Medifast Diet Review: Pros/Cons, Indepth Reviews

By Jim F

The Weight-Loss brand recommended by over 20,000 docotors since 1980.  Find out why!

Medifast claim an initial weight loss of up to 10 pounds in the first two weeks.

Is this possible? Is it safe?

Medifast can work but you need to know the facts, research, and any issues you might face.

Medifast Has a Long Track Record

Medifast has been around for a number of decades, and at one time was only available via physicians. However for some years the products have been available to anyone online.

How Medifast Works

Medifast offer meal replacement products – typically formulated to be low-calorie and low-fat, and containing optimum levels of vitamins. The formula will generally take users into a mild state of ketosis.

The most popular plan is called 5 and 1. This plan (800-1000 calories daily) comprises 5 meal replacements and one “real” meal containing a lean protein, vegetables or salad. Medifast claims a weight loss of 2-5 pounds per week during the first two weeks and 1-2 pounds a week thereafter on this plan.

Medifast Has Undergone Clinical Trials

  1. One Johns Hopkins University study showed that Medifast results in significant weight loss (67 lb average loss in males and 57 lb average loss in females). Note that this study looked at patients who attended Medifast clinics.
  2. Another compared Medifast with diabetes medication. The study found Medifast more effective at controlling type 2 diabetes than an ADA-recommended program (more).
  3. A third study (source) showed that Medifast meal replacement programs were better than “those typically reported for obesity pharmacotherapy [i.e. drug treatment], and that retention of customers was “better than most commercial programs reported”.

Success Stories

Medifast have a number of “success stories” – including Nnedi Uzowihe-Igwe of Maryland, USA. Nnedi appeared in People magazine describing a massive transformation that resulted in a 160lb weight loss..

We were contacted by Nnedi and confirmed that she has maintained her weight loss.

Issues to Be Aware Of

Protein fasts and low-calorie meal replacements are a drastic solution, and appropriate for drastic situations.

Given the choice between gastric bypass surgery or Medifast, then Medifast is be a better answer.

One issue with Medifast is the long-term consequences – especially coming off the program. The transition phase is 4-6 weeks, and starts off by introducing oatmeal at breakfast, and fruit for snacks.

Exercise must become a part of life (5 days a week). It begins fairly low-key during the restrictive part of Medifast – but once transitioning – it is more important.

Due to low energy intake and exercise levels – it is likely that some muscle loss will occur during the weight loss phase. To rectify this, gradually include strength training during the transition phase to build up muscle tone.

Medifast Advantage

The standard 4-week package plan costs $315. However – that’s the cost of the 5 replacements- you will still need to buy your daily “lean and green” meal (lean protein plus salad/vegetables). Dieters have the option to enroll in their Advantage program for significant savings.

Advantage Membership offers the best value;

  • Free standard shipping on qualifying orders
  • Free 56 Medifast Meals – 28 with this order, and 28 with your second order ($132.00 value!)
  • Free BlenderBottle® – a must-have for mixing your Medifast Meals
  • Free Online meal planner and support community

Programs for Men & Women

Different formulations are used for men and women.

The men’s shakes have a higher soy protein content.

A diabetic program is available – with very good success rates: “after 34 weeks, 24 percent of the Medifast users decreased or eliminated their diabetes medication, compared to 0 (zero) percent on the standard food diet”.

Final Thoughts: Does Medifast Work?

Behavioral changes are critical to the long-term success of Medifast. Unless these lifestyle changes are applied, then the weight could swing back on like a yo-yo. It’s worth taking a look at the post 10 Questions To Ask Before Changing Your Diet.

I don’t believe Medifast is for the person who wants to lose a few pounds.

This is a serious program for serious situations, and it may be advisable to follow the program while receiving regular support from a clinic or health professional

Ample proof exists that the program does work and can lead to significant weight loss provided the transition phase is followed correctly.


  1. Cathy

    Hi Sue, I’m curious to know whether or not you’ve ever tried medifast. I found the soy based foods repulsive. I am aware that medifast was created, in part, to meet religious guidelines for people who can not eat dairy. Since, thankfully, I don’t have to worry about that, I was thinking of trying NLD. I’ve had success with medifast, but the taste is just unbearable. Can you talk a little bit about the NLD foods?

