Nutrisystem: Reviews and Cost

By Jim F

Nutrisystem is arguably the most affordable diet delivery program, but does the lower cost mean a less effective weight loss program?

We examine the Nutrisystem program and outline some of the issues you need to be aware of.

What You Get For Your Money

Nutrisystem is a diet delivery program that includes both fresh-frozen foods and well as their traditional re-heat meals. Costs are between $9.82 and $11.96 per day (around $290-$360 per month).

  • Basic Plan – Pre-selected ready-to-go food.
  • Core Plan – An additional 100 foods available (choose your own).
  • Uniquely Yours Plan – An additional 150 foods available (choose your own – including frozen foods).

With each plan:

  • Orders are placed on their website and food items are shipped your door free of charge.
  • 24-7 phone access to nutrition support and counseling (not available with basic plan).
  • Access to online tools and community.
  • Transition plans also available after reaching goal weight.

Cancellation Process

Nutrisystem offers a 14-day free trial whereby the customer can cancel and receive a refund (less shipping costs). However, if cancelling after the 14 days AND before the second month is shipped, a $99.00 fee is charged to the customer.

Does Nutrisystem Compare?
With the 28-day autoship option, it is cheaper than Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and significantly cheaper than other diet delivery options.

Nutrisystem Programs

  • Women’s Programs – 28 day plan
  • Men’s Programs – 28 day plan
  • Nutrisystem D – Diabetic Plan – 28 day plan for managing Type 2 Diabetes (Men’s and Women’s version available). See more about Nutrisystem D here.
  • Vegetarian

NOTE: Nutrisystem Flex is still available but is no longer promoted. Flex supplies 20 days of meals per month – leaving weekends for you to choose your own food.

Lean 13

The Lean 13 program is based on a goal of a 13 pound weight loss (and 7 inches off body circumference) over the first month. The program comes with a selection of free bars and shakes.

Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem

Both of these diets are about pre-packaged foods and portion-controlled weight loss. Jenny Craig prices do vary and are often difficult to obtain.

Nutrisystem Jenny Craig at Home
Description 28 Day Auto Delivery One month Premium Success
Content Varies 12 days ready-to-go food and 16 days of frozen.
Shipping Costs Free (*with 28 day order) $130.00
Membership Fees Free $50.00
Food Costs $290-$360 $700-$800
Counseling Support Yes – Telephone Yes – Telephone and in-person

What You Need to Know

The average customer stays for 9.5 weeks.

Nutrisystem conducted a trial of 161 people. Dieters lost 8.3 pounds in a month (compared with only 2.8 pounds on a self-directed weight loss diet). A second trial of 84 overweight adults lead to a weight loss of 11.6 pounds in the first month (compared with a 5.9 lb loss on the DASH diet).

Nutrisystem will help you get back on track, but is not a permanent answer. After finishing your stint with Nutrisystem you still must learn to eat healthy.

Food Options

As long as you are on a self-selection plan, the food options are huge. However there is a great rating system where you can see how others have rated each meal. It’s important to understand the part of the program is the addition of your own vegetables and fruit.


The taste of the food seems to be… well… a matter of taste. Some people are happy with it, while other (typically more vocal customers) do not think much of the taste.To be honest, given the price of the food, be aware of how high you set your expectations. Other popular food delivery programs start at $675 per month!

Nutritional Aspects and Criticisms

The Nutrisystem is based around metabolic type.

Daily calorie amounts vary from 1200 to 1500, and each days food consists of 3 meals and 2 snacks. The macro-nutrient ratios are approximately 55% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 20% fats.

In recent years there has been considerable improvement in food quality. None of the meals have any trans-fat or high fructose corn syrup. Nutrisystem have been criticized for the amount of sodium in their food. They have addressed this in recent years and customers can expect around 2000mg/day sodium if on a Nutrisystem plan. This is consistent with current dietary guidelines that suggest a maximum of 2300mg/day.

Alcohol should be avoided, but tea, coffee, and diet sodas are okay.

Exercise is fully recommended with beginner, intermediate, and advanced workout plans available.

So… Will You Lose Weight?


The diet is reduced calories, and clinical trials undertaken by Nutrisystem have shown significant weight loss. On of the more recent studies of Lean 13 show an average 11.63 lb weight loss over the first four weeks (src).

Most diets eventually reach a plateau, but there some simple tricks you can use to break the plateau.

Nutrisystem is an economical way of losing weight, with very little time investment. However if the taste of food is not to your liking, be prepared to pay around 2-4 times more for other delivered diets.

