The Indian Appetite Suppressant

By Jim F

What is all the fuss about appetite suppressants? Exactly what happens when you stop taking them?

When it was discovered that the African cactus Hoodia Gordonii had appetite suppressing qualities – an entire industry sprang up overnight. Spam and sales pitches are a dime a dozen – despite there being no assurances that any hoodia product actually does what it claims.

Caralluma Fimbriata
Good choice for the rock garden

Now there is the Indian version – an edible succulent called Caralluma Fimbriata – marketed under the brand name Slimaluma.Apparently the Caralluma plant is a vegetable used daily in rural parts of India, and it has a reputation of having appetite suppressing qualities:

Indian tribals chew chunks of Caralluma Fimbriata to suppress hunger when on a day’s hunt. This succulent is used amongst the labor classes in South India to suppress appetite and enhance endurance.

Slimaluma is already being used as an active ingredient in a number of weight loss formulas – based on the results of a few very small clinical trials.

Whether appetite suppressants in a pill form are effective or not – the overall concept is flawed. Any time you take a pill in the hopes of easy results – you fail to learn anything about healthful nutrition, better eating habits, or physical fitness. All of these factors (and more) are required to maintain a healthy lifestyle at an appropriate weight.


  1. Jan74

    If you’ve been on a couple products already, it clearly does not work for you. No point in wasting more money on yet another product.

    If you need energy to exercise, try some green tea, coffee, or regular tea.

  2. Treasa

    I’ve tried a couple of Hoodia products and felt absolutely no difference in my appitite or energy. Can someone suggest a good product? I want desperately to start exercising and eat healthier. The eating healthier is the easy part but I have no energy for the exercising. I’ve yo-yoed my whole life. I now have high blood pressure and really want to get the weight off. I’ve even got so depressed I tried to starve it off which is stupid because it just makes things worse in the long run. It’s like there is a switch in my brain and I know it needs to be switched but I just can’t reach it.

  3. Peter

    It’s interesting to read all the varying comments – all I can say is that I’ve lost 14lbs in 16 days by taking Hoodia (I’m not being paid by anyone to say this!) and by sticking to a healthy diet (lots of green vegetables, fruit etc) and by increasing my exercise regime (nothing too dramatic, just more walking). I have cut out all bread, potatoes, pasta, pastry etc haven’t felt particularly hungry. If and when I do, I eat an apple, have an orange or eat some grapes, when before I’d have a biscuit, piece of cake or a sandwich.

    I must say I feel very well on this diet – but I suspect it’s the complete regime I’ve just described which is helping me to lose lbs and I have no doubt that Hoodia is part – but only part of that.

    Good luck to everyone who is trying so hard to lose weight, especially to those finding it very difficult. Keep trying!

  4. jaded

    Have you ever wondered if the people who are writing and swearing that the product helped them to lose twenty five pounds in three weeks – (for instance) are real? I can’t help but think they are paid by the companies and are salting these discussions with their “sworn testimony”

    I want to believe – it is just hard for me to do so.

  5. T

    Happy, where can I get the HoodiThin? Could you reply to my e-mail and thanks. God bless you.

  6. T

    happy said:
    For all of those wanting to know about a Hoodia product that really does work try.. HoodiThin, this is the REAL Hoodia and yes there are very few products that have hoodia in them. I can assure you of one thing, I did the research and tried numerous other ones that did not work. This one does work and it is NOT JUST IN MY HEAD. I have tried so many[…]

  7. Mark Silvermetz

    cyndi said:

    You haven’t had the pleasure of trying Hoodoba PURE 750. On the 3rd day of my trial, 3 capsules of those before each meal obliterated my massive appetite better than 15 mgs. of prescription Dexedrine. Except the 750 mg. size, it’s the identical brand that CBS news producers anonymously tested and validated prior to sending Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes to South Africa, where she ate the actual plant and launched the Hoodia craze. From my initial 287, I’ve already lost 95 pounds from Hoodoba PURE, without exercising. I should exercise, but I thank G-d every day for this plant and the existence of a still-honest company that refuses to dilute the plant just for profit. Today, October 2, 2007, I weigh 192 pounds. If anyone knows of anything else that can keep fat off a 52-year-old as well as Hoodoba PURE 750, I’m all ears. Until then, I’ll stick with Hoodoba PURE 750.

