Rosedale Diet – Another Low Carb Diet?

By Jim F

2975-rosedale-diet.jpgA few weeks ago I purchased a copy of the Rosedale Diet by Dr Ron Rosedale.

Is this just another low carb diet or does it distinguish itself from the rest of the pack?

In a Nutshell

The book describes a diet that is high in ‘good’ fats – low-to-moderate proteins, and very low carbs. In fact the only carbs allowed are fibrous carbs – like green veggies.

All grains and starchy carbs (i.e. potatoes, yams) are out.The Rosedale Diet focuses on regulating the hormone leptin, which is responsible for regulating feelings of hunger.

By avoiding sugar and eating a large amount of fiber, Rosedale believes leptin can be controlled.

This diet, like other low carb diets, focuses on ketosis, which causes the body to burn ketones from the break down of fat instead glucose.

How is Rosedale Different?

Rosedale was one of the first low carb eating plans to focus on healthy fats instead of encouraging the consumption of unhealthy fats as Atkins once did.

Final Thoughts

After reading a lot of diet books – so many of them follow the same process – lots of pseudo-science, loads of recipes and meal plans, and, well, not a lot else really. A breakthrough? What do you think?

Favorite quote

“…achieve excellent results even if you never pick up a weight or dust off your treadmill…” – Dr Rosedale.

Hmmmm… if only

UPDATE: There is an excellent account of one persons experience (positive) with the Rosedale diet here.

UPDATE 2: Please read my comments further down. This posting was unfair to Dr Rosedale, and in hindsight I feel I was a little hasty.


  1. Sue McGee

    I am a 50 year old, Leptin resistant female. I started putting on weight right around age 38 and have not stopped. I am a good 4-50 lbs. overweight. NO diet has worked for me so far. I tried the low carb, high protein diet and was STARVING. I am prone to migraines and I will get one without a doubt, if I don’t eat. So, what do I do?? I am also on a very limited budget. Can you help me?

  2. Gail H.

    Richard, How can I get some of your recipes? I am 74 years young. Has anyone in my age group had success on Rosedale? About 30 lbs. would be a more comfortable weight for me. Thanks in advance.

  3. David

    Did your father’s prostate improve as well?