The Warrior Diet

By Jim F

Sometimes, someone proposes a diet that totally contradicts everything you think you know.

Testosterone Nation has an interview with Penthouse magazine’s editor Ori Hofmekler. His Warrior Diet is just that radical.

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2969-warrior_diet.jpgThis diet is based on the assumption that your body has the instinct, like any other instinct, to control itself and to manipulate it very well. The other big advantage of this diet is that it takes advantage of something that no other diet does?the empty stomach. Exciting things can happen when your brain barrier is open and you can manipulate your hormones.

We already know that working out on an empty stomach in the morning stimulates more weight loss than if we ate before. This diet basically guarantees you six to eight hours a day of fat-burning hormones running in your body.

Only in the ketogenic diet do we have a very similar affect, but the ketogenic diet has a lot of downsides to it. Again, it’s based on an unnatural denial of instincts. Mentally, it can f*ck you up completely, and it could really f*ck up your ability to deal with stress. I think the mental deprivation plays a big part in what I should talk about.

In essence, the “Warrior Diet” will guarantee you a fat-burning hormone in your system for at least six to eight hours, which no other diet does. And last thing, the diet is based on a one meal a day principle. It’s against all the rules. The meal is to be eaten at night. It could even be late at night; it doesn’t matter.

Ideally, it’s right after a workout. It sounds kind of bizarre?you could raise a lot of questions about resting metabolism and basal metabolism, and you could argue that most people won’t be able to handle it, and stuff like that.

Have you tried the Warior Diet? Did it shape you into one?

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  1. sam

    Hi i have a 4 month old baby girl and gained 60 pounds while pregnant. I recuntly stopped breast feeding and have started this diet two weeks ago. I have lost 10 pounds in two weeks so far. I dont eat during the day and only eat a normal meal at night. Sometimes i pudding or ice créame after. I dont drink soda and try to limit my sugar. Having a baby i dont have lots of time to work out but i Love to dance while doing dishes.

    I tryed this diet a while before i was pregnant and lost 30 pounds in 3 months.

  2. Josh

    He usees that as an example, which happens to be one of many. It’s typical across many warrior cultures to include types of fasting. The Knights of England included fasting in their weekly routine as many others have. Thanks for the paranoid conspiracy minded garbage though, it makes for great entertainment.

  3. n

    Hey! I did the same thing in college and I put twice the weight back on when I started eating normally. I’m thinking of going on the diet again. You reckon it would work if i eat first thing in the morning instead of eating late at night?

  4. n

    Hey! I did the same thing in college and I put twice the weight back on when I started eating normally. I’m thinking of going on the diet again. You reckon it would work if i eat first thing in the morning instead of eating late at night?

  5. Hemant

    I’ve been on the warrior diet for just two days and I’ve already lost 5 pounds!!! Could be just water or whatever – I dont care. This diet has managed to do for me in two days what two months of cardio, strength training and eating right (read 6 meals a day) couldnt do. Luckily, I’ve faced none of the initial issues of hunger/nausea/headaches etc. The only one thing I am not able to do is overeat during my one meal. I am just able to eat a normal meal in the evening (something I used to do 6 times in a day before). Does your appetite gradually catch up?

  6. blueeyedblkchk

    wow that’s amazing:) im actually goin to start this warrior diet tomorrow too:D

  7. oskie

    The haters here should really read some of these posts. People here are reporting changes in their daily lives for the better not just weight loss.
    such as,
    Better quality of sleep, higher mental capacity and more energy to get them through the day. Just naming a few.

    Also, Nutritionists really??? Scientists barely know what our metabolism can do. Wake up.

  8. Collete

    Lowering calorie intake is essential to keeping the weight off. I unintentionally went on the warrior diet and lost a ton of weight:

    I am a college student, and during Fall semester finals, I would only eat one meal a day (which happened to be dinner-typically around 8:30-9:00) because I had been so busy, I didn’t have time to eat. I didn’t realize that I was on the “Warrior Diet” until someone asked me if that’s what I was doing.

