Gluten-Free Diets: Latest Fad?

By Jim F

As we say farewell to the low-carb frenzy, The Australian reports on another growing fad: Gluten-Free Diets.

Nutritionist Joanne Beer said gluten-free had replaced low-carb as the latest diet craze.

“I think it’s a trendy fad and people are jumping on the bandwagon,” she said.

“I’ve had so many people coming in lately and saying, ‘oh, I’m gluten-intolerant’, and in 99 per cent of cases they are not.”

For sufferers of Celiac disease, following a gluten-free diet is a necessity. However it appears that many people are now self-diagnosing, and buying up gluten-free products.

A spokeswoman for Woolworths supermarkets said gluten-free foods represented the fastest-growing category within the health food market.

Celiac disease can be diagnosed with a blood test. Other than that, there is no special reason to follow a gluten-free diet.


  1. Maggie

    I’ve recently gone gluten free. I have a strong family history of coeliac disease (2 daughters and a brother – my brother and one of the daughters biopsy-proven) and was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency 2 weeks ago. The vit D deficiency was picked up on routine bloods and it was only when I got the result that I realised how rubbish I’d been feeling for the past few months with tiredness, muscle aching and bone pain (lower back). I’d put all the symptoms down to my age (41!!). Anyway, I can’t see why else I’d be vit D deficient – I get plenty of sunlight (walk, run, cycle a lot) and ate what I had thought was a very healthy diet. So, I got blood-tested (for the 3rd time) for coeliac – this time with IgA tTG and again it was negative. But the same day I had the blood test done I went gluten free – I decided that I didn’t want a biopsy and didn’t want to feel any worse than I already did.
    After 2 weeks gluten free my bone pain has gone and I feel less tired already. I had also developed a runny nose/rhinitis which has completely gone. I used to crave chocolate all the time and now don’t at all. I am a doctor myself and had a disagreement with an immunologist who said I shouldn’t have gone gluten free and that my positive response to going gluten free was likely to be placebo. I don’t care if it’s placebo – I’ve gone from feeling like a 90-year-old to feeling well again in the space of 2 weeks. No amount of vitamin D would have cured me that quickly! The only problem now, is I don’t know what to refer to myself as – a nearly coeliac, a probable coeliac, gluten-free, wheat-free – all of the above?? I’m having the blood test for HLA-DQ and DR4 today just out of interest to make sure I do have the genes, but I doubt they’ve bypassed me!!

  2. leda


  3. Mari

    Wow, Jodie, I see this has been a year since you posted this and have, no doubt, found many helpful resources.

    My FAVORITE site is It is called “Karina’s Kitchen”. I LOVE this blog! My second favorite (ESPECIALLY for baking) is

    I don’t know if you’ve discovered these before or not. Regardless, I hope you enjoy them and are doing well on your (relatively) new diet.

    Best regards,

  4. Christy .

    Amen! I didn’t test positive for gluten intolerance but when I took another test I did in fact have an allergy to it. There are many false positives and negatives to the blood test unless it is done correctly. I have Crohn’s Disease and I can’t eat wheat because of leaky gut syndrome. Seriously within two weeks of stopping gluten in my diet I was 70% better and when it got back into my diet I was sick for 2 months.

  5. Kate

    Hi all, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your posts to date… I am a therapist myself who works with children with Autism and have see and heard the changes the GFCF diet makes for our children on the spectrum. I suffer from excema and was recommended to go on the GFCF diet to see if it reduced symptoms.

    However I have found that I have gained weight since going on this diet. Has this happened to anyone else…?????

  6. ShayFL

    I get arthritis pains from LEGUMES. Any and ALL beans. Could be when you cut out gluten that you started eating more foods with lectins like beans and/or more nightshades (also an arthritis trigger).