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  1. Harry

    there’s nothing bad in seeking the help of diet programs to lose weight, there’s actually a lot to learn from it, we just have to choose what suits our body best.

  2. james

    I don’t know what half the people on here are complaining about. What were you expecting from a microwave meal or a frozen dinner in a box? An explosion of flavor in your mouth? think again. Of course there is the odd meal that won’t be to your liking, but ain’t that the case for everyone. There are plenty of options to choose from that taste great. This diet has worked wonders for me, my friend, wife and mother in law. And for the plonkers that complain that you have to buy extra food well what’s the big deal, all they are saying is you can have extra vegetables or fruit if you choose, they dont mean you can add a damn big mac to your meal like some douches on here seem to think. Great diet, great price, small portions but what are you expecting? its a diet not a feast.

    • Karen W

      Lol. Thank you.

    • Jeanie

      My thoughts exactly. I really can’t imagine what people expect. There is some sacrifice to any diet plan. This plan is easy and it works.

  3. Adam

    This is my third time on Nutrisystem. I cancelled the 2 prior times because of the taste. I heard they changed some things so I tried it again. I am very glad I did. I don’t know if people who comment negatively on the food were expecting gourmet tastes, but for me the food is quite good. Sure there are hits and misses when it comes to some items, but after customizing my order around the ratings of each item I only found 2 items that were just so-so. I started at 346 lbs 3 weeks ago and have since lost 23 lbs. There are some items that I actually look forward to eating. The cost is not that bad when you take into account not eating out, which for me has been a huge savings. All-in-all it has been enjoyable.

  4. Alison

    The food is processed and doesn’t taste fresh. However, it is the only program I can afford, and I am losing weight. It is convenient and easy. The breakfast bars are pretty good, and so are the snacks. Add ins are healthful.
    As for the 2 month minimum on the 40% off deal- I guess they expect you to be able to read.

  5. Heather

    I think it’s been great. I am down 17 lbs in a month. I like the food. Can’t tell me u r all fat from good home cooking. It’s bc u like to eat processed crap. I love it too. But this is helping me get away from it. Yeah this is processed food, but compared to what I spent going out to eat 3-5 times a week this is way cheaper. I saw the fine print but then again when I spend over $250 on something I make sure I know what I’m getting. I like it fine. Simple and easy to follow.

    • Alison

      I totally agree with everything Heather said.

  6. Lillie

    How do you opt out. It seems to be a secret.

  7. Victoria Barclay

    response to cutting out the shake. If you are using milk It is my guess that’s the problem. The other thing is it might be to cold for you belly. Try it as a hot drink. (a cup of hot chocolate)Yummy.

  8. Victoria Barclay

    I doubt that your problems where so bad. I am recovering from Colon cancer and, the result of radiation a second surgery for a blockage caused by radiation burn. I have had 2 years of a very crappy time (No pun intended). Several thing I have gotten from Nutri-System. I eat more regularly, This has always been a problem for me. My eating habit was coffee for breakfast at about 8 a.m. and then nothing util lunch about 1 or 2. By then I’m starving and I’m out and about, I grab fast food (Burger, tacos etc)then I’m stuffed by Dinner and don’t eat until 9 and that could be a pbj. And I wonder why I got Colon Cancer. The other part is I would like to lose 10 pounds. I am 5’10” and weigh 162.
    Result of Diet: I eat more regularly my meals are more balanced, I have portion control, and I is helping me get a grip on me eating habits. I feel great because my blood sugar is balanced through the day. There are no bad effects ie. gas etc. I have less gas and am more regular.

  9. Jenna

    I disagree, I’ve been on ns for 2 months now, my first week I lost a noticeable 10 pounds, second 3, third 2, fourth 3 and then suddenly eight! My start was 190. Sometimes the human body just works in odd ways. Losing weight isnt an exact science. Some things work for certain people, some things don’t.

  10. judy lynne

    I just read an ad in my paper & called NS I talked to the agent awhile trying to decide to do it or not, i did not. its alot of money & i don’t like the set up with the “auto” I just wish i could put my mind to losing my butt!

  11. KLR

    I just started NS and find it convenient, easy and a no brainer. Since I live alone, I can do this easy and dont have to think about anything…Just open a package, microwave or add hot water, add some veggies or fruit and boom! The food is great, but, great food got me to a size 14. At 5’7″, I only want to get down to a size 10, so I am hoping it will happen with NS. I am drinking the water, exercising and following the plan to the T…Oh, if you kive in a place with a Smiths or Kroeger, they have a wonderful “Carb Blaster” yogurt that you can eat.

