Jessica Simpson’s Diet and Workout Routine

By Jim F

3056-jessica-simpson-weight-loss.jpgSuper pregnant Jessica Simpson will be using Weight Watchers to lose the baby weight this time.

Along with a healthy endorsement deal of course…….

Her weight has fluctuated over the years and here’s some of the methods she has used.

Major Move Star (circa 2007)

Jessica used the 5 Factor Diet to achieve her 25pound weight loss and physique change for this role.

She just didn’t read the book, but received personal help from celeb trainer, Harley Pasternak, the book’s author.

Dukes of Hazard Weight Loss (circa 2005)

Jessica Simpson used a personal trainer Mike Alexander who not only guided her workouts, but sat with her through every meal.

Alexander lived in a house with Simpson during the three months she was in Baton Rouge last fall shooting Dukes. “I ate every meal with her so I could tell her what to order,” says Alexander, who encouraged Simpson to eat grilled chicken, seared fish, broccoli and asparagus. She avoided bread baskets brought to the table and declined extra sugar for her iced tea. Free desserts brought to the table were refused.

Virtually every day Simpson did one hour of weights and 30 minutes of cardio. The main exercises were lunges and squats (the “butt builders”). What is astonishing is how light the weights were (7 1/2 pound dumbbells).

“Jessica wanted more of a bump for her rear end instead of a flat butt,” says Alexander

While not everyone has a mentor to guide them through every meal, this kind of workout routine and diet is perfectly do-able. Squats have to be one of the biggest metabolism-boosting exercises there are.

She says, “I have a workout video coming out and now everybody can do the Daisy Duke workout and I have a treadmill line that I’ll be selling.

This didn’t really fly. However for later performances Simpson claimed she works out 2 hours a day for 5 days a week. The routine comprises 45 minutes of strength training, and 30-45 minutes of cardio. The strength training sessions includes squats and lunges (3×20) and also squat jumps.

Do you find Jessica Simpson’s many weight loss attempts inspiring?


  1. Me

    I have a question…..Ann said, There’s a billion websites for calculating your calorie requirements.

    Where can I find these sites? I googled them but didn’t find anything. I would like to know how many calories I should be eating a day.

    I’m 5’8″ 150 lbs. I work out 5 times a week, 40 minutes of running and 30 minutes of weight training. Depending on the day, I also do squats (on days I do my upper body) and then also crunches everyday.

    So how many calories should I be taking in? I’ve figured that I”m burning about 500-550 calories a day with my workout

  2. M-Chip

    Okay, half of you are fing pathetic for thinking you fat when your 107lb and 5’6″ or under. That seems very unhealthy to me. I’m 5’5 1/2″ and been hanging around the 195lb mark. Alot of people think I weigh 160lb or always ask if I’m losing weight when I haven’t done sh*t in five years. Though I’m starting to run and drink a gallon of water a day again coz I’ve got a skimpy costume to ware in a upcoming show. I’m not conserned about weight or size these days. I look at pictures of myself five years ago when the lightest I ever was or probably will be was 170lb and I look kinda twigish. I didn’t feel good about myself then because I had a father durning my teen years destroy my selfesteem by telling me that at a 170lb I was fat. However, these days I found a group of friends that taught me to love being me and I don’t speak to my father anymore and I feel fine. Remember girls gallon of water a day, eat (just remember moderation), and learn to be comfortable with yourself. Because if your not comfortable with yourself it’ll show.