  7. matty

    You don’t have to be a diagnosed celiac to benefit from being Gluten free. There is no diagnosis for being Gluten intolerant or sensitive other than changing your diet and eliminating gluten, so what these posters are doing is perfectly correct. Diagnosed Celiacs don’t OWN being gluten free. The truth is, many Dr’s debate “auto-immune”. Is the body really attacking itself or is it attacking the undigested food proteins that end up in our soft tissue? The test for Celiac disease isn’t even 100% accurate so just because people test negative, it doesn’t mean they don’t have Celiac “disease”.

  8. henry

    I was told I was a ceoliac two years ago i have diabetes, since i went on the gluten free diet i feel worse, tired all the time, im cranky and irratiable.
    recently i went to my nieces house for a party and in getting caught up in the celebrations i ate normal foods, rolls, curry, biscuits and i even had a one drink (which i know i am not allowed) but i felt full of energy i didnt fall asleep after an hour i was able to play with the kids and danced all night, i had loads of energy and was actually very happy. I didn’t feel sick or have diahorrea i felt better than i have in years, can you or anyone tell me am i really a ceoliac or was i diagnosed wrong.

  9. chelsea

    I have a wheat intolerance and if i eat too much gluten i get the same reaction heartburn, headaches, anxiety, stomach pain. When i go into a restraunt and ask for gluten free they don’t take me seriously because they have had so many people lie because they want to lose weight. I was 240 pounds and now am 160 pounds it took me 2 years and all i did was stopped eating wheat. so for some people if that is whats making you not lose weight it can make you lose weight if you stop eating it. but dont tell a waitress that you are gluten intollerant just to lose ruins it for people who really do have the disease.

  10. Jen

    Not all Gluten free foods are high in FAT, brown rice, rice cakes, baked/ boiled potatoes are all low in fat.Processed foods are high in fat but if you eat fresh fish/chicken and veg with brown rice it is perfectly healthy.

  11. John

    The gluten-free diet is not dangerous. Gluten-free simply means removing gluten (wheat, barley, rye, oats) from the diet. All meats, seafood, nuts, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains that are not made from the 4 I mentioned are naturally gluten-free. As long as your diet contains the nutrients you need, you’ll be healthy. Cultures in southeast Asia and other places around the world follow gluten-free diets because wheat, barley, rye and oats are not used or grown in those areas. That said, people who adopt a nutritionally deficient gluten-free diet can expect to be unhealthy. Unfortunately, we see this in people who are told to eat gluten-free after being diagnosed with celiac disease, have no idea how to cook or what foods are made from and subsist on processed, pre-packaged gluten-free snacks. Hope this helps.


  12. pamela

    Could be your blood-type, A or B? that you can tolerate grains. Other causes of arthritis flareups can be other foods…Nightshade foods too?

  13. pamela

    you are cleaning out your bowels by not being constipated…caused by the gluten-products. I suggest doing a colon cleanse to clean out your system.

  14. pamela

    I agree with Deborah…this information is completely false in regards to only Celiac patients need to be on a gluten-free diet. I am gluten-sensitive and it was proven through blood test, though I do NOT have Celiac disease…if I eat gluten containing foods I get similar symptoms, but not the damage that is caused to those with Celiac. I don’t know how anyone can lose weight by eating gluten-free foods…they actually make me gain weight and the reason is that gluten-free foods have to be higher in fat content. So gluten-free foods are both high in carb and high in fat and NOT diet-friendly.

  15. Jill Ahlgren

    Yes– I agree 100% that many if not most doctors are not up to date onthis disease whatsoever. I suspected I had celiac disease the first time I heard of it and years later asked the older of my family of family doctors (the patriarch). He said “you don’t have celiac! If you did you’d be fat and have diahrrea all the time.” Shows what you know, I thought. Finally this year after having my first baby in July 2008 I asked my other cotor, the above doctor’s daughter, for a celiac blood test. It came out positive. My daughter was having a hard time with digestion though she wasn’t too fussy. Now that I’ve been gluten free for a week (I think) she has not fussed! And she poops more often and now with ease. But last night I feel I was detoxing. I had a killer headache (still do this morning sort of). I drink lots of water and maintain a vegan diet (more living/raw vegan now with the gluten free thing).