  12. Patty

    Thanks for getting back on topic…Geez!

  13. lynn

    Does Nutri-System use mushrooms as a filler. Most of their entrees contain them. I didn`t know they were in just about all of the entrees. I am allergic to mushrooms. I had to have my money refunded because of this. I may try it again in the future if they no longer have mushrooms in just about everything.

  14. Jimbo

    The program would be better if you could opt out of the auto delivery when you first order the 28 day program for the same price as the auto delivery program options. I know the program works but, The auto delivery without the option to opt out of it for the same price as the discount 28 day plan is sort of a rip off in all reality.
    I would reorder if it did not cost so much, With everything else you have to buy with the plan (veggies, spices ect..) It can easily come out to $500+ a month including the plan it self equals around $16+ a day not the $11 that was advertised by the editor of this page witch is just the plan it self.
    I am not knocking the program it self in any way cause it does work.
    I am though in fact 100% knocking the price and lack of opting out of auto delivery of the plan while still having the discount price though cause, Face it most people if they live alone don’t even spend $500+ a month on food as it is.
    The flex plan they offer is just a joke in all reality and the 28 day plan should be priced the same as the flex plan (seriously, $500+ a month for the 28 day plan and around $120 for the no weekends flex plan including the fruit/veggies ect, The price difference between the plans makes no sense at all! The current pricing of the 28 day plan is a total rip off even with good results, It’s costing you around $380 extra just for the weekends in the 28 day plan).
    As i stated i am not knocking the results or the program it self, Just the pricing of the programs and how much the pricing is lopsided between the flex vs 28 day plan to the point of the 28 day program being a total rip off and the having no real option or way to opt out of for the discount price auto pay making it even worse.
    I believe that any auto pay is a rip off to begin with when it comes to any service and it takes away a lot of options and can and has lead to people getting ripped off or over billed.
    Just my thoughts…

  15. sky

    I did WW for 3 months and did loose 30 LBS, but like alot of people on WW I gained it all back when I felt I knew what I was doing and didn’t really need the system anymore. I did manage to keep it off for a year thou and a few months ago tried to join again but their new points plus system did not work at all for me. The problem with WW is that you can’t really have normal food or what most people eat “normal” as your constantly looking for all low fat no fat items and you become so calorie/point conscience that even a piece of cheese will have you nervous x_X unless you do the lean cuisine and progresso soup thing (which are both full of sodium anyway) it’s kinda hard to prepare balanced meals that will keep you full unless you love to cook and don’t mind spending extra time preparing, measuring, weighing it all~

    So far the NS diet has been great for the simple fact that you have a meal planner that tells you what to eat and when to eat it and how much. With this convenience I don’t have to think about what I’m going to make so much and it takes like 5 minutes to make a meal. So instead of constantly thinking about food which is what I had been doing with WW as you become SUPER calorie/point conscience (to the point a piece of bread becomes deadly if it’s 2 points and not 1 a slice @_@) I think about other things and I only get hungry when it’s generally time to eat something. It’s the structure and convenience that makes this diet and I’m really glad I decided to do it.

    I will however after I’m done losing the weight I want switch to a more healthier diet and make sure this time around I don’t let myself go and really appreciate the weight I’ve lost instead of thinking “this isn’t good enough I need to lose more.”

    • Ann

      South beath is a great option..

  16. sue

    if you dont mind sharing…how long did it take you to lose the 80lbs, what was your height/weight to start, and what did you do for excercise? I am very depressed about my weight, getting married in 2012 and having a very hard time finding something that will work to motivate and help me.

  17. Jane

    Thanks for this post. I am really thinking about trying this one. I will definitely keep you posted.

  18. Lisa

    I totally agree. There is a lot of work into preparing salads and fresh fruits and making one egg for my husband’s protein and figuring out a carb for him to eat. The only thing ‘convenient’ about NS is plopping out the main dish on the plate after warming it up. The sausage gravy and biscuits are cool, but a pain in the butt to make.

  19. David

    I have found that the nutrisystem really tends to make me bloated and have gas. It is a solid diet, but there definitely some side effects that are worth noting. AHas anyone else experienced any type of side effects from this type of diet?