  3. Kim

    I’m 21 and 5’4 169 lbs thanks to Medifast I been on it for a week and lost 6lbs I’m so proud of myself that for once I stuck to something. With Medifast they send you food and you would it 5 of their meals which contains shakes, oatmeal, soup, candy bars, an other things and you would eat 1 meal you would have to provided like a meat like baked or grilled chicken and a veggie or salad it called the 5&1 Meal Plan and on medifast you can lose up 20 pounds in 1 month. You can order the two week starter kit which give you shakes, oatmeal two kinds of soup,2 kinds of candy bars it would run you about 156 dollars I know alot of people think that’s alot but when you think about you don’t have to buy food for two weeks. I recommend that if you do want to order food for 2 weeks and not sure how it would taste then if you order 10 boxes of whater more or the shakes because you have to have about 6 boxes of the shakes because you should have at least 2-3 a day or more and the 2 boxes of the apple ciniamon oatmeal & 2 boxes of pudding thats about 134 dollars just for that but any way if you want more information you can email me at I’ll can tell you more about my experience and I can give you the site where I ordered it and they take 25 dollars of new people orders. I can also tell you things that I recommend.
    Well let me go but this is just the begin of my second week starting tomorrow and I’ll keep you posted on how much weight I have lost by sept 1st. But I will be buy some more maybe enough for two weeks or one depending on how much weight I lose by sept 1. Did I mention I didnt do any exercise and Medifast is healthy for you.

    Have a good day

  4. exercise_maniac

    Food_for_the_masses-you are sadly misinformed. People who don’t eat on a regular basis will lose weight. Their bodies not only eat the fat but the muscle as well. As soon as they start to eat, they gain weight…want to know why? Because their body knows it is starving and it will hold onto every calorie it can. Anorexia only works when you don’t eat. In order to lose weight HEALTHFULLY, as that is what we are about here, you must eat a proper amount of carbs, fats and protein. Exercising too much will cause the body to hold onto calories if not eating enough.

    The only idiot here is you.

  5. food_for_the_masses

    Anon has made a very important observation for you people who think eating a lot of calories is going to cause weight loss. Hello. Anorexic people are skinny because they don’t eat. Models are skinny because they don’t eat. Pop singers etc. are skinny because they don’t eat. Gwen Stefani admitted that she starves herself. To all of you uninformed people giving poor advice shut the he!! up. Calories make you fat. Period. Anon to answer your question because they are idiots who don’t know sh*t.

  6. anon

    Okay, here’s a question: why do people always say that if you stop eating or skip meals your body will think it’s starving and hold onto fat, so you won’t lose weight … but then when people talk about how skinny celebrities are, they always say it’s because they’re anorexic?

  7. lane


    I saw that many of you were struggling with your weight and were having difficulty shedding pounds. This year I was also struggling and I could not understand why. I worked out 5 days a week, ate healthy and drank a lot of water each day. Despite the fact that I thought I was healthy, I was a freshman in college, which meant I was consuming more calories in my alcohol intake than in food!

    I am not sure about everyone’s drinking habits, but you may be drinking your calories. If you want to go out, rather than drinking beer, cosmos or anything with a fruit juice base, try vodka/tonic which is only 112 cal. I’d just thought I let everyone know to keep that in mind because I definitely saw results after I quit the binge drinking!

  8. Ann

    Wow, good … that five times a day thing scared me 😉

  9. Melanie

    Correction –> I did not go to the gym 5 times a day…haha I meant to put 5 times a week. 🙂

  10. Melanie

    Here’s what I did:
    I know diet pills are supposed to be bad and all, but the problem with me losing weight is that I stop working out when I don’t notice results, I feel like I’m wasting my time. I am 5’0 and 108 and am a size 1. I wanted to tone up so I asked a trainer for some advice. I was also against diet pills because I thought once I stopped taking them I’d gain all my weight back….wrong. My trainer recommended LIPO6. This stuff is GREAT! Look up the reviews online, it makes your body burn fat and lose those pounds that are SO hard to lose. I lost 8 lbs in the first 2 weeks by eating lean cuisines for each meal, tuna for snacks and cutting calories, like drinking diet drinks and eating diet food. For example I’d get pudding with Splenda (60 calories)so I’d be satisfied after a meal. Also, don’t get on the scale and think all your hard work it useless…I gained a lot of muscle (which weighs MORE than fat) but went from a size 4 to a 1. I also went to the gym 5 times a day. DRINK LOTS OF WATER! When you start getting hungry drink coffee or water. Yerbe Mate tea is good to drink and it craves your appetite. I know this may not be the best way…but nothing else worked for me, and even when I stopped taking the pills and stopped cutting calories, and only gained 1 lb. This may not work for everyone but it did for me.. try it if you’re desperate!