  16. Holly

    All my life I have had itchy, red flare-ups on my chin, and most recently blotchy patches on my cheeks. Always assuming I was simply the victim of sensitive skin I tried to avoid creams, make-up and soaps. I have been to the doctor twice now to figure this out and hopefully clear my skin up.

    After blood work and a follow-up, she told me I probably have rosacea, referred me to a dermatologist and prescribed me some nasty antibiotic gel I’m supposed to put on my face that cost 130 bucks a tube WITH my insurance. I passed.

    Apparently my uncle has the same problem and a wheat free diet has cleared up his symptoms for the most part. I’ve been gluten free for two days now and, I know this sounds all in my head, but my skin looks and feels better than it has in six months. I’m not kidding, literally the redness has diminished by at least 75% and the incessent bloating I experience after almost every meal (like six months pregnant sometimes. Bizarre, embarrassing and very uncomfortable) seems to be more under control as well. It probably wasn’t roasacea at all.

  17. Sean

    Tell me what your current diet is and I might be able to help you – I have been wheat free for 14 years now and have a remarkable improvement in my health (Arthritis, Eczema, Constipation, Lethargy) . A lot of people that cannot tolerate wheat will have other allergies – corn, soy, dairy being main culprits.

    I would love to try and help!

  18. Sean

    Please do not be sceptical!

    Interestingly all the attempts at curing the childs Autism are to eliminate 1 complex carbohydrate – you may call it another fad, but there is a great deal of evidence that diet plays a role in Autism. Bacteria in the gut are know to be different in Autistics and IBS / Crohns is present in many cases.

    Please research the SCD diet and Elaine Gothersgill – again you may say more meat for cyberchondriacs but there is a chain of events that lead to food interolerence, damage and then allergy.

  19. Sarah

    First of the guy who claims that Celiac should be labelled an “allergy” and not a “disease”…where and when did you get your medical training? You are dead wrong. Celiac is NOT IgE mediated, and therefore it is NOT an allergy. It IS a disease, an autoimmune disease, to be exact, because the body attacks its own healthy tissue (intestines) when exposed to gluten.

    Second, as a Celiac, I too am sick of people using the GF diet as a fad weight loss tool. Most of these people are losing weight simply from the fact that they no longer can eat most junk/fast foods, unless they want to spend $10 on 3 GF cookies. While the GF diet is NOT necessarily lower in calories or healthy, it can be if all you used to eat was processed garbage. THAT is the reason why these people are losing weight. They can’t just dive into that bag of chips, or stop at McD’s. I doubt any of these people are 100% GF anyway, they just cut out the obvious junk. Do they really bother to purchase GF soy sauce, soup base, salad dressing, soups, and avoid artifical pepper and spices that are not GF? I doubt it. Do they make sure there is no gluten anywhere in the house that can contaminate their food?

    It’s really frustrating to me when I go into a restaurant and have to worry that a server will not take my condition seriously and think I’m a quack…and put my health and life at risk. Restaurants are jumping on the GF bandwagon without properly knowing how to prepare GF foods safely. To Average Joe who *thinks* he reacts to gluten, cross contamination is not a big deal. To the folks with actual Celiac, it threatens their health.

    Like that guy’s (“Skeptic”) wife, people without Celiac who think they feel better without gluten often go on to another fad. And the cycle continues. First it’s gluten…then it’s soy…then it’s MSG…these people never feel better, because either A) It’s in their head to begin with or B) They have another medical problem that has been undiagnosed all this time because they were trying to self diagnose over the internet.

