Green Tea Kit Kat

By Jim F

i-1c6b61a6714fc4bd4cdd8288f43bebfe-kitkat.jpgWe’ve been told of the health benefits of green tea, and even the benefits from dark chocolate.

Spotted in Japan earlier this year was a KitKat – Green Tea flavor. The chocolate bars are a bright green color – but to the disappointment of many – are only a limited edition.

How do they taste?

A friend of mine who was visiting Japan brought one back for me to try.

First off, The green tea used in these KitKats is matcha powder, which is a concentrated version of green tea. (see also Caffeine Informer for the caffeine content of Matcha Tea.) Many Japanese desserts use matcha powder as a flavoring and color ingredient.

To me, Green Tea KitKat just tasted like slightly green tea flavored white chocolate. It was really sweet and in fact, sweeter than a regular KitKat.

Are Green Tea Kit Kats Healthier?

While there would be just a slight antioxidant benefit from the matcha powder, they certainly aren’t health bars – KitKats are mostly sugar.

The Green Tea KitKat rates alongside other such food oddities as chocolate-flavored cheese.


  1. Brandone Nguyen

    I would find them in my local Asian market, not kidding

  2. Sarah

    I love them and they even contain fish what delivers necessary calcium and proteins
    So go get some on amazon

    • Andrea

      Theres no need to consume fish though (or any animal product), flax seeds contain higher amounts of any “beneficial” nutrients fish could contain c:

  3. Jovian

    where exactly i can buy kitkat green tea in japan?i’m so confuse..i have been searching in combination store,family mart,seven eleven and other place in shibuya,shinjuku,harajuku,odawara,but still can find it?if there are some of you know,where is it..please tell me..thx u..

  4. Kat

    it’s so delicious! my mother in law gave me two packs and i wish i had more! 🙁

  5. Jammasterjay

    Hey Guys you can get these yummi Matcha Green tea Kit Kats at they also offer other yummi stuff from japan, just take a look :)!

  6. Loh Yew Kwong

    Appreciate if u can also share info on distribution outlets wif me as well. Thanks.

  7. Cameron

    Hi my name is Cameron,
    After recently returning from Japan, I’ve long missed my favorite Kitkat which i tried in Japan; Green tea kit kat…

    I’ve looked EVERYWHERE on Ebay,google and even the kit kat site itself. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE If you know where I can buy a bunch, please contact me by e-mail (make the subject: Green tea kitkat) PLEASE!

  8. tina

    liza – i bought them at the airport too… where they had little pieces to try, right??? i too regret buying not more…… :-((

  9. tina

    i just bought this in tokyo and shared w/some friends back in CA. I love this stuff, not for the health factor of course, just because it’s such a good flavor! but i’ll be running out of it soon… where can i get some more of this stuff???

  10. liza

    I just came from Japan.I saw this at the airport and got 2 smallboxes just to try. It looked too unusal.I now regret just buying 2. I should have gotten the huge box they had. It is so good.

  11. Eric

    I just ate some. So good!

  12. Briana

    love it!

  13. Mark

    These come out about once a year.

  14. kin

    They taste sublime. Tried them on a recent trip to Kyoto. Creamy and rich. They make no claim to be healthy and, in my opinion, are worth every calorie 🙂

  15. polly haecker

    Recipe for Green tea kitkats please

  16. Kayputh

    Lana said:
    i drink green tea too, but i always add lemon and drink it iced, because plain green tea is nasty as hell.[…]

    oh wow, you’ve tried mashed grasshoppers? because if I were you, I think I would plain green tea over that.

    no one drinks iced green tea….I guess it’s only reserved for grasshopper eaters

  17. xXPurpleXHazeXx

    Mmm mm man i wish i lived in japan these things look delicious. I lovvvee green tea mochi balls and green tea iced and hot. i am tempted to write nestle about selling these in the US! haha too bad.

  18. RedPanda

    The Green Tea Kit Kats sound intriguing. No offence, but I think it’ll be a while before I try the Velveeta Fudge!

  19. Gene

    I miss Green Tea Kit Kats. Our Tokyo office brought them last year. 🙁

  20. Jennae

    Oh my – whenever anyone asks what my favorite food is, I always jokingly say Chocolate, cheese, or even chocolate covered cheese!

    I didn’t know you could actually get something like that! It doesn’t surprise me though, as I know people that make *and* swear by the goodness of Velveeta Fudge. I can’t say I’ve tried it though…

  21. chad

    I’m a pretty picky person when it comes to food and hesitant to try something odd like this when it comes to sweets. my friend convinced me to try this when i was in japan last year. hands down, one of my favorite sweets now. i agree with other readers – green tea does not taste good, but this candy is a treat. kit kat got it right with this confection. now, if they would release this stateside!

  22. carmen

    Yes indeed Green tea has marvelous taste but with kit kate wel i don’t think it can hip the party.

  23. Kamrin

    Yummy! it tastes when you take some kit kates with green tea. I have those soon after I take my lunch or dinner.

  24. Alison

    Green kitkats taste weird

  25. Lana

    i drink green tea too, but i always add lemon and drink it iced, because plain green tea is nasty as hell.

    i once made the mistake of buying green tea flavoured gelato….it tasted like mashed grasshoppers.

  26. Spectra

    It sounds interesting, that’s for sure. But if I’m going to eat a candy bar, it’s going to be made of chocolate!

  27. Jim

    As a drinker of green tea, I personally think it’s hardly the most flavorsome of drinks. Maybe I’ve got a poor palate – but it still seems odd to me to give things a flavor of green tea.

  28. Ben

    It’s not really an oddity. Green tea flavored confectionaries can be found all over Japan. I’ve had this Kit-Kat, and it actually tastes really good; much better than any chocolate bar that comes out of North America.

    But I agree, it’s not a healthy bar. It uses a simulated matcha (green tea) flavor, so the health benefits of the tea are not present. It’s just another flavor in Japan, just like orange, coffee, or vanilla here. It’s just different cultures. But North America is starting to catch on, even Starbucks is offering a green tea frappucino.

  29. jade

    That’s right. They are mostly sugar. I tried this green tee bar and never want it again. Once is enough. Actually, more than enough.