  11. Ann

    Cable’s not free 😉

  12. Candy

    I bet they enhanced her butt with a computer or made Jessica wear butt pads because last wk she did an interview and her a_s was flat as he_l !!! Denis Austin has a workout everymorning on Lifetime it works good and she makes me laugh plus its FREE!!
    C u guys later

  13. Erin

    Well I have decided not to do diet pills, Im just really going to watch what I eat, and start doing some sit ups, and, some butt exercises, every night, how long will it take to start seeing results, I have lost 25lbs in the last couple of months, and it is time to start working out alot, so it will help me w/ the last 10 or so extra lbs.

  14. Tiffany

    Another way to get flat abs, that I’ve found to be useful, is to contract your abs while doing cardio. Running, rollerblading, elliptical (usually not biking, though). Contract your abs and hold for 30 seconds as you run/blade, then release for 30 seconds and repeat.

    Also, the good old fashioned slow, controlled “bicycle” crunch is probably the most effective overall ab exercise, and is always worked into Pilates routines. Try doing those, or even get yourself a Pilates workout DVD. Pilates focuses on strengthening your core in order to have better balance and over control of your body, as well as flatter abs.


  15. Ann

    I’m hearing incredibly conflicting statements about dairy everywhere … some say that having three servings of lowfat dairy a day is a great way to lose weight … others say to stay away from dairy and go for other sources of calcium (broccoli, supplements). I don’t know which to believe. I tried putting a lot of extra dairy in my diet (skim milk) and didn’t see any results. Thoughts?

  16. Bencze

    Can anyone suggest a good workout besides crunches to tone up the belly area and keep it that way?

    For lower abs, try lying down with your head on the ground and doing leg lifts. You can put your hands flat under your butt for more support for your back, but this works your stomach less.

    Another good exercise to try is to rock your legs in and out, from knees at your chest to straight extended without ever touching the ground. The ultimate crunch is to do crunches as you rock your legs at the same time, so that your head comes up when your knees are in and goes back down when you extend your legs (scissor crunch). This particular crunch can be hard on your lower back.

    To target the sides of your waist, bend your knees and lay your lower body to one side (keeping your back against the floor) and do normal crunches.

    As strange as this sounds, a good way to to strengthen your midsection is to crawl up a set of stairs on your hands and knees, or anything else that requires abdominal balance like climbing a ladder or biking with no hands. Not as effective as crunches, but every bit helps.

  17. Kimberly

    Kayla, being 15 you will still have time to grow into your body. Dont focus so much on the losing weight aspect, instead try going for being in shape and tone. I dont claim to be an expert, im only almost 18 but if you play into society’s role of having to be a toothpick to be pretty you will end up being unhealthy and having problems. 110 is not a lot. So just look for some workouts to tone up the areas youd like to.

    As for me… Can anyone suggest a good workout besides crunches to tone up the belly area and keep it that way?

  18. kayla

    i’m 15 years old, i’m 5″2 and i weigh about 110… I would like to lose 5 pounds and be in toned more and lose the excess fat, to ages 12-14 i was over weight and then one summer I just lost all this weight… it was weird people thought i had a problem but I didn’t do anything i just lost all this weight, so now i have excess fat i need to get rid of but how? i try to watch what i eat but its so hard and i constantly check my weight and i know thats bad but i can’t help it, also i drink alot of milk, and i mean alot.
    any advaice would be great!

  19. TS

    WHOA..i thought i was 5’6″ and 104lb..i feel like i couild lose a pound or so cause believe me i dun look anything like lindsay lohan..except my arms and legs and tummy..everything else is like normal..ehh

  20. Amy

    I am trying to lose a few pounds and agree that running is a good fat-burning exercise. But i cant get past a certain point when i run. I’ve heard that if you keep going, you will feel a “second wind” or burst of energy (i dont know if that is true or not) but i cant seem to get past that tough point and always stop running. How can i motivate myself to keep going? Anyone’s advice will help.