  8. Mark Silvermetz

    Actual Hoodia gordonii IS rare, and less than 15% of “Hoodia” sold is real. The flood of counterfeits and diluted Hoodia is the key problem. Dr. David MacLean, who did the famous Pfeizer-PhytoPharm Hoodia studies confirming Hoodia’s P57AS3’s appetite suppression, attests that Hoodoba PURE contains real potent AND pure Hoodia gordonii. FACT: Before making her trip to South Africa, producers for Leslie Stahl of CBS News tried and confirmed the effectiveness of Hoodoba PURE. She used the 400 mg. size, but all of the Hoodoba PUREs (750 and 400) contain pure and POTENT Hoodia gordonii with the highest possible P57AS3 levels for appetite suppression. No other brand continuously allows Alkemists Pharmaceuticals to continually and ANONYMOUSLY PURCHASE and then TEST from the IDENTICAL SEALED PRODUCT that we consumers buy (not just testing of hand-submitted powder). They then PUBLISH the results on THEIR website to avoid misrepresentation of results. (For example, one recent Hoodoba PURE 750 batch had a confirmed w/w% value of 0.32, giving each capsule a whopping 2.4 mg. of P57AS3.) Another reason it works so potently is that Hoodoba PURE uses absolutely NO fillers, flowing agents, and the like (such as magnesium stearate, stearic acid, etc., which DILUTE the actual net weight of Hoodia powder when used). P.S. By last month, I had lost 87 pounds (down from 289) from 6 months on Hoodoba PURE. It made it much easier to eat a healthful diet since I’m not hungry. Getting enough sleep (7.5 hours) is crucial; even tripling up the Hoodia doesn’t work when I don’t sleep, and THEN pigouts occur and can cause weight to return more rapidly. Cold water also helps. About every 20 pounds down or so, if I though weight can return fast if you pigout since you’ve slowed your metabolism’s “base point.” Pure and totally POTENT Hoodia DOES work, and if you let it re-trains you, the weight will STAY off. Maintenance with Hoodoba PURE helps me from straying, but even then, I get back on track quickly. It’s available at their website at — and I get NOTHING from mentioning this. The Health Ranger (Mike Adams) praises their Hoodia as genuine and #1.

  9. Rebekah

    There have been amazing results from the hoodia plant. It have to be one of the most important discoveries in history when it comes to weight loss. Hoodia has helped millions of people, and will continue to help them. You can find out more about Hoodia and other appetite suppressants at
    You can change your life easily with this natural herb. Gain more energy, get your life back, and change your lifestyle. You’ll be able to play with your kids with out getting winded, and you will be able to fit into your “skinny” clothes again. Learn more at

  10. qwan

    I have heard of this herb that some villager in south India use. One friends friend who is botanist(Does such a work exist? I hope you got what i meant) and went into the western ghats to collect a lot of plants they were walking for days and these villagers carried real heavy loads. After a break these villagers would have dried leaf(“something similiar to what “jaguar paw” eats in Apocalypto” in the botanist’s words) and then they would never got tired. It was that guys luck he asked them what it is and has taken it back with him. I just clicked on a hoodia ad and then rememberd this and did a google for “Indian hoodia” and got this site. I heard of this kind of a herb some time back and what went to my head was “use this as weight loss supplement” Excercise like hell and lose weight. I think these things should work. If you eat a well balanced diet(limited but healthy food) and eat a vitamin supplement and use this herb to give you energy to excercise. Doing an hour of vigourous stationary cycling can burn 1400 calories. Take this herb and cycle for 3 hours a day and you will be losing 1kg every two days. I think it will be healthy. and once you stop i dont thin you will put on weight again. You need to use common sense to make these things work.

