The Indian Appetite Suppressant

By Jim F

What is all the fuss about appetite suppressants? Exactly what happens when you stop taking them?

When it was discovered that the African cactus Hoodia Gordonii had appetite suppressing qualities – an entire industry sprang up overnight. Spam and sales pitches are a dime a dozen – despite there being no assurances that any hoodia product actually does what it claims.

Caralluma Fimbriata
Good choice for the rock garden

Now there is the Indian version – an edible succulent called Caralluma Fimbriata – marketed under the brand name Slimaluma.Apparently the Caralluma plant is a vegetable used daily in rural parts of India, and it has a reputation of having appetite suppressing qualities:

Indian tribals chew chunks of Caralluma Fimbriata to suppress hunger when on a day’s hunt. This succulent is used amongst the labor classes in South India to suppress appetite and enhance endurance.

Slimaluma is already being used as an active ingredient in a number of weight loss formulas – based on the results of a few very small clinical trials.

Whether appetite suppressants in a pill form are effective or not – the overall concept is flawed. Any time you take a pill in the hopes of easy results – you fail to learn anything about healthful nutrition, better eating habits, or physical fitness. All of these factors (and more) are required to maintain a healthy lifestyle at an appropriate weight.


  1. J9


    No need to be so harsh…part of the major part of the weight loss game is attitude and mentality…Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right…let them have that if that’s what it will take for someone to be successful…you completely contradicted yourself by shooting darts into the balloon of hope and then saying it’s all in your head…that’s where it needs to be…

  2. Jutza

    I tried Hoodia and that stuff made me eat more than I normally did. Honestly it triggered something in me and I ate everything I could get my hands on. I let two other people try it and they had the same thing happen to them. It’s just too bad there are so many products out there that do not work. I have yo yo dieted so much that now I cannot lose a pound. It’s very depressing. Glad Hoodia worked for you! 🙂

    • FreeSpirit

      That’s why “hoodia” (Hoo Do on your wallet) is still allowed by Fatal Drugs Allowed (FDA) goons. They don’t want you to lose weight, then they will lose their “cash cows” at the Doctor’s office and the pharmacy, as well as their buddies at Monsanto and Pepsi and Big Agra who take away nearly all the nutrients from our food supply and replace them with things that our bodies cannot process and hence, store as FAT such as HFCS, aspartame (a deadly neurotoxin with slowly accumulating effects), MSG, GMO corn and wheat, fructose and sucrose (splenda) also toxic to the body and confusing to the brain and thyroid, etc.). They actually feed COWS a more nutritional diet then is offered to Americans through the Corporate controlled food industry. There is a reason more than 60% of Americans are overweight and obese. Look at photos of Americans from the 20s thru the 70s. About one person out of maybe 200-300 were obese and most of those were elderly. Notice how neat and svelt and tastefully dressed people were, and the women had teeny waistlines. Just look on Google images. Then fast forward to 2016 and look at all the cows waddling around. Now the whole ratio has reversed! 1 in 100 is NOT overweight or obese (that’s not under the age of 13). We are being fattenend ON PURPOSE. We eat more because WE ARE STARVED FOR NUTRIENTS that these evil corporate thugs and their FDA flying monkeys are depriving from the people while the goon squad FDA control freaks take away ANYTHING (remember Metabolife 356, Stackers, Yellow Swarm from the 90s early 2000s anyone?) that works and is NOT harmful (made up story of one athlete dying from ephedra but they didn’t mention that he was drinking RAT POISON (Diet Pepsi w/Aspastame)out in the hot sun. Aspartame turns to FORMALDYHIDE at high temperatures. You know, that stuff they embalm dead folks with down at the local funeral home. See the OUTRAGEOUS HYPOCRISY anyone? And the “phentermine” they make you jump through hoops to get nowadays is a very watered down version of what it was just 15 years ago and each year it gets weaker. They weaken it by the batch and put in a few stronger batches here and there to keep people deceived so that when someone blows the whistle those who got the few good batches that worked think they have “built a tolerance.” That’s a total fabrication. I took Fastin’s (the original phentermine that LASTED ALL DAY WITH TOTAL EUPHORIA AND ZERO APPETITE) for years and my tolerance never waned. I did not abuse it or take it every day and took months and sometimes a year or two off and it always worked the same. Then got phentermine a few years later after the discontinued the effective Fastins (Smith Glaxco-Kline), and noticed how much weaker they were but they were still (barely) effective. Then a few years later I go jump through their humiliating hoops again at the diet clinic and the stuff is nearly worthless. I took it for 10 months and went to 10 different pharmacies and each version was weaker than the previous one. So I talked my doctor into giving me an expensive Brand name version (Adipex 37.5) that has been bought out by TEVA and it’s TOTAL JUNK. It gives you a nice little headache, plenty of insomnia and ZERO appetite suppression, energy or euphoria. They have put all the good speed into the Adderall and give it to little kids. They also put rough things in it to cause a bad come down, not smooth like the old Fastin/phentermine. I took an Adderall and it felt just like old phentermine/Fastin except rougher and only lasting a few hours then horrible, cocaine like comedown. But it worked and destroyed my appetite which proves that I have not built a “tolerance” to amphetamines. THEY have changed the ingredients because they are evil and deceptive. If something works and is not controlled by Big PHarma, the FDA flying monkies will BAN IT. IF it does work and is controlled by Big Pharma they will reformulate it to be nearly ineffective and make up a new drug with the old formula and give it to CHILDREN for a made up disease in order to sedate and control them better while they receive their government indoctrination (formerly known as an education). These FDA hypocrites have recently approved prescribing OXY CONTIN (an opiate herion like pain killer) TO CHILDREN. Why do people let these lawless agencies posture themselves as “GOD” over us? Because someone is (allegedly) irresponsible in their use of an HERBAL supplement they ban it, yet over 200,000 Americans PER YEAR dIE from Big Pharma drugs, and thousands more from cigarettes and alcohol. I don’t need a “Big Brother” or a “Nanny State” telling me what I can put in my body and what I cannot!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY are making us sick and fat and stupid (TV “programming”, school indoctrination etc). THEY are the problem and it is THEY (FDA and Big Brother) who needs to be BANNED…………for the sake of our health and well being.