  21. Ann

    Hey, has anyone ever heard of an ab bridge? Could you describe it? Thx

  22. Tiffany

    Angelina, Katie, Abby (and anyone else concerned with the scale bobbing around each day, or that annoying little five pounds):

    Most of the time the weight you’ve “gained” or that “five pounds you can’t lose” has a lot to do with water retention. The less water you drink, the more your body retains, making you heavier (not “fatter,” mind you). SO: if you’re really concerned with the number on the scale, just keep yourself hydrated. Cut back on the caffeine and increase your non-caffinated, sugar-free fluid intake (water, decaffinated tea, etc.). Also, try and cut down on the sodium – too much will make you retain a lot of water. Just keep an eye on labels – a lot of lunchmeats and TV dinners are loaded with sodium. Try opting for Healthy Choice brand lunchmeat and meals – they have significantly lower sodium than other brands.

    Also, if you’re concerned with cravings, try doing Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. Essentially it’s a low-carb routine, which sounds annoying, but it really curbs cravings for sugars and starches. I like South Beach because, unlike Atkins, it allows you to drink milk and have lots and lots of vegetables, and encourages you to try and pick reduced fat meat and cheese rather than telling you to load up on fatty meat and butter. I personally felt really gross eating a bunch of cheese, meat, pork rinds and ranch dressing while counting carbs for a week. South Beach requires no counting (calories or carbs), and made me feel full; it also killed my cravings.

    Above all, don’t weigh yourself every day. It’s hard, I know; I do it, too. But understand that ANYTHING can throw your body a few pounds one way or the other – sodium levels, hydration levels, your period, ANYTHING. So don’t stress. Just keep drinking water (8 – 8 oz. glasses a day, like they’ve always said, and more if you’re going to work out), and watch your sodium intake (but don’t get too freaky about it; sodium is still really important to a body that’s going to function properly).

    Hope this helps, girls.


  23. 46 and going strong


    When doing squats, try balancing your weight more on your heels than on the balls of your feet. This will get the glute area. The same holds true with lunges.

  24. Ann

    So, I always feel like I’m getting conflicting information about appropriate calorie-intake. I’ve never tried to go below a 1200-a-day diet, but sometimes I hear that that’s not even enough … There’s a billion websites for calculating your calorie requirements, but they all seem to give different figures: from around 1200 to almost 1800 (for me). And whenever I try to do a food log I seem to fluxuate between those numbers (closer to 1200 if I actually eat healthily with lots of fruit and veggies, and more if I toss in cookies or eat out). So does that mean that 1200’s really okay, as long as it’s still made up of healthy things, or am I just not eating ENOUGH healthy things, so I should eat enough of them to make up more like 15 or 1600 calories?

  25. Monica Anctil

    ok ladies. all of you need to understand something. like stated earlier, unless you have work done, you will not look like Jessica Simpson…nor any other celeb. my main goal is to tone up and drop in body fat. i am 21, 5’2″ and weigh 145-150 depending on what shoes i wear that day. i don’t care how much i weigh and never will. as long as i feel good and look good to my standards, all is good. please don’t go to the gym and look at other females, especially in the locker room. comparing yourself to other people is the worst thing that you can do for yourself and self esteem. compare yourself to yourself. keep a log, make a diary of your food intake, your workout routines, your weight gain/loss…etc. like i said, don’t track weight gain/loss. it will de-motivate you. i’ve been the same weight for over 3 years. once i hit 19 something happened with my metabolism…whatever. i’m happy with my weight. anyway, my workout consists of 30-45 minutes of cardio, either the elliptical or treadmill and them about an hour of weights…light weight, high reps. most important when you’re trying to shed excess fat. my body-fat is 19.5…better than average but it’s difficult understanding how my weight could be 145-150 at 5’2″. be happy with yourself!!!

    thanks for reading!

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