    Lastly, there *is* some evidence to suggest that those with autoimmune diseases (Type 1 (Juvenile) diabetes (the severe insulin requiring kind that is NOT related to obesity/lifestyle/insulin resistance), RA, MS) may do better on a gluten and casein free diet. As Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease, there is genetic and possible pathological overlao here. Some people with the above may have silent Celiac, or gluten *may* increase zonulin production and/or the autoimmune response.

    While I’m not going to discourage those who say they feel better GF from going GF, they should NOT be saying they have Celiac, gluten intolerance, wheat allergy (which is NOT the same as Celiac), etc, unless they have such a diagnosis. Nor should they be promoting the GF diet as a weight loss fad. Shame on them.

    The GF diet is all us Celiacs have to *try* and prevent us from developing cancer, bone loss, neurological damage (B12 deficiency), joint pain, extreme weight loss…the list goes on.

    For those who have a medical reason to be on the diet (DH, Celiac, Wheat Allergy, autoimmune diseases, even autism), that’s a given. But if I hear one more obese person looking for a quick fix because they can’t control their own eating habits, I’m going to scream. Go spend a day with a Celiac kid, that’s all I’ll say. I’d like to have you experience a REAL Celiac reaction.

  20. Jennifer

    A very nice 12 year old boy that I used to baby-sit has a very severe case of ADHD. He is so hyperactive that when his medicine wears off at night, he’ll act out terribly. He is a very sweet and loving kid most of the time. However, his episodes have gotten as bad as urinating in house plants or hurting people by accident. He was kicked out of every school that he went to, even though he was very bright. His Mom heard that children with ADD and ADHD should avoid sugar. She took sugar out of his diet, and it didn’t work.

    His very supportive Mom had heard from a friend that a wheat and gluten free diet might help, and it did WONDERS! He has stayed at the same school for a long time and has even joined a sports team! His episodes got less intense and less frequent, even at night when his medicine would wear off! His parents tried taking him off of the diet, and he took a turn for the worse. This proved to his parents that the diet was truly helping him. Since they put him back on it, he has drastically improved again! 🙂 I don’t baby-sit him anymore… because he no longer needs a sitter!!

    Every case of ADD and ADHD is different. Moreover, every single person’s body and personal health struggles are different. So, I do not think that there is any “right” or “wrong” answer to whether or not gluten-free (and/or wheat-free) diets work. However, nutrition does how a powerful impact on all health issues. Find a nutritionist, or talk to your regular doctor, and try some things out! If one diet does not work for you, it does not mean that it is a failure. If one diet works for you, it might not work for everyone.
    I am thinking about going on this diet myself, but NOT because it is “cool” or a fad. I saw the result it brought him, and I am hoping it will do the same for me. Furthermore, fad diets are usually unhealthy drastic weight loss plans. This diet has nothing to do with weight for most people, but HEALTH. It is not going to just come and go like a fad; it will just become a helpful health tool for the people that it effects in a positive way.

    Thanks for sharing everyone- you all have given me a lot of good insight!

  21. Leisha

    Thank you. I have turned to a gluten free diet after an ordeal with an undiagnosed condition. It started with pain and swelling in my arm. I have been tested for everything from diabetes to lupus and have had a pic line for IV antibiotics,(no sign of infection in my blood), MRI, ultra sound, x-ray and surgery…still nothing. Without a diagnosis, one Dr. wanted me to take 60mg of prednisone a day for 10 to 15 days. The Doctors are saying they think it is autoimmune and have referred me to a rhuemotologist. I read that gluten free diet may help. Am I jumping on a “fad” band wagon? Maybe, but right now, it looks like my best option. Your story encouraged me, thanks.

  22. Kelly

    Melissa, it could just be your system cleaning out. I would just try to drink more water, and see if still happens.

  23. Melissa

    I have been gluten free for only 5 days and am experiencing weird, black diarhhea. Hey, I thought this was supposed to go away? I am also still having the gas and abdominal pain. Does anyone know how long it takes to feel better? By the way, I didn’t have these weird bowels before going gluten free…I was constipated. I had a biopsy last week and don’t have the results yet. The doc thinks it will be negative and I don’t care because I felt I needed to do something for myself as I was so miserable with pain.
    Help please!

