Flabby Arnold: Inspirational

By Jim F
Flabby Arnold Schwarzenegger
Shown in the Daily Mail
in March 2005.

For the last few years, pictures of a “flabby” Arnold Schwarzenegger have been floating around the Web.

Like a pervasive urban myth – some feel that the photos are faked – while others can’t believe their eyes.

Whatever the truth is – Arnold is 57 years old now, and paparazzi are notorious for getting photos of people at their worst.


No matter what you think of Schwarzenegger’s acting or political career – when it comes to bodybuilding – he is worthy of respect. Arnold was one of the most influential and inspiring figures in the bodybuilding community.

So what about the flab? If the pictures are accurate – then it just goes to show that Schwarzenegger is not a complete genetic freak – but that he is human, and muscle atrophy happens to anyone who ceases resistance training.

There are comments in the tabloid press:

Friends say the Austrian-born former strongman has never fully recovered his once-startling physique since an operation to repair faulty heart valves in 1997.

Critics blame the cardiac problems on his admitted use of steroids while bulking up for bodybuilding contests 20 years ago.

Allegedly taken in 2002
by People Magazine
prior to filming T3

The thing is, just about every magazine ad, every infomercial, and every picture we see of a body builder is just a snapshot. It is a snapshot at a single point in time – taken at their absolute peak.

Did His Muscle Turn to Fat?

When I decided to start going to the gym to lift weights – my work colleagues scorned the idea saying that “the moment I stopped lifting weights – the muscle would turn to flab”. Now of course muscle doesn’t transform to fat, but muscle does burn up, and fat does increase.

If you stop lifting weights (and other forms of exercise), but fail to reduce your food intake accordingly… well… on comes the flab, and down goes the muscle tone. Quite depressing really.

However seeing the pictures of flabby Arnold shows that it can happen to the best of us, and that big muscles are fleeting things.

Somehow that makes me feel better about myself.

Flabby Arnold: Inspirational….

A young and huge Arnold


  1. derek

    With the better shape,he maintained his super muscle …with the hard tough training and stimulation to choosing right equipment ,fitness is a long life chase
    very inspirational post .

  2. meme

    “Makes you feel better about yourself…”

    That just shows what a pathetic loser you are. Even if Arnold is flabby, toothless, bald and impotent, he will still remain most influencial figures of late 20th century, while you still remain insignificant twat, who seek imperfections of those, who actually achieved something by their work and effort.

  3. Ascot

    See, I told you so ,,,,, Jim F said, ‘Seeing that picture makes him feel better about himself’…

  4. Ascot

    Of course this is NOT what Arnold Schwarzenegger looks like, either yesterday or today; for confirmation of that fact, look at the the latest pictures of him in 2012.
    What is it that always brings out the idiots with no talent or ability of their own ever ready in a sneaky, spiteful manner to pull down those who have? Then there are the gullible buffoons who willingly believe them.
    I guess both groups are just sickos.

  5. BdyBdr7

    This just goes to show how when you stop working out, all your muscle can become fat! Stay in the gym!

  6. Erich von Snarkenburger

    I don’t mind the flab but it’s time to retire the Speedo. I mean, I know he’s European, but the grape smugglers are not flattering.

  7. tomm

    hi Arnold …. its your fan from islamabad …
    i congratulate you for that extra ordinary success that you got in bodybuilding and in life…

  8. Chet

    I couldn’t see the scar either. But I had seen a pic a few years ago when the family rafted the Colorado River. He looked a little chunky then. He has said he continues to stay in shape, although he puts less effort into it then he needed to for competition fitness.

  9. victor

    ok look pictures are photoshopped if he is so flabby then he would need monthes or years of working out to be on the set of t3

    • Jackie Bagadonuts

      The Flabinator Cyber dyne systems meets the McDonalds drive thru

  10. dave

    he is working out again and remember i will be back he is gaining his muscle back remember muscle has memery. in 2012 he will be the new oak

  11. Terry

    Wow. That pic was right before he filmed T3? It’s impressive how he was able to get himself back into shape so quickly.

    Though let’s be totally fair here. There’s only so much a persons body can be after taking a lot of time off working out. Arnold is the Governor of California and not a full-time actor/strongman, I doubt he has the time anymore to hit the gym 4 hours per day, 5 days a week.

    I have also seen some 70 year old men (or at least one) that spends a huge amount of time working out and their bodies are in top form despite their old age. Of course, those people never quit working out. Arnie had to for obvious reasons.

  12. matthew

    This is such a bullshit picture. That is not what he looks like. I just saw a picture of him 2 years ago flexing his bicep. He is muscular as hell. This was completely photoshoped. Arnold is the man.