Old School Weight Loss

By Jim F

Can anyone remember these gadgets and gimmicks?

1. Fat Jiggling



2. Obesity Soap


3. Spot Fat Reducer


4.Portable Fat Melting Sauna


5. Stomach and Butt Sculptor


6. Bile Beans Laxative


7. Reduce Your Flesh



These just prove that not much has changed really.

I’m sure you’ve seen this recently………
We’re not as enlightened as we think when it comes to weight loss.


  1. Josie

    I really want to find a wooden rolling machine. I used one at a ‘tone and trim’ studio with passive exercise machines and it worked really well. No one seems to have actually put up a website or stated where you can find one. I live in Australia. If anyone could give some information, it would be much appreciated.

  2. Robin

    I bought one today at Goodwill. It’s made by Sears. I got it for only 3.75. I cleaned it up and it works good. I’m trying to find out what they are worth.

  3. Robin

    I just purchased one of those huge roller massagers w/ the wood dowels today. I found it at Goodwill and I only paid 3.75 for it. Brought it home and cleaned it up. Works great. I’m trying to find out how old it is. I can’t find anything on the web about it, except for here.

  4. CATHY


  5. Cathy

    I also have a virating belt machine

  6. Cathy

    I am from Ontario Canada and I also have one of those vibrting belt machines…..it is very old but it still works

  7. Cloudy

    Hi everyone,
    I just found out that Sunpentown makes the vibrating belt massagers (machines) brand new. I don’t work for the company or have ANY affiliation. I just happened upon the info when I googled “vibrating belt exercise machine” under google images. I was looking for a vintage machine because I didn’t even know these were still made. I found one com that I can get one for around 130.00 brand new. Just thought I’d pass this along in case anyone is having trouble finding a vintage one.

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