  24. Jacquelyn

    Question about how quickly the effects of gluten intolerance are evident…

    I suspect that psoriasis/eczema-like rashes that have surfaced on my scalp for the past few years (I’m 23) are related to gluten exposure; it is worse some days than others, etc. However it has been hard for me to pinpoint this as I don’t know how long after eating gluten that my skin would become aggravated. I’ve read up on websites like this and the answers I’ve found range from 30 minutes to 48 hours after eating gluten. Can anyone speak from experience on this?

    (yes, i know, i should cut it out completely to find out…)

  25. Samantha

    my cousin has a gluten allergy and so she went on a GF diet. that was about 3 years ago. she went from 135 or so to 115. thats with her excercising (as she had BEFORE the GF diet) though.

  26. Samantha

    short and sweet. doesnt matter who thinks its a fad diet and who gives a crap if someone who does not have celiac disease chooses to be on a gluten free diet? its REALLY healthy if done correctly and folic acid supplements are taken. its a person’s personal choice first off, so stop bashing. second, its healthy for most people, not just celiacs.

  27. mariah

    whoever first posted this thing on here is dumb and obviously they don’t know what they’re talking about becuase you can’t even be diagnosed for celiac disease by a blood test… I know somebody else has already posted something that said but I just figured that I’d repeat them 🙂

  28. Geo

    i also had weight loss. I simply look better. And have other benefits, especially no more complusions.

  29. Jodie

    I have just come from the doctors having had every blood and stool test available – my symptoms are fatigue, bloating, intestinal pain, bowel problems, depression, skin problems and being overweight. I have felt like this most of my adult life, im now 37, and the last 4 years have been hell healthwise.
    The doctor says the tests show possible coliac disease, however without a biopsy he cant give a firm diagnosis. He suggested I try a gluten free diet for a month then go back to him to see how im feeling and if any symptoms have improved. I live in Australia, and really dont know where to start, so im here researching. Very much hoping that this may be an answer to some of the health problems. This is a great thread, everyone wish me luck and I’ll let you know how i go after a month

  30. Debra Clemente


    After 20 years of seriously declining health, Rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia, restless legs, TMJ, Brain Fog, IBS, Bladder pain, Asthma, and chronic fatigue and skin rashes. I started my new life three years ago, the life where I don’t eat wheat. The life where my bones and muscles don’t ache, my stomach and bladder are calm, my skin is clear and I laugh out loud. My new life – where I feel more like 29 than almost 49.

    I am not selling any miracle cures or a thing only being an advocate for all suffering from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, IBS, TMJ, Chronic Fatigue, headaches, Brain Fog, Skin Rashes and so much more.

    I was ignorant. Ignorant that I was poisoning my system continually throughout the day – everyday. Ignorant through no fault of my own and I am mad as hell that what I have found to be true for me is knowledge that has been out there for years and yet has not found it’s way to the mainstream.

    Some people have nasal congestion and stuffiness, a feeling of fatigue and what we ruefully call “brain fog. Others have headaches, sometimes migraines, stomachaches, rashes, achy joints and a host of other maladies that are as easily associated with other ailments as with a food intolerance. Does any of that sound familiar? I know it sounds familiar to me. If you think it applies to you, try going gluten-free for a couple of weeks and see if your symptoms improve. It’s just food, not drugs. You can be in control.

    I am an artist not a scientist. I approach life and life’s problems from a creative angle. I urge all to open your mind to this information. Knowledge is POWER. It is my mission to spread the knowledge I am gaining about food intolerances and how our bodies are affected. Will everyone listen and take heed? Of course not! Most people want a pill to swallow and to be done with it, but there are also many who have had enough and are exhausted by ailing bodies and want to know all the options available to them that might give them a chance to restore good health.