  11. happy

    Yes I didn’t post anything about the food choices I make because I thought people were just discussing natural appetite suppresants here. Anyways over the last 12 years I have read and studied many things on the best foods to eat to be healthy. Just to clarify…. when I said w/out effort in the previous posting I meant having complete control over the choices I make. Not being controlled by hunger and cravings! Sure it’s a no brainer for most people to make healthy selections when you have little or NO Appetite which is absolutely what Hoodia does for me! Just to let everyone know my sugar cravings are gone as well! I haven’t had a soda in like 4 weeks….yippee
    One more suggestion you can buy all the nutrion books in the world and all you really need is to eat food God says to eat and to eat it in the form he created it ORGANIC! Our creator made No mistakes in creating the HUMAN Body and NO mistakes creating the FOOD it would need to be healthy. There is a wonderful book detailing this by JORDAN RUBIN: The MAkers Diet. GOD BLESS!!!

  12. Sean

    Whether appetite suppressants in a pill form are effective or not – the overall concept is flawed. Any time you take a pill in the hopes of easy results – you fail to learn anything about healthful nutrition, better eating habits, or physical fitness. All of these factors (and more) are required to maintain a healthy lifestyle at an appropriate weight.

    I completely disagree with that. I’ve been taking Hoodia for about 5 months now, and I’ve lost 30 lbs on it and counting. More than that, I eat more nutritionally than ever before. I think it’s because when limiting the amount of food your body takes in, your body in turn craves nutrient-rich food. So instead of waking up in the middle of the night craving ice cream, I usually opt for an apple instead (on the very rare occasions that I DO get a craving).

    Sure, some people may just be looking for an easy way out, but most of us just don’t have the high level of self discipline required to lose significant amounts of weight, so the extra push from Hoodia has made all the difference

  13. happy

    For all of those wanting to know about a Hoodia product that really does work try.. HoodiThin, this is the REAL Hoodia and yes there are very few products that have hoodia in them. I can assure you of one thing, I did the research and tried numerous other ones that did not work. This one does work and it is NOT JUST IN MY HEAD. I have tried so many products over the years and this is the real deal.

    I have lost 25 pounds in 3 months w/out effort! I have now just started exercising because that is key to more effetive weight loss. However like the previous comment was made… sometimes when you have alot to lose you might not physically be able to start exercise right away. This was the case with me! Just 25 pounds makes a difference in someone very overweight. Hoodia does work and this product has it! The only thing I will warn you about is it took about 3 weeks to feel the full suppresant effects so don’t give up. I took 2 doses per day, it is a liquid and gets into your system quicker than a pill form. I use 2 bottles a month, each bottle has 30 doses. HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE! I truly believe God is using this to answer my prayers. God BLESS

  14. Emily

    Only 20% of Hoodia on the market is real. The other 80% is not actually pure Hoodia. Hoodia should have a C.I.T.E.S. certification to be considered real. Some websites fake the certification though.
    I find that exercising works best for me!

  15. Anna

    These products that say they have hoodia in them do not. This cactus cannot be taken out of Africa and it has not been taken out of there. So you are wasting your money and they are lying.

  16. vince

    I bought Liquid Hoodia Extreme at Wal Mart. I find that it helps somewhat. I find that it does reduce appetite to some degree. It helps me stay on my diet plan.

  17. Michelle

    I tried Hoodia today and all day I’ve been STARVING!!! My stomach is grumbling and growling nonstop. Has this happened to anyone else?

  18. Rebecca

    Iv been using hoodia on and off for 6 months, i thought it was the only appetite suppressant of that nature. I do get really bad headachs from it, surly that cant be from dehydration cause im drinking 2-3 litters of water a day. Just been reading Dr Perricone’s book, i really recomend his books as well. Fantastic. He’s recomended ‘Caralluma Fimbriata’. I would really like to try this. Im in Sydney Australia, i dont think it is in Aus yet. would anyone know how i could get my hands on some? cant find it for sale on the net either.

  19. Jamie

    I’m taking NOW Mega Hoodia 250mg caps one every 3 hours or so, whether I’m eating or not. I actually feel less hungry. The first day I would swing back and forth from feeling starving to feeling fine. I just kept some water handy, and the hunger never lasted more than 10 minutes. The second day I was able to eat really reasonably without snacks and (hear the angels singing) no snacks between dinner and bedtime! Today I’m stuck inside because of snow; just me and the fridge. I’ve had a small breakfast (bowl of cereal) and a normal (lunch half a sandwich and a few chips- not the rest of the bag!!). I’m only 15 or 20 lbs overwieght but have felt a real loss of control over my appetite & weight since I turned 32 two years ago. After reading Dr. Perricone’s books, I started to get a sense of how some of the foods I was eating were actually making me hungrier, not full. I recommend his books. He suggests caralluma fimbriata and my plan is to try it as soon as my order gets here. I hope this info is helpful. I really appreciate having this blog to read.