    • Ann

      Just finished the first week of Fast Five, shakes & the food gave me the worst gas & gas pains. the food
      has a lot of fiber in it but I’m lactose intolerant but I took phyzame and it really helps

  20. Kristina

    Wow,, Good for you!! At least now you can put those three bills a month toward new clothes vs. NS.. Congrats!!

  21. Kristina

    I didnt lose much either.. I went off it and lost.. LOL

  22. Kristina

    I did Jenny a few years back.. VERY expensive.. i thought.. But NS isnt too cheap either. LOL… I am not impressed with NS.. I lost ten lbs but I am taking ALLI.. and think that is the reason.. Too much sodium on NS. Done with it.. Good luck to you!! To be honest and we all know this.. Just cut down on portions and move your butt more.. You will lose!!!

  23. Jackie

    I have been on the Nutrisystem plan for 2 months now and I think the food is really good. Its definately very convenient because I can just grab the food and walk out the door to work. So far I have lost 30 pounds. Some of the foods I really like are the ice cream with caramel, the ice cream sandwiches, and all of the meal bars (like eating candy).

    I especially look forward to the frozen items because they are definately the better food in this plan. It does give you gas because you are eating healthier food and my body wasn’t used to eating healthy things. I just take something for gas while on this plan (problem solved).

    Overall I think Nutrisystem is a good plan and can help alot of people lose weight. Jackie

    • Dana

      How much did it all cost? Just the nutrisystem- not buying veggies/fruits. For both months. I want to do two months worth but I’m worried about the cost.

  24. sandy

    Whoa people. I am a medical transcriptionist and I am thankful every day for spell check!! I know lots of physicians and medical professionals in very specialized fields and thank the good Lord they do what they do, but they couldn’t spell their way out of a wet paper bag……………….and what does any of that have to do with NutriSystem? I lost 35 pounds on it in the past, and I am back again, years later, and feel sure that if I adhere to the diet, it will work again. (disclaimer…there may or may not be misspelled workds in this post!)

  25. Jodi

    I am on the NS now, for my second month, i have lost 3 or 4 lbs. The food is good, ok there are some dishes that are not, but you can choose what you want in your next order so just write down the ones you like. My only complaint is the GAS! i have gas all day and SMELLY gas, embarrssing! And i feel bloated all the time! I am trying to exercise, but i have to go on the treadmill at the gym when no one else is there because i will just pass gass the whole time!

    • Ann

      Try Phyazyme it’s the best!! Gave me the worst gas too..but I’m lactose intolerant 🙁

  26. babs

    Hi, I’ve been in NS since January. I’ve lost 20 LBS. Not terribly fast but i have to admit that I don’t eat the meals on the weekend. The food isn’t terrible. B-fast is good. I find that if I stick to the pastas I like the meals. When I stray to the other foods I am disappointed. The first few weeks were tough trying to find what i liked but once i got that down i made sure i ordered that food. My food gets a little repetitive but it’s better than eating the food i hate. I like to give myself a break on the weekend. I don’t go ALL OUT but I don’t follow NS to a “t”. I’m down 2 sizes and have about 10 more lbs to go. The tools they give you are great too. I have the mobile app and I use the online tools. Both help to keep me on track.
    Good luck!

  27. Neal

    I am a 42 yr. old male, 5.7 and was pushing 220. I don’t look quite as bad as it sounds as I have broad shoulders and a stocky frame, but of course it IS bad, obese even and very unhealthy, starting to cause me issues with my flat feet and lower back. I have never dieted before, ate whatever I wanted, drank lots of beer, late night desserts, you name it. Obviously I am unable to control portion size on my own – heh didn’t even know what it was! Joined NS with my wife who is in the same shape as I am. Joined 2 weeks ago and lost 7 lbs the first week. Haven’t weighed myself this week yet, but my pants have gone from tight to loose…

    I am not a picky eater but I am a good cook, grow a garden and know good food. I certainly would not choose to eat this food by choice. It is loaded with sodium and preservatives and as a previous reviewer commented some dishes are overly saucy. On the plus side, I find the food edible, it has lots of fiber (a good thing!), and some of the dishes have even been downright tasty. Breakfasts are very good, lunches probably the weak spot, dinners vary. The pizzas are excellent (both frozen and non), and if you get creative by putting veggies on top they are even better! The snacks are excellent and make me feel like i get to cheat twice a day. I highly prefer the Schwann’s fresh-frozen. Our plan gives us 10 days of this. You do need to supplement with lots of veggies and fruits. Portions are puny – my wife and i started laughing when we saw how small the portions were – like a quarter of what we’d normally eat (thus the issue =). The food is convenient but preparing veggies takes time. I would rate the cost, with supplemented foods, as high. However, other comparable programs are apparently even more.

