Gastric Bypass In a Bottle: Warning

By Jim F

ZetaCap: “The World’s First & Only Gastric Bypass Pill!”. An outrageous claim – yet it hasn’t stopped over 200,000 people from using the product.ZetaCap is one of a multitude of pills sold by Selmedica Healthcare. The pill works by filling your stomach with a ‘gelatinous glob’ – thus reducing appetite.

The ZetaCap website fails to provide nutritional information for their product – but many speculate that it is simply a fiber supplement. Of course, you could get a similar effect by eating low-calorie fiber-dense foods – or even a fiber supplement such as Metamucil (psyllium husk) at about one-seventh of the price.


The issue with many supplements such as ZetaCap is not necessarily the product – but the completely over-the-top claims and exorbitant prices. Many such supplements are simple herbal blends – but they are sold and marketed as if they were miracle treatments.

Positive testimonials for ZetaCap are a dime a dozen – as well as many complaints of bloating and constipation. One month’s supply (delivered) costs around $75.00 – a lot of money for some fiber.

A Familiar Story

Reading the fine print tells the real story. Customers who made testimonials were compensated with free product. Some of the photographs are paid models. The only link on the ZetaCap site pointing to “documented research” returned an error. Not a good sign. Selmedica also has a rather substantial complaint file at the Better Business Bureau.

If those 200,000 customers purchased just a single bottle – that’s 13.4 million dollars of revenue for Selmedica. Not bad for hosting a 3 page website and selling a fiber supplement.

Be careful with the snake oil salesmen – spend your money on good nutritious food, and learning how to make lifelong changes to improve your health and fitness.


  1. jessica

    ebay i have seen them on ebay

  2. JULIA


  3. Jacob Shouse

    If you guys have any questions!Email me at! Thanxs!

  4. Jacob Shouse

    There aren’t many diet pills that work. I have yoyo dieted up and down. Too the point that i became anorexic. And once again i gained back about 50 pounds which i dont know why but i go into a panic mode if i even get close too leaving my house. I feel trapped in my own house! I got a pill from my dr by the name off ADDERALL. It works awesome i felt not even hungry. I lost in 4 days 20 pounds which was kool. But i seem tooo loose weight faster than other people.
    But you guys ask about ADDERALL! It’s just like Phentremine. But it doesnt mess with your heart like that does! And i have a bad heart so i would know! good Luck guys! Jacob Shouse!

  5. Andrea Edwards

    Where can you find these pills. I’ve been searching the internet for weeks now, and I can’t find them. Anybody know?

  6. Supplements Canada

    Absolutely true. Make proper eating your first decision and then look to supplements to fill in the gaps you aren’t getting nutritionally. Too many people want a quick alternative to proper nutrition and consistent exercise.

  7. JAYLA

    Oh! And if you curious about the phentramine….you have to get em from a doctor, sorry…

  8. JAYLA

    It’s funny because I have tried many diet pills to take off remaining fat from having children. I have found adipex(phentramine) to work wonders! The pro is weight drops incredibly fast. The con is, my family can’t stand me on them. I am jittery and witchy with a capital B!! Plus, if you quit taking them too soon, the weight will come right back on. So, when my friend told me her husband has been taking zetacap, I was asking all kinds of questions. HE IS A BIG BOY! lol She said he lost 16 lbs in 2 weeks. I know that isn’t possible with everyone, but if food really is your reason for maintaining excessive weight, this pill may work for you. Anyways, I am going to start taking them next week because I have a wedding to be in next month. The less I eat, the better I will be. Most the diets and pills you talk of, I have tried. And some really do work if you are dedicated! I am not that big but I know I dont have the will power to just eat simple or stick to a certain diet. I can only do that if Im not starving!! =) So I will try these and let everyone know how they work out!

  9. Jan74

    Have you been to a good endocrinologist to have your metabolism tested? That doesn’t seem like a normal result for a diet followed correctly for 2 months. There can be an underlying metabolic issue with you.

  10. Daylene

    Amen! I have 120 lbs to lose and have exercised and dieted and tried every diet plan and pill out there including a 1200 cal a day diet for 2 months to the T and i lost just under 4 pounds. i am sick of people treating me like i must be a pig! i am not and eat less than most people i know . I wish i could get the gastric bypass however even the so called educated people want to say the surgery is a cosmetic procedure . I guess getting off diabetic prescriptions and high blood pressure meds just to name a few is for cosmetic reasons give me a break ! thank god someone knows the true reasons people seriously over weight need gastric bypass now if the insurance company’s whould see the light.

