Fasting Every Other Day: New Diet Plan?

By Jim F

A study has evaluated the effects of alternating fasting days and ‘feasting’ days (researched by the American Journal of Clinic Nutrition). Over the 3 week period, the men and women participating in the study lost an average 5 pounds (some of it fat).

…every other day for 3 weeks the men and women subsisted on calorie-free beverages and sugarless gum. On the days in between, they ate whatever they wanted.

However, proving what we already know:

…”most people were not happy” — a major problem being the crankiness that erupted on the fasting days and did not abate over the 3 weeks.

It is common for starvation diets to bring about irritability and fatigue. There must also be the risk of catabolism (loss of muscle).

See more about the Every Other Day Diet here.


  1. Jim

    Agreed. This post has gone off topic. Comments now closed.

  2. Jason Hornischfeger

    How did this thread become all about the One Day Diet? It looks like it would work okay, but it’s really not necessary to pay someone money, or buy any special supplements or crystals or whatever. It’s not their supplements that make you lose weight, it’s your caloric restriction. I’ve been Alternate-Day fasting without any help from any company or their miracle pills for 2 months now, and I’m making amazing progress. Click on my name above and check out my blog. I’m not out to sell you anything or make any money. Save your money. Do what I’m doing. Follow my lead. Read my blog.

  3. Shawn

    How are you using the Sun Crystals?? Do they help??

  4. Brandy

    I called about the one day diet on monday 2/27/06. I thought to myself: OK, whatever on the $1000.00 and a refund on the waffer cost. But I hope that it works. I would just like to be able to lose weight and not have to “count,run,or cost an arm and leg to loss weight”. It’s nice to know that I have found others that got on this plan and someone to talk to about it. Will keep in touch on the time frame of geting the plan and weight lose as time goes by.

    Keep the comments coming.

  5. Tami

    Keep it up Ann, you’ll make it. I completed mine in Jan and still practice the life style today. and yes I was paid $1000.00. My best advise is for everyone to read the fine print and make sure you follow it to the letter because that is was makes you “qualified” to get paid.

    You may stop dropping lbs about 1/2 way into it but have no fear you are most likely losing inches.

    Your gonna do great! I look forward to meeting you in the “skinny girl section”

  6. Tami


    I just completed my One Day Diet in Jan. I followed all the instruction, (please read the small print) and I lost 20 lbs and went from a size 9 to a 7. I did receive my refund for the product purchance and the 1000.00 promised.
    I love this program and have nothing but good things to say. I also was very unsure about the possibility of this being a scam so I wouldn’t give any information to friends or family until I had completed the program and I received all that was promised.

    Go for it I am sending the information to friends, family members and patients to try for themselves.

    Good Luck

  7. Jim

    Now that is a clever spam technique…

  8. Shawn

    Started the One Day Diet study 2 days ago. I’m thrilled to find this website and other people doing this diet. I too am skeptical of the $1000 pay back. Counting on it to buy new skinny clothes!
    Keep writing.

  9. Anne

    I just started the one-day diet this week. I have no idea how it is going but would have to say that I still feel fine but it is only day 3. Are there any tips from anyone who has already been through this 90-day diet. I too am a bit skeptical about being paid $1000 but hope it is true and that I make it all the way through and get to see some money!

  10. Melody

    I just completed a survey at and upon completion was congratulated and given a number to dial. I called and was given a very brief description and told the cost of $150.00 and the reason being “they need to make sure people are committed and failure to complete makes their study less accurate” I can see this, I was then told my money would be refunded upon completion. I told them I needed to think and was told I could call back. My fear is only one person on here has completed and recieved a check. Has anyone else done this?

  11. TinaD

    Hi All:

    Just wanted to say that the first week on ODD I have lost 6 pounds…. 34 to go. I have been riding my exercise bike (Or dust bunny as my husband refers to it) in the morning and in the evening as well so I believe the exercise obviously helps. I have also been eating healthy on my off diet days as well. I have a vegetable steamer and I have been preparing alot of different vegetables to eat as well as eating more fruit. I love bananas but have sworn off them until after this is all over due to the high sugar.