  20. saisa

    I want to know where did jill get her hoodia i here not all pills are equal and I need an appetite suppressant that works. I have the same problem with binge eating

  21. saisa

    JILL said:
    April [..

    i want to know where did jill get her hoodia i here not all pills are equal and i need an appetite suppressant

  22. cyndi


  23. Still Tryin'

    I just ordered the 2 products that I know of with Caralluma fimbriata in them: GenaSlim Slimluma and Slimaluma Plus. One will last 10 days, the other 15. There’s a sale on them at my supplement site and I thought I’d try them. There are 2 good reviews on the site for one of them. Website:

    Will let you know what my results are. I gained 30 pounds post-menopause (sorry, guys, I know women’s issues can be scary for you) and have had little luck in balancing myself out again. This after perfectly normal weight for my whole adult life!!! Rats, seems unfair :).

  24. TJ

    I too agree with several of the comments made about “natural” appetite suppressants. I have high blood pressure and have had a hard time trying to find something that will suppress my appetite and boost my energy so I can loose weight. One of the many side-effects of blood pressure medications is that they make you tired and listless. I feel like I’m in a catch-22. I also had no success with Hoodia. I would love to find something that can help. How do you know if you are getting a good Hoodia product? Is there anything out there that is safe that works?

  25. Kelly

    Mae, Hoodia only supresses your appetite

  26. mae

    i was just wondering if the weight would return after a person stops takin hoodia. thanks!

  27. Psyche

    In responce to Hoodia just being easy to carry… this is not the case.

    The same people don’t use it as a carrying food like we do with trail mix. Before they start their hunt they stop by a cacti, hack off a 3 inch piece or so and munch it down, they make that another chunk with them to eat 3 DAYS LATTER!!!

    What hoodia’s active chemical P57 does it act like sugar in the brain, sugar that many many many times more potent than sugar. A regular dose has such a long half life in your system that you slowly turn to baseline which may be helpfull in the need to binge do to drastic blood sugar changes being sensed by the body.. but that’s just speculation, (I’m no doctor 😉

    Beside the issue of getting a person to eat right and exorsize (when you are 50 plus pounds overwight it can be very hard to get through initial exorsize pains) I think using a suppresant to bring the weight down a bit and then starting the all essential healthy living may be helpfull IF YOU STICK TO THE DEAL and not just eat the pills.

    I’m still a bit currious though even at a 20:1 extrat of 200mg hoodia you aren’t getting anything near the amount they eat naturally, also if you were getting the natual dose you won’t need to take it so often (2xa day). Seems to me it would be at best a good blood sugar stabaliser for hypoglucemics if anything at such a low level, not a decent apitite suppresent.

    Oh well, maybe someone could answer that for us???

  28. PJ

    There are many of us out here who already know all about nutrition, what to eat, what is healthy and what is not, that you should exercise if medically possible, and so on and so on -this isn’t rocket science in the least.

    However, all of that being said, knowing all those things isn’t going to stop your hunger, because my stomach could care less about those things. When it’s hungry, it wants food, and it wants it in amounts large enough to keep me from losing weight. This is just a fact with my body, and I know my body well, and feed it healthy food for the most part. But even healthy food will either make you fat or keep you from losing weight if eaten in too large amounts. So the concept of an appetite suppresant is wonderful, especially if it is natural and will not make me nervous, jittery or raise my blood pressure.

    The problem I am encountering is actually finding a natural appetite suppresant that works. Many companies are cheating customers with claims their products have Hoodia in them, when in fact they don’t or have so little of it it has no real effect on you. I have also heard that when you do find a product with Hoodia in it, you have to take so much of it (more than what it states on the bottle) it becomes cost prohibitive. I tried the Hoodia & Nopal pill from AmerMed, and felt absolutely no appetite suppression…so buyer beware. I am also surprised no one here has tried Caralluma, as I was hoping someone could report whether it works or not.