  3. Alejandro

    While most appetite suppressants are based on crazy drugs or exotic herbs, there is one 100% natural and at best of all… cheap!
    Have you heard about Yerba Mate? It containes 196 active compounds, compared to only 144 for green tea.
    Researchers at the Pasteur Institute concluded “ yerba mate contains practically all the vitamins necessary to sustain life”.
    I drink it everyday especially before meals and it takes that “crazy hunger” feeling away. You definetely eat less and you are still well-fed.
    One last thing I´d recommend… if you try it go organic using the traditional way.

    • FreeSpirit

      Yerba Mate is good for some things but it actually increases my appetite. It worked well with the old school (pre ban) Metabolife 356 or Yellow Swarm ma huang ephedra (which is still used in China and has been used without any problem for CENTURIES). Yerba Mate alone, will do nothing for weight loss (IMO). I’ve been through two bottles of the capsules and drank the tea for a while. NADA. Again, if it works, the Goon Squad will ban it. They gotta protect their “Cash Cow” and a fat, sluggish, stupid, sickly population is WAAAAAY easier for them to control. America is a Psychopathic Control Freak’s wet dream.

  4. M

    Your comment makes no sense. Portion control alone will leave you hungry if you are used to eating more. This is why a lot of people look for appetite suppressants. Only after your stomach shrinks are you satisfied with less food, not the other way around.

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  6. yan

    hi all

    I’m actually working in the industry. While many of the products on the market make excessive claims and don’t really contain the active ingredients like nopal or hoodia powder, my company really does spend enormous amount of money to source for the premium active ingredients from France. I cannot say the name of my company because of business confidentiality, we do business to business activities rather than business to consumers, but let me suggest you to try PROACTOL. It contains 100% opuntia ficus indica extract (cactus) and some excipients to make the pill form. It is all natural and there will be no serious side effects. It is actually a fiber (soluble + insolube) hence you may experience bloating for some people. You can google this up and please do read a lot before you make any decision. Good luck.

  7. natural appetite suppressants jim

    Made in india !!!!

    That says it all. I would never buy a health product made in India. Why? because I don’t trust them. I would pay more to get more.

    One of my brothers had a severe health problem because he had bought a “Made in china” diet product…

  8. Sam

    Damn Straight Ross!

  9. annab

    I too have read that the amounts of Hoodia we are sold are nothing like the real thing. Any more than 800mg and you would feel sick. Because the supplement companies aren’t regualted by the FDA, there are no standards to go by. Kind of scary really.

    So I also have to agree about the CITES thing. Check sources and do the research.

    I was also wanting to try Hoodia and the other Idnian plant, mostly because my job has us constantly on the move (animal keeper) and we sometimes just don’t have time to stop and even eat/swallow small nutrition bars! The weight loss part for me would only be an added bonus. For now I just can’t stand the gnawing pangs and not being able to do anything about it.

  10. CC

    There is actually one suppressant out there that contains the real hoodia gordonii. If it doesn’t say that, then you’re not getting the real thing. It’s called “DEX L10 Hoodia Gordonii – Natural Appetite Suppressant, 60 caps., (Nutralab)”

    • FreeSpirit


  11. Diana

    I have tried a few weight loss products. The ones that claim to fill you up so you don’t feel hungry are full of fiber. They did fill me up but the continual addition of fiber packed in my stomach resulting a very distended stomach and constipation. (Not good!) And even though my stomach was full, very full, MY MOUTH WAS STILL HUNGRY! As I understand it, the caralluma fimbriata is supposed to send signals to the brain that I am not hungry.