    I have been doing extensive research into this little know cause of my and millions of Americans Health problems. Medical data is out there to support my findings and claims. I am in the process of organizing and posting this information to post more on my blog.

  31. Angelina Justice

    The test is most likely to determine if there is damage to the villi.

    A biopsy, in this case,is not at all like a blood test, it is a visual investigation.

  32. debbiedoust

    HiKathy, I am a 52 year old mom, and I feel so bad for your son. I was diagnosed through DNA testing through Promethius lab work. I still have so much bloating at different times I have also have irratable bowel along with Lactose intolerance. Makes it really difficult. I can’t have soy either and I have to be careful with almonds and eggs as I have a moderate sensitivity to them also. There are alot of wonderful websites for you and hope you find them. GOing to a dietician really helped me.

  33. Heather

    Hello Amber!

    I saw your question when I was scrolling down and I would just like to let you know before I say anything about the topic is that I’m not a Dietitian just yet, but I am on the road to becoming one. I fell in love with nutrition after suffering constantly with food battles in high school. If I were to have told anyone, they wouldn’t have believed me because I was always really thin, sometimes underweight. I used to try to go on low calorie diets (about 1200 calories while dancing and running) so by the end of the week I always found myself diving in on things that were usually high calorie (peanut butter sandwiches, cookies, big bowls of cereal) that made me feel good for about 2 seconds, but made me miserable for the next couple of days. Not only were they high calorie, but now looking back I notice that they were almost 100% of the time wheat products. The problem with wheat products (not so much with 100% whole wheat, but still has effect) is that they cause your blood sugar to spike, which makes you feel like you’re hungry even if you’re not. Also, because the human body really wasn’t designed to eat wheat products, your body will always slightly reject it and can lead to weightgain, acne, hypoglycemia, etc. After encouragement from a friend, I have been eating MUCH less wheat products and I have noticed a load of differences in my body. I’ve lost some weight by eating all day (I eat tiny portions inb/t “meals” almost every hour, and I have found it’s the only way to keep my mind off food when I’m not constantly hungry which has led to many less cravings for unhealthy things), incorporated way more vegetables, beans, grains from corn, fruits, gluten-free organic bars from health food stores etc. and I really don’t feel the cravings that I used to. Although after getting into nutrition after high school I began to change my eating habits and had less “attacks” so to say, but I still had them every once in awhile, atleast once every two weeks or so. It hasn’t been until this year that I began slowly changing to gluten-free that I have been void of cravings. I’m not quite sure if less gluten is the reason to my freedom from my binging habit, but I really belive it has helped tremendously. Best of luck to you and hope that whatever decision you make helps you.


  34. Emily

    I am so glad to have read your comment. I havnt been diagnosed with celiac because of my lack of health insurace.I cant afford the biopsy.But I have all of the symptoms except diarreha.Until a few days ago I never knew that constipation could be part of it too!!Ive had chronic constipation for 5yrs!!!I am so glad to hear of someone else with my same feelings.Ive always been told that nothing was wrong with me as well.I began to think it was all in my head.I just started eating gluten free 2 days ago.I am hoping that this will solve my 5 years of agony.Thanks again for your story.

  35. Maija

    I am an undiagnosed celiac, I have four diagnosed family members, though.  They were actually diagnosed after I decided to leave gluten out of my diet (6 years ago?).  I am bombarded by people who think I am just crazy.  Quite a few people were concerned during my latest pregnancy, and the ‘diet’ I was on.  It is much easier to maintain a healthy weight (I’ve been under and over) with minimal effort.  Does anyone have specific info about celiac causing misscairage?  I have a friend who cannot carry to full term, for unknown reasons, despite the best medical care.

  36. lindy

    I have been obese all of my life, lethargic, depressed, and full of anxiety. On one hand I thought this was normal and on the other hand I wondered why I did not have the energy everyone else had.