    Wouldn’t it be great to actually list the manufacturer and name of the Hoodia or Caralluma product that worked for you here, how much you had to take, side effects and results? Just a thought… =)


  29. Sky

    Good discussions here, for the most part, especially from those who have *actually tried* the appetite suppressants. That is ever so much more useful than uninformed opinion.

    I wonder if the posters who used hoodia successfully might share how much they took and in what daily pattern, and maybe a brand name, too?

    I have used up a bottle of 100% hoodia I bought at my local CoOp and didn’t feel any reaction at all, nor did I lose appetite or weight. Is there more to it than simply taking the pill?

    Many thanks in advance, and flamers, cool it. I’m not here to argue, just to gather information. 🙂

  30. Robyn

    Here’s a good clue for those who believe in supressants. When you eat less your stomach does in fact get smaller. Hence when you try to fill it it get’s full faster. You get better results from portion control not from pills. I mean really if you were on the street and someone offered you a pill would you take it? These companies have about as much regulation. How do you know what is in them?

  31. Tincap

    I am always suprised with “appetite suppresants”. Why suppress the appetite by messing with ones brain, when you can do it through natural means instead?

    Wouldn’t a full stomach provide the same results, but through your own system? So, taking increased amounts of non-soluble fiber, and water would do the same exact thing. – Actually no, it wouldn’t. It would not be messing with ones glans and brain, it would be actually helping.

    Oh… wait… Never mind… Sorry Diet Pill industry. Didn’t mean to cut into your billion $$$ cash cow.

  32. Kookie

    congrats Jill!!!! That’s so awsome and I also love what hoodia has done for me also! 🙂

  33. JILL

    Well i understand what you all are saying, but appetite suppressants in the pill form are essential to me cuz i am a binge eater. i have tried hoodia and lost 15 pounds!!! i love it! and when i am out of pills i think that my stomach has shrunk cuz of the lack of food so therefore i will eat normally again. im 5’11” and weigh 135 lbs. my lowest ever thanks to hoodia 🙂

  34. Kookie

    Hey Jim, we are not rare individuals, we are WOMEN! who will try damn near anything once.(to get our bodies to where they need to be) And this happend to work for us so you keep doing what your doing and us the same. We are in great shape now and know nutrition! Oh and Heather, that’s so great to hear! 🙂 I did Bill Blanks Bootcamp DVD’s and those kicked my butt! LOL

  35. Jim

    Heather – I suspect you are a rare individual. Most people looking for answers in a pill form forget about any other approaches.

  36. Heather

    I agree that there is no quick fix. But if an appetite suppressant helps you to keep your mind off food while you establish new habits AND there are no side effects, then I say go for it. I did hoodia to help me get started on my weight loss journey and along with Bob Greene’s program and it worked great for me. Now, I’m totally open to the idea the effects of the hoodia could have been psychological for me, but whatever works. I was at my all-time high and needed to get my weight in check ASAP because it was affecting my health. But as Kookie said, it’s not for everyone.

  37. Melvin Groff

    As with Hoodia, Caralluma was used/found to suppress appetite while natives were on a hunt. Anyone ever consider that the excitement, stress, and physical exertion of the hunt may be the real suppressant, and these foods are just easy to carry?

  38. Kookie

    Well, I did Hoodia Slim and nutrition! And it’s a good mix cuz I got the energy I needed and the hunger gone when I was trying to lose the weight, it was right for me, but not for everyone. 🙂 But I definatley do know what you guys are saying.

  39. Vern Kirkman

    You asked the important question. “What happens when you stop taking it?” Back in the 60’s, in one of my many failed attempts to lose weight, I took prescription diet pills. I was full of energy and not hungry while taking them,but when the weight was gone and the pills were gone, I didn’t know how to eat right, I didn’t have the energy to exercise, and I gained all the weight back, plus more.
    It wasn’t until I was willing to pay the price of learning about nutrition and being willing to exercise that I lost weight.

  40. Ross

    Damn straight Jim – the thing that totally irks me about these suppressants is that they will only ever encourage yo-yo dieting and as you say, are completely flawed. The only outcome is likely to be a slower metabolism and therefore extra weight gain when you DO eat.

    I really cannot understand the logic of these pills being allowed into the mainstream – well, aside from the obvious reason (profits more important than health).