    I will say the first diet day was horrible. Hunger pains all day long and I truly think it was just a mental thing with me. Ignored it made it through it and now getting excited about the possibility that the 40 pounds I’ve put on over the last 17 years may be going bye bye…..

    I am also 6 ft tall so everyone thinks that i’m crazy trying to lose 40.. guess they would die if they knew I could really go for about 60 but hey I’ll be thrilled with the 40.

    I cannot take the Sun Crystals as directed as they give me headaches. I cut the dose back to only 1 before meals with my water and that seems to be better but still making me a bit shaky.

  12. Allison Brown

    Just thought I’d let you’all know that I received two checks in the mail this weekend. One for $1000 and the other for $176, which paid me back for the supplements. So, that answers the question about whether they are legit. I am very excited!

  13. Kay

    Hey Chris, I saw you said you participated in the 3 month one day diet study. I was just wondering if the people were actually legitimate, and compensated you at the end of the study?

  14. Allison Brown

    Kate, if you read my postings on this thread (2 pages), you will find all the answers to your questions…good luck!

  15. Kate

    I just signed up the other day and I have more than 16 pounds to lose. Is this possible? I haven’t read anywhere, where someone has lost 50-100 pounds. So is this a scam? Do you go hungry every other day? Is it a difficult diet to stick to? I have tried EVERYTHING to lose weight. Somebody please help!! 🙂

  16. Allison Brown

    Jennifer, you can read my history with the diet on this thread. It worked for me. I turned in my packet and am hoping to see some money soon. I have been in contact with them a few times, and they were supposed to review my file this weekend and process payment. The only problem is that they take the first 1000 completers, so who knows how many are currently in the process? If you do the diet to lose weight, you won’t have been scammed. But, you may not be one of the 1000 participants who get paid.

    Ashianah: I think that those who have more to lose, lose more weight on this diet. I lost 16 lbs, but was not obese to begin with. I had about 25 lbs to lose to be within my BMI range. So, percentage of weight loss is probably similar. The actual number of lbs isn’t. I would think your desire is reasonable. I don’t find it hard to stick with because on diet days, you just tell yourself that you can eat what you want tomorrow. If you start craving at night, go to bed. You will find that the next day, you really don’t want or can’t eat all the sweets that you dreamed of the day before. Your appetite is diminished, your stomach shrinks, and your desire for those “bad” foods decreases. At least it did with me. BTW, if you eat well on your “off” days, you will lose more and learn to eat better when you get off the diet so you can maintain your weight.
    Good Luck!

  17. Ashianah

    I just ordered the wafers for this diet and hopefully will start soon. I have tried so many things in the past that I am hoping that this works. I have been searching and searching for actual people who have had actual results, and so far this is the only place where I have been able to find real people with their thoughts on this diet. This is what I am hoping for: I am 5’3″ and 135lbs. I am graduating from college in June and I am hoping to be down to 115-120 lbs by then. For those of you who are doing this diet, do you think that this is possible? And, is this diet easy to stick with? Because believe me, I have tried so many things, and I just have a problem with sticking to them. So let me know, please. My graduation wish more than anything is for this to be possible. So, those of you, please give me your opinion. Thanks!

  18. Jennifer

    I am thinking of doing the one day diet study where you get $1000 at the end of 90 days. I was just wondering if any of you that have done it have received your money yet. I just don’t want to be scammed….

  19. Jason Hornischfeger

    I first wrote to you all on January 23rd, two weeks into my diet. It’s now been one full month and I’m pleased to report I’ve lost 11 lbs in the first month. That’s 6 lbs more than I was expecting to lose. So it’s going great. If you can handle it, I highly recommend it. Detail freaks are welcome to read my full blog if you want to know more about what I’ve been eating and when I’ve been exercising, etc. It’s all there. Good luck to the rest of you.

  20. Allison Brown

    I totally agree with odusheshe! Not every diet plan works for every person. That is why there are so many of them!

    As for fruits and veggies on ODD, the phone rep was fairly vague, but it seems like you need to stay away from those that are high glycemic. You don’t want too many cal’s or blood sugar spikes on your diet days. That’s the best info I can give…

  21. Odusheshe

    TONI…. Regarding your comment about Caffeine and Excedrin…caffeine does not cause a headache in all individuals. Although some may claim it does, the root word is some! I and many other milliuons of people suffer from migraine headaches that caffeine seems to alleviate. I don’t drink coffee, nor am I a smoker.
    If it was not for caffeine many migraine sufferers would be confined to the bed. So…, your statement about caffeine is untrue for millions of people. Check the findings on tests and caffeine, if you don’t believe living proof.