    However, my opinion about the whole ‘obese’ epidemic is not entirely our fault. The food industry is pressured to produce a lot of food in a short time. Out animals are fed antibiotics and hormones to make them grow fast and big. We, in turn, eat the meat and grown fast and big. Make sense??? Everything we buy off the shelf is filled with that very, very addictive food additive called sugar, even when it’s not needed. A lot of foods would taste much better unsweetened.

    And, yes, menopause wreaks havoc on our bodies! Most of the weight loss products speed up metabolism to burn fat. This means it makes our bodies produce heat. After ten years of hot flashes, the last thing I need is more body heat. The only product I’ve found to tame the hot flashes is HRT (hormones), and yes, hormones cause weight gain.

    Every person’s body is different, and we each respond to products differently. So we either give up and live with it, OR we hang in there and keep trying till we find the one thing that works.

    • FreeSpirit

      And don’t forget that the SODIUM FLOURIDE (industrial waste product used to make RAT POISON) that they put in our water supply causes THYROID DISORDER which cause many problems including obesity. CALCIUM fluoride is what is good for tooth enamel but they will not tell you that nor is that what they or their brainwashed dentists use. Just look at the back of your toothpaste and see how tiny of an amount you can ingest and have to call POISON CONTROL. Nuff said

  12. kaitlin

    hi i am wondering where can i purchase hoodithin?

  13. hoodia

    I was a super fat dude forever. Yes I know that exercise is the key but when you are used to eating like a pig all the time it’s hard to change that. It’s a habit. Hoodia helped me by taking away the urges. I’ve stopped taking it now and I haven’t gone back to pigging out because after you stop pigging out for a while guess what…you form new eating habits and then its pretty easy.

    No doubt about it though that regular exercise is the best cure for losing weight. The tread mill works wonders if you get on it everyday! Also, and this is a no brainer but eating much less also is key. Your body is like a suit case. The more you put in, the more it bulges.

    None-the-less I love hoodia and what it can do for you. It works just like they say and it helps out alot. Coffee or green tea is also good…black coffee that it. Man, I got fat on a diet once just cuz I was drinking too much damn coffee. Tons of sugar and cream…got to be black coffee.

    By the way, if you are on a major diet and you have the most horrible case of the munchies try eating celery and salsa! It’s pretty good and there’s like no calories in it. Kind of a weird combination but it’s pretty good.

  14. Jorge Faris

    Great points made on appetite suppressant pills and their limitations. People serious about losing weight have to look at the bigger picture instead of relying on a pill to solve their weight loss issue.

  15. Stacey

    Thanks for all the real comments, I was scared to try Hoodia, but I see now that trying it along with eating right just might get me on the right track to losing weight.

  16. Erin

    It is unfair to say that appetite suppressants will only cause yo-yo dieting. I eat right, including lots of fiber, and I exercise a lot. The problem is, if I eat light enough to lose weight, I am STARVING and can think of nothing besides food. I tried eating more fiber, more protein, both only helped a little; I was still miserable. Caralluma has been a life saver! Now I can better stick to my calorie goal! Yes, there are no miracle pills. Eating right and exercising MUST be the foundation. But there is nothing wrong with getting a little help.

  17. Ephena

    Folks, P57 belongs to PhytoPharm and is the molecule they want to develop synthetically. Still this initial premise is based on folk medicine of the San tribal bushmen. The problems with this besides the fact that the hoodia gordonii cacti are now an endangered species is that American suburban dieters in no way compare as subjects to San bushmen. What I mean is this, I agree with the initial poster… The San go for days, yes days without food when hunting game. They walk for miles in the desert all this while. They are in extremely good shape compared to the average dieter and in no way could the average dieter go for days without food. The San do this out of necessity. I am unconvinced that suburban dieters who have a pantry full of snack foods will go without snacking even if they had some authentic hoodia. There are more factors to dietary intake than hunger alone. But, we really won’t ever prove this, because the plant is rare. The only note I would add is that P57 does not act as sugar or glucose for the brain, the research compares P57 as a modulator to glucose and finds it to be 10,000 as potent as a modulator signalling the brain of a state of satiety. The other problem I see is that PhytoPharm has isolated a molecule, “a molecule” out of the complex of molecules that make up the plant. This is not to suggest a synthetic molecule works as well as the actual whole plant, just that the original plant cannot be patented as it is found in nature. To sum this all up, most consumer Hoodia products likely contain none of the actual plant. So the debate as to whether hoodia would or could work for suburban dieters is really a null arguement.