    Regarding the gas and bloating, I don’t find it bad at all. You will get some gas just by eating all the veggies. You should also remember that you need a LOT of water when on a high fiber diet. Failing to consume at least 6-8 8 oz. glasses of water a day can result in gas issues.

    Dealt with a customer service once and my wife once. They were fine to deal with, pleasant if not overly knowledgeable. Some people might expect too much in this regard. They are not dieticians and I am sure they are not paid a lot. Expect mistakes if you return the food. They are not counting on a lot of folks doing that, despite the guarantee.

    As far as value I am happy. They will get at least 2 months of my money for teaching me how to eat alone. The guides and planner are really excellent in this regard. Finally, I know I will lose the weight I want to lose on this. This definitely works, and yes I will be sick of this food after 2 or 3 months but hopefully will develop portion control strategies by then.

  28. Gary

    I find they are very high on something or another that tends to, on certain days, cause gas & bloating. I have stuck it out and never changed the diet (sorry co-workers), and have lost 23 pounds in 7 weeks. I am glad you mentioned this!

  29. healthychick

    I have to say I come across many professionals in my life that cannot spell, executives and teachers included. Spelling has nothing to do with your professionalism or your intellect. I also know plenty of educated people with Master degrees that can barely get by financially. A masters doesn’t make you above anyone else, and it clearly doesn’t mean you have any class!

  30. jean

    Many people in every profession do not spell correctly. That does not interfere with their knowledge of medicine. Grow up!

  31. Stephanie

    I have been on ns for about a month now, and I have to say that I am quite disappointed. I find it disturbing when I saw the package for the chicken salad it stated “artificially lightened”. What does that mean? They use the worst part of the chicken and make it look like white meat? yuck. The frozen breakfasts are ok with the exception of the french toast. The ready to go ones are ok as well but its hard to screw up cereal, stay away from the eggs. The frozen lunches are ok, but the ready to go ones are questionable. The only ones that are decent are the meatless options. Not really a big fan of mystery meat. The only ready to go dinner that is decent is the pizzas or the buffalo chicken wrap. The meatless frozen dinners are good, but again mystery meat in both the frozen and ready to go. I am going to go back to weight watchers as I feel like I am eating a ton of chemicals in the ns food, especially the ready to go stuff. I actually had flashbacks of my Army days when I opened some of the packages because the reminded me of the MRE’s we used to eat. All the meals have way too much sauce, most of the time I feel like I am eationg soup.

  32. Chris

    I have been eating the Smart ones Weight Watchers meals for quite some time now and I cannot say I have been pleased. I think I might have gained weight. These meals are packed with sodium.Even my friend had used those for about 2 months, switched to N-S and lost 15 pounds! I just signed up today.

  33. Chel

    Can you solve advanced mathematical equations, Carol? If not, you must not be a very good English teacher!

    Where do people come up with such ridiculous notions?

    I would expect proper spelling from someone with a Master’s degree in English. A medical professional doesn’t need to know how to spell a condition in order to treat it or recognize its symptoms.

  34. Denice

    Nice try posing as a medical ” professional! ”
    That is pathetic and btw, an obvious plug for another diet program!
    Out of all the others that wrote in about NS, not one other person complained of headache or diarrhea. Also, if in fact you were any type of medical professional, you would not refer to loose stool in such a crude manor!

  35. Carol

    TracyP, I’m sorry if you think it’s harsh, but I have to agree with Carissa. If a “medical professional” can’t spell diarrhea correctly, how much credibility can he/she possibly have? I have a Masters degree in English and a teaching license – if my letters home about your child’s performance in school were riddled with grammatical and spelling errors, you wouldn’t be able to take me seriously as a professional, right?

    Bottom line: don’t claim to know more than your average lay-person by stating you are a “professional” when it’s obvious you are not. Everyone is entitled to their opinion – please, by all means, express it openly – but don’t taint it with questionable credentials.

    Thanks to everyone on their reviews!

  36. Teri

    I just started Nutrisystem and I love it. I am single and do not have to cook for anyone. The food is not bad. Like anything you will find some of it you love and some you don’t like. It is so easy. I have not started exercising yet. I thought I would give myself a couple of weeks on the diet. I do seem a little tired, but I work long days. I add two fruits a day, one dairy, one protein and a salad with fat free dressing for dinner. I love that you get dessert/snack everyday. I am not having the gas and bloating like some have mentioned. Maybe a little gas, but not bad. I think this is going to work to get the weight off, but I will have to go on Weight Watcher’s to continue to keep it off. It will be a life struggle for me. My age is 51 and I want to lose 40 pounds. Hope this helps some of you that are considering the program. It is expensive to lose weight? That is a fact.