  11. Jen

    Nice idea…. but imagine eating an apple or two before every meal for months. And did I forget to add… you don’t LIKE apples! Not so easy now.

  12. Heather

    This is in response to Dr. Randy’s “Free Gastric Bypass” advice. Don’t you think you’re simplifying what has been construed as a nationwide epidemic? Obesity is said to be the NUMBER 2 KILLER of Americans only second to smoking. Do you not think that every person who is 100lbs or more overweight KNOWS it and has tried to lose the weight on their own? I’m sure it’s probably very easy for someone who has never had a weight problem attribute their thinness to their own choices, but gastric bypass is, to date, the only known cure for morbid obesity and there have been countless studies showing that diets and diet pills do not work about 100% of the time for people who have this condition. Being a physician, I would think that you would be more informed and less callous toward people who have this socio-debilitating problem that is the source of many diseases. But I guess, even in the medical world chalk full of educated, PhD’d smarty pants such as yourself, fat people are deemed stupid, lazy, and incompetent. They should just diet and exercise. Right? Duh. Why didn’t they think of that?

  13. RedPanda

    I made the mistake of visiting the ZetaCap website. A “four minute exercise plan”? Please. But I guess there are plenty of people willing to believe that’s all it takes…

  14. dejuan stroman

    who can i get these pills

  15. Weight Loss

    That is so much money for the diet pill ZetaCap that most has fiber. But I have to said my step aunt took it and thought it worked for awhile but relized the truth when I took her aside and traded her fiber pills for high fiber foods and her was amazed.

  16. lowcarb_dave


    Since we are sharing, I personally use the Atkins Diet or Low Carb for my appetite suppression.

    It’s amazing how it has managed to do that! This is the number one reason I am so passionate about it!

    The only cost is the meat, veggies and fruit I purchase.

    But, different strokes for different folks etc… and all that…

  17. Brian Liston

    I prefer to use Hoodia Gordonii for my appetite suppression. I don’t know about this product. You can find lots of good supplements at cheap prices elsewhere. Hoodia doesn’t work for everyone is what I have found. But 75 bucks a batch is crazy. Thats snake oil if I ever heard it.

  18. Andrea

    This reminds me of a herb guargum, which was used to fill up the stomach with a fibre goo – I think it’s still around in health food stores and for a fraction of the cost (like a few dollars for a bag of the powder you mix with water).

  19. Randy Smith, MD

    Free Gastric Bypass procedure that is 100% effective and has no side effects:

    Step One – Take your Happy Meal or other junk food you may be tempted to eat, place it in a plastic bag and tie the end off.

    Step Two – Take the bag and place it in the trash can outside your home.

    You have now bypassed your stomach with the junk food.

    Now, wasn’t that easy?

  20. lowcarb_dave

    The idea of these pills just freak me out!!

    It’s horrific to me!!

    Crikey – you don’t actually need that much fibre!

    [QUOTE]”you could get a similar effect by eating low-calorie fiber-dense foods”[/QUOTE]

    I don’t know about you all, but I was never satisfied eating low calorie fibre dense foods. Fibre by it’s very nature is indigestable. You need a certain amount, but it’s not the solution to good nutrition!

    Quality Fats and Proteins are much more filling and health providing.

    Grill a nice piece of fatty salmon and have it with a green salad drissled with some Olive oil. A couple of tomatos, peppers, mushrooms! Hmmmmmmmmm Tastey!

  21. James

    Whatever I do, don’t take these freak’n pills. This is another nonsense fat diet.

    This reminds me of: Take the pill and lose the weight. Well, the magic pill is a balanced diet acording to your metabolic rate, organic foods, and no deep-fried foods.

  22. PastaQueen

    That “gelatinous glob” statement reminds of how my 7th grade English teacher would tell us if we swallowed enough gum it would become a big glob in our stomach and we’d eventually need to have surgery to get it out. Heh! He was just lying so we wouldn’t chew gum, but I suppose it could double as weight loss advice for those desperate to try anything.

  23. Spectra

    I agree, iportiom. I don’t need to spend $75 on a gelatinous glob that expands in my stomach. I can eat an apple and get a similar effect. Or a salad. Or anything with lots of fiber, lots of water, and few calories. It’s not a huge secret or anything, but a lot of people don’t know how fiber actually works like a sponge to keep you feeling full for a longer period of time.

  24. iportiom

    That is a lot of money for fiber. I will stick with my veggies and oatmeal.
    I can find a lot better things to spend $75 bucks on.

    Some herbal blends can be dangerous. Herbs are medicines.