Triple Whopper: Portion Fit for a King Kong

By Jim F

Triple WhopperBurger King are continuing their big fat strategy.

The once called King Kong Burger (Triple Whopper) is probably enough to feed the big gorilla himself.

The Triple Whopper weighs in at a stellar 1140 Calories.

The Calorie Breakdown

  • 75 grams fat (incl. 27 grams Saturated Fat)
  • 51 grams carbs
  • 67 grams protein
  • 1110 mg sodium

Want fries with that? A medium will add 410 Calories

Thirsty while your chewing down your burger? Why not add a Medium Hand Spun Chocolate Shake – that’s just another 760 calories.

For a Grand Total of 2300 Calories!

According to the calorie calculator – after eating the burger, a 135 pound woman would meet her entire day’s calorie needs about 1/3 of the way through the shake.

Forget ‘healthy’ fast food – the trend is quite the opposite.

These fat-laden concoctions continue to grow in size and popularity, and are a tribute to modern gluttony.

Enjoy at your own risk (thanks Spectra).


  1. mr. angstrom

    dude, technically im overweight and you can see my abs. and every other muscle for that matter. there are more like me. that statistic is invalid. alcoholics shouldn’t down liquor, nor should fat people eat triple whoppers, but if ur like me, then you deserve a triple whopper.

  2. Aaron

    Even if you’re obese and don’t complain about your weight, I still have a right to make judgmental comments and roll my eyes for two reasons: 1) many obese people receive government assistance (aka my tax money) to pay for treatment of food induced health issues and 2) obese people who don’t take government assistance for healthcare are still making my health insurance premiums go up.

  3. Mark

    proud of ya’

  4. drew

    it’s funny how people criticize someone for their diet, and that same person later on go drink a whole case of beer and smoke a whole pack of cigarettes. they might be their appropriate weight for their height, and maybe even look healthy, but with that habbit they are no more healthier than a 350lb man who eats tripple whoppers at burger king. And as far as us saying they should make whoppers illegal is CRAZY. would you actually want “food police” here in america monitoring what americans eat? we already losing enough freedoms. think before you talk. if people want to eat themselves into a early grave let them. if you want to smoke yourself and drink yourself into a early grave go head. me personally don’t like this burger because the amount of trans fats…sodium…and sugar..and carbs…if all that was X’d out i would probably grab me 2 of these, oh yeah and the beef have to be grass fed. but i won’t judge the next person for eating this stuff..

  5. Haha

    whats funny is that are actually really talking about this…get a life

  6. hector

    the triple whopper is awsome!!!!!! i can eat two of them also. and everybody out there that is hating on the burger if u dont like it dont order it. im a bodyguard and all those calories dont hurt me they make me feel good.

  7. Rizgoth

    This sandwich is perfect for low carb eating. Throw away the bun and eat everything else. Most low carbers could easily eat 2x the calories as a low fatter and lose more weight in the same amount of time.

  8. What?

    Iam 34 years old
    and i do enjoy this meal but the problem is that some people argue for it to be taken down from the menu’s why? i ask
    i do (and will admit) eat alot maybe up to 10 plates of food.
    As a child i did go through our grocery supply like crazy iam still in shape now as iw as when i was a child =]

    AHHHHH i want a triple whopper now.

  9. Ed

    A foot-long Subway BMT has 1260 calories and they promote themselves as healthy! That’s more than the triple whopper!

  10. anonymous

    If you do not like the sandwich do not buy it. Why is it the business’ responsibility to not provide options of poor health choices? If they can make money they should sell it. Why don’t we hold the gas stations out to dry fo selling tobacco or the liquor stores? Just do not buy it.

  11. Jason Guida

    whats our body fat percent and muscle mass percent. ht and wt. body mass index?

  12. 61

    I spy a mindless moron or two, or three…

  13. nb777

    I don’t mean to be a nudge, but with the healthiest dessert that’s 1660 calories MORE than the average adult should take in.

  14. Control

    If someone doesn’t have the self control to not over eat than it’s on them. Try to enjoy life a little people… I’m 6 foot, 190 and completely fit… And guess what, every week I have a burger from Hardees, Burger King, Applebees, etc. It’s called Moderation, one burger every once in a while isn’t going to kill you. The fact that some people can’t keep from shoving food down their gullet or that they won’t exercise is their own damn fault. Good for BK.



  16. Evan

    Even if you’re eating twice as much as the average adult (which you shouldn’t be, tbh. weight swings are never good for your body), all of that saturated fat and sodium is still terrible for you. There are plenty of other ways to get enough protein and calories for adding muscle, and they don’t kill your heart or send your blood pressure skyrocketing.

  17. Sean

    Huh… I didn’t know James was a woman’s name.

  18. Wesley

    I eat one of these everyday for lunch. I am on a high protein diet and this packs a lot of protein for the price. I take the bun off, eat it with a fork, and drink iced tea or water. I work out when I get off work for about an hour – nothing major, and have a light dinner. I have been losing about 10 lbs/month and have never felt better!

  19. dmartinez

    whoops, that should say I maintain a healthy lifestyle but *Not so extreme anymore.. Im sure nobody even cares, Lol.. But if u wanna hate, try it sometime, try to do what I did or something similar.. It’s an adrenaline rush, u can have a sense of accomplishment and feel very good about yurself for completing such a challenge.

  20. dmartinez

    And actually I am very proud of myself, I was able to conquer that challenge. If you’ve never ran 6 1/2 miles to your job to work for 10 hours and then run back home another 6 1/2 miles,, then you have no idea what it’s like. I like competition and I like pushing myself to the limit. You can hate all you want, I am very proud of myself and I do maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy it, but so extreme anymore, Lol

  21. dmartinez

    I will agree slightly depressing,, I ran to my job just for the challenge to see if I could do it, to see how long I could last before my body gets too tired. I lasted a few months.

    But stop hatin, that lifestyle it’s called ‘Healthy’ …and slightly depressing Lol. I don’t work at BK anymore, I hate Burger King with a passion

  22. A-bomb

    The Triple Whopper is a tasty fat-filled treat which I greatly enjoy. Should it be advertised? Probably not. At my local BK it isn’t on a big poster or anything but it is available. As it should be. If you don’t want to eat badly don’t go in to BK because once you’re in there they’ve got you. I intend to eat an Octo-Whopper before I die. I recently converted to BK from Maccy D’s. I used to eat 6 double cheese burgers regularly so for me this triple is a god-send.

  23. Brendan

    There are opiates in the cheese protein, however. Casein, the main protein in cheese and dairy, contains opiates called casomorphins, which have been shown to have addictive qualities. Pair that with a sugary, caffeine-laden soda and, well, your brain isn’t a match for that combination.