularity has remained consistent.

Why the Zone?

  • Even on Amazon the book still sits around the top 1500 mark.
  • On the Internet, the Zone Diet has consistently remained one of the most popular diet search terms over the last 4 or 5 years.

What About the Celebrities?
Here’s the clincher: Rich busy people use diet food delivery services.

Of these services, I believe the Zone-style meals are the most popular choice for home delivery. I continue to be amazed at the number of companies offering this service and the growth in this area. Most of these home delivery services have a long list of high-profile customers.

If you could easily afford $1000-1200 per month for delicious fresh food delivered daily to your door – why bother messing around with shopping and cooking?

UPDATE: See a complete list of 70+ diet delivery services that will deliver food to your home.


  1. Cali

    I keep seeing Jennifer Aniston being touted as the Zone Diet celebrity – that leads to people think she does the Zone Diet Delivery, which is a lie. The only article that came out said she follows the sears diet guidelines on her own. She would never be caught eating that delivery service – I tried it and it’s fair at best and they never answer your calls and poor delivery habits. I think that Susan’s Healthy Kitchen and Freshology make the best and highest quality foods delivered. But hey I’m not a celebrity just another dieter who is always looking for a good tasting plan thats reliable to lose weight.

  2. Annie S.

    Another great diet delivery service is Freshology. All the celebrities are on it (J.Lo, Ricki Lake, Lil’Kim, Mel B etc.) and they have all recently been in the news for how much weight they have lost and kept off. Freshology is a gourment, calorie controlled, fresh and organic meal delivery service. Sounds better than all of these other diets to me!

  3. Brandon

    Hi i really think that jennifer aniston is really hot.

  4. Celebrity Workouts

    Without a proper exercise program people will not see the full potential of their diets. Many celebrities have a strict workout program in addition to their diet.

  5. melissah beestry

    i think that diets are really good, but only small amount of people should eat it for the risk of diabetes and celebs should eat normal foods because every one looks beautiful in the inside and look beautiful at the outside. make up are hiding the real natural beauty. but i understand that some of us feel uncormfortable, but it would help people to show themselves and kids because some kids want to be just like their fans and kids can die to be trying.

  6. Shin Shan


  7. Krystal Warnock

    I think That all diets are stupid because people should be happy with the way that God Made them and stop trying to change that! Stupid assholes!

  8. Kris Colello

    I was an obese child. When I got older it was crucial to find a diet that worked all the time. I gain weight so, so easily.

    The prepackaged diet foods are full of preservatives and the artificial sweeteners on the market cause so many side effects. In fact, many of the artificial sweeteners on the market are dangerous and build up in our tissue…

    ORGANICFEELSBEST.COM is all about keeping healthy – I
    continously read this guide booklet! It’s the best “diet”.

  9. Kris Colello

    I am amazed at how people are so hoodwinked into believing that a diet will help them to lose weight and keep it off. I eat “outstanding” foods for my health. I spend at least 3 hours a week excercising…excercise is a must!

    I could never and would never eat one of those prepackaged diet meals. The ingredients in most prepackaged diet foods can’t even be pronounced…that’s scary. I’m so glad that has the answers and is all about
    keeping slim and keeping the 1 body I have HEALTHY!

  10. Sakurapower

    All people should eat a well-balanced diet, regardless of how they look. I have the will power to change my diet from gorging on junk foods to vegetables, including steamed ones. Besides that, many celebrities are sort of shallow though I love them but the missing thing is a touch with reality, faith and health. That’s what we need.

  11. Fit Lady

    I heard a lot of celebs are switching from The Zone to The Okinawa Diet. Apparently Victoria Beckham (among others) is a big booster of this diet.

    If you google it you will find that is a ton of science behind it.

  12. khameemr

    All diets are fake. Celebrities look awful,especially women. They have no flesh because of food deprivation. If you wanna look attractive, eat healthy, a lot of vegies and lean protein and quit junk food.

  13. christy

    You should look into the Zone diet/way of life! You are wrong in thinking that it is a high cost/’fad’ diet because the Zone is actually a fancy name for a truly balanced nutritionally sound diet! It teaches you to be aware of portion sizes (America is over the top with humungous sizes!, plus the balance of protein, carbs, & fats! The excessive costs you speak of is only if you buy into the convenience of having everything prepared &/or delivered to you! That is wonderful for those who can afford it, BUT…does it train YOU to copy the daily needs of your body? How many of these rich stars will be able to actually eat a balanced meal in portion sizes without someone else doing it for them?! A little patience & measuring/weighing devices will help you to learn what makes YOUR body tick.

  14. Dietitian

    I totally agree with Spectra that it is a lot of cost-savings to buy your own groceries and prepare your own meals at home versus having to pay a “bomb” to have meals delivered to your doorstep.
    However, these delivered-meals (if carefully chosen) are effectively portioned and calorie-controlled and there are valid research studies that have shown its’ benefits on weight loss and reducing chronic disease risk factors (i.e. hypertension, high cholesterol, etc.)Plus, some of them are not too expensive, costing around $20.00 per day.
    But, if you can afford it, try out the home-delievered diet for a month or two, and use it or copy it as a way to learn how to prepare your own healthier meals or determine the correct portion size for your meals. Most of the home-delivered diet are specially tailored for your need and calorie requirement. You might discover that you have been eating way too much all this while!

  15. Spectra

    How hard could it be to stick with a diet that delivers everything you eat? No wonder celebs do it…they don’t have to think at all. The rest of us in the real world have to figure out calorie content, protein grams, fat grams, nutrients, etc. to get a healthy balanced diet. But I’d rather do that and pay $200 a month for groceries versus $1000-$1200 for delivered meals.

  16. Jo

    …hey, if things don’t work out, you can always pay for lipo, stomach stapling and gastric bypass; as well as microdemabrasion for the stretch marks. Ah, to live in excess….

  17. Jonquility

    Alot of celebs say they follow the Zone diet. Some even “say” they have their prepared and sent to them directly from the Zone Diet folks. (like NutrSystem does) Although I haven’t followed the Zone diet, my guess is that it mimicks the Atkins, South Beach, etc which I followed for about a month and got completely BORED with them. It is so much easier to eat fresh foods paying attention to portion sizes and giving in to the ocassional decadent delicacy along with exercise. I guess I am skeptical when a celeb endorses a diet. I am sure there is much more to it then following any of the diet plans such as The Zone, South Beach and Atkins.
    I am in TOTAL agreement with you!