    Now to get to the One Day Diet claims…for some people it works..for others it may not work. Just like caffeine. For me, I’ve been on the one day diet study for one month now. Although I only wanted to maintain my current weight because I can not excercise like I formally did, due to injury…I hv lost ten pounds!!
    I too thought it may be some type of scam…but research proved otherwise. Also, my weight loss in less than a month also proves it really works for me.
    My cravings for solid food on fasting days has decreased steadily. I have not been faced with any unsafe issue as some writers protest will occur.
    The vitamin intake that comes with the Diet fullfills my Own personal needs.
    Differant strokes for differant folks people! Just like everything else in life. What works for me may not work for you and vise-versa.
    So, the comments about..”don’t do this diet-it’s unsafe-just change your eating habits-try excercise-“and so on… and so on…
    Again…, differant strokes for…, you get the message?
    Proven fact…, in all the universe-We are not all exactly the same! No one person can dispute that.. In order for us to find what works for us, we have to test it out!! There’s no other way to to do it.
    I won’t say to others, go ahead and take part in the study…, it works!
    I don’t know if it would work for them. I will say test it out and see what it does for you. It does’nt make one person stronger than the other if it succeeds for them.
    It only means the proof is in the pudding..we’re differant. Something else may work better for you.
    Although God made us human-He did not make us all with the same internal needs, nor wants. But, He did give us the insight to choose how we would take care of the body he gave us.
    I like to keep my body in shape, safely. Others, may not, but that’s the gift of choice, the right to choose-my Heavenly Father gave me.

    Anyway-to all again…, we’re differant-remember that before you shout out..”don’t do it, cuz I, I, I, I!”
    Sorry but, I, I, I, I’m not you!!!!
    No offense to anyone, it’s only the truth??–!!!!!!!

    Stay Strong and be YOURSELF!

  22. CrazynLuvnIt

    I’m looking at this diet plan, and I plan on eating just fruits and veggies on one day, and whatevers healthy on the next, but it was mentioned before that there were 10 fruits/veggies that you arent supposed to eat, like bannanas…I like bannanas. What other fruits/veggies should be avoided?

  23. Allison Brown

    another website is

  24. bajegurl

    I tried that website and it said it was under construction.Do you have ordering information/telephone number? Thanks in advance

  25. Allison Brown

    the only website I am aware of is

  26. Rebecca

    Just to respond to the idea that we should eat as our neolithic forefathers did — our bodies have adapted since then. Richard Dawkins points out that those of us from ethnic groups associated with dairy animals have developed lactose tolerance. Most of us have also adapted to digesting wheat and other grasses. These are actual physiological changes which can be proven. If you really want to eat as our forebears did, you would have to rely a lot on insects, and give up modern fruits and vegetables, which are much larger and sweeter than those available before agriculture began.

  27. bajegurl

    I have considered the One day diet. I have found the comments helpful. Can anyone tell me if the product that is being discussed is from Affinity website? I would like to try it but there are many look a like and scams out there.


  28. Allison

    Hi all!
    I officially completed the One-day diet on Jan 9th with a total weight loss of 16lbs (181-165), which is a healthy amount over 3 months. My body fat went from 39% to 27% (I was doing cardio and weight training during that time,as well). Clothes from a 14-16 to 10-12.

    I have been eating a healthy, reasonable diet since then and have maintained 165 lbs so far. I have also been continuing my workouts. As soon as I stopped the diet, I got a severe head and chest cold a week later, which I attribute to the lower amounts of fruits and veggies I have been eating since then. I believe that the amounts of F & V I was eating while on the diet kept my immune system in top shape. That is probably one of the best side effects of this diet.

    The information you receive with the program explains the benefits of fasting not only for weight loss, but also for lifespan, as the writer above mentioned.

    I have turned in all my documentation and received a call from ODD stating that they are processing the info and will send payment shortly. I will let you know if and when I get it! Good luck to everyone else!

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