  37. TracyP

    I hate when people think they are better than others and put them down. Sounds to me like you don’t feel good about yourself, so you do that to make yourself feel better. The world would be a better place if we all had tolerance and compassion for others.

  38. Happy

    About five years ago I tried Nutrisystem, but had trouble downing some of the food. I lost weight, but that’s because I went with the Atkins diet (and exercise) instead, and that worked out great.

    Five years later I’ve gained a lot of weight back, lost a lot of my willpower to make my own well-proportioned meals, so I decided to look up Nutrisystem again. I kept seeing all the commercials on TV about how it’s menu was new and improved. I was curious. I ordered it, received it about a week and a half ago, and I have to say that some of these foods were better than I remembered.

    The vegetarian dishes are the tastiest. The chicken and tuna are great too, but some of the beef dinners are still difficult to swallow. The Swedish meatballs for example were (sorry to say) disgusting. When I opened the container the stench punched me in the nose. I hoped it would taste better than it smelled, but no such luck. I finished it since I opened it, but man, that was one horrific dinner experience. I still have a few beef dinners left, so I hope those will taste a lot better than the Swedish meatballs.

    I’ve seen other people complain that the breakfast muffins were dry, but that’s not my experience. They’re actually delicious! They are moist, sweet, and smell great. The scones are very good too. The Nutrisystem breakfast is great.

    The lunch items are good too. It’s diet food, but it tastes pretty good for being diet. I was scared to try the tuna salad, but to my surprise it was pretty good and flavorful.

    The desserts are good too. Some of them don’t taste like diet. When I first started I felt like I needed the dessert to make myself feel full, but a week and a half later I’m at a point where I actually feel bad for having the dessert, because I feel like I don’t really need it. Naturally I eat it anyway, because I’m a chocoholic and I can’t resist dessert time. 😛

    So far I’m not disappointed with the meals, and I’m really happy about the fact that I don’t have to think about what to buy for dinner or lunch. I like that I can just pick out a meal, throw it in the bag and not worry about spending money on eating out. I have no clue how much weight I’ve lost so far, I don’t own a scale, but my pants don’t feel as tight as they did a week ago. I’d say that’s progress.

  39. Raven

    I started NS a week ago. I ordered the gourmet plan. Actually, this SAVES money for me. (I spend a LOT on food.. i LOVE to EAT!!)
    I tried NS in 1990.. was on for about 3 months.. lost lots of weight.. but suffered from SEVERE headaches and weakness. The food.. well .. if I would have eaten the BOX, I probably couldn’t tell much difference between THAT and the food IN it. When I quit, because I had been SO hungry for so long, I quickly gained all of my weight back!
    I am trying NS again BECAUSE of Schwan’s making a lot of the foods. (I LOVE SCHWAN’s FOOD!)
    This time around.. it seems too good to be true. I enjoy almost all of the foods. I have not been hungry AT ALL!! I feel good and I have dropped 3 pounds.
    This is too easy for me. 🙂

  40. stacia

    I read numerous complaints about Nutrisystem from horrible customer services to ants, worms , and moths coming out of the food. It’s funny how there’s no bad comments about Nutrisystem ( Hint: lots of advertisement for it). Just google Nutrisystem complaints you will see the truth about this program. They charged fees for no reason and they do not refund any money. The customer services won’t help you or give you a call back. If people did lose weight, it was because they either vomited it all up, got food poisoning,loss of appetite due to worms crawling out, or the staleness. So word of advise Stay clear or the only thing that will get skinny is your wallet. Trust me, you will thank me! All you have to do is keep your calories under 1500 a day and 30 mins of some sort of exercise (Even cleaning your house or having sex!). Thats it and try to eat as much organic natural stuff (Amy’s)brand is pretty good

    • Lanita

      You havnt tryed the uniquely yous plan I love it. I don’t have gas or bloating. I’ve never vomited up and I’ve been on it 2 months and I’ve lost 26lbs. The one problem I had customer service was great. Called me back a half an hr later and sent out the missing items and sent me 2 extra snacks for my trouble. I’m 66 years old so maybe I have a little more tolerance than you since I worked in customer service for 35yrs.

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