    With in DAYS of eating a CF food plan I felt FANTASTIC and started dropping weight right away. The low level buzz of depression is gone. I am not foggy headed, I have energy, my joints no longer hurt.

    I was not diagnosed by a doctor, but I am in Overeater’s Anonymous which teaches its members how to eliminate foods/ingredients that we have reactions to, that cause us to binge, eat out of control, or make us feel ill. Through this I have eliminated various ingredients, including yeast, anything fermented, and foods with gluten.

    This article is UNBALANCED and anyone who has taken the time to research gluten would realize that there is much more to intolerance to gluten then CD.

  37. Jan

    My son needs to GAIN weight. Because there is celiac in our extended family, we are having him tested for gluten intolerance. Does anyone have any comments on weight GAIN when going on a gluten free diet???

  38. Geo Kozmo

    Hi, I discovered that I am gluten-allergic so I stopped eating wheat and this made my general and stimes erotically colored compulsivity completely disappearing. the symptoms are – were in my case – diarrhea, skin itchings and severe tiredness /depression/and complulsivity on the verge of addictiveness. Anyway I just wanted to share my joy on seeing that I am free from this unpleasant unwanted drives. (Plus free of other nasty symptoms too.) And I have a more fulfilling life. I go to AA and NA since 14 and 10 yrears and I am time and again going to SCA or other S groups with my problems) but some lingering inner pain remained – now I see why. I am quite a bit angry how come I did not realize this earlier (that wheat is harmful – milk was clearer)…I am making my inventory time and again seeing how much I could have built up a better and cmore constructive life if I wd have arrived to this new level of sobriety earlier…(But i started therapy for epilepsy and depression – also probably related to coeliakia – around my thirties, cale to 12steps around my forties and now am around fifty…Happily I have a marriage that still exists and two kids. They are very supportive in my new diet.)Bye. 🙂

  39. Jim

    Jim said:
    Celiac sprue shouldnt be called a disease. Its really just an allergy, its just one of the worst allergies to have because in this day its very hard to avoid wheat/gluten. Its in everything almost!!, a gluten free diet is very healthy, and its nothing to be ashamed of. Our country relies on wheat and grains, but really our country is the only count[…]

  40. Jim

    Celiac sprue shouldnt be called a disease. Its really just an allergy, its just one of the worst allergies to have because in this day its very hard to avoid wheat/gluten. Its in everything almost!!, a gluten free diet is very healthy, and its nothing to be ashamed of. Our country relies on wheat and grains, but really our country is the only country except a few others that is like that. In China their main grain is rice, an look at them on average the live longer and healthier lives than we Americans do. Plus they dont struggle with obesity like we do. I am 21 years old and I have always been skinny. Last year I noticed a change in my health. I started to have diarrhea, and really bad gas all the time. It really started to bother me, at first i thought maybe i was lactose intolerant. I eliminated dairy, and still had symptoms. I started to look up celiac disease an read about it, and I noticed I had the symptoms. I decided to go on a gluten free diet, and i noticed the gas an diarrhea went away. I went to a gastro doctor and told him my problem. I told him that I had gas and diarrhea for almost a year. And once I went on a gluten free diet the symptoms subcided. I wanted to be sure so I got all the tests for celiac sprue, even a endoscopy/smallbowel biopsy. All the tests came back negative. But I am not convinced because at the time of the testing i was on the gluten free diet. Although before i had the testing done my doctor told me it didnt matter that i was gluten free for the tests or not. But I am still on the gluten free diet because for me my most accurate and conclusive test was when i first went on the gluten free diet and my sypmtoms went away. Testing for celiac disease is very difficult, but I think my tests might have been more accurate if my doctor would have been more knowledgable about the disease an had me eat gluten for the testing. I think its great that more people are becoming aware of the disease, because now more stores have gluten free sections. Life today for us celiacs is much easier than it was just a few years ago do to celiac awareness!!!!!!