Iced Green Tea: The New Coke?

By Jim F

Green tea is renown for its healthful properties. Coca-cola, however, represents the epitome of sugary soft drinks.

I compared the ingredients of a ‘reputable’ tea product with Coke… and to my surprise discovered they are almost the same.Lipton is a popular tea brand owned by giant corporation Unilever. Their tag line is “100% Natural Tea”. Their website is covered with bold and glitzy health claims – such as the Lipton “Live Well Challenge” or the benefits of naturally protective antioxidants and so on.

Our green tea is full of clean taste, vitality, and great flavor. Plus, LIPTON Iced Tea provides protective flavonoid antioxidants.

Let’s compare Lipton Iced Green Tea with Coke:

Coca-cola Classic Lipton Green Tea with Citrus
Carbonated water
High fructose corn syrup
Caramel color
Phosphoric acid
Natural flavors
High fructose corn syrup
Citric acid
Green Tea
Sodium hexametaphosphate
Ascorbic acid
Natural flavors
Phosphoric acid
Sodium benzoate
Potassium sorbate
Calcium disodium edta
Caramel color
Nutrition Per 8 Fl Oz:
Calories: 97
Carbohydrate: 27g
Sodium: 33mg
Nutrition Per 8 Fl Oz:
Calories: 80
Carbohydrate: 21g
Sodium: 70mg

If that’s not enough – Lipton actually offer a “diet” green tea version sweetened with aspartame and ace-k. It’s an oxymoron – enjoying pure green tea is all about enjoying the very subtle flavor.

Is it not possible to drink anything without copious quantities of sweeteners?

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  1. TheDude

    Laziness is what makes you fat.. The Body Keeps What The Body Wants… Pile on the sugar

  2. L Smith

    What’s up with Lipton Tea company adding all that CRAP like high fructose corn syrup and other ingredients I can’t even pronounce! I’d rather make MY OWN iced tea! Thank you.

  3. max mann

    Green tea has calories. You’re mis-informed

  4. khris777

    “For example, 10-15 cups of tea can be brewed in a jar in the ice box in just 30-45 minutes” – i predict that would be some pretty weak tea. I have had my 2 bags each in 32oz jars out in the texas sun for about 2.5 hours now and its stil very very pale!

  5. khris777

    I can’t say that i love green tea hot… its’s ok.. Cold, is however a much different story! I first had iced green tea at a Vietnamese restaurant in Austin, Texas many years ago – and still love it as they served it: Ice, green tea, turbanado/sugar in the raw, and some fresh squeezed lime – WOW! I recently had a drink, im trying to recreate, at a place in Bandera, Texas: Ice, green tea, lemon and/or lime juice and lightly sweetened with agave nektar… it was awesome at the restaraunt. I got agave nektar at Whole Foods and my fave brand of green tea (bags) at the Japanese grocery store down the street (yes, im lucky), Motoyamamoto brand. The restaurant called it green tea lemonade, but i think there was lime in it. I’m sure it will be good in any case. I’m trying to use the bags to make sun green tea, black always works great (I like Tetley’s) but we’ll see – if it looks weak, ill let it sit in the fridge over night. I use big glass sphagetti sauce jars to make sun tea.

  6. Smitter

    I think that the bigger concern with the artificial sweetners is that they contain excitotoxins (not sure if I have that exactly right) that actually “trick” your brain into thinking that things taste better than they do. Aspartame (Nutrasweet) is alledged to have this behavior, just like MSG (monosodium glutamate) does. This stuff makes the other things that you eat taste better, meaning that you eat more even though you are on a “diet” drink. So you have omitted the calorie content from the drink, but your brain chemistry tricks you to eat more calories from other foods anyway. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? I think that Splenda and Stevia do not come with this same “baggage” so maybe more “diet” drinks will be made with those ingredients instead Aspartame in the future.

  7. Bridget

    I am guessing you have never been in the State of Texas in middle of Summer. I doubt you would want a nice hot cup of tea then. Hell in Houston on Xmas isnt exactly a day you would want a hot cup of tea.