  2. Sabrina Lewis

    How do you go about finding a nutritionist. I haven’t had much luck. I have heard several success stories about Medifast, however I would like to visit with a physician skilled in the profession. Thank you for sharing the story.

  3. Amanda

    Unlike most diet food, I actually LIKE the Medifast Diet. The food isn’t as horrible as some of the comments suggest (I think these people expect a fancy cuisine or something).

    If you’re hesitant to commit almost $300 to this diet, just search for coupons online to get some sort of discount. I got $50 off my order so I don’t feel too bad about it.

    Good luck everyone!

  4. JDM

    I’m a man who did Medifast two years ago. Lost 39 pounds in two and a half months.(Little to no exercise.) For me it worked very fast — someone once said — “you are just melting away!” (Of course I was still 20 pounds over what the doctor recommend, so I wasn’t going to blow away any time soon.) Found many good things about the diet.

    PROS: (1) When I followed the plan I lost weight, period. (2) I liked the “real” meal at night a lot, kept me going. It helped me keep on the diet. (3) It’s very very simple — I actually miss that a lot. (4) I realized how little I actually needed to eat each day. (5) Overall I was generally NOT hungry on this diet. This shocked me. For the first week I was starving. (6) Taught me about the power of little small meals each day.

    CONS: (1) Unfortunately most of the “food” is NOT good. Honestly some is terrible. One co-worker couldn’t take it anymore and quit after two weeks. But don’t bother looking on web for any insight, it’s very subjective. I would hate one thing, they would complain about another, we would swap only to find, my worst were their favorite and vice verse. So go figure. Get the variety pack to start and you’ll find what you like quickly and just reorder that. (2) COST. This is not cheap, and IMO very over priced. Each little packet is like $2.25. So figure like $10 a day (not counting your one “real” meal.) While in the end, Medifast IS cheaper over all on my food budget, buying it all at once can be very overwhelming to the check book. (3) Craving Foods. As with any diet, eventually you will miss certain foods, and crave them. (4) Life Habits: You will have to be proactive to take your new eating styles with you. This diet doesn’t correlate to the “real world” eating very well. So you have to take effort on the maintenance plan. (5) Deals are hard to find. Unlike other diets, it’s hard to snag deals on ebay or craigslist. Even a proactive shopper will basically be paying retail for the product.

    SUMMARY: Lost 39 pounds very quickly. It worked! Kept it off for over a year. Hit some rocky times in life and put it back on. Will use Medifast again to get this back off. With Medifast, you will loose the weight, but need to take what you learn to keep it off.

  5. naura

    Well after reading all of the comments, I decided to give this diet a try. I have tried just about every diet out there except medifast. I need to loose about 90 lbs or so. So I need all the help I can get. I will be starting as soon as the package comes. I ordered today 1/13/10. Just how much lean and green do you eat, and can you eat half at lunch and the other half at dinner. Also can you consume any alcohol beverage during this diet.

  6. Dave

    Just turned 32 and did a self assessment, realising that I cant put off a diet program any longer. I need to lose about 60 pounds so I signed up for the complete program with the counselor and all. Its about $900.00, not cheap at all and it is an up front fee, it doesnt include the food cost either. So far I have been on the program for 5 days and I have lost 8 pounds. You have to remember that these arent gourmet meals so dont act like they should taste like one. I like everything I have tried so far and I focus more on eating every 2-3 hours instead of eating because I crave junk and fast food. I know how I gained the weight and am using this program as a way to get back on track to eating right. The program is a 5 and 1 plan so I get to eat a real meal everyday, As well as 5 m/f meals like oatmeals, shakes, bars, soups, hot drinks and more. This allows me to focus on my cooking to make sure that the real food I make tastes great and stays in the guidelines. I am so full too when I finish my real meal since I usually have about 6 oz of chicken and a salad. If you like eggbeaters or any of the egg whites you buy in a carton your allowed two cups a day of them, thats a pretty big sized omelette or huge plate of scrambled eggs. The plan is extremely simple and great for people on the go. So far I have to say that I love medifast.

  7. Joenokc

    You are a Du Mazz! At least your not a bitter Du Mazz though!!! 🙂

  8. shana

    It’s not 100% meal replacement it’s 5 meal replacements and 1 lean protein, veggies, & salad.

  9. Jan Simmons

    I have tried other diets… Fat Loss for Idiots and the Southbeach Diet with good results. But as soon as I stopped their plans, the weight slowly came back. Plus, talking with my doc, the FL4I diet is not very good for the system. I was referred to Medifast’s 5&1 plan and started the end of April and have lost 26# of my 42# goal. Dropped 3 pant sizes and lost 135 total overall inches! I have stepped off the plan a number of times due to family gatherings, vacations and a wedding and was surprised at how little weight came back. It was so much help to have a health coach ( that was able to step me through the process.

    The L&G meals are simple! My husband and I were eating out every night due to his strange work schedule and I just set the time that I want to cook (mostly on the BBQ or grill), eat and have his meal waiting for him.

    I also work out on Wii Active, swim in a resistance pool, ride a recumbant bike as well as walk the mall. I am now up to 50 minutes of exercise a day and feel absolutely great!

    I am allergic to artificial sweeteners and found most of their meals do not include them. I have found the types of meals that suit me and taste the best: Their Antioxidant shakes, chocolate pudding, their new crunch bars are yummy, as well as their Momentum cappuccino and Chai Latte.

    I highly recommend this diet to anyone! Just be sure to make regular visits to your doctor especially if you are on any medications to make sure the dosages are adjusted accordingly.

  10. Rachael

    My friend had been doing the Medifast diet for about a month and a half and decided she could go out and have a drink or two. She had two small drinks for the entire nigth and stayed on her normal diet. The next week she didn’t lose any weight! The week after she lost a pound a day. (Which was the pace she had been on before drinking.) If you want to keep drinking this diet is NOT for you!

  11. leah

    well dear u are not supposed to work out in the first month ur body needs to adjust to losing the weight on the meals and then after your body has gotten used the low calorie high protein diet then u can slowly begin to work out.

  12. leah

    you rude reaction to a honest opinion is probably the reason you dont have children why would anyone want to procreate with such a well for lack of a better word. BITCl-l 😉

  13. Jodie

    Sometimes I wonder if anyone ever reads this far down, but I just want to report what information (and opinions) I have to give to you.
    I’m in highschool, and I started the diet 3 days ago. Apparently the “first three days” are supposed to be the hardest, but I’ve had no trouble with them. I’m also on a different sort of plan– no lean and green for me. For me, it’s not so much different that normal. I’d have some sort of breakfast shake made with slimfast in the morning, skip food until 4 when I get home, eat, get on the computer and snack, then have dinner with my mom.
    And now it’s a bit different. No gorging when I get home, but I drink two shakes at school, one when I get home and one at the indeffinite “later”.
    I don’t get mine online, I have a doctor whom I visited twice before the start, and I’m also required to talk to a shrink-like lady, around every two weeks. I’m also allowed to drink any 0-calorie diet drink under the sun, and I only once in a great while had any soda.
    The only shakes I’m particularly fond of are vanila, chocolate, and mint-chocolate. I didn’t like mocha much, and I didn’t bother to try strawberry (You really can’t duplicate that, can you?) and two other berrie ones (Meh, what can you expect from a teen?). You can mix vanilla and diet Rootbeer to make a decent tasting Float, but it’s not hard to get creative. Diet sprite and berries sound like a decent combination.
    I get plenty of excersise– P.E. every day, Karate Tues. and Thur. at school (only lasts 4 more weeks, though) and when I don’t have a Psyc. or Doc. appointement, I usually walk home. It’s a two mile walk, so plenty of excercise for me. (Although it’s worth it to add that I only walk home about 3 days a week, now.)
    I just want the word to get out that this is avaliable for females 14 or older, and guys having to be a bit older (maturation thing). Hell, tell yourself “if this little punk lady can do it, I can do it too!” if it helps. But there are downsides, of course.
    Most notable to me is the “light headedness” when you stand from a sitting position. I stand, take a few steps, then feel a wave of med. intensity dizziness come over me, with a few seconds of fadingg vision, and then a strong pumping of blood to my head, with has a slightly painful feeling. Honest to God, I rather like it, maybe like the way you like… popping your knuckles or grinding your teeth, maybe.
    I pay (or rather, my mom pays) 75 dollars a week for my food. My health insurance covers the psch and doc! More money saved for new clothes, hmm?
    Onto the few facts, and some experiences, I know myself. He explained ketones to me like this “If a fox is starving in the jungle, is he gonna be bent over in hunger pains, or is he gonna run just as fast as he can to get that rabbit?” This explains why, when eating 500 cals a day, I feel fine. Supposedly it hasn’t kicked in yet, but I’ve been feeling not able to run faster in P.E., exactly, but to recover faster, and do it again.
    More facts– there are 1000 calories in a pound of fat. If you starve yourself, though, why doesn’t the fat go away? It’s because we need our vitamins! So it goes to our muscles, which has those. These packets have what we need, but few calories, so that’s why it’s so fast. And what do muscles do (especially newly developed muscles)? They burn fat! This is why it is very important to get excersise in ANY diet.
    Well, wish me luck, hmm? I wish the best for you on whatever journey you may take. Good luck to you, and you, and you! And me too, yeah? I hope to maybe check back and see if I can help any later.

  14. Linda

    Kelli, I really like the oatmeal. I use a little extra cinnamon in the apple cinnamon and I add a half teaspoon of Brummel & Brown margarine. I use only five ounces of water because I like my oatmeal thick.
    Try some sugar free flavorings in the shakes. I just ordered some Peanut butter, Gingerbread, and Coconut flavorings from DaVincci and can’t wait to try them.
    All of soups are great. I especially like the chicken noodle.
    Have you tried the cinnamon pretzel sticks? They are very good.
    I have only been on the program for two weeks. I have lost seven pounds.
    Good luck to you.

  15. lailana cameron

    i am a 16 y/o girl im very much over weight and i have heard so so much bout medifast should i try it? is it healthy? please please please i need feedback

  16. John Henderson

    Dr. J was a professional basketball player (Julius Erving). No need to berate this guy.

  17. megan

    If successful to lose a lot of weight with medifast, how does one maintain a thin lifestyle?
    help please!

  18. Al

    I have been successful on Medifast. I am getting ready to transition to food however. Will a low-carb diet help me with that?

  19. Brenda

    Lynden said:

    So you post and wanted to know how you did on Medifast? I am on my 3rd day!!

  20. Kathy

    I have suffered serious health problems after my weight loss (20 lbs) on Medifast. I lost 5 pounds of muscle, and have shoulder, arm, and hand issues. My physician was supposed to be monitoring the program. A co-worker got kidney stones. Beware if you are over 60.

  21. Joel

    Just started Medifast – I’m a 49-year old guy trying to trim up before turning the big 5-0. 1 week, a little over 5 pounds. I’ve tried many diet programs – WW, Jenny, Atkins, Nutrisystem, Chef’s Diet. I’m very good at losing weight – but unfortunately, a little bit better about putting it back on! 🙂 So far, I think M/F is pretty easy to follow. I think the bars are VERY TASTY, and I like most of the shakes and soups too. Oatmeal is pretty rough, I agree, as are the powdered eggs. Would much prefer to sub a cup of Egg Beaters but I’ll follow the program. Here’s the deal – all of these things WORK – i.e., follow the program and lose the weight. The real key is how you perform on maintenance. For me, the jury’s out. But I would not shy away from this because of the food – it’s pretty good – way better (in my opinion) than NutriSystems, Slimfast, or Isagenix shakes.

    Good luck all!

  22. Lili

    Cleary obvious you suffer from PCOS as your “personality flaw” is shining bright sweetie!! Perhaps you also suffer from PMDD – get it checked out…some self reflection may be in order!
    Remember, if you feel strongly and are passionate about something -there is a right and wrong way to present your case! Avoid “insulting” what other people believe in, and attempting to “attack” them as a person- as you cleary are NO idea who they are or what their issues are. Simply speak your thoughts from a “suggestive” stance and leave everything thing else out. Your lesson for the day hon!

  23. Lili

    Sorry, but that seems like a dumb question (especially coming from someone who has the work “Dr” in their name. “Baby weight” is the extra weight you gain directly related to a pregnancy. You’re a Dr?? Seem’s pretty straight forward. No one’s saying they aren’t “overweight” if they have baby weight if that is what you are insinuating smarty!

  24. GLH

    I have been on medifast for 6 months and I have lost 85 lbs. this is working. All my blood chemicals are where they belong. Still have several months to go, but I am committed and the prepackaged food helps. I do not crave antyhing. I eat the things in the plan that I like. I feel like it is a treat to lose weight and enjoy what I am eating.

  25. Li

    HMR has soy in it also !

  26. dida

    I have been on Medifast a little over a week…have lost 4 pounds. Most of the foods are just okay…soups definitely need extra seasoning. (Peanut butter bars are probably my favorite. Fruit drinks-YUK! My biggest concern is that the texture of my hair has changed. It feels like I haven’t rinsed out the conditioner…kind of dirty. Any one else have this problem?

  27. Roberta

    I,ve been on Medifast for about 3 weeks now, I’ve lost 5lbs but about 80% of the food tastes terrible and because of this it’s been a struggle sticking to the program.

  28. Deena

    There is a book out there called “What your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hypothyroidism”. If you are like me and have this condition, I would suggest you read that book. There are a lot of little known facts and tidbits in there and yes, soy is mentioned. Good luck to you!

  29. Dr. J

    Just my opinion, Molly. Drinking in itself is probably not that big a problem except for the well known health dangers of alcohol. The problems arise when in that less than cautious state, people tend to eat more than they had intended.

  30. Molly

    I’m starting medifast next thursday and I’m super excited. My friend has been doing it for a week and lost 6 pounds already. I’m 22 though and very social so does anyone know if drinking is going to really screw this up for me? Vodka has low calories and low carbs. Say, in sugar free koolaid? I think it would be ok, I just thought I’d bounce the idea off of you folks.

  31. cjtotten

    Re: New Lifestyle Program
    I just visited their website and clicked on the Hot Chocolate to read the ingredients and found that they use aspartame which gives me headaches. Medifast uses a Splenda like sweetener and I love it.

  32. Nicole

    I have been on Medifast for a couple of weeks now & really like the plan. My own concern is the controversy over soy products & breast cancer. Does anyone have any researched info to add on this?

  33. holagirl

    Medifast is the BEST. I must say it does take some committment. You have to be determined to make it, as with ANY diet, but meal replacements make it easy to commit.After a few short days, you lose your appetite and it becomes hard to eat every meal. YOU MUST, so that your body doesnt go into starvation mode. The meals are not the best tasting, but your taste buds do adjust after just a couple of weeks. I look forward to my one regular lean and green meal a day at around 4 pm. I originally lost 63lbs in the first 3 months and gained 17 back after taking a 5 month gorging break. I really lost control of my eating. I recently decided to do Medifast again, because I do feel great eating that way…6 meals a day, shakes bars and soups and then one good lean and green meal. Exercise comes naturally after about a week, because your energy level SOARSSSSSSSS. Its really the BEST and EASIEST diet I have ever tried. Im planning to reach my goal weight in about 4 months.

  34. Krissy

    I am a health coach and what I do is help others by being there for support, giving tips, and tricks and recepies. They have what is called a 5 & 1 program
    you eat six small meals a day…
    5 meals are foods provided by medifast
    1 meal is a lean meat and 3servings of veggies

    I absolutely love it and it costs about $10 a day. Everything is portioned for you all the nutrients and vitamins are in the foods so there is no need to take and pills with the diet. It took a couple days of getting used to but I love it and I am down 23lbs.. and I barely even exercise.. hmmm speaking of which I should probably do that… But they stress not to work out more than 45 min a day. like I said I barely workout… my job is somewhat physical.

    A lot of the food is soy based so if you never had soy before that takes some getting used to. Some people love soy, others hate soy. I like certain food while hating others…
    They is a large variety of food. but the basics are
    Soups, Shakes, Pudding, Crunch Bars, Oatmeal, Fruit drinks, and eggs. There is a large variety of flavors and then of course you also get to eat lean meat and veggies too.
    this is just a basic rundown.
    If you would like more info e-mail me at

  35. Lisaann

    I did the Medifast diet in 2006 I lost 50 lbs. went from a size 16 to a size 6. It is now 2009 and I have maintained my weight loss. I love Medifast it changed my life

  36. Laura

    Both my parents had tons of success with Medifast my mother lost 40lb and my father lost 55lb. WONDERFUL!! Right?!?!

    Well recently Medifast had a complete staff change and put my mother a “candy bar diet” OK Medifast bars.

    So, my mother was eating 5 Medifast bars and one Lean & Green while my father was on maintenance; he lost all his weight and at 17% BMI (he’s an athlete again!!!)