    I lost 10 pounds in less than two weeks doing this. (I’m 5’5″ and went from 125lbs to 115).

    After finals, I went back to eating three meals a day, with an occasional snack, and gained back the ten pounds plus a little extra. My mind also feels fuzzy and dull. Needless to say, I am beginning the warrior diet again.

    Eating only one meal kept my energy up all day, and I found that my mind was much sharper. I recommend it to everyone who wants to diet.

  9. scar

    I never heard of the warrior diet untill i came across it on u tube but in the past the only way i could lose weight was the one meal a day.I would like to learn more .Any ideas how i could get a free copy its not at the library.

  10. haygrinders wife

    Been on something very similar for about a month and a half. One meal a day, no small snacks through the day. Have lost about 10 pounds.
    2 months ago if anyone had suggested to me I would be 10 pounds lighter, skipping 2 meals a day, and LOVING it, I would have thought they had lost their minds.
    I don’t think I ever missed a meal in my LIFE! I have no intention of ever going back to the old 3 meals a day thing.

  11. john

    I wanna try this out!

  12. Melissa

    I used to follow this for years without knowing that it had a specific name; just thought it made sense. I find that when I eat breakfast I am hungrier throughout the day. I always laughed when they would say those who ate breakfast weighed less, considering I gained weight every time I added breakfast back in my diet. After 2 years of trying it the “healthy” way and 40lbs heavier, I am ready to go back to the way of eating that fit me best.

  13. Lonnie Young

    To gain muscle while simutaneously losing body fat, dieting no matter the results is simply not enough. Partnered with resistance exercises, this diet will earn you a much more efficient metabolism. Remember the more muscle mass you have the more calories you body burns.

  14. Tammy

    I have been on the diet for two and 1/2 weeks…I drink crystal light throughout the day and one dinner at night, sometimes with dessert….I have not lost weight according to the scale, but my clothes fit looser than they have in a long time….I plan on staying on this diet…I am so over the you must eat 3-6 meals per day to be healthy…..I am ok with the one meal in the evening, and if I have a business luncheon to go to in the day, I make that my one meal.

  15. Ron

    In one month, I lost 7 pounds, and 1 inch of waist line.
    I do weights and cardio every other night before going to bed for about an hour. This diet is great! Do it the good old way. You won’t regret it.

  16. chris

    ive been on this diet last month and what i can say about it , its that it works verry well , it will keep you fit . Good luck to all who are on this diet

  17. plynch

    A new IDEA when all the others aren’t working? LMAO!

    Keep listening to the TV and mainstream media nutritionists without asking questions? you’ll be fine!

  18. plynch

    She hasn’t answered, so… In the first week of doing the diet seriously myself, I lost between 4-5 pounds.

    Many people experience the same kind of thing. During the first two weeks or so, your body is adjusting and compensates greatly during the day, burning more glycogen stores(fat) than usual.

    Then after two or three weeks you should balance out to about 2 pounds a week, depending on how much of which Macronutrients(Protein, Fat, Carbs) you eat in your main meal.

  19. plynch

    You can eat just one meal a night with no supplements during the day. However most people after years of forcing down 3 – 6 meals a day of Meat and Potatoes don’t digest food that well anyway.

    The diet is not about depriving yourself of essential nutrients. You can eat light protein and raw fruits and vegetables during the day if your body tells you that you need it, as well as a whole source organic multivitamin to make sure your body is getting everything it needs.

    This will all make sense if you read the book, you don’t even need an open mind, because he explains it in such a simple way that it makes sense to any logical person. Open Minded or not.

  20. lisa

    I feel like I’ve found the fountian of youth. Been on wd for one week. Sleeping pills are in the trash, fat is dropping off, walking each day is a recreation instead of chore, mental clarity is sooo much better. After 4o years of forcing food down my throat during the day to “up my metabolism” or trying longer fasts that exhausted me and left me doubting my inner instincts to abstain, I’ve finally found the middle road between those two extremes. My sinuses are clearing up and my breathing is improving. What a relief!!!