    Since my mother started to just eat the Candy Bars (Medifast Bars) she quit loosing weight (didn’t gain) but was accused of “cheating” and then my father has to much body fat (at 17% BMI) was also told that he needed the Candy Bar’s diet as well.

    Both my parent felt bad when they went there (feeling guilty is NEVER good when you are trying to drop the pounds) They finally decided to quite and my mother lost weight immediately. On her own 🙂 Yahhh

    I really believe Medifast is wonderful and did wonders for both my parents. My parents would still be members if the staff had better BED SIDE MANNERS; but the positive out ways the negative (they are able to do it on their own!!!)

    I don’t think I would ever suggest Medifast because I truly believe seeing a Dietician (Nutritionist) is the best way for a true lifestyle change.

    Dietitians gives you meal and workout plans that teach you how to eat in the ‘normal’ world. The food is as good as you would want it to be (because you are cooking everything), you lose weight fast and most insurances cover it. It is more expensive in the short run (if insurance does not cover it) but it’s a lifestyle change. Once you learn it’s FREE.

    My fiance had a Dietitian and after 9 years he’s kept his weight off.

    Best of luck to everybody!!!

  37. trisnic

    Just ordered the 2 week plan. I am hoping that this diet will work for me. I am usually pretty good when it comes to the flavor of diet food… you either want to lose the weight and give it a chance or your really not ready to commit.Well this time I am really ready to COMMIT. I look at my kids and think ..I have to do this or they will be taking care of me soon! Wish me luck! 85 lb goal.

  38. Nancy

    I had only about 10 lbs to lose, have been on Medifast for almost 2 weeks and have lost about 6. That doesn’t sound like a lot but when you are that close to your desireable weight you don’t lose as quickly. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to jumpstart their weight loss, as I do. I am only doing it for 2 weeks. After that I plan to do one shake and one crunch bar per day, and eat small, lean meals the rest of the day. However, I was already eating pretty healthy foods before I started this.

    Let’s face it, any diet you choose will only work as hard as you do – you need to educate yourself about food and nutrition, use some self control, and exercise regularly to see any long term change in your body.

    Incidentally, I found the chocolate shakes, crunch bars and scrambled eggs more than tolerable, and I have not been hungry at all – also I have had plenty of energy on the program. I’m sure that if you are used to eating a lot of food every day and suddenly go on this diet, you are going to feel some protest from your body.

    In summary, I think it’s a good temporary diet that should gradually be replaced by sensible eating and exercise.

  39. Alfred Ray DeMatteo

    With all due respect to the criticisms noted, very few of them cover the factual data that supports healthy weight loss.
    Ketosis levels in any overweight human who is still being fed the nutrients and proteins to feed their body adequately will not endanger organs because the fat is being consumed, not the organs.
    The Medifast plan is not a starvation diet and ketosis levels can be monitored, while all needed nutrients and acceptable levels of proteins, carbs and fats are still being consumed daily.

    To summarize,

    I’d be much more prone to believe the experts that supervise and conduct the tests that support safe weight loss and healthy eating perspectives than those of an armchair blogger using half-truths and grade school sarcasm to criticize a plan that has been shown to be medically safe and extremely effective in changing people’s perspectives and their overall health.
    I’ve been on the Medifast plan for ten days after researching and talking to several people, some extremely obese and others who are not.
    I have seen firsthand how important our relationship with food is and how distorted it is played out on TV and elsewhere.
    In this “Land of Plenty”, it is important to remember why we consume food and to separate our needs and comforts from our desires and indulgences.
    I went into the plan needing to lose about 25-30 lbs. and I could have opted to choose more strenuous exercise and better food options instead.
    But my wife and I decided to do it together and we have adjusted and seen some very positive results in the first 2 weeks, averaging about a pound/day.
    “Doing the research” involves studying the science of the effects of each program on the body as well as the psychology involved in our relationship with food.

  40. Kathleen

    I just started…1st week 5 lbs!!! Can anyone tell me how much exercise I should be doing to keep this level of loss? I spoke to one person that said he never did any exercise, but I think men are different. I saw here that some people didn’t like the food. I find if you take to time to make sure it is mixed well, it tastes just fine.

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  • Haddock CK, Poston WS, et al (2008). Effectiveness of Medifast supplements combined with obesity pharmacotherapy: a clinical program evaluation. Eating and weight disorders , 